Log: 10

Name: Chi Star Pax

Location: Decepticon base, ?

It's been one month since I was taken prisoner, and every day of that month I had been subjected to tests and more experiments. The doctor had begun to place more implants into me within a week, and now my skin doesn't even give way when I press on it. I am officially more machine than human. The implant beside my heart had matured into a sparkcase… and I was faced with the harsh truth that I had a spark.

The Decepticons had moved me out of the cell filled with other humans on the third week, by that time I was no longer able to eat human food and had to intake energon to survive. The only part of my body left that was organic just so happened to be my skin, which was wired into several million pain receptors. I could feel everything, but no longer bled.

The loneliness had begun to take its toll when I was once again moved from one cell to another, though I was much more grateful to be moved to the cell I was now in. At least I had someone to converse with.


Chi was shoved none too gently into a new cell and the door was slammed behind her. She knew better than to even glare at the door. The new cell had two barred walls and two cold metal walls. It was far more barren than the last one, and she was almost positive that she was once again alone. At least until a small scraping sound came from her left. Turning her head Chi realized that one of the walls was shared with another cell.


Chi's spark skipped a beat and she almost ran to the wall.

"Sunstreaker! You're alive, are you okay?! They haven't-"

"Whoa, slow down with the questions fleshy." The golden twin scowled. "I'm fine, just a bit dinged up. They placed a dampener on my spark, threw me in this cell, and pretty much leave me alone except to give me the minimal amount of energon."

Chi slumped against the bars in relief.

"And what about you?" Sunstreaker asked as he sat on the other side of the bars from Chi. "What did they do to you?"

"They locked me in a cell with other humans at first, and I realized that they're trying to re-create their success with me… only without any successful results. Kurt Plage was taken too, but he's dead." Chi shuddered then. "And then they moved me to a different cell after I couldn't eat human food any more."

"What do you mean by that?" Sunstreaker asked quietly.

"I'm more machine than human, Sunstreaker. They've done so many implants now that I'm only a skin deep organic- everything else is of Cybertronian design." She looked up and met his optics. "I intake energon to survive now."

"Primus…" The golden twin muttered. "Why are you letting them do this to you?"

Chi only shook her head; she had had far too much time to think in the past few weeks.

"Because I didn't want them to hurt you." Her voice was small and trembled. "As long as I don't fight back, they won't hurt you…"

Sunstreaker was speechless for several minutes, but found his voice quickly enough.

"By Primus Chi, why in the pit-" He broke off, searching for the words. "Don't let them hurt you for my sake, I can take it. I've done it before and I can do it again."

"You don't understand, Sunstreaker." Chi's eyes blazed up at him. "If I don't comply with what they want, they will kill you, and Sideswipe will die too. I won't let that happen just because I wasn't going to do what they told me to."

Sunstreaker froze once those words had sunk in, he was quickly coming to several conclusions at once and he knew without a doubt that the Decepticons had already figured it out.

"Primus," The word came out on a breath. "Chi-"

Chi only shook her head; she didn't want to say anything out loud.

"They put a dampener on my spark the moment it was in a spark case." She whispered. "It hurts…"

Chi slid down the bars of her cell, and slumped against the bottom of them.

~ We'll get out of this, just stay strong. ~

Sunstreaker's voice filtered through Chi's thoughts, and then warmth and strength followed. The feeling of being enveloped in a warm embrace flowed over her and Chi took it without a fight.

~Don't give me any of your strength, Sunstreaker, you need it too. ~

With some difficulty Chi blocked the strength the golden twin was trying to pour into her, and then she tapped into her own strength, and returned that which he had given her.

~I'll be fine, don't worry. It'll just take some motivation, and then I'll be my normal fiery self. ~

Sunstreaker stared down at the woman he had—not that he'd tell any other being this—grown fond of. She was so calm in a situation that most beings would panic in, and the golden twin could only pick up pain and serenity coming from her spark. Almost as if she had accepted her fate.

"So," Sunstreaker started, only for Chi to grin and look up at him from where she sat against the cell bars.

"Let's play a game."

The mech was so caught off guard that his jaw even fell open, which caused Chi to laugh outright.

"Oh come on, we have to do something to pass the time." Her eyes glittered up at him with barely contained amusement, but underneath was the pain and budding hatred for the Decepticons.

"Fine." He grumped. "What do you suggest?"

"Okay, the rules are as follows: You chose something from legend, myths, or real life. Whatever you chose has to have some sort of power to it. Then whoever goes next has to state another thing from legend, myth, or real life that is more powerful. Gradually it's supposed to get harder to 'one-up' the other player. The first one to say 'reset button' loses."

"This sounds interesting." Sunstreaker conceded. "You can start."

"Alright," Chi fell into thought, and then grinned. "The black knight!"

Sunstreaker choked back a laugh, not having expected her to pick a character from 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail.'

"The dark knight."

Chi shot the golden mech a glare, and once again fell into thought. "Gremlins!"

"Stephen Kings 'It'."

Chi couldn't help but notice that Sunstreaker was sticking with Earth creatures, and was actually rather grateful for it. She would have lost if he hadn't of done so.

Though she was pretty sure she would lose anyway.

The game continued on for hours, with Chi saying 'reset button' twice, and Sunstreaker—surprisingly—saying it once. They were able to seemingly escape the dark and damp cells of the Decepticons for a short time. But eventually Rumble and Frenzy came back to escort Chi to her next visit with the doctor. When Rumble jabbed her rather roughly in the back with his claws this time though, Chi seemed to finally loose her cool.

With a snarl she whirled around and had the black cassette pinned against the bars with her hand around his throat.

"Shove me like that again and I will rip your head from your shoulders." She growled in his faceplates. "And don't think I can't do it either."

The words had barely cleared her lips when she felt something grab her by the back of the neck and shove her into the bars.

"Drop him."

The blonde woman complied with the monotone voice and released Rumble. She had stepped over a line and was undoubtedly about to pay for it. The being holding her up spun her around and held her against the bars with one hand. Her toes were inches from the ground, and she was able to see who had come to protect the cassettes.

Soundwave's hologram stood in front of her, cutting off her air and making her realize how stupid her move had been.

"I get it. Threaten the cassettes and die, regardless of Megatron's orders." She managed to rasp out. "Good to know."

Soundwave released her and Chi fell gasping to the floor. Sunstreaker was tense inside of his cell; the bars were electrified, and he couldn't get out even if he tried.

"Look, Soundwave, I don't want to piss you off, but I am the source of 87 percent of the Decepticon's energon. You guys siphon the energy off of my spark, which continues to pull more and more from the air of your base daily, and turn it into energon." Chi growled. "All I ask for is to be treated like a living thing, and not a damn tool! I have emotions and feel pain like you Decepticons do! I am compliant with everything that you guys ask me to do. Can I not have any goddamn dignity at all?!"

By the end of her rant, Chi was almost certain she had just signed Sideswipe and Sunstreaker's death sentences. If Megatron got ahold of any of this…

Fear suddenly jumped into Chi's eyes, but she didn't back down. The damage had already been done, might as well try and add her name to the list of sparks to snuff now.

"Request: Accepted. Orders: Rumble, Frenzy, Treat Chi with dignity." The cold scarlet eyes of the hologram met Chi's own surprised eyes. "Suggestion: Tell no one of events that have occurred."

Chi nodded dumbly as the hologram faded out.

~Good to know you've got your fire back. ~

~Shut it Sunshine. I just almost got you and Sideswipe killed. ~

~Not from my point of view you didn't. ~

Chi shot the golden twin a glare as she was herded out of the room. Though, she would later add, it was done far more gently than ever before.


Sunstreaker looked as Chi was led back into the cell block three hours later. She looked exhausted, but was not covered with any recent injuries of any sort. Frenzy and Rumble helped her inter her cell, and even helped her sit beside the shared wall. All with gentle touches and a steadying hand. Once they left Chi leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes.

"Are you-?"

"I'm fine." She answered curtly. "Don't ask about it, please."

The yellow twin froze, and stared down at her in slight confusion. "Chi-"

"Don't, Sunshine, just don't." Her eyes opened and she turned her haunted gaze onto him. "But, I know how to get us out now."


~I need to reach Kira and turn on the homing beacon. She'll be able to follow the radar directly to me. ~

~Radar? ~

~Yes, Radar. Kira is an AI that I designed and built. Not only that, but I created the body she uses. ~ Chi gave an irony filled smile. ~It's funny; she's my best friend and my creation. She thinks for herself and has her own personality though I didn't program her.~

~ Kira is a robot?! ~

Chi only gave a tired nod, but her smile warmed greatly. ~That she is. Though, I more think she is a being of her own. Not a robot, but not a cyborg either. ~

~Then she is like a…~

~Cybertronian. ~

Sunstreaker suddenly grinned. ~ Then we can reach her easily. Do you know her signature? ~

Chi paused and looked up at the yellow twin in contemplation. ~Yes.~

And then she gave him the signature through the bond that neither of them really understood. In seconds Chi felt something in her spark react, and knew that Kira was on her way.

"How about another round of 'Besting' to pass the time?" The yellow twin questioned.

"Sure, why not?"


"You had a HOMING BEACON this entire time and didn't tell us!?"

Kira suddenly looked highly irritated, and glared up at Sideswipe. "I did not know it would work, thank you very much."

"But still!"

"Sideswipe, enough." Optimus stated in a tone that stated exactly how quickly the silver twin needed to be silent.

"The question I feel we should be asking," An almost toneless voice stated. "Is why were we not informed of your… differences, Kira?"

The woman being spoken to fixed her glare on the bot that had just spoken. "Because, Prowl, neither Chi nor I wanted anyone to know that I am nothing but gears and wires wrapped in a silicone shell that resembles human skin. She wanted me to be treated like I was a human. I was the one that chose to keep what I am hidden from all of you."

"You seem extremely humanoid." Ratchet stated from where he had been sitting silently.

"I am an AI that was designed to think like a human, Ratchet, Chi designed the chip, and then allowed me to develop my own personality." Kira sighed deeply. "Once my personality was fully developed, she built me the body that I designed. It was her that gave me life, therefore she is my…"

"Creator." The word was supplied for Kira by Bluestreak.

"Exactly, and I treat her as such when I am not absolutely pissed off at her." Kira replied, suddenly wary of the looks she was getting from the others.

"That explains so much." Sideswipe suddenly muttered.

"And what does it explain?" Prowl questioned.

"It explains how she found us the first time I met her, and how she knew that Chi was in danger." The silver twin studied Kira. "It's the same way that I know when Sunstreaker is in danger, how I know the general location of where he is. The two of them share a bond, though theirs is a creator-creation bond while ours is a twin bond."

"This would explain why she can pinpoint the exact location of where Chi is. Their bond is stronger because they have been closer for longer." Ratchet stated, immediately slipping into medic mode. "Your bond is weaker right now because the two of you were separated for so long, with planets in between you, while they have been on the same planet, with only a few miles at most in between them."

"I am right here, you know." Kira muttered.

"Will you allow me to help you map out the co-ordinates?"

The black haired woman jolted in slight surprise at Prowl's offer, and then smiled at him. "I would gladly accept the help."

"Then allow me to take you to the mapping room." The tactician offered his hand for her to climb into, and then carried her out once she was standing in the center of it.


Log: 10

Name: Chi Star Pax

Location: Brig, Decepticon Base, ?

I was reasonably entertained while waiting for Kira and the rescue team. Sunshine and I not only played 'Besting' quite a bit, but we talked too. I discovered that he was not only a revered artist on Cybertron, but had hundreds of galleries throughout the major city-states. Sideswipe was apparently a poet, which was slightly surprising, but not unexpected.

After all, he had to be a smooth talker to be a con artist.

And then he confessed that he didn't mind if I called him 'Sunshine' or 'Sunny', just as long as nobody else called him that, although he let Sideswipe slide with 'Sunny'.

I was the only one that was allowed to call him Sunshine.

It was two days and three siphoning sessions later when the others finally arrived… and it was quite the arrival.

Chi out.

~.~ ~.~

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