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The Reaping

Quinn's P.O.V.
"Straighten your back Quinnie" my mother said as I practiced my leg extensions on the ballet barre in my room. I lifted my leg off the barre to face my mother who stared at me with a worried expression. I knew exactly why. "Mother don't worry only five of those slips have my name on them out of thousands" I said trying to convince her and myself that I would be okay. Although I always pretended to be strong or aloof on reaping day I was just as scared and worried as a kid from the seam with ten times the amount of slips I have. " I'll be okay" I said with a comforting hand on her shoulder. I walked to my room and got cleaned up for today. I put on a strapless knee length pink dress with cream colored heels. I pint some of my hair up leaving the rest down and put on my gold flower necklace. I went down stairs to say goodbye to both my Mom and dad then made my way to my best friend Madge's house.
" Hey Madge" I said sullenly. On this day we weren't our normal bubbly selves." Hey Quinn" she said. She wore a very similar dress to me same color only longer and she had a gold mocking jay pin attached to it. "You look lovely" she said with a slight smile. She probably noticed our striking resemblance today. "You too" All of a sudden her doorbell rang and we linked arms and walked to open it. It was Katniss and Gale the two hunter kids from the seam. They had a basket of berries with them gave it to Madge who in turn gave them money. " Pretty outfits what are you twins today" Gale said arrogantly. "Thank you" I reply trying not to allow him to get to me " Well we want to look nice if were are to go to the capitol today" Madge say adjusting her dress. " As if you even have a chance you guys names are in their like what five times" he say angrily " Stop its not there fault it's just the way things are" Katniss says trying to calm an already heated Gale down. "Don't act like its impossible" I said making Gale draw his head back. Partly because I never really say much or that I stood up to him. Not long after they left me and Madge made our way down to the square. We line up with all the other girls our age and watch as Rachel Berry from the Capitol starts speaking. I heard heavy breathing next to me and looked up to see Madge near having an asthma attack. To calm her down I grabbed her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. She eventually calmed down and I released her hand. "Ladies first" Rachel Berry said and reached her hand in the large bowl full of slips.
"Madge Underdsee" Rachel Berry said in the mike. It wasn't until she started to make her to the stage when I realized that it was my dear friends who name was called . " Madge!" I scream unexpectedly " MADGE!" I repeat now being held back by peacekeepers. " I volunteer" I yelled without thinking " I volunteer as tribute"
"No" Madge says so quietly only I can hear her. I begin walked towards the stage and that's when her scream get louder " NOOOO,NOOOO" . Finally Katniss breaks from the crowd grabs Madge's hand and rushes her away. "Your Name" Rachel says all to enthused. " Quinn Fabray" " Aww our Female Tribute and what a pretty thing you are" she said while running her overly long fake pink nails through my hair. " Now for the boys" she cleared her throat before saying " Peeta Mellark" A tall blonde boy cautiously walks on stage. We lock eyes as we shake hands. " Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for our tributes." Rachel say in a very excited voice. But no one claps instead they put their three middle finger to their mouth then raise them to the sky. Next thing I remember I'm in the justice building waiting for visitors. First my parents come in and my mom nearly collapsed on me crying my dad crying but trying to be strong for my mother. " You have to come back Quinnie, You just have to" we sit their hugging until the peacekeepers rush them out and that's when tears stream down my face. Next Madge comes in and I can tell she's been crying. " Listen Quinn you have to win" she says with a tight grip on my shoulders. " I also wanted to give you this" she says handing me the mockingjay pin. We cry in each others arms and when she is told to leave we give one last goodbye hug. I set waiting almost sure I have no more visitors when Katniss comes in. We are both lost for words so instead I just hug her and cry. " You're going to be okay you're stronger than you think"
" Thank you" I said wiping away the tears and then she is escorted out. After that surprise I was almost sure I didn't have anymore visitors but when the door opened to reveal Gale I almost fell dead. " What" I whispered. I thought he hated me and Madge. " Hey" he says with his back on the door. "Listen what you did uh was uh put it this way if it had been someone I cared about that was called I would have done the same thing." she said finally looking at me. We walked towards me and wrapped his arms around me and whispered "You're stronger than I thought". Then he gently kissed me on my lips and my stomach flutters. "I've secretly always wanted to do that." he said and with that he was gone and I was convinced I would never see him or anyone else here again. Well at least my first kiss was out of the way.