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Kurt walks out of his last class with a smile. He looks happily through the crowd of students.

Tonight is the night.

He bites his lip, but quickly lets it go.

I'm actually not nervous.

He opens his locker and shoves his books in.


He looks up to Mercedes and Santana walk through the hallway. Kurt shoots them a smirk before heading out the front doors of the school.

Is it possible to have a heart attack over the anticipation of sex?

He looks towards Santana's car, his for the weekend, and spots Sam and Puck waiting for him.

Hell no!

Kurt's smile breaks out as he takes off towards his boys. The world goes silent around him. He only has ears . . . has eyes . . . has everything for his boys. His Sam. His Puck.


They're ready for him as Kurt tosses himself into their open arms. He snuggles into Sam's neck, painting the perfect skin with his lips.

Sam nearly drops Kurt as he moans.

"Easy babe." Puck chuckles as he taps Kurt's legs.

Kurt blushes before unwrapping his legs from Sam's waist.

Kurt turns to Puck and gives him a quick kiss. "I don't want to." He pouts as he kisses Puck again.

Puck growls in the kiss. Kurt pulls back with a chuckle.

"Do you still want me to go easy?" Kurt teases.

Puck looks to Sam with raised eyebrows. "Is he-"

"Yeah." Sam agrees.

"What?" Kurt looks at them with a confused look.

"You're a sex fiend." Puck laughs. "And it's only going to get worse once you have it."

Kurt grinds deviously. "Good." He slaps Sam and Puck on the butts before skipping over to the drivers seat. "You coming?" He smirks before sliding into the drivers seat.

Puck and Sam quickly move into action and clamber into the car after their sex fiend of a boyfriend.


Sam pushes Puck into the back seat and starts kissing him as Kurt starts to drive. Puck moans happily as he spreads his arms on the seat, letting Sam take control.

Sam bites Puck's bottom lip, hard. Puck grunts and bucks his hips into Sam. Sam moans as he starts kissing and biting his way down the tan neck. Sam slips his roaming hands under Puck's shirt. Puck whimpers and brings Sam's lips back to his. Puck's hands slide down Sam's backside and pulls Sam closer. They both arch their backs and let out soft moan when their crotches rub together.

Sam drags his lips away from Puck and brings them to his tan ear. "I'm going to make tonight so good for you and Kurt."
Puck growls and smirks. "I'm the one with experience."

Sam grabs his mohawk and yanks his head back. Puck yelps in pain.

"In straight sex you may, but not in gay sex. I've looked into it before and I know Kurt will know more than either of us. Plus-" He leans down and licks up Puck's throat, making his way to his ear. "I kind of like the idea of taking control of you in the bedroom. Such a big bad boy, put on his knees for his two boys." Sam's breath hitches at the thought. "So what do you say? Do you want us to make it good for you?"

"Oh God yes." Puck breathes out.

"Good." Sam smirks before climbing over the front seat and sliding next to Kurt.

"Samuel!" Kurt yells as he hits Sam on the arm. "You're lucky we were at a stop light."

Sam chuckles and rubs his arm. He looks back to see a laid back and slightly dazed Puckerman.

"Sorry. Just had to finish my teasing with Noah." Sam smirks.

"Oh I know." Kurt's eyebrow goes up. "It was very enjoyable to watch."

"So what do you think?" Sam asks as he leans over and places his chin on Kurt's shoulder.

Kurt keeps his eyes on the road. "I have to admit, seeing Noah submit for us . . . oh god." Kurt shivers. "It'll be great, but-" He glances at Sam for a second. "Not for a while. Tonight is about all of us. It's a big step."

Sam nods against Kurt's shoulder. He leans up and kisses down Kurt's jawline.

"Sam." Kurt warns.

Sam ignores him and attaches his lips to the pulse on Kurt's neck. Sam can practically hear Kurt's eyes flutter as his pulse races.

"I don't want to die yet." Kurt mutters under his breath.

Sam chuckles and moves away from Kurt. "Why Kurt, I didn't know I'd be death of you."

Kurt glances over at Sam. "You'll definitely be the something of me."


"Can we . . . can we eat first?" Puck asks nervously.

Kurt unlocks the front door and looks back at his boyfriend. "Sure. I figured we'd do that before . . . anything else. For energy."

Puck quickly nods before following Sam across the threshold. He can feel Kurt's stare in his back before the boy follows him. Puck jumps a bit when the door snaps shut.

Cool it Puck. It's just sex. You've done it a billion times. Well . . . you've done it a lot. But these guys love you. You'll be fine.

Puck releases a deep breath.

"You okay Noah?" Kurt places a hand on Puck's back.

Puck shivers under his touch. "Yeah. Just . . . a bit-"

"Nervous." Kurt supplies.

Puck nods. "Yeah. That."

"I am too." Kurt says softly.

"Really?" Puck turns to face him.

Kurt is looking at the floor. "I don't see why I should be. I mean, I'm comfortable just climbing on you guys and kissing you. It's just . . . the anticipation of it." Kurt looks up at Puck, biting his lip. "You know what I mean?"

"I do." Puck presses his forehead against Kurt's. "I'm going to try and make this for as good as you . . . as much as I can. For Sam too."

They breath together for a few seconds.

"It will be. We love each other right? That always makes sex better." Kurt tells himself.

"Yeah." Puck wraps his arms around Kurt.

"You guys okay?"

Puck holds a hand out for Sam. The boy eagerly takes the hand and is drug into the hug.


Kurt hugs himself as he stands in the middle of the room. Sam and Puck stand awkwardly at the bottom of the stairs.

"So . . ." Puck lets the word drag out.

Sam lets out a shaky breath. "Come here Kurt."

Kurt slowly walks up to the blonde boyfriend. Once in reaching distance, Sam wraps a hand around Kurt's neck and pulls him in for a kiss. Kurt's hands wrap around the boys neck as they mold their mouths together, moving as one.

Kurt breaks away from the kiss. He looks to Puck while Sam starts kissing along his jawline.

"Noah." Kurt pants.

Puck steps up and claims Kurt's mouth with his own. Kurt shuts his eyes and enjoys the tingling sensation that runs through his body. The warmth. The love.

Kurt feels two warm hands slowly slide up his back, under his shirt. He shivers at the warm contact.

"It's okay baby." Puck whispers against his lips.

Kurt unwraps his arms from Sam and lifts them up so Puck can take his shirt off.

Sam pulls Kurt in for a kiss while Puck attacks his nipple. Kurt growls low into Sam's mouth. Kurt runs his hands under Sam's shirt. Sam groans from the contact.

"Take it off Kurt." He whispers.

Their lips only separate when Sam's shirt comes between them. Kurt pulls Sam against his body. They both swallow each others moans as their upper bodies collide.

Kurt pulls back for a second and rests his forehead against Sam's.

"Are we forgetting someone?" He breathes.

Sam breathes in Kurt's scent before turning to look at Puck. Puck grins as Sam and Kurt stare him down, hungry looks in their eyes.

Sam pulls Puck in for a kiss. Puck kisses back with brute force. Kurt gets behind Puck and runs his hands over Puck's backside. Puck bucks his hips. Kurt lets his fingers play along the edges of his shirt before lifting it up. Puck eagerly lifts his arms and lets Kurt pulls his shirt off. Kurt starts kissing the back of Puck's neck while Sam kisses his lips.

Kurt starts biting his way down Puck's spine. He drinks in the taste of the tan boy. Kurt lifts his his hands and places them on Puck's shoulders. He slowly drags them down. The boy shivers under Kurt's touch as his fingers dance across the tan back.

Let's get this show on the road.

Kurt snakes his arm between Puck's legs and grabs his erection. Puck tears his lips from Sam's lip and moans loudly. He turns slightly so he can look down at a smirking Kurt.

"You wanna play with the Puckzilla." Puck licks his lips.

Kurt puts on his puppy-dog eyes and looks up at Puck. "What do you want?" Kurt slowly laces his hand up Puck's leg. "Just tell me." He whispers seductively as he slowly turns Puck. He lets his fingers run across Puck's pants.

Puck whimpers. "Please."

Kurt's laughing eyes flicker to Sam. "Did you hear what he wants?"

Sam's glazed over eyes snap back into focus as he kisses Puck's jaw. "I don't. What do you want Noah?" Sam whispers into his ear.

"Suck me." Puck's voice comes out shaky. "Please baby."

You can do this. Just be sexy.

Kurt positions himself so his face is inches from Puck's crotch. He looks up at the whimpering boy. He smirks before leaning forward and taking the zipper in his teeth. He hears both Sam's and Puck's breath hitch as he slowly works the zipper down. He leans back in time for Puck's cock to fling up out of his jeans.

Dang. That's . . . that's . . .

Kurt blinks his way up to Puck. Puck smirks down at him.

"Commando. Just for you two." Puck teases.

Kurt smirks up at him.

Show off. I'm going to make you wait.

His eyes fall on Puck's massive cock.

Wait Kurt. It'll be better in the long run.

He smirks at Kurt before rotating on his knees to face Sam's crotch.

"What . . . Kurt." Puck whines.

Kurt glances at him. "Just leveling the playing field between you and Sammy."

Puck growls.

Sam chuckles nervously. "I don't mind."

Kurt takes his cue and extends his neck to capture the zipper in his teeth. He quickly unzips his jeans before pulling them down to pool around Sam's ankles. He lets his breath ghost along Sam's clothed, twitching cock.

Kurt looks up at Sam through his eyelashes. "Looks like I have two big boys."

Sam laughs nervously.

"Come on Kurt. Stop with the jokes." Puck's getting impatient.

Kurt turns and glares at him. "I joke when I'm nervous. Sue me."

Puck's face softens. "I'm sorry babe. Here-" He gets down on his knees by Sam. "Let's take care of Sammy boy first. Then you."

Kurt smiles. Puck gives him a big smile before ripping down Sam's boxers. His massive cock hits Puck in the face.


"It's fine Sam." Puck smiles up at the boy before flicking his tongue out on the head of Sam's cock.

"Oh god." Sam moans.

Puck flicks his tongue out again before taking the head into his mouth. Sam starts moaning louder.

This is hot.

Kurt stands up, letting Puck focus on Sam. Kurt pulls Sam into a kiss. He pushed past Sam's teeth and lets his tongue invade the blondes mouth. The moans vibrate through their mouths. Kurt runs one hand up into the blonde hair and lets the other one trail down until he reaches the mohawk. He pushes slightly and makes Puck take in more of Sam's cock. He starts repeating the motion, the rhythm.

Sam breaks from Kurt's mouth. "Stop. I don't . . . I don't want to come yet."

Puck slides off his cock with a 'pop' and smirks up at Sam. "That good."

"Amazing." Sam shivers.

"I'm not surprised. I mean . . . I am awesome." Puck's ego is getting bigger.

"Why don't you try me on for size?" Kurt whispers into Puck's ear.

Puck nods his head eagerly as he reaches out and gropes Kurt. Kurt's smile gets bigger when Sam drops to his knees.

Puck licks his lips before un-zipping Kurt's skinny jeans and yanking them down.

You're not the only one going commando.

Puck growls at his growing cock.

"I will never understand how you can fit in these jeans." Puck mutters before taking Kurt's big cock into his mouth.

Kurt grabs Puck's mohawk and moans.

Dang he's talented.

Sam slowly bites at Kurt's thighs. Kurt's eyes roll back into his head.

"So . . . good . . ." Kurt whimpers.

He jumps when a hot mouth attaches to his nipple.

"God Sammy." He moans as he runs one hand through the blonde hair.

He can practically feel the prideful smile against his chest.

Oh god.

"Stop Noah." Kurt moans.

Puck slowly removes Kurt's cock from his mouth. He flicks his tongue out one last time before looking up at Kurt.

"Something wrong?" He asks innocently.

"Just . . . that thing . . . with your tongue." He's still trying to catch his breath.

Puck smirks. Kurt growls at the smirk. He and Sam pull Puck up. Kurt gladly falls to his knees and quickly takes Puckzilla into his mouth.

He purrs at the feeling of Puck on his tongue. The heat. The weight. Kurt flattens his tongue out. He lifts his hand up to play with Puck's balls.

The moans of Puck are lost inside Sam.

Kurt reaches around and grabs ahold of Puck. He relaxes his throat and pulls Puck closer until his nose is smashed into the tan skin.

"Kurt . . ." Puck moans.

Kurt squeezes Puck's balls one last time before his mouth is full of Puck come.

Doesn't taste so bad.

Kurt opens his mouth to swallow the come. He slowly pulls off of Puck's cock. He licks the corner of his lips before looking up.

Puck is watching him like Kurt is a god. Fire burns behind Sam's eyes.

"You up for more Noah?" Kurt asks as he licks his way up the tan body.

"Hell yeah." Puck whispers.

Kurt looks to Sam. "Come on." He holds his hand out.

Sam takes it with shining eyes. Kurt chuckles before dragging Sam to the bed. Kurt pushes Sam down. Sam grins up at him.

Look at his body.

Kurt kneels down on the edge of the bed. He reaches out, his fingers gracing across the boys abs. He drags a finger up until he can pinch Sam's nipple.

"Kurtie." Sam moans.

Kurt smiles at the nickname. He crawls over the bed until he's hovering above Sam.


Sam smiles. "Hi."

Kurt rolls his eyes and leans down. He presses one kiss to Sam's nose. One kiss to his cheek. One kiss to his . . . Kurt growls before smashing their lips together.

Kurt jumps when Puck touches him. "Easy babe."

Kurt looks over his shoulder. "What are you doing?"

"I want . . . I need to be inside you. Please baby." Puck voice yearns for Kurt.

Kurt smiles. "I want both of you inside me. For my first time."

Sam freezes under him. Kurt looks to the blonde.

"Are you sure? It's going to hurt with one of us." Sam sounds unsure.

Kurt kisses him quickly. "Then prep me enough for both of you. I want you both to claim that you took my virginity."

Sam smiles up at him. "Lube?"

"Bedside table."

Kurt glances as Puck opens the small drawer and pulls out condoms and lube.

"We won't need the condoms." Kurt says quietly.


"Sam and I are virgins Noah. Are you . . . are you clean?" Kurt asks nervously.

Puck nods. "I got tested once I knew I wanted to be with you two."

"Good." Kurt smiles "And anyways, condoms wouldn't work when I want both of you in me. They'd rip in a heartbeat."

Puck smirks before climbing on the bed behind Kurt.

"You sure you want to do this?"

Kurt stares down at Sam and smiles. "I want you. And Noah."

"Keep him occupied while I prep him Sammy boy." Puck says from behind them.

Sam pulls Kurt in for a soft kiss. "Do it." He says loud enough for Puck to hear.

Kurt feels a kiss in the small of his back just as a finger slides into him. He shuts his eyes and grinds his teeth.

"You're okay." Sam kisses him. "Just relax."

Kurt nods and presses his forehead against Sam's.

Sam smirks. "I know how to help you."

"Yeah?" Kurt looks hopeful before hissing from Puck's second finger.

Sam reaches between them and wraps his hand around Kurt's leaking cock. Kurt moans into Sam's shoulder.

"You sure you still want to do this?" Puck asks after he inserts his third finger.

Kurt slowly thrusts back on the fingers. "I'm Kurt Hummel. I always over do things. Why should loosing my virginity be any different?" Kurt lets out a shaky chuckle.

"Because it's going to hurt like hell with both of our cocks in you." Puck explains.

Kurt breaths into Sam's shoulder. "Add another."

Puck takes a deep breath before adding a fourth finger.

Kurt starts breathing heavily between his clenched teeth.


"No Sammy. We can do this." Kurt whines.

Puck chuckles behind them. "I've never done fisting with anyone."

"And you won't have another chance with anyone else for as long as we have you." Sam retorts.

"Damn straight."

Kurt feels Puck's fist in him as his chest is pressed against his back.

"Are you ready baby?" Puck breathes out.

Kurt turns his head and gives Puck a soft kiss. "Yes Noah. Let's do this."

Puck quickly lubes himself and Sam up before grabbing Kurt's hips. Sam grabs his and Puck's cocks and holds them together as Puck lowers Kurt onto the heads.

Kurt arches his back and hisses. "Just do it."

Puck gulps before lowering Kurt down more. Sam's leg twitches as he holds back the urge to come. Puck bites his lip hard enough to bleed.

Kurt finally lets out a sigh as both boys are fully in him.

"Oh god Kurt." Puck moans out. "So freakin-"

"Tight." Sam hisses. "And hot."

Puck nods in agreement.

And painful.

Kurt takes a deep breath before slowly moving. Puck against his back, riding Sam. Puck's kissing the back of his neck. Sam leans up and kisses his lips. Kurt moans back into them.

"More." He grunts.

Puck lets go of Kurt so he can lean back and get a better angle. Sam helps guide Kurt down as Puck slams into him.

"God!" Kurt cries out.

Puck slams into him again. "It's. Noah. And. Sam." He slams in harder with each word.

Sam is kissing slowly along Kurt's neck as he matches Puck's rhythm.

Kurt starts to whimper.

"So . . . good . . ." Puck grunts.

"Sammy." Kurt pants.

Sam moves his lips back to Kurt's.

"I'm close." Kurt mutters.

"I've been close." Sam smiles back.

Kurt arches his back as Puck hits his prostate. "More."

Puck obliges.

Kurt breath hitches.


Puck slows down his pace. He leans up and kisses Kurt.

"I need to come." Kurt whispers.

Puck reaches around and takes Kurt's cock in his hand and starts stroking. He matches his thrusts. Sam goes back to kissing Kurt's throat and pinching his nipples.

"Noah." Kurt cries out as one jet of come shoots out from him and onto Sam's chest. "Sammy." Kurt whispers as he slumps onto the boy.

Sam cries out when Puck gives one final thrust. Both boys come inside of Kurt. Kurt jumps a bit when he feels their jets of come in him.


Sam's eyes roll back into his head as two bodies collapse onto him.

Oh . . . God. Best. Thing. Ever.


I should have became gay for these two years ago.

Puck slowly pulls out of Kurt and rolls to the side.


Kurt whimpers as Sam pulls his cock out also.

I feel great, but empty. And sore.

Sam helps Kurt move Kurt to his side so he's laying between the two bigger boys. Kurt hisses in pain until his back touches the bed.

"Are you okay?" Puck asks when he catches his breath. He looks over at Kurt with concern.

"Just . . . a bit worn out. It's not everyday you have the worlds to best cocks in you." Kurt chuckles.

Sam lets out a snort.

"So what'd you guys think?" Kurt asks nervously.

Puck smiles brightly at him. "You . . . you're amazing." Puck kisses him softly on the cheek.

"I may be a virgin, but . . . I think that that's the best sex can get." Sam laughs.

"Totally." Puck agrees.

"Well good." Kurt smirks. "Because in ten minutes, one of you gets to ride me until I feel good enough to get up and take you doggy-style."

"Ooo. Bossy Kurt is out to play." Puck chuckles. "Yes sir."

Kurt smacks him playfully before reaching down to his erect cock. "Round two anyone?"

So yeah. I'm kind of inexperienced at writing sex scenes because I'm not good at writing actions and stuff. Dialogue is more of my thing. Anyways, like I said up top, this is the companion piece for the Night and Days of Kurt between Chapters 52 and 53. Hopefully. You will have enjoyed this and will honestly tell me your opinion in a review.