Episode One

Im Over You..

Part One: Bernhardt Returns

Ayano steamed as her and Kazuma walked down the side walk.

"Kazuma, do you have to destroy every building you walk into? That's the fifth one this week. Honestly, if you keep it up, then my father won't have any money left to pay your sorry butt with." She said, matter-of-factly.

"Ayano, the only reason that building is ashes now is because I tried to calm YOU down! All I did was pour a bucket of water on you. I mean, you did look like you were on fire. You gotta control that rage, Princess." Kazuma said back with a smirk.

As if on que, Ayano called out Enriha, her fiery sword which has a problem with attacking Kazuma. He's pretty much the only thing it CAN'T cut.


Out of nowhere, a sword slashes at Ayano. Kazuma barely saves her by tackling her to the ground. The sword retreats back into the sky and disappears.

"I know that sword.." Ayano thinks suspiciously. "No.. It can't be him.. I knew he'd come back but I don't think I'm ready.."

An explosion goes off that sends Ayano flying backwards into a nearby wall.

"My, my. What a coincidence to see the two of you here!" Coos Bernhardt. He smirks and pushes aside his cape revealing a gleaming set of silver armor.

"Is that.. The armor of the Kannagi?" Kazuma asks trying to control his anger.

"Why yes, it is! How kind of you to notice Kazuma. I think it looks VERY stunning on myself. It also comes in handy when fighting puny wind users like yourself! But today is not the day to yet to take my revenge. I still have some preparations.. I just needed to pick up something."

With that, Bernhardt calls out Lapis. She steps out behind him, holding a pitiful, unconscious Ayano. Her giant sword gleams red with blood. Kazuma filled with rage, and instantly sprang at Bernhardt.

"Don't worry Kazuma, we're not taking her. Like I said, we're not ready to attack you just yet. Just needed to pick up the blood of a Kannagi.."

Lapis tossed Ayano to the ground as if she was a beat up rag doll. Kazuma caught her, and carefully set her down on the side walk.

"Bernhardt.. I've had enough of you.." Kazuma said with a terrifying voice. The last thing Ayano saw was Kazuma.

"Kazuma.. Be safe." She thought right before passing out again.

Part Two: Is he Really Gone?

"Ayano.. Ayano.. You need to listen to me." Kazuma? Is that you? I can barely hear you.. "This is very important Ayano. You need to know where I am. Can you hear me? Ayano? Ayano!"

Ayano woke up with a start. She sat up and rubbed her eyes lazily. Was that Kazuma she had just heard? What was he trying to say.. "Oh well, Ill think about it later." Then she realized where she was. She was on the side walk in the middle of the town.

"GAH! I'm WAY past my curfew! Father's gonna kill me! Darn it Kazuma, why didn't you get me home soone- Wait. Kazuma?"

Ayano looked around, and the memories of last night flooded back to her. Lapis attacking her then tossing her to the side walk, Kazuma catching her, him attacking Berndhart..

"KAZUMA! WHERE ARE YOU? KAZUMA?" She looked around, trying to figure out what happened to him.

"I guess he went home.. How dare he leave me here on the side walk! That's just like him. Leave a girl like me all alone in the middle of town. I'll show him. I'm gonna make him take me out for Italian tonight!"

Little did Ayano know that it would be a while before she saw Kazuma again..

Ayano made it to the gates of the Kannagi compound, huffing and puffing. Her father came running towards the gate, slamming them open. Ren trailed behind with a terrified look in his eye. She instantly knew something was wrong.

"Father, Ren, what's going on? Have you seen Kazuma?"

Thats when Ayano noticed the tears in Ren's eyes. For Ren to cry, this ment something truley horrible has happened.

"Ren.. Are you ok?"

"He's gone! Kazuma.. He's gone!" Ren cried, launching himself into Ayano's arms.

"Kazuma.. What happened?" Ayano thought. She began to feel very nervous.. Where was Kazuma? Was he ok? Why am i worrying so much about where he is? Stop it, Ayano!

Ren, Ayano, and Jugo all walked back to the main house. There, they met Kiraka who filled them in on Kazuma's situation. They all filed in and sat down blankly onto the cushions in front of the TV Kiraka had brought in. She entered a video tape into the TV, and sat down with them.

"This is the footage of the street corner you and Kazuma were walking on last night, Ayano. Pay attention carefully at the end. I want you to tell me if you can recognize this magic." Kiraka said to Ayano. She pressed play, and the video showed Ayano and Kazuma walking, including when she draws Enriha.

When Berndhart appeared, she payed close attention. She watched Lapis attack her and fly back to Berndhart.

"That puppet.. Im going to beat the stuffing outta' her when I find them! Enriha will tear right through her!"

The video continued showing Kazuma lowering Ayano down to the sidewalk. Berndhart flicked his cape, turned, and stepped into a glowing white portal. Kazuma darted up and flew into the portal behind Berndhart. The video went black.

"That magic!" Ayano stood up, screaming. "I know that magic! It's the magic Berndhart uses to teleport himself back into Pandemonium. Kazuma's in Pandemonium!"

"That's what I figured.. But remember Ayano, Pandemonium moved. Kazuma could be hidden any where in the world right now, and it could takes years to find him." Kiraka said, with a solemn look on her face. She sighed. "Knowing Berndhart, he's probably not even on this continent. He will get as far away from us as possible."

Ayano thought for a moment.. So she expects he will be as far away as possible.. Berndharts pretty smart, I think thats what he wants us to think.

"I'm willing to bet it's the exact opposit, Kiraka. I think he is going to hide in a place no one would dare look.. Some where so obvious, you would eliminate it from your mind before considering it." Ayano said carefully.

"Wow, Ayano, aren't you becoming the smart one! I never thought of it like that. I think you could be very well right. I'm going to go to head quarters and see if there are any disturbance reports from around town. Maybe Pandemonium will turn up around here.. You never know." With that, Kiraka left the meeting and headed out the door.

Ayano went to bed that night with Kazuma on the mind.. She remembered all the things about Kazuma. All the times he made her laugh, made her cry, saved her, tricked her.. She wondered where he was. And is he was still alive.

Part 3: The Search

"Ayano.. You need to listen." Kazuma? You're here again. Speak louder, I can't hear you. "You need to know where I am." I can't hear you, Kazuma. "Im at the - "

Ayano woke up covered in sweat. She sat up in her bed, and looked out her window. It was stormy outside. Wouldn't it be funny if Kazuma was the cause of this storm.. She thought sadly to herself. She climbed out of bed and closed the blinds. She couldn't look at the storm any longer. She went to her drawer and pulled out her usual uniform. Today, they were going to go search for Kazuma.

She trudged out of her room and slowly walked across the compound to the gate. There, she meet Kiraka and Ren. Funny.. It feels odd without Kazuma going on a mission with us. He'll be with us soon enough, I hope. They piled into Kiraka's small, black car. Ayano stared out the window, looking at the top of the compound at the storm clouds. There's something dark about those clouds.. But I guess that's how they're supposed to be.

Kiraka, without warning, floored the brakes. Ayano and Ren flew back into their seats.

"Seriously! Are you trying to kill us back here?" Ayano said annoyed.

"Would you rather go slow, or lose a chance at finding Kazuma?" Kiraka said with a stone - cold face. Ayano frowned and looked in her lap.

"Alright guys, here's the plan. Ayano, your going to search the north of the town. I'll take south and west, and Ren you take east. Look for any distortions, or unsual happenings. Call me if you find anything suspicious." Kiraka said.

"How come YOU get two areas?" Ayano said, still pouting.

"Would you like to do two areas?" Kiraka said, a bit annoyed by Ayano's attitude.

"Yes, I would. I can handle it unlike you." Ayano said angrily. This upset Kiraka, but she held back.

"Very well; Less work for me." She said with a sigh. Ayano smirked, happy about her little victory over this uptight woman.

Kiraka pulled up into the middle of town, on a very busy street. She pulled over and parked her car in an open lane. "Good luck." She said, heading north. She turned and waved.

"Good luck, Ren." Ayano said, smiling. "You too!" He said back.

I think I'm going to search south.. Farthest away from that lady. Plus, it's away from the storm clouds. Ayano searched around in open areas, and made herself more alert. Kazuma would be proud. No - Stop it, Ayano. Stop thinking about him. Focus on your mission.

About an hour and a half passed, and Ayano had found flat out nothing. She decided to dial Ren and ask if he had seen anything. She flipped out her phone, annoyed at the fact she came up with nothing. Maybe she was wrong about Bernhardt staying near here... She dialed Ren and put the phone to her ear.

"Ren? Hey it's Ayano. Have you found anything yet?"

"No, not really. Nothing special except the storm clouds."

"What about them?" Ayano said suspiciously.

"They all seem to be headed east; Like they are gathering some place. But, thats what clouds do, so I don't think it's important."

East huh? That's near the compound...

"Ren - Call Kiraka and tell her to meet you where you are. I'm coming too. Stay right where you are."

"What, do you know something?"

"This morning, when we left, there was a huge cloud floating right above the Kannagi compound. I think something is wrong with it.."

"You don't possibly think that the cloud could be - Would'nt have anyone sensed something off with it? Like I did when I first found Pandemonium?"

"Remember, Bernhardt has the armor of the Kannagi's now. Who knows how powerful he is."

"Right.. I'll call Kiraka."

Part Four: Has it been there the whole time?

"Kiraka here - What's going on?" Kiraka said fast into her cell phone. She looked up into the dark sky, wondering why it wasn't raining already.

"Kiraka! It's Ren. Ayano and I are here in front of the Kannagi Compound. You need to get here as soon as possible. We think we've found Pandemonium."

"I'm on my way!" With that, Kiraka hung up and sprinted to her car as fast as her pencil skirt would let her.

She arrived at the Kannagi Compound. Ren, Ayano, and Jugo were waiting by the gate. As she pulled up her car into an empty lane, Ayano walked up to the window.

"I'm gonna go ahead and fill you in. All the clouds in the sky seem to be attracted to this one spot floating above the Compound. We think it's Kazuma attracting the clouds, and he's hidden inside pandemonium. The only problem is that we can't seem to find a barrier, so we don't know how to enter it." Ayano said to Kiraka.

Kiraka thought for a moment.. Who could this be the cause of? What was their motive? Then it hit her. "I think I know what the problem is.. Kazuma is most likely masking Pandemonium with his powers because he doesn't want us to come in there and get hurt. And by us, I mean you." With that, Ayano blushed. "Why would he single ME out? Sure he's a perverted freak, but it's not like he cares about me.." Kiraka mentally face palmed herself. This girl was incredibly dense..

"Alright Ayano, I'm going to head up there and see what I can do. Is there anyway you could get me onto the top of the Compound?" Kiraka asked hurridly.

"Yeah, there's a ladder around back on the far east of the main building. You can climb up that way and jump up onto the roof. It's dark over there, so watch your step." Ayano replied still a bit flustered by what Kiraka had suggested. The wind around them was beginning to pick up and howl like an injured dog. There was debri flying around them, and it was starting to get hard to doge.

"Ok, once I get to the top of the Compound I'll call you if I see anything." With that said, Kiraka rushed to the east of the building. As soon as she got to the corner, she new something was up. Around the bend, there was a dark figure sitting under a tree. She hesitated and slowed down. She eased her hand onto her gun, and called out at the person. "Show yourself!" She said quietly.

The figure stood up, revealing a young woman with long, flowing tan hair. She had purple eyes, and an emotionless face. "Lapis.." Kiraka breathed.

Part Five: Ayano's Realization

Kiraka whipped out her gun and fired three rounds at the girl. Lapis easily deflected them with her overgrown blade. "Please do not come any further, or I will have to kill you." Lapis said without skipping a beat. Across the Compound, Ayano heard the sound of bullets hitting metal. "Ren! Father! I'm going to check out that noise." Ayano said, already running in the direction of the east wall. "Be safe!" Jugo called over the wind.

Ayano sprinted across the lawn, watching the wind's strength grow and grow. Kazuma really must be having a fight.. I hope he's ok. Agh! What am I thinking? He's a perverted jerk, and nothing will change that. She shook her head as she ran. Really, what was her problem with this guy? When she reached the dark corner, she was horrified at what she saw. Kiraka was lying on the ground, unconsious. She seemed unharmed, but still.. She was unconsious.

"Kiraka!" Ayano cried. That's when she noticed the figure standing in the dark.. "Lapis.." Ayano slowly turned to face the emotionless girl. She was furious. Maybe Kiraka wasn't her BEST friend, but that still didn't mean she was going to let Lapis get away with hurting her.

"ENRIHA! COME FORTH!" Ayano cried, launching out the fiery sword. She glared at the make shift Tsui Ling. It made her sick that this thing could hurt Kazuma so much. She was going to end his pain if it was the last thing she did. Did I really just think that.. That was the most cliche thing I have ever said. And did I really say it about Kazuma? What has gotten into me?

"You seem flustered. Is it because of me?" Lapis said, cutting Ayano off from her thoughts. "W-what?" Ayano stuttered. "No - uh.. Agh! Forget it. I'm going to take you out Lapis!" Ayano said furiously. She lunged forward and slung her sword towards Lapis. Easily dodging Ayano's attack, Lapis jumped to the side and swung at Ayano's legs. Ayano jumped up, barely dodging her attack. This girl is strong.. But not as strong as me! Ayano thought as she recovered from the attack. She jumped up and shot three bursts of fire down at Lapis.. Who absorbed them with her blade. As Ayano was falling back down, Lapis ran forwards and waited for her. When Ayano hit the ground, Lapis pounced.

Agh.. What's this stinging on my stomach? Don't tell me.. Ayano looked down. Blood oozed from a slash in her stomach. She gasped, from the pain and the shock that she'd been hit. Then she realized.. Maybe I'm not as strong as I thought I was.. Before Ayano's vision had completely gone black, she saw a flash of wind. She knew that wind.. Kazuma.

Part Six: Bernhardt's Downfall

Kazuma felt the rush of his familiar wind when he flew down from the portal of Pandemonium. He looked down, and realized he was about to land on Ayano! He quickly flew through the air and dodged her. There was something off about her.. It was too dark to see her, so he just dismissed it and focused on Lapis. This girl had caused her so much pain.. It was time he took his revenge. He landed calmly on the grass, hands in pockets, head down.

"You people really don't know when to quit.. Do you?" Kazuma said, raising his head. His eyes glowed sky blue. Then, behind him, Bernhardt flew out of the portal, raising a sword over Kazuma's head. Kazuma didn't even blink. He raised a hand, and a streak of wind flew out and trapped Bernhardt where he was. "Back to you Lapis.. Now where was I?" He walked forward, only to pass by Ayano. Who was still on the ground. And covered in blood. Her blood.

"What did you do.." Kazuma said, his voice shaking with anger. He flew forwards, and lunged at Lapis. All it took was one punch.. And she turned to dust. The air around where she was sparkled, and mist flew all around.

"Bernhardt; Your next." Kazuma said, turning to glare at the man who had caused him so much pain. The wind barrier fell, and Bernhardt chuckled.

"You really are stupid Kazuma. I'll see you again." Bernhardt flicked his cape, and a portal flew out. This is just like him.. To retreat when feeling vulnerable. But I won't let him get away this time. He has done enough.

"BERNHARDT!" Kazuma yelled. He flew towards Bernhardt, balled his fists together, and slung them down onto Bernhardts head. He shot out wind ripples and threw them towards Bernhardt. They slashed through him like paper, and something amazing happened. Bernhardt transformed. Into Tsui Ling.

"Kazuma.. I didn't think it would end this way." She said softly. Kazuma immidiantly let go of all his powers.

"I hate you so much.. You promised you would protect me. I almost died, and I wanted revenge. I still do. So die Kazuma." Kazuma stood there, dumbfounded. She stood up and glared at him. She shot out three bolts of lightning, hiting something.. But not Kazuma. Ayano had gotten up, and stood in front of Kazuma to protect him from the bolts. She fell to her knees, gasping for air. "Ka - Kazuma.." She gasped. "Snap out of it.."

Ayano.. No.. What's going on with me? I can't move! I need to protect Ayano.. I need to. I can't fail like I did with Tsui Ling. Look where that's gotten me.. Ayano. Ayano. Ayano.

"AYANO!" Kazuma exploded, and ran forward slashing air like a mad man at Tsui Ling. She barely had any energy left, and weakly jumped away from his attacks. But Kazuma wasn't just about to give up. With a final blow, he knocked Tsui Ling down.

"Tsui Ling.. I loved you. But I've let go now. I never ment to hurt you.. Please forgive me." Kazuma said.

"Kazuma.. I will never forgive you." Tsui Ling said with pure anger in her eyes.

"Then goodbye." Kazuma said, emotionless. He turned, and slashed a line of air at her. She was gone. Kazuma ran to Ayano, and cradled her in his arms.

"It's going to be all right, Ayano." Kazuma murmmured. He quickly waved his hand over her stomach, and used his magic to try and heal her. Ren and Jugo came running out from the front and stopped when they saw Ayano. Kazuma picked her up, and flew over to the hospital.

Part Seven: Its All Ok Now..

Ayano woke up surrounded by cords and flashing lights. She gasped and sat up. Am I in a hospital? What happened? Oh yeah.. Lapis got me.. I really am useless, aren't I? Ayano sighed. She looked around, and spotted someone sitting in a chair. Kazuma.

"You ok there, Princess?" Kazuma said with a smile. How long has he been here? That perverted jerk.. "KAZUM - Agh!" Ayano bent over in her bed and clutched her stomach.

"Take it easy, Princess. Your still hurt." Kazuma said with a concerned look.

"Of course I'm hurt.. I can't do anything right." Ayano said with another sigh.

"Ayano! Don't you EVER say that! You are the most helpful and kind person I have ever met. You aren't afraid to risk your life for your friends, and you will always stand up for what is right. You're amazing! And that means a lot coming from ME."

"Kazuma.." Ayano said smiling. He can be so sweet.. And still be a pervert. I don't think I ever really will figure this guy out. Guess Ill just have to wait and see.