Memory That Never Sets

A Legend of Dragoon Fan-fiction

1: Moon Child

"Rosie! Darling, I felt that you'd be returning soon." Charle exclaimed nimbly leaping down from her seat. I stood awkwardly in her chamber leaning on my good leg, with my arms crossed.

"It's the choker...I think..." I began.

I felt my fingers flutter over the black band on my neck. I traced over the dark gem right above where my pale collar bones met.

"Every time the 108 year period passes I can...sort of feel it." I explained.

"Yes, that's the idea my Rose. Why the stone face?" Charle tilted her head.

"You are such a beauty my dear. And, you haven't aged a bit!" she chirped.

I sucked my teeth and turned my head away from her preening voice. Of course, I didn't age. I couldn't thanks to her choker.

"Listen, Charle..." I tried to keep my tone reserved.

"I'm not here to play around. Would you cut it out?"

"Oh, I'm only trying to cheer you up. I have to be pleasant when you bring such a dark presence to the cheerful Ulara." Charle pouted.

Then, before I knew what was happening her petite body was thrown against me and her thin arms wrapped around my waist. I struggled against her.

"Charle - get off!"

"Rosie, don't pretend that you don't need this as much as I do."Charle giggled fighting my resistance, and pressing her face into my shoulder. I finally gave up and stood in her arms with a look of indifference on my face.

I gazed around her chamber. The decor changed about every time I came. The marble walls seemed to sparkle under the light of the gold and crystal chandeliers above our heads.

Wingly Fortresses were made of this rare enchanted crystal in the long ago past. Bits of it were embedded in the steps that led up to Charle's miniature throne which was now upholstered in pink. And, beneath the stairs was a pool where there were many fountains of various sizes inlaid with emerald jewels. The gentle noise of the water had a strangely calming effect. The sparkle that seemed to touch everything here reflected against Charle's milk white skin and made her very fair hair glisten.

Like all Winglies her hair seemed to be white with a touch of pale blue tint. Some Winglies had more blue hair, and others had silvery hair. However, their most distinguishing feature was their wings. Their wings were made of light. Like rays of magic shooting out of their shoulder blades. They made strange noises while they flew as well.

Charle Frahma and the Winglies she kept hidden away here in the Spring Breath Town: Ulara were the only ones left after the Dragon Campaign. Zieg, my only love, defeated Charle's younger brother. The terrible dictator, Melbu Frahma, who took Zieg with him - casting a spell of eternal petrification. Zieg's hands would never hold mine again. Our dream of being married after the war never came true. And, none of my other companions survived. There was only me now. And, I lived almost like one of the Winglies I had despised thanks to Charle's choker.

It kept me alive and untouched by age. But, I would outlive Charle. Soon enough, I'd be the only one left. Holding the memory of the world, as it would seem. Charle's crimson eyes met mine. Tears rimmed hers.

"I fear that I've turned you into a monster dear." she whispered.

"What are you babbling about?" I inquired.

"It's as if time and emotion don't touch you, Rose. If it weren't for the choker could you even count 108 years?" she sputtered.

"It's tedious counting don't you think?" I sighed.

"How many years has it been so far? A few thousand..." I murmured.

"Almost eleven, Rose. Eleven thousand." Charle's voice answered thickly.

"Well, I'm not a Wingly. Humans weren't meant to last this long." I managed to disengage Charle's arms.

"I came to fulfill my duty."

Thankfully, Charle wasn't like her evil brother. She was keeping me alive for a specific purpose. To save our world. That meant killing the vessel for the only remaining weapon of our time. The Moon Child. That's right. Every 108 years I had to murder a child.

Charle sniffled beside me and wiped the tears out of her eyes.

"You did not even smile when you saw me." she said briskly.

When was the last time I'd smiled?

"Where have you been the past 108 years?" she asked.

"I don't know. Nowhere of importance." I responded.

"But, you've been avoiding Ulara." Charle accused raising her pointed chin. A sigh then escaped her lips.

"Ah, forget. I am trapped here. So please...humor me. I'd like to know what you've seen." Charle said.

I relented and told her where I'd been, and how different things were. The new languages I had to learn. The people and the way they behaved. How, in a sick way, it almost amused me that no one believed in the old things. Almost as if my time had never been. Dragons, Winglies, Gigantos... we never saw them anymore. They were extinct, with the exception of the almost extinct race of Winglies here in Ulara.

But, humans acted as if they had never existed. They had long forgotten them. I felt so empty among these people. I had resorted to enduring the wild, rather than sleeping in their Inns. In their safe beds, surrounded by the walls of their "threat-less" cities. Even the monsters and wild beasts on the outskirts of these human congregations were only braved by their toughest, their warriors and what have you. The things we had believed in were now their myths. The tales that put children to bed, and the stuff drunk men mocked in any tavern.

Charle interrupted me to discourage my traversing of bars and taverns. I was a lady was I not?

She received a tired sigh.

"Don't be so moody my love. Does conversation bore you so?" Charle asked.

"Well, let's head upstairs I don't want to bore you any longer. You have a duty after all." Charle waved me towards the circular pad in the corner of the room.

It glowed green showing that it was ready for use. A Wingly teleporter - their common means of transport. Wingly magic was something I was never very much acquainted with before meeting Charle, and something I didn't see anywhere else. I hated using it.

We stepped onto the teleporter and the room spun so quickly all the colors blended into one. I shut my eyes. I felt my body shrinking or twisting - no, I was being squeezed out of my own skin. Except, painlessly. It was more of a tingle.


Light flooded my eyes again, objects blurred, and then came into view. Charle was stepping off the pad as I was becoming re-acquainted with my appendages.

"Darling, are you really still not used to our technology yet?" Charle's high pitched voice asked. Only she could always tell. I shook off the tingly feeling Wingly magic left on my skin.

"Whatever." I stepped off the teleporter. All of that strange shifting of my particles had taken place within two seconds at the most. This didn't seem to faze the average Wingly.

Three beds with rich velvet spreads lined the wall to our right. Down at the end of the long room was the device Charle needed to use. It was what looked like a large crystal ball. But, because it was set upon a base made of material from The Moon That Never Sets, Charle could use it to detect the whereabouts of the Moon Child.

A smaller version when held over the center of the Moon Child's forehead would shoot a beam of silver light up into the heavens, pointing to the Moon That Never Sets. How did this work? I didn't know. It was possibly a cry from the very spirit that dwelled hidden within the child.

Charle laid her hands over the device and it began to glow. The light that then radiated from it felt thick. It was denser than light. It was like a magic of its own. The room seemed to pulsate.

I looked at Charle's small face, framed by her white-blue curls. Her eyelids closed peacefully.

"I sense that the day the Moon That Never Sets glows red is near. In exactly two weeks, three days, and on the fourth night. The child shall be born into royal blood. A female. It is a cold place...ah, I remember it. It is now known as Deningrad. An important city. Yes, she will be born of the 'Royal Sisters of Mille Seseau'" Charle lifted her hands and opened her eyes. Her energy seemed less radiant. The magic drained from the room.

"There. I can send you close to Deningrad with the energy I can muster from Ulara. Not very close, I am afraid. I need to leave enough energy remaining to continue running the town while sending you off. And, we've grown so very weak. But, you won't have to spend too long travelling there. You have time, to rest and prepare. We'll get you some warm clothes for the trip-"

"The armor keeps me pretty warm." I cut her off.

" And, I'll be keeping very active. After all, there are plenty of monsters out there."

"Rose..." suddenly Charle sounded exhausted. She came close and held a hand out to touch me, but she hesitated and then dropped it.

"I...I guess I'm trying to give you the best I can. I'm always trying. I am so sorry I've put such a heavy burden on you." she said, and her eyes could not meet mines.

"Stop being sorry." I almost snapped. And, then I added in a more subdued tone

"It isn't your fault. This is the way things are. Life can't always be cheerful, and the world you love can't go on if I don't continue. You aren't forcing me either. In the end it was my decision to do this. I will be fine Charle." I paused to read her face, but she seemed far away.

"I'm always fine." I said

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