The Prince and a Baby

Chapter One

Oh My!

Notes: This takes place during series 1 or 2 when Arthur and Merlin where younger. Also this is a non-beta so if you see a mistake just tell me and I'll fix it! I hope you enjoy

It was like any other day for Arthur and Merlin. Arthur Pendragon, the prince of Camelot the son of Uther Pendragon known as the spoiled prat. Merlin on the other hand was a meek boy from the other empire across the border of Camelot in it was a small poor village called Ealdor.

It was a nice cool breezy Indian summer dawn and Lancelot, Sir Leon, and Arthur took Merlin for a hunting trip. Only Merlin had to hold on the weapons and be quiet the whole time. Which Merlin hated hunting.

"Do we really have to go hunting today Arthur?" Merlin complained to his master. Arthur sneered at his manservant, "Yes we do. It is called fun." Merlin groaned, "No it's called killing animals!"

Arthur and his other knights laughed, "Don't be such a girl Merlin!" Merlin mocked beneath his breath, "Don't be such a prat, Arthur,"

"What was that?" Arthur said to Merlin after hearing Merlin quietly saying his name, "Oh, I said don't get hurt Arthur." Arthur flushed, "Don't worry always am." Merlin tried to hide his grin from Arthur stupidity.

"Arthur why are we by the boarder of Alined's kingdom?" Arthur chuckled, "Where's the fun without any danger?" Merlin shivered, "Oh man we're so dead. We're so dead! If I die can you tell my mother and Guias that I love them and Gwen to never change and oh my! We're so dead!" Merlin cried with fear. Arthur sometimes forgot that Merlin was a little younger than him so Merlin was more afraid of things than Arthur would never even imagine,

"Stop being a such a girl Merlin you make it home safe and sound in time to make me supper." Arthur said, Merlin sighed, "You better hope its not poisoned or rat meat." The other knight Sir Leon laughed, "Oh please do so Merlin!"

Arthur stopped, "You know I can make you two dead right at this spot if I wanted you to!" Merlin and Lancelot laughed, "Oh yah!" Merlin laughed, "You wouldn't hurt me!" Arthur lost his patience with Merlin, "Merlin," Leon gasped,



Merlin saw Arthur ready for a hunt and it was him. Merlin's feet ran without a thought, "MERLIN!" for Merlin it was pretty normal to be chased by Arthur but in the end they end up getting along again. Merlin breathed, "He's the other side of the coin, other side of coin," Merlin cried repeating. Within five minutes Merlin got lost, "Oh thank God," Merlin cried, "I think I lost him,"

"No you didn't," Arthur said laying his back on the tree, Merlin gasped, "Merlin I'm not going to hurt you. Let's get back where the knights are we're holding a camp there till dawn and we'll be back at the castle by next after-noon." Merlin nod as he followed the prince back to the boarder of Camelot.

"Are you sure you know where we're going, Arthur?" Merlin asked about twenty minutes later. It was starting to get dark and neither Arthur nor Merlin had any fire supplies. Arthur nod, "Positive, I remember being here, I thought,"

"Oh my!"

"What is it now Merlin?" Merlin gasped, "It's…Nimueh" Arthur turned, "You!" he remembered her well enough. Her red lips, her long raven hair, the red dress.

She tried to kill Arthur when he looking for the flower to heal Merlin when he was dying of the illness not that alone she tried to kill Arthur even before that!,

"Why are you here!" the witch grinned, "Well you know Arthur. I see how you treat Merlin and I'm going to change that."

"What do you mean?" Arthur said coldly hoping and praying to God that she wasn't going to hurt Merlin, "If you are going to hurt him then hurt me!" Merlin gasped, "No!" the witch laughed, "Don't worry I'm not going to your manservant." The woman smiled evilly, "But you will serve him. If you don't, he will stay like one forever and never grow back and sooner or later die."

"What do you mean!"

"Miht Dagan beþecce me. Adeadaþ þisne gast min freondum ond min feondum!" Arthur eyes opened with fear, Merlin was shirking, "MERLIN!"

The woman smiled, "Have fun raising Merlin." Before Arthur could even get to her she'd disappeared, "Merlin? MERLIN!"


Arthur started to dig through Merlin's clothing finding a baby, an infant. Arthur looked at the wailing baby, "Mer…Merlin?" the baby stopped crying and looked at Arthur, "You prat you're a baby!"

Merlin started to wail again. Arthur rolled his eyes, "Aw come on Merlin stop being such a baby!" by that comment Arthur started to cry even harder. Arthur groaned, "Well that wasn't the best comment to say. Don't worry I'll take you to Guias immediately," Merlin began to giggle. Arthur sighed, "Okay then,"

Within the next hour Arthur finally made it back to the camp, "Arthur!" cried Leon, "We thought we lost you! Wait where's Merlin? And why do you have an infant?" Leon looked at the baby sleeping safely in Arthur's arms, "Well this baby is Merlin and he was curse from that witch from the Old Religion."

The other knight Lancelet shook his head, "Why?"

Arthur shrugged his shoulders, "She said that I'll have to raise him." Leon chuckled, "So you have to raise Merlin? Good luck with that! He'll be the next heir of the Pendragon's! How are you going to tell your father?"

Lancelot nod, "Actually you have to tell him he's your son." Arthur shook his head, "No! We need to get Guias. We need to return to Camelot and get Guias now!"

"WAAHH!" Arthur rolled his eyes, "It took me about thirty minutes to make him fall asleep!" Leon shrugged, "With my son he usually cries because he's hungry or he used the loo." Arthur groaned, "Merlin please I'm going to get Guias for you!"

"Umm sire,"

"What now Leon, I'm trying to shut up Merlin!"

"WAAAHHH!" Leon gulped,

"Merlin's eyes look! They're gold!" Arthur looked at the infant bawling his eyes outs with golden eyes, "It can't be! He's not a sorcerer!" Lancelot sighed, "Arthur,"

"Don't tell me you knew!" Arthur cried trying to yell over Merlin's crying. Lancelot nodded with a slow sigh, "Let me explain everything to you. But first let me calm him down. Get him fed and changed and I will tell you,"

Arthur felt betrayed. He wanted to throw Merlin out of his arms but yet this infant. So innocent, also as a young teenager boy, Merlin was so innocent. Arthur felt a tear falling from his eye, "I won't hurt him,"

Lancelot gave him a small sigh, "I know you wouldn't. Merlin cares too much about you."

Before Arthur could say anything else the wailing baby known as Merlin went dark into the woods with Lancelot.

Arthur and Leon both sat by the fire in silence, "It's too quiet without Merlin." Leon chuckled trying to stop the awkward silence. Arthur growled, "How can I be so stupid! It's so accurate! All this time things need to be dead by magic! But this whole time it was Merlin!"

"Now, sire,"

"No Leon! How can I prove myself king? When all this time I've been saved by a manservant who was supposed to be mental!" Arthur threw a rock into the fire, "Why wouldn't he tell me!" Arthur cried. Leon never seen Arthur so upset before, "Maybe he was afraid,"

"Of what, Leon, of what!"

"Your father," Arthur began to feel guilty for Merlin. For the past years Merlin couldn't say anything because of the law or he would have been murdered, by Uther. Arthur started to hate his father,

"Sire," Lancelot whispered, "He's asleep," Arthur gave a small grin, "Thank you. Where is he?"

"He's the other side of the camp fire, Leon will you watch over him awhile I talk to Arthur?" Leon nod.

Arthur sighed, "So tell me Lancelot what happened? Did Merlin practice magic?"

Lancelot chuckled, "Sire, Merlin was born that way. Merlin was born with magic. His mother told me he could pick up things without touching them before he could've even speak," Lancelot sighed, "Merlin tells me he feels as he was a monster. He's afraid of himself. So he was sent to Guias to teach him how to control his magic, to feel special to feel wanted, accepted for who he was."

Arthur tried to not tear up but that tear went rolling down his cheek, "All of this time. Doing treason,"

"How could you! Without Merlin you would've been dead! And only god forbid! You own him your life to him! Without him Camelot would have fallen. He did not treason. Do you know Guias is a warlock and your father knows but yet he kills hundreds of innocent people but not Guias?"

Arthur growled, "I'm trying to not forgive him! He didn't tell me because he was afraid of me!"

Lancelot sneered, "He only didn't tell you because Uther would've found out. You're terrible at lying." Arthur rolled his eyes with a small grin, "I going to make it right. I'm going to take care of Merlin till he grows up. Even if it means forever but you are right. I do own him my life and so does my father."