*disclaimer- I don't own anything written here except what came from my imagination.

"Sarah" came the whisper.

She hadn't heard that voice in 2 years 7 months and 16 days. Now, at the exact stroke of midnight of her 18th birthday, He called out to her. She looked around her room as she franticly searched to find where his voice came from. She searched for what felt like an eternity, even though it was barely a couple minutes. He wasn't there. She fell backwards onto the floor, and waited for the tears.

She was losing it. She had to be for her dream to start to become reality. For so long she'd dream of hearing him cry out for her as she desperately searched the darkened labyrinth. Screaming his name, begging for him to forgive her, but she never did she find him. Even when she made it to his ruins of a castle he was never to be found. It felt like there was nothing to find. As if that world never existed.

It does though. She knows because she still has a scar from where sir Didymus tripped and stabbed her with his tiny spear when he was showing off his battle skills once. She tried to call on her friends ever chance she had. However, sometime last year they disappeared, or at least they didn't show up when she called upon them anymore. As if they never existed.

She misses them so much, and even more so does she misses him. The whisperer in the dark. The one who she thought she loathed. How could she wish for him to appear after what they had been through? He put her through hell, almost turned her brother into a goblin, he took part of her memory for a time, He hurt her friend for helping her.

She remembered the ball dream he gave her after she ate that peach. She never wanted to feel so empty inside. She feels like a piece of her is missing. Ever since she first read the book "labyrinth" he was there. That is until she had defeated the incredulous labyrinth and proved him powerless to her. She didn't realize it until he flew away that night that he had been watching over her. She wants him in ways nobody could imagine she could.

"I wish- I wish the goblin king… that, Jareth… was here."