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You, Me, and Change

Chapter 5:

"Oi! Wake up!" He felt a sudden jolt.

Yuki's eyes shot open to find Kaname's familiar coffee table. The guy was lying on the couch with his arms wrapped around a long white pillow. For a second he didn't remember where he was. Kaname wished Yuki didn't watch the finale to that American remake of the anime, but the guy was really bothered. He didn't really know what to do since Yuki's situation was quite interesting.

"I told you not to stay up. I think you're already late for class." Kaname lectured before offering him breakfast his mother cooked- his mother pushed him to offer the sloth food.

"What about you? Are you actually skipping class today?" Yuki placed a hand on his cheek to look shocked. That was impossible because of his stoic expression.

Kaname glared at him. "I don't have class today." He took a sip of the black coffee. "You don't want to go because Maki will be there, right?"

Yuki turned away from the four-eyed stare.

He was a little guilty. Maki shook off the confession as a joke, but he decided to press on the subject. He didn't realize he went too far. He insulted her as if liking him was a bad idea. To her, it must have sounded like she was nobody and that he would never like Maki. She was more suited for Kaname, but that relationship didn't work out because she wasn't his type. It went along the lines of Yuki saying that she would never be anyone's type. But, the words just sort of came out. He didn't realize it until she turned away with a saddened smile.

Maki was able to talk to him the next school day, but it had been a week since then. Yuki talked to Yuuta about the situation, but he didn't like the response. He should apologize and he probably had a thing for her too. Kaname gave the same advice, but didn't imply that he had mutual feelings.

"Maki's a strong girl." Kaname said. "She's not going to let emotions get to her."

Yuki stared at the pillow in his lap.

He felt a smack to his head. "You haven't gone to school for three days already! So what if it's awkward. Your education is more important."

"But Mom~~~" Yuki whined.

Ding Dong. Kaname turned to his front door. He wasn't expecting any guests and Hisako was away for the week. It was probably Yuta coming for Yuki. The older twin did say that he was coming to bring his new girlfriend to his parents and brother.

Yuki stayed on the couch while Kaname excused himself. He stared at the ceiling. Did he feel the same about Maki? What kind of boyfriend would he be? Yuki would rather read manga and watch anime than go on a date. He would probably only go on a date if the other party offered to buy him manga or give him money.


Yuki's attention turned towards the mouth of the kitchen. Maki was at the door. He slid off the couch and crawled towards the entrance of Kaname's home. Yuki crouched and leaned against the opening of the hallway. He stared at Kaname's back and Maki at the door. Yuki didn't fail to get Kaname's attention though.

"Kaname-kun!" She held a stack of papers in front of the owner of the home. "These are for Asaba-san."

That made him cringe. After the confession, she stopped calling him by his name. It was back to his last name. At least there was an honorific.

"Why are you giving them to me?" Kaname asked scratching the back of his head and taking them from Maki's grasp.

"Oh, well, you're more likely to see him. He hasn't been to class lately."

"He went a few days ago didn't he?"

The girl shook her head. "Probably, but not to our History class. He's probably avoiding me. I don't think he's that great at confrontation."

"Alright. I'll give these to him." Kaname lightly hit her forehead with the papers. "How are you? I haven't seen you in a while." He laughed. Kaname stopped when he heard a sniffle. He placed the papers on the floor besides him. "Ma-Maki-chan! Don't cry!"

Tears were slowly leaking out of her eyes. "What? No! It's allergies-" She tried to stop the water works, but it was a futile attempt. "But, I-"

Kaname was in a panic. He never saw Maki cry unless it was about a movie about estranged friendships. Before he could do anything, he blinked and she was gone. "Maki-chan?" He turned back to the mouth of the kitchen. So was Yuki. He sighed. "Troublesome people belong with troublesome people."

"Hey-" Maki called out to Yuki.

He stopped in the middle of the park. It was about three and there were a lot of people commuting either from work or from school. There was a surge of small children hanging from handlebars and building sand castles near them.

Maki stared at the hand that grabbed hers. It was a surprise. She didn't even realize that Yuki was over at Kaname's. Though, Maki half expected it when she gave the notes to her friend. The two were always together even though they went to different colleges. Before she could wipe away her tears, Maki felt a hand grab hers and pull her off the Tsukahara property.

"I don't want to like you." This made him let go of her hand. Her eyes were fixated on her sandals. "You always look bored and that's not attractive at all! You're stupid. You don't read situations well. You say rude things and don't even realize that you do. You're selfish! You only work hard so that you can get a reward."

"O-o-oi!" Yuki looked back at her. "Don't say that."

She looked up at him.

Yuki's gaze was turned away from Maki. "Don't say that. I sound like a terrible person."

They were quiet as a breeze flew past them.

He was hesitant. He didn't want to hurt her feelings again. "I'm sorry I said those words…."

Tears slowly streamed down her eyes. He stared at her. Yuki was helpless. His eyes only widened. Yuki was a deer in headlights there was nothing he could do to alleviate Maki's sadness.

"I hate you! You're just adding to my problems! I can't seem to get an A in college. I've always had A's on my report cards since I was little. I'm not in the top of the class anymore. And-and-and my brother's going to get married soon and where does that leave his imouto?!" She cried.

He grabbed a hold of her shoulders as if it would mute her cries. Yuki was just glad that he wasn't the sole reason for her tears. But that wasn't the current problem. Yuki turned left and right looking at all the people staring at them while still holding her shoulders. What was he supposed to do? Maki was making a scene because of him. He noticed the people whispering to each other and the little kids pointing at him.

His eyes scanned the crowd. Yuki tried to pull the girl away. He couldn't stand the attention they were causing. He probably would have been use to all the attention since he was so popular in high school- he still is with his classmates in college- but not when there was a girl crying in front of him. Yuki tried to pull her shoulders towards him but she didn't budge. He sighed. There wasn't anything he could really do and he was getting tired. He exerted so much energy and the embarrassment of the situation wasn't helping. He proceeded to squat down on the concrete gently pushing her down to do the same.

Maki's attempts to wipe away her tears failed. Warm drops continued to seep through her eyelids. Yuki sat in silence as she continued to cry. Soon, people went about their daily lives once they saw that the girl had calmed down. Maki cried to herself while Yuki studied her. Her fingers were pressed against slowly swelling eyelids under the dark frame of her glasses. Her breaths were muffled into her palms making it sound difficult to let oxygen in and out.

"Maki," he whispered as he pulled the instrument aiding her eyesight away. He folded the glasses and placed them in his pocket. "I'll listen to you if you want."

She removed her hands from her face revealing red eyes. "Yu…ki?" She questioned in between sudden gulps of air.

"There's someone who needs a person to listen to her…" He muttered looking at the playground besides them. Yuki didn't want to admit that when he saw her talking to Kaname, he didn't like it. Yuki wanted to be the person to help Maki.

She leaned her head on his shoulder and continued to cry.

Chizuru stared at him from across the screen. There had to be something he was hiding. The others didn't seem to be bothered by the secret Yuki was hiding.

"Chizuru-kun, is something bothering you?" Shun asked the blonde in Germany.

The original group was at Kaname's house to have a video chat session with their foreign friend. It took a long time for the camera to work. They would hear Chizuru's boisterous voice but there was only a black screen since they couldn't see him. Kaname did his best to fix the situation but a fight with Yuki ensued. It was a battle for who could fix the camera or click on the video chat program to fix it. In the end, Shun eased the fight while Yuta fixed the video call.

"Yukki, how is MakiMaki?" He squinted at the younger twin.

"…" He looked up to the ceiling. After listening to her pour out her stress, he found himself by her side more often than before. It was almost equivalent to the time he spent with the gang after school. But, it was different now. He held her hand when they walked home and she laid her head on his shoulders when they sat together. "Why are you asking?"

"Oh, you know, I'm just being a good friend."

"You should ask her yourself," Yuta saved his little brother.

The group was interrupted by the sound of an anime ost. The other four stared at Yuki as the music was coming from his pocket. The boy reached in when he noticed the stares and pulled it out. He flipped open his cell phone to read the text. When Yuki's face suddenly turned red, the boisterous German started screaming. They all began pestering him about the message.

"Stop! Don't pay attention to me!" Yuki yelled out hiding his cell phone behind his back.

"Is it Maki-chan?" Shun questioned.

Yuta tilted his head catching a glimpse of the screen. He couldn't read the message or the name of the messenger.

"What did she say?! What did she say?!" Chizuru yelled from the screen. "Was it something dirty?"

"CHIZURU! Maki-chan's not like that!" Kaname yelled at him.

"You never know, Kanamecchi," Chizuru said. "She might finally blossom as a woman and Yukki could be the cause of it."

Kaname and Chizuru began arguing across the screen again. Shun turned his attention from Yuki to the other two. Yuki realizing that there wasn't any attention on him, looked back at his phone. Yuuta watch as his brother stared at the screen.

"What does it say, Yuki?"


Yuki, are we dating?

Maki couldn't believe Yuki couldn't give her an answer. He still didn't respond to her text. She looked down at the head sleeping on her lap. Maki was surprised when Yuki asked her to be his pillow until his next class. She smiled as she stroked his head of hair and looked up at the branches over her head.

His eyes slowly fluttered open. Yuki sat up and looked at the girl.

"Morning." She laughed.

"It's already 3." He said looking at his cell phone.

His attention moved from his mobile device to the girl smiling at him. She was quieter than usual since Maki finished a test earlier. She was slightly tired but she let Yuki nap instead of her.

"Look over there." He pointed away to the opposite end of the campus.

Maki looked and was surprised when her lips made contact with her cheek. She turned back to him with a red face and a hand covering the area he kissed. There was a slight tint of red to his cheeks as well. This didn't stop Yuki from pressing his lips on her skin again. This time Yuki kissed her on her soft lips.



"You're my girlfriend." He turned away in embarrassment.

She pressed her lips on his making him turn a bright red. "Kareshi…" she whispered. "You're my boyfriend."

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