Pulling Off the Façade of Normal

I was in Chicago. I know that, even now. It's been five years since then. I've been asked to write down this story, and so I will. From the beginning.

The day was bright, hot. July in the mid-west isn't very cooling. Being from Tennessee, I could handle it. The small motel room I had rented smelled horrible, and the thin sheets on the mattress were stained. I didn't mind. I wouldn't be there for long. I left the room, not bothering to brush my hair. Jean shorts, band tee shirt, dark hair in messy waves down my back.

As I left, I began walking down the sidewalk, thankful the balcony of the second floor was providing some shade. Cloth bag tattered, but I couldn't part. That was the last thing my brother, Alex, had ever given me. I wasn't that special, besides the fact I was a pusher.

Being a pusher is a lot like being able to control minds, in a way. You just speak into their mind, put enough force behind whatever you want them to believe, and they do. Too locked up in thoughts, I bump into something. Or someone. Things fall. Automatically, we both crouch down to pick it up. I glace at the person's hand, see dice, moving on their own a little bit. As we clean, I move into his mind a bit, feel around for some sign. A mover. I was almost sure of it. I was positive when I found information that he was. I lock eyes with him when we finish, and stand up.

"Hi…" I say quietly. He wasn't bad looking. Some girls may think he's hot. Crystal blue eyes, black hair falling constantly in the way of his vision. "Hi," he says.

"What's your name?" I ask, just out of curiosity. "Chris Lockheart." he says automatically, and I didn't have to be a pusher to know he was bluffing. "Liar." I say with a smirk.

He raises an eyebrow, not commenting. "And yours?" I sigh, not sure I should tell the truth. I do anyway. I could just push him later. "Jocelyn… But call me Jay." I say. He nods, looks away. "You never told me… You're real name?" I ask. He looks me in the eye.

"And this, this is where I leave." he mumbles, stepping past me. "Wait," I call softly, using my powers only enough to make him stay. He glances back slowly. This is my first contact I've had with a Rebel in a while, and who knows, maybe we could stick together. "Alright," he says, sighing and running a hand through his hair. "You're a pusher."

I nod a bit, careful not to break the connection. "Yeah… And you're a mover, right?" I ask, wondering if I was wrong . "What makes you think that? Who's to say I'm not a sniff send after you, or a bleeder who happens to have an extremely mellow temper?" he snarls, though I know I've hit the mark. Whatever-his-name wasn't used to socializing.

I smirk, pointing to my head dramatically. "I know this. I can sense things that are not of this world-." I grin, laughing slightly at the imitation of a psychic that doesn't work so far away from this spot. He raises an eyebrow. "Interesting. What are these things not of this world? Are the aliens finally coming? Should I brace myself to be probed and prodded?" I can feel him relax, his mind giving over to the push easily now that he's calm.

"Nope." I say, smiling. I decide to let him out of my control. He blinks, getting his mind back. "So… your name?" I ask, already knowing, but wanting to make sure he wouldn't lie to me. "Why don't you tell me?" he asks, folding his arms. I steal a look into his eyes, seeing cold, hate, fear, and just… alone. I pause.

"Because. I want you to tell me of your own free will. Not because I tapped into you, or because I'm... "convincing" you to." I say, and I realize that was true. If people know what I can do, they don't tell me things anymore. It makes me feel disconnected. He looks at me with an emotion I can't quite place. Confused? Curiosity?

The boy sighs, and finally speaks. "My name's Kane. but you can call me...Kane." I smile. "Nice to meet you, Kane. In case you were wondering, my real name is Jay. I'm not lying. And…" I sigh. "Never mind."

"Never said you were." Kane states. "And..? Oh well, suit yourself. If you're expecting me to ask you what you were going to say, don't. That's not the way I do things." I look at him. "Good. Too many people ask me what I was going to say. It's annoying."

"Exactly my point." he nods, turning "I'll be going now." He starts to walk, then stop with a sigh, turning back. "You want to come?" He mumbles the question, but I could tell he's trying to act like he could care less if I did or not. I grin. "Sure… And if you were wondering, I'm not holding you against your will anymore." He shrugs. "I figured." he looks at me for a second, glances away, then looks ahead. "Now, come on, before I decide to ask you of my own will." He begins to walk ahead, giving me no choice but to follow along. What did he mean, his own will? Was there something in him that is forcing him to take me along? I shrug, realizing how far ahead he'd gotten. I jog up next to him, casting that thought out of my mind.

"Where're we going, anyway?" I ask, generally curious. "Away from here; it's too open." He tells me simply. "Something tells me you do this a lot." I say, studying him out of the corner of my eye: black shirt that needs a wash, dark denim jeans that are worn out. He nods, not saying much as we walk on. "I do."

"Oh," I mutter, because there was not much more to be said.

.In case you were wondering, Jay is fifteen, Kane 16 and a half :). I owe a huge thanks to one of my best friends, who roleplays as Kane with me. She's a huge inspiration. And also one of my other best friends, who I've known for a long time, and she helps me through all my writer's block. :D That's all!

Oh, and there's a review button down there… I would appreciate it if you gave me constructive criticism or if you tell me how much you love/like/hate what I've done so far. Next chapter really soon!