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Chapter Nine

notes: sorry it took me so long! But so I made it longer and I really like this chapter. It might have a hint if Merlin's going to be the next heir or not :)

Arthur finally made it to the castle were they were hoping to settle before dust. His body was so numb and frozen, he could hear his own skin crack from the ice that was attached to his skin. As for the knights they were happy the made it in one piece. (Gwaine was just happy to go to the loo)

After dinner servants showed him the guest chambers and allowed him to rest. As taking his shoes off a raven haired boy servant came up to Arthur he only looked like around the age eight. He hadn't said a word to Arthur since he came to the chamber.

His skin looked so dark and tan from being outside in the hot sun everyday but his skin was so clean. Arthur smiled at the boy.

"What's your name, sir?" Arthur asked softly. The little boy bit his thumb, "Henry."

Arthur smiled, secretly he always wanted a son named Henry. But his father Uther wanted all of his heirs to have a family name,

"I have a son you know?" Arthur said, "His name is Merlin. You remind me of him."

"Emyrs is not you biological son though." the boy said quietly.

"Oh, I see," Arthur said, "So you have magic too?"

"No, sire. But I have a brother with magic but my family's gone now. The young warlock is lucky to have you."

Arthur frowned. His heart ached for the boy. Only a small child and had no family. Arthur kneeled down Henry seeing his dark brown eyes but Henry started to talk,

"But before I leave, I have to show you something." Henry said. Arthur raised his eyebrows.

"Show me what?"

The boy smiled and everything went dark.

Arthur sworn he had feel off a horse. His head burned as whole his body ached. Arthur didn't want to open his eyes because of the bright sun burning.

"Art!" someone's whispered harshly, Arthur hit his hand on his head groaning, but the voice came again more harshly,"Arthur!"

It was a woman's voice. It sounded soft but full if stress. Arthur opened his eyes finding himself laying on a double cot that was filled with fur. The room was small and tit this room was very peasant like.

"Arthur!" a woman's voice whispered harshly. Arthur tried to follow the voice but there were about four children sleeping on the floor cuddling together with animal fur covering their body.

Arthur went to another room that was separated from a fabric hanging from the ceiling. A woman was by a pot stirring stew. The woman long curly black hair was pulled back the same way as... Guinevere. She looked just like her. But twenty years older.

She looked tired and gained an couple pounds. Arthur started to get worried. Would this be his life in the future? As felt touched his face feeling a beard has grown, he felted disguised.

"Gwen? Where are we?"

The woman giggled, "Art we lived her for eighteen years. Remember? We moved here after Merlin turned into a newborn and Uther wanted to kill Merlin?"

Arthur gasped softly, "What? Gwen what's going on?"

The woman smile turn side down and grabbed a piece of paper that laid on the table, "It's Merlin. He ran away. He remembers now, in the letter, he said. I know this would happen when he came of age but he is still our son."

"Where do you think he's heading?"

"You know him better than I do. Besides I want him home before the children get worried."

"The children?" Arthur cried loudly. Gwen hushed harshly with her finger, "What is wrong with you today! I know your old but you not that old to lose your memory!"

"Huh, right." Arthur mumbled,

"Papa? Mama?" a soft voice cried wiping her eyes with her hands. "Where's brother?" Gwen gave the girl a smile,

"He went to play go hide and seek, darling."

"Can I play?" The girl said excitedly. Arthur looked the mini version of Gwen, "Course, you can come and play," Arthur said, (hoping she knew where Merlin was)

"But get dressed and clean off before alright?"

"But I washed last week? Remember?"

"Please?" Arthur asked softly. The girl whined, "Yes, papa."

Gwen gave a small chuckle as she start to cook the dough, "You know even your not prince anymore you still sure act like one."

Arthur frowned, "What about my father?"

"Still king remember?" Gwen asked, "Now go and find Merlin before Morgana's men find him!"

So in the future Arthur and Gwen runaway with Merlin and raise him as their own and had more children and Morgana is still alive and Uther is still alive. This was not the plan that Arthur was hoping for. He was hoping that Baby Merlin would become grown Merlin and baby Merlin would be declared dead.

Arthur decided waited for the girl outside as he waited an old crippled man came up to him with a big smile,

"Mornin' Art! Ain't you work'n today?" a older man asked cheerfully,

Arthur shook his head, "No, I'm waiting for my... um... daughter. Merlin went missing so we're going to look for him to see if he's okay." Arthur smile, daughter... what a weird feeling, Arthur thought.

The old man chuckled, "Which daughter? Alice or Ygraine?" Arthur smiled. His daughter was named after Gwen's mother and another named after his mother.

"I forget which one!" Arthur said trying to joke around. The old man laughed, "You lot are hilarious. Well I hope you find your Merlin boy. He's the kindest in this village and it would be dreadful to not have Merlin around."

"Papa! I'm ready!" The little girl said then turned to the elder man, " Hello, Lucius! How are you?"

"Excellent, thank you! I hope your doing well Alice. Well if your looking for your brother I saw him heading to the boarder of Camelot. He said he wanted to see an old friend. Gaius or something."

Arthur groaned, looking at Alice, "Hey Al, I need you to stay with mother alright. I promise I be back alright?" The girl nodded,

"Yes, papa."

Arthur turned to the older man, "Do you have a horse?"

"Sure thang, it's at the stable. She is over there at the right." the old man said pointing to the hoarse barn,

"Thank you!" Arthur said, "I promise you I'll repay you."

Lucius smiled, "No worries, just go and find your son."

Arthur never felt so scared before. He wasn't scared for himself but for Merlin. Even if Arthur was now in his thirties or forties as a peasant by becoming into Merlin's son, he felt scared of losing him.

Once he made if to the boarder he saw Merlin crossing the land boarder of the three kingdoms who three met. It was the older Merlin, his eyes were still humongous as his pale olive skin would reflect from the sun.

Arthur started to yell, "Merlin! Come back here!"

His voice felt horse as Merlin seemed to be storming off angrily, "Myrddin Ambrosius Pendragon get back here now!" Arthur yelled, not knowing why he said that. He never knew Merlin even had a full name. Merlin was just Merlin.

Merlin stopped walking away from Arthur as he came closer,

"Merlin," Arthur said softly, "What in God's name a you doing?" The raven haired boy frowned. He looked upset,

"Your not my father, aren't you?" Merlin asked, "I knew Gwen isn't my biological mother by how dark she is and so with my siblings. I'm not even suppose to be a boy." Arthur knew what he was talking about, Merlin's past.

"Look, Merlin your mother and I knew this was coming," Arthur said, remembering what Gwen said about knowing Merlin would find out soon,

"It's just we were afraid that we would lose you. That you wouldn't love us anymore because we weren't, your parents first I guess."

Merlin sniffed as he played with the grass from the dirt, "I don't understand. I didn't remember anything till last night and I remembered a witch turning me into a baby and Gaius and my mother. Everything,"

Arthur put his arm around Merlin's shoulder trying to comfort him, "Merlin, why were you going to Camelot? You know it's forbidden in our home."

Merlin ears started to turn dark red, "I want to see where I came from. I need to know. Before I can fully trust you again."

Arthur nodded sadly feeling rejected. Why was he feeling this way? He never felt a fatherly sense before. He felt he had to help Merlin throughout this struggle,

"You know, Merlin. I don't know if Gwen and I ever told you this but people who have magic are waiting for your return. They believe you will rule Camelot and be the greatest king," Arthur said looking at the young boy, Arthur chuckled, "well I'm going to be the first greatest but you can be second."

Merlin chuckled, "Thank you, father. I just wish I can see Uther and make peace. I am his grandson after all."

Arthur smiled, "You know what, if you go home to your mother who is making bread and stew for your birthday and worried sick about you also Alice really wants to play with you, but if you do I go and talk to Uther."

Merlin smiled and hugged his adoptive father, "Thank you so much!"

Arthur laughed, "Yeah, yeah just tell your mother I have a surprise, yeah? And then we can talk about your past as much you like."

Merlin nodded, "Deal!" The boy ran back to the village as fast he could. Arthur laughed mumbling to himself, "Even now Merlin hasn't changed."

Alice ran to her older brother, Merlin as soon she saw him walking past the horse stables, "Merlin! You're back! Papa found you, yeah?"

"Yeah, papa found me. Where's mama?"

"Inside, she's crying Merlin and Henry, Will, and Alice and me try to make her feel better but she's sad!"

Merlin put the little girl on the floor, "I'll be right back."

Merlin ran the cottage finding Gwen, his mother on a chair crying, "Mother!"

"Oh, Merlin!" Gwen cried giving him a hug, "I thought we lost you! I was so worried! Never do that again young man!"

"Mother," the boy whined, "I'm fine and you shouldn't be I have magic that protects me." Gwen grinned, holding Merlin's shoulders,

"Well, eat up alright? I want you finish your chores and help me with Henry, I fear his illness is getting worse."

Merlin nodded, "Yes, mother."

Arthur passed the kingdom walls feeling nervous and weakened by seeing the look of Camelot. It looked the same but the way people acted was so different from his time being prince.

A few knights ran to Arthur, "Sire, is that you?" an older Leon asked with a smile on his face. Arthur smiled looking at his knight friend,

"Hell!" another knight shouted with glee, "We though you were dead for years!" Arthur smiled guessing it was Gwaine from the hard smell of alcohol and an old face acting like a child.

Arthur smirked feeling his mouth grin, "I came here to talk to my father about my son, Merlin. Even if Merlin does have magic doesn't mean he's evil."

Leon frowned, "We know. After you left Uther has been broken. Unable to give a woman children. The King thought you were dead."

"Also Uther had been ill towards Camelot." added Gwaine, "I knew he wasn't the best guy to be with but I didn't know he would be God dam awful,"

"I told Merlin that I would make peace with my father. He feels its his fault that..." Arthur sighed painfully. Gwaine looked at Leon with a frown,

"Merlin, your son?" Gwaine asked, "He is Merlin isn't he? The Merlin with the big ears and that goofy grin. We, knights and servants know, we went to Merlin's mother's home finding she's been dead for two months before and Merlin hasn't been seen."

Arthur nodded softly with a sad grin on his face, "Merlin, yeah, that's our Merlin." The knights grinned like as if Father Christmas was here, "I need to speak to my father. I just hope he's alright with my marriage with Guinevere."

Arthur came into his father's bedroom finding the old man writing on a document with maps covering the desk. Within the maps had crossed marks of different villages around the four kingdoms. Arthur assumed it was maps looking for him.

"Father?" he said slowly, couldn't breathe. The old man looked at Arthur as if he was back from the dead. Uther didn't look happy nor sad but angry. The old man looked thinner but stronger with scars all over his body,

"Where have you been?" He growled not fully looking Arthur in the eye. Arthur's lips curled,

"Raising a farm with my wife and five children." Arthur said calmly.

Uther's face hardened, "Five?"

"Yes," Arthur nodded, "Um I have three sons and two daughters. They are very intelligent children, father. They can read and write. I taught all of my sons how to be a knight."

"I asked you why are you here," Uther said remaining cold.

Arthur closed his eyes, "Today is my oldest son's birthday. His name is Merlin and..."

Uther growled cutting Arthur off, "I told you to not to raise that boy! He changed you! By believing that witchcraft is good! He's brainwashing you Arthur! And your wife is she a witch also?"

Arthur started to remember things he never remembered. When he and Gwen married or when all four children were born. Or when Merlin said his first word "papa". Arthur started to realize that his future might not be queen and kings but his life was perfect.

But destiny wanted Merlin and Arthur to save Camelot. It was this time.

"No! Leave my wife out of this!" Arthur growled, "Merlin wants to know you! As a child he's always asked me how great you were and he looked up to you! He wants his grandfather to love him."

"He's not natural heir also your wife is not a princess nor a lady!"

"Neither am I! I am not a prince or lord and yet you want me back. Besides my wife's brother is a knight of Camelot and she is very wise and knows more things than I do." Arthur shouted,

"I came here to make peace with you. To show you that my son isn't evil. I mean I was born by magic and yet you still love me."

But everything went dark...

Arthur opens his eyes. His body was still numb from the frozen bitter cold but blankets were piled on him.

The small boy looked like an angel. His face was glowing as his brown eyes turned bright blue. He no longer looked dirty. The boy smiled showing his teeth,

"My name is Henry Pendragon, before I had to go to my afterlife I need to see you tell that your future must change."

Arthur touched the boy's cheek, "Why, what killed you?"

"I've been ill my whole life. Only magic could save me but no one knew. My other brother was killed during battle and my sisters married off with other peasants but Merlin stayed loyal to you and became next heir to throne but Morgana killed Merlin and became queen. Morgana must be killed."

Arthur struggled to breath, "Then you won't exist!" cried Arthur. Henry smiled,

"We will, unless you don't marry mama, though. You have less that four hours before Merlin turns into a newborn and Morgana will take full control of Emyrs."

Arthur didn't speak respond. He felt scared for his future... His future children for Gwen.

"Don't worry, papa. I have faith in you." Henry kissed his father's cheek, as disappeared into the air with a smaller on his face.

"Sweet dreams, papa."

And Arthur's world went black again...

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