Log: 12

Name: Chi Star Pax

Location: N.E.S.T. Base, Diego Garcia, Recreation Room

Alright then, I guess it's time to point out that I'm slightly antisocial. Just slightly…

Okay, I'm ridiculously antisocial. I tend to avoid people as much as I can, with Kira being the only exception to that. The twins, trying to be helpful, decided that I needed to go and 'hang out' with people in the rec-room.

See the problem here?

I don't DO areas with PEOPLE. I just DON'T. More people means more chances that some of those people can attack meaning that I will have to defend myself and others. Of course, that's just my paranoia talking. But who cares.

I tend to be jumpy in large groups. I don't mean to be, I'm just not used to- well, people.


Chi had pleaded and begged to not have to go 'socialize' with other people. It had been three weeks since she and Sunstreaker had been rescued and in those three weeks she had avoided as many people as possible, meaning that out of the entire base, maybe three humans and four mechs had seen and talked to her. After hearing about her antisocial habits, Ratchet had ordered her to go out and 'socialize' with others.

An order that she had pretty much ignored—until Ratchet had gotten the twins on his side, which was why she was now being dragged (more like carried by a certain silver corvette) into the rec-room. All activity in the rec-room stopped when the silver twin, followed closely by his yellow counterpart, walked into the room with a smaller, much angrier woman sitting in his palm.

~The two of you are going to regret this.~

~Why are we going to regret this Chikara?~ Sideswipe asked back over the bond with exasperation.

~I told you not to call me that!~ Chi snapped back as she was put onto the platform that the other soldiers were sitting and relaxing on.

~Get used to it, he's not going to stop now… Chikara.~ Sunstreaker grinned when her irritation was directed at him. ~Paybacks a glitch, isn't it?~

~Fine Sunshine, we'll see what I come up with for payback later.~

Sunstreaker just smirked at her, and then followed his brother to the mech-sized table.

~Just talk to some of them.~ Sideswipe stated, once again surprised that he was the one being mature at the moment. ~Join in on their game, do something… but you aren't leaving for the next two hours, so get used to it.~

"Hey Chi!"

The blonde woman shot her guardians another glare but turned to look at the man who had called out to her. With a sigh she walked over to the couch that faced two human-sized TVs and plastered on a smile.

"Hey, Lennox, sorry about not coming to see you."

"No problem, you want to join?" Will Lennox smiled back at her, he had obviously picked up on her discomfort and was trying to make her feel welcomed.

"What is it that you are wanting me to join?" Chi's smile dropped from her face and she focused on the TV's.

"A round or two of HALO 3." Epps stated from the other end of the couch. "We wired these TV's together so that we can have an 8 player match, we just need one more player. So you in?"

Epps had picked up the same vibe from Chi and was willing to overlook her wariness and get her to relax.

"Sure…" The blonde woman stated slowly.

~That's it, you're doing great!~

~Shut it Sideswipe!~

~Oh come on Chikara, playing a video game with the guys isn't going to hurt you.~ Sunstreaker snorted over the bond, though he didn't even twitch while playing cards with Bluestreak and Jolt. ~You have played HALO before haven't you?~

Chi just threw irritation and a quick leave me alone back to them before closing the bond so that they couldn't talk to her. Though she could still feel their emotions, just as they could feel hers.

"I'm in." Now she gave a smirk. "Be ready to lose though. What type are we playing?"

"Infection!" Lennox laughed at her statement, he had a feeling that she was going to warm up to them soon enough.

"Perfect." Chi grinned and grabbed a controller so that she could personalize her player.

Soon there were shouts coming from the group as some tried to work together to get away from the infected player, while others realized very quickly that it was a hopeless endeavor. Chi just laughed evilly as she went after the players that had not fallen to her in the first thirty seconds. The match was over in three minutes and 48 seconds, with Chi having the most kills.

"How- where…? Wow." Epps muttered as his character fell to a blue/black blur.

"I might have played before." Chi grinned as her name was placed at the top, with Lennox being second place.

"We are sooo playing slayer next. Teams anyone?" Will asked with a laugh and an impressed glance at Chi.

Six voices immediately called that they wanted Chi on their team, where she said that she would go against the seven of them by herself.

"You underestimate our ability to work together." Epps grinned as the game loaded.

"You underestimate the amount of time I've spent playing HALO. I had to have some way to pass the time between jobs." Chi laughed back as she elbowed him in the arm.

She proved that fact when she whooped the guys at slayer too. In the five minute time frame she ended up with 78 kills and no deaths.

"Damn girl." Epps sat back against the couch. "You weren't kidding."

Chi only shrugged and tossed the controller to one of the guys that had been watching. "Nope, I don't kid about my skills."

Lennox only nodded; he was watching her closely as she walked down the steps that led up to the platform from the floor.

"Hey Chi!"

She paused and glanced back up at him.

"Same time tomorrow, you better be here to keep these guys in line. You're on my and Epps' team, got it!?"

She grinned and shot him the thumbs up before jogging over to the door and slipping out of it. Lennox glanced over and saw that the twins were engrossed in their card game, only to throw their cards down when Bluestreak claimed he won and then proved it proudly. After they got done claiming that the grey gunner had cheated (though they didn't mean it, it was only a joke) they glanced over and noticed that Chi had disappeared.

"Slaggit- Hey Lennox, where did Chi go?" Sideswipe asked as he and Sunstreaker stood up and made their way over to the platform.

"She just left while you two were busy with your game." Lennox grinned; he knew that the two of them were going to have hell finding her now.

"Frag it all to the Pit." Sunstreaker growled and then promptly spun on his heel so that he could hunt her down.

"Thanks Lennox." Sideswipe sighed, and then followed his now pissed brother.

~Chi where in the frag did you go?!~ Sunstreaker spat across the bond.

~Ignore me right now. I'm figuring something out.~

Sideswipe stopped short and shared a look with his twin.


~Got it! Hey, could you two get Ratchet and Prowl and have them come to where I'm at?~

Sunstreaker sent the message over the comm. and then proceeded to follow the bond to where the troublesome woman was. They stopped short when they came up to the doors of the room where the bodies of their fallen comrades were kept. Chi was standing in front of them waiting patiently.


She smiled up at them. "Don't worry, you'll see what I'm gonna do in a few minutes."

"Why in the pit do you want me and Prowl here you slaggin' pain in my aft?!" Ratchet snarled as he and the aforementioned mech arrived only seconds later.

"Well, you're going to have to make sure that what I'm about to do doesn't fail because of damage." Chi stated nonchalantly, and then turned to Prowl. "And you need to open the doors so that I can keep a promise I made to you."

Everything froze and four sets of optics stared at her in confusion and then Prowl stiffened and gave her a questioning look.

"I figured it out, Prowl. It just took some time." She smiled up at him. "And a video game."

The tactician nodded slowly, and then opened the door without another word. Chi only nodded her thanks and then darted into the room; it wasn't until she was out of the light that filtered in from the hallway that the others noticed the faint glow on her skin. Her eyes were glowing an iridescent blue and the area over her spark was shining brightly. Without breaking her pace she jumped up onto the berth that held the body of Jazz, with another jump she landed on his chassis, right under his spark chamber. She stared down at his visor for a few seconds, and then a small smile spread across her face. With a nod she placed her hands in front of her own spark and closed her eyes to concentrate. After a minute she had a glowing orb of pure energy in her hands, but she still didn't open her eyes.

"Any time now Jazz." She muttered under her breath.

"Now's as good as any." A surprisingly familiar voice laughed around her. "Whenever you're ready kitten."

Chi nodded again. "Then get your slagging aft ready, because you're about to be alive."

A blue energy swirled around Chi as she slowly extended her arms, pulling the orb of light away from her. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker had to grab Ratchet as he moved to stop her. Prowl took a small step backwards when Chi's eyes snapped open to reveal a pure blue glow.

"Go." She whispered and literally threw the orb of light into Jazz's spark chamber as the blue energy swirled around it.

She then threw herself off of the mechs chasis and into Sunstreaker's waiting hands as Ratchet darted forward to stop the flow of energon from the torn lines in the mechs body. A half-garbled scream ripped out of the once silent vocal processor and the visor flashed with intense pain.

"Slaggit, Jazz! Hold still you fragging GLITCH!" Ratchet bellowed as he continued to work. "Prowl, get your aft over here and hold him down!"

Chi didn't even bother to sit up in Sunstreaker's hands; she just lay on her back breathing hard enough for Ratchet to be slightly worried that her vents were damaged.

"Fraggit! Damn girl that hurt like you wouldn't believe!" Jazz stated between breaths.

"You think it hurt YOU?!" Chi snapped back as she finally sat up. "Do you know how much energy was just coursing through my circuits!? That hurt like hell!"

"Where in the pit did you even get the idea to figure it out?" Sideswipe asked as he watched Ratchet put Jazz back together.

"Well, you know who the character Cortana is from the HALO games, right?" Chi asked as Sunstreaker (to the shock of the others) placed her on his shoulder. "Well I realized that all Jazz needed was the energy to manifest himself, so to speak. So I started gathering energy as I walked over here. You know, from the sun and the rampant emotions around base. As I gathered the energy I thought of helping him…"

Prowl paused, and then sighed. "Please tell me that you didn't think of him as a 'ghost'."

"I did." Chi smiled over at the tactician. "And you know what, it worked. He used some of the energy I was putting off to appear, though it was kinda hard to see him. That's when you guys met me here. After that it was just the act of reviving his systems and giving his body enough energy to keep them going, that I had to do. So… here he is."

Jazz grinned and then yelped when Ratchet whapped the smaller mech upside the helm in irritation.

"Little fragging idiotic GLITCH!" The medic snarled. "You were TOLD not to take that slagger Megatron on by yourself, but what in the frag did you do?! Exactly what you were told NOT to do! Fragging pain in my aft."

"Nice to see you too Hatchet." Jazz laughed.

Ratchet just glowered at the saboteur, but all those in the area knew that he was putting on the angry façade just to hide his sheer joy.

~You need to rest.~

Chi just glanced at the side of Sunstreaker's helm, he gave no outward indication of talking to her and with a jolt she realized that he was talking to her over a more private line in the bond that they shared.

~Seriously, your systems are over-stressed and I can feel your exhaustion and tenseness. ~

Sideswipe glanced over at his twin and Chi, he had obviously picked up on the fact that the two of them were talking through the bond and he wasn't included.

~When Sideswipe realizes that you've run yourself into the red like this he's going to chew you out. Believe it or not, he tends to worry about any being he loves. And, wither you like it or not, he loves you.~

Chi felt Sideswipe scan her and saw his optics narrow out of the corner of her eye and knew that Sunstreaker was telling her the truth.

~Why are you warning me about this?~

~Because he's not the only one who cares about you in that way, and I felt that you needed the warning.~

Chi's attention was now entirely focused on Sunstreaker, his faceplates were unreadable and he closed his feelings off from her a moment after saying what he did over the bond. But that didn't take the words back.


A soft groan escaped the woman as the other part to her bond with the twins began asking exactly how and why she had allowed her systems to fall to the level they were at. Sudden warmth grew in her spark at the first word, and no matter what the silver twin said the warmth only grew and a small smile forced its way onto her face.

She decided that she didn't mind being loved by these two after all.


Log: 12

Name: Chi Star Pax

Location: N.E.S.T. Base, Diego Garcia, Personal Quarters

I was in my room for the first time since before I had been captured by the 'cons. Ratchet hadn't allowed me to sleep anywhere but the med-bay since that time. I was now a patient of his and he wasn't going to let anything possibly harm me, even if it was my own person. I had been having pretty bad nightmares since my time in captivity. Ratchet had wanted to observe me just in case my nightmares caused me to become violent in my sleep. Apparently I had put my fist through the wall of my little box-like room in the med-bay one night.


But, somehow, bringing Jazz back from the great beyond made the nightmares stop. Ratchet thinks it might be because my body had been literally buzzing with unused energy and had therefore been triggering my processor to replay memory files. I just call them nightmares.

Therefore, I exhausted my systems and that made them let me get a decent sleep.

News flash though. Apparently my body sucks energy out of the air no matter what, so unless I let it out somehow—meaning that I have to either blow something up or bring a 'bot back from the dead—my systems go haywire. It still makes me feel uneasy to admit that I'm not exactly human, and to refer to my innards as 'systems'. When I told this to Ratchet he told me to, and I quote, 'Get the frag over it, because that's what they are now.'

He has the bedside manner of a rabid wolverine.

Hey, at least I now have permission to go to the firing range and blow stuff up.

Chi out.

~.~ ~.~

The Jazz man is back! I was waiting for the idea to hit me on how to bring him back, and it did while I was playing HALO 3 with my siblings. I just couldn't help but think of it like how Cortana needs a certain amount of energy to be able to create her holoform and then I realized that I just needed to somehow apply that idea to this. It was epic, and I drove my sister crazy by running ideas past her.

I hope it wasn't too strange or out-of-place. But that is seriously how I would have done it.

Thankies to all who have reviewed and those who have favorited/followed this story!

And much thankies goes to my Beta, Starcee138. I couldn't have gotten this done without this amazing person. THANKIES MUCHLY!

Until all are one,