Chapter 9

-5 years later-

Sarah was so tired as she walked down the hallway to her small apartment. She remembered her father and her picking it out with him not so sure and her loving it. After a month in the mental institution they claimed her "cured of all delusions" and sent her home. She slowly forgave her family and learned to accept life and to let come what may. Never again did she tell anyone about the labyrinth. Never again did she mention Sam who she finally figured out about. The medicine she was taking had a chance of inducing hallucinations. She found it hard but knew it to be true. She still knew the labyrinth was real though.

She reached the apartment tired from a long day at work at the local theatre where she directed stage performances. She put the key in the lock and turned it. She opened the door to be greeted by a wind and a ruin of a labyrinth. She stood there wide eyed. Then realized it might vanish if she didn't enter, so she did the only sanely logical thing she could think of. She ran straight towards it.

At the gate she was greeted by sickly, weak looking friends of hers. How did they still live and the labyrinth exist? Didn't they disappear with Jareth's death, she thought.

"My lady, we waited for you, because you seeā€¦ well, you remember when we said that you could call upon us if you ever needed us-" Sir Didymus started.

"Sarah help friends" ludo cried.

"we aint existin' without Jareth's heart cause this world can't exist without it, ya see." Hoggle finished.

"What does that have to-" She remembered that Jareth lived within her now. She realized that she had become the new ruler of the labyrinth or it would all disappear.

She thought of her family and thought of her friends. If she left now she could life a happy normal life and see her family often. If she stayed she would be keeping all this alive.

The decision wasn't hard. She loved her family but she couldn't leave them to die. She was the new goblin queen.