Log: 11

Name: Chi Star Pax

Location: Brig, Decepticon Base, ?

Yeah, interesting discovery here.

The 'cons have really bad surveillance systems. Couldn't help but notice that, you know? I mean, there Kira was, standing in front of my cell with an irritated look on her face. She then motioned toward the door, where two mechs (Sideswipe and Bluestreak) decided to pretty much just waltz in.

I repeat: Super bad surveillance system.

Not only did they just walk in, but they had the codes to unlock the doors. How in the hell they got those without actually confronting any of the Decepticons on the base is beyond me, but hey, who was I to complain?

That's when the 'doctor' decided to come and check on his 'experiment' though, and all hell decided to break loose.

Just my luck.


"You know, this would have been simpler if you had somehow managed to distract all of the 'cons while breaking me and Sunshine here out." Chi sighed at Kira, who just rolled her eyes and glanced around the corner, only to duck back into the hallway that the five of them were trapped in to avoid the laser blast aimed for her head.

"Yes, but that would have included having to dodge around the nonexistent surveillance system." Kira responded flatly. "Though I did not expect to be discovered by the one who tortured you."

"Yeah…" Chi rubbed the back of her head as she remembered the last few minutes of being in the brig.

The doctor was now in very small pieces, courtesy of a highly concentrated blast of the energy her body had pulled from the surrounding air and her own hatred of the small Decepticon, who had triggered the intruder alarm just before he had… shattered. Sunstreaker had then commented that the doctor deserved it, and that Chi had a very good aim.

"I have a suggestion; why don't we use some sort of a decoy now, and escape?" Bluestreak piped up from behind Sunstreaker.

Every bit of attention was now focused on the grey gunner, who shrunk against the wall.

"What?" He squeaked out at them.

"That's a good idea," Kira muttered while studying the one she knew to be the younger Praxian.

"He does seem to have them every once in a while Kira." Chi sighed, and then turned to the silver twin who hadn't said much of anything at all. "Any bright ideas on what this decoy should be?"

"In fact, I've already set it up. It'll be going off here in just a few seconds." Sideswipe stated confidently, just before several explosions shook the underwater base.

Chi stared at the now smirking Sideswipe, and couldn't help but grin back. She suddenly felt cocky and exasperated.

Wait- those weren't her emotions.

~So when was I going to be informed of this spark bond? ~

Sunstreaker only whapped his brother upside the head and promptly told him where to shove it over the bond. Then, with a surprisingly apologetic pulse to her over the bond, Sideswipe bent down and picked her up.

~ Don't want you to get swept away in the current that's about to come this way. ~

Chi had just enough time to give him a confused glance before noticing that Kira had been lifted up by Bluestreak, and then the water that was now pooling around the ankles of the much taller mechs.

~ You don't have to have oxygen to survive now, you know that right? ~

~ I didn't before, but that's good to know. ~

Sideswipe let out a laugh as the water rose quickly, which didn't help Chi's anxiety at all. She might not have to have oxygen to survive anymore, but she wasn't a fan of water or the ocean. Which was exactly what was now pooling around her ankles, even though she was standing on Sideswipe's shoulder.


"Just stay calm Chi, we'll be fine." Kira shot her creator a look that said more than she could at the moment; the water was up to Chi's waist now.

~ We've got you, Chi. Just stay calm. ~

~ It's only water, and we won't let anything bad happen to you. Okay? ~

Chi's spark swelled at how the twins were trying to make her feel better. But a phobia was something that not very many things could get rid of. As the water closed over her head, Chi closed her eyes and waited patiently for the freezing fear to overtake her. Ever since her scuba diving incident she had been terrified of the ocean and drowning. If Kira hadn't of been following her, she would have died that day.

~ Open your eyes, trust me. You'll like what you see. ~ Sunstreaker stated over the bond with a pulse of reassurance.

Chi almost didn't open her eyes; she was convinced that she would freak out if she saw the water around her.

Sideswipe only sent her amusement and gave her a slight push through the bond. ~ Do you trust us? ~

~ Yes. ~ The suddenness of her answer surprised even Chi; she had never trusted anyone other than Kira after the incident with her first job as a bodyguard.

~Then open 'em. ~

Chi hesitated for a few more seconds, and then slowly opened her eyes. A jolt of surprise flew through her as she saw the hallway through the waviness of ocean water. It would have been comic if it hadn't have been for the terror suddenly shooting through her at the knowledge of being surrounded by seawater.

~ Calm down, its only water. ~ Sunstreaker stated over the bond.

~ Yeah, well tell that to my phobia. ~ Chi snapped back.

~ Can you feel my shoulder underneath your feet? ~ Sideswipe asked gently.

Chi turned her head and stared at the side of the silver twin's face. He was watching her out of the corner of his optic.

~ Yes. ~She whispered through the bond, only to gain a double burst of support.

~ Then you are safe. I won't let anything happen to you. ~ Sideswipe smiled over at her. ~ I promise that. ~

Chi gave a hesitant nod, and then held onto the side of Sideswipe's neck as the group began making their way out of the base. Chi knew that the humans that she had been imprisoned with at first were already dead- the doctor had mentioned only that morning that the other Decepticons were going to have to collect some more for his experimentation. Pain tore through Chi as she once again thought about how many had died because she was a successful experiment.

~ It's not your fault. If you are going to blame anyone, blame that freak of a doctor. ~

Chi couldn't even acknowledge that Sunstreaker had said anything over the bond… a bond that was unexplained.

~ Not to be a spoilsport or anything, but where in the hell did this bond come from? ~

~ We… uh… we don't know. ~ Sideswipe stated over said bond hesitantly. ~ But we're all for not analyzing it until later when Ratchet can help us answer that specific question. ~

~ Right now though we'll take advantage of it because it's keeping you calm and you're not thinking about ocean water. ~

Chi shot Sunstreaker a glare at the mention of the phobia but didn't comment on it. Commenting on it meant that she was in the ocean. Sudden amusement floating over the bond made Chi snap out of her thought process before it could even really begin.

~ What?! ~She snapped.

~ You should hear your thoughts. They're kinda funny. ~ Sideswipe snickered, much to Chi's annoyance.

~ Why you- ~

The bots broke the surface and Chi realized that she hadn't utterly freaked, and then she shot the silver twin a glare that could melt armor.

"I am sooo going to hurt you."

"I suggest just visualizing what you want to do him. It works better." Sunstreaker stated nonchalantly. As if he did it all the time.

"He does." Sideswipe grumbled as a shuttle with an Autobot symbol on it appeared above them.

"Did you just-"

"Yep, your thoughts are broadcasting." Sunstreaker stated as he took hold of one of the lines that had been lowered to them.

"Broadcasting?" Chi wasn't sure what to make of that one word.

"In other words we can hear what you're thinking almost as well as when you're saying things out loud." Sideswipe explained, after which Chi cleared her mind completely.

Sunstreaker laughed aloud at Chi, which was quickly followed by irritation and the thought 'stupid sunflower' from her.

~ Don't call me sunflower. ~

"Fine, Sunshine, how about I just call you-"

"That's good!" Sideswipe interrupted the argument before it could get started; he was slightly surprised that he was the one playing mediator. "No need to argue guys."

"Whatever." The ones getting scolded muttered at the same time, only to shoot a glare at the other after they realized they had the same thoughts.

Chi looked away and her thoughts took a darker turn. She didn't mean to do so, but that was where her thoughts stayed. She had seen far too much in her life for more than small bursts of happiness in her mind. Sunstreaker went to make a comment on it, but Sideswipe quickly sent him a flash of warning over the bond. This was not a conversation for others to hear, and Chi obviously wasn't comfortable with the bond yet. They couldn't help but notice, though, the small spark of hope that resided in the corner of Chi's mind.

It was hope that maybe she wasn't as alone as she once was anymore.


Log: 11

Name: Chi Star Pax

Location: Autobot Med-Bay, Diego Garcia

So I was highly surprised when Ratchet only made one comment about my sudden change in species. And that was to say that 'At least that fragger built your internals right.'

Yeah… surprise. And then the medic proceeded to inform me that he could pick up the bond I shared with Sunstreaker and Sideswipe through the scans he was firing left and right. He then called them in and explained how he thought the bond had come to be, and told them to not to push the bond too far until he was certain it had settled. It turns out that my anxiety from being in the med-bay all but disappeared when I caught sight of Sideswipe, and then was completely gone when Sunstreaker was in sight. Needless to say, Ratchet had them stay in the med-bay until I was cleared.

The medic also sent me some files (over a comm that I didn't know I had until that moment) about bonds and how they worked. I can now hide thoughts if I want/need to. Which feels good to an extent; I guess I'm already used to literally feeling the twins near me.

I dunno… maybe this bond is a good thing.

Chi out.

~.~ ~.~

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