Megumi Eto sat on the grassy field, playing with her polaroid camera . She adjusted the lense and loosened the straps.

"Megumi, want some?" Noriko Nakagawa asked sweetly, holding out some home made cookies.

"Uhm, thanks!" Megumi replied, taking a cookie and smiling at her friend.

Megumi nibbled on the cookie and fixed the focus on her camera. She put her eye to the camera and found her picture. She looked through the camera to where the basketball courts were, over the side of the field. She zoomed in and snapped, taking blurry pictures. She did this several times, following a sudden blur around the court.

She continued to snap pictures as she sat on the ground, legs crossed. She moved her camera away from her scene and grabbed each picture as they fell from her camera. She put the photographs into her pocket, after looking through them all. She picked up her camera again and started to take another set, this time she would make sure they were less blurry. She was getting ready to take more when she heard someone talk.

"What are you taking pictures of?" Yuka Nakagawa asked.

Megumi looked up, turning a bright shade of red. She didn't think anyone was paying attention to what she was doing. She looked over at Yuka who was standing with her usual group of bubbly friends. Yukie, Haruka, Yuko, Mayumi, Fumiyo, Yuka, Satomi and Chiasto all looked over at Megumi, giving her a wondering look.

"Oh, uh nothing," Megumi said, blushing.

"It must be something! Unless you're taking pictures of air, which would just be weird!" Yuka joked, not giving up on her question.

What do i say? Megumi thought, wondering what to do now that she had been caught out. She looked over at the group of girls, whom were all waiting for an answer. Yukie gave her a warm smile and tilted her head. Then Haruka and Chiasto looked at each other and back at Megumi. Satomi was also looking at her, but she looked a lot less interested then everyone else. Mayumi on the other hand was staring where Megumi had been aiming her camera. Yuko sat staring into the bushes and giving Megumi a glance every few seconds.

"I was just... i was just taking some pictures of the uh leaves," Megumi choked up.

Everyone looked over at where Megumi was aiming her camera now. Noriko however looked at Megumi, giving her a hopeful smile and tilting her head to the basketball courts. Megumi smiled at Noriko, giving her a quick nod. Noriko mouthed out the words 'Oh' and smiled. Megumi smiled back, glad to have a friend like Noriko that always knew what was going on.

"You mean, on the trees over there? Near the basketball courts?" Mayumi asked, giving Megumi a suspicious look.

Megumi looked over at Mayumi, who was staring at her, awaiting an answer. Now everyone was staring at Megumi again, also waiting to see what she had to say. Megumi nodded.

"Yes. The leaves are very pretty in summer. I like to take pictures of them, they always turn out looking uh great on camera," Megumi replied.

Yukie smiled and looked over at Megumi. Megumi looked up at her, waiting to see what she would say next.

"I bet they would turn out great!" Yukie said.

Megumi smiled and nodded. It was then that Noriko turned the conversation off Megumi, by asking if anyone was doing anything special for the summer holidays. Megumi sighed in relief and went back to her camera.

She fixed the spot back to where she had it, this time it was less blurry and she could see better. Megumi smiled and took some more snaps, following that same blur. She looked over at the girls, who were all deep in conversation about their holidays. Megumi spotted Noriko staring at her. Noriko looked at Megumi and giggled. Noriko then mouthed out the word 'Mimura' to which Megumi nodded and smiled. Megumi then went back to taking pictures of her favourite topic, smiling as she did so.