Pulling Off the Façade of Normal

Chapter Three

The street ahead of us was dark, the street lights flickering. It feels like the world was waiting, charging up its energy for this moment, and this moment alone. Kane was about to speak, when I hush him. I stop, seeing a man run across the street at us, mouth open in a scream. Bleeder. "Move!" I yell, grabbing his arm and pulling him along. "Shit" He mutters under his breath, running now alongside me. "Keep your ears covered!" He yells, and I do so in an instant, running as fast as I could toward a small alleyway. Maybe we could lose him in the tight corridors. Once in the darkened hallway of concrete, Kane pushes me and then himself behind a dumpster. I could only hope the junk nearby was enough to keep us out of the bleeder's line of sight.

Kane covers my ears, his hand over mine as the bleeder begins to scream. And scream. I glance behind me at Kane, who had no protection from the ear piercing noise. He bites his lip desperately, trying to stop the scream that was sure to give us away. Above us, a window shatters, showering glass on us. I watch Kane as he looks around wildly, searching for something, but I'm not sure what. His eyes light up when he finds what he needs, and removing a hand from mine (that was still firmly pressed against my ears), he moved it in a sideways motion, moving what looked like a brick in the general direction of the bleeder. I couldn't help but notice that his ears were bleeding slightly.

We hear a thud, and the screaming halts suddenly. I release a breath, glad it was over. "Thanks." I say. "You're welcome." He mutters quietly, moving myself away from me and touching his left ear gingerly, which was bleeding profusely. "Hey…" I mumble, moving closer to remove his hand so see the damage. His fingers were slick with dark blood. I bite my lip. "You okay?" Stupid question. He doesn't answer as I open my bag, taking out my small first aid kit I only use during emergencies. "A bit of bleeding...I should be fine." He says, but I don't stop as I open up the kit. "Got anything in there to clean up blood?" He asks.

"A few anti-septic wipes..." I say, taking them out. He takes one from me, touching it to his ear and wincing slightly. I keep an eye out for any more Division workers as he cleans up the blood on his ears. I don't notice him stand up, but look up at Kane as he holds out a hand to help me up. I take it, carefully removing a few small shards of glass from my elbows.

"We should go. Before he regains consciousness." he nods toward the bleeder, who lies on the asphalt, the brick nearby. I nod, taking off through the alley. I pause, glancing back when I realize he wasn't following. I see him walk over to the bleeder, nudging him with his foot. "Kane!" I hiss, and he turns, shrugging as he runs after me. We take off down the alley together. We come out on a main road a few minutes later. "Which way?" I ask.

"Right. If he knows I'm here they'll all think I'm going left, so we should go right." I don't question his logic, and instead turn right, walking down the street quickly. He keeps up pace. "See?" I say. "It's better that someone has your back. Otherwise your ears would still be bleeding." I point out, looking around and see a motel at the end of the road.



"Why are you here for me?" he clears his throat. "I mean, why would you want to have my back? You're a fighter, I mean; you can't tell me you don't want to be part of the battle for our kind's safety. And... I'm not really the type of person people pair with. I haven't been very nice to you; I've never been the nicest person. I'm not terribly open about things; and it's not like we've known each other forever…" He has a point, and I stop to digest his words. I know the answer. It's what I felt when I first met him, what I'm still feeling now.

"I... I knew you were a mover by the way I was drawn to you... Normally I always have that reaction around other people like us. But it feels like I keep getting drawn to you... It's really weird..." I mumble.

He nods, eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he thinks about it. "Well..." He gets the words out through almost gritted teeth. "Thank you." I nod, knowing how hard it must've been for him to say that. "You're welcome." I murmur, and we get to the motel, walking inside. Kane gives two fake names, and a foraged ID, and we get a room for the night. We head upstairs, and I sit on the bed, looking thorough my bag, making sure I didn't drop anything.

I look up when Kane clears his throat. "Will you be alright if I leave for a bit, I kind of have to go get something." I nod distractedly, already turning back to the bag. "Yeah, just be careful." I say, and soon he's gone.

I sit with my back against the head board, turning on the TV. I watch a "reality" show. It doesn't seem very realistic, compared to what I'm dealing with. But it's funny, so I stick through the dramatizing girls. I go back to sorting through my bag, looking for something specific this time. I find the necklace, grip the crystal-like stone and run over to the sink, banging it on the edge until it breaks. I sort through the broken pieces, and discover one had fallen on the floor. When I pick it up, I see it wasn't a part of the poorly made fake crystal at all, but a tracking device.

"Shit…" I mumble. I bust that too, making it a mangled mess of wires. I quickly stuff it in a pillow case; grab my stuff and Kane's, when I open the door, going to find him. But before I could even blink, a bleeder screams right in my face. I fly back into the room, landing on the glass that had broken from the mirror above. I move to cover my ears, pretty much defenseless. I knew I couldn't push him through so much pain. Well, I could, but it wouldn't work. Bleeders are naturally resistant. I try anyway, and I struggle to think through all the chaos, and somehow I end up in his mind anyway, telling him to stop. The bleeder doesn't listen and I scream, the pain overbearing.

I scream louder as the bleeder steps toward me. I try as hard as I can to Push him to stop. I manage to gasp out "You don't want to do this, do you? Have a f-fifteen year old girl's blood on your hands? Not very good..." Not my best performance, but he does pause in his screaming. Enough to prove that my ears are bleeding and my head feels like it's about to explode. All I can hear is the beating of my heart, but once the screaming starts again, all I feel is pain, black and cold as my vision starts to leave me.

The door crashes open, Kane comes in, moving the bleeder almost automatically, slamming him on the floor, and soon enough he stops screaming, and falls, either dead or knocked out, I don't know, neither do I care.

It feels like death. It tastes like death. But I know inside I wasn't dead. I was just... un-dead. Does that make any sense? If it doesn't, cut me a break. From a million light-years away I could hear Kane, calling for me. I struggle to respond through twitching a finger, opening my eyes; anything. I was unable to do any of them, except breathe. Breathe and hope he would at least not leave me here. What have I done for him? Why would he take me along with him? But I couldn't hold it back any longer; I finally fell into unconsciousness, the black tendrils dragging me down, leaving Kane to do whatever he liked; leave or take me along.

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