So this is a continuation of Chapter 34 of the Night and Days of Kurt: The Continuation. I thought these boys should get some practice in their brand new room.

Night #63: Part 2


Kurt lets out a small groan as his back hits the bed with Noah landing on top of him. Noah runs his hands down Kurt's side. He trails along Kurt's arms until he reaches the pale hands. he pulls back from the kiss and lifts arms above his head.

"Hold still for a sec babe." He turns around and looks at Sam with a smile. "Keep his mouth busy."

Sam moves with a smile. He carefully slides on the bed and positions himself so he's hovering over Kurt, looking at each other upside down. Sam leans down and kisses Kurt softly, enjoying the new angle for their tongues to dominate each other better. Sam holds Kurt's head in position while Puck slowly starts unbuttoning Kurt's jeans.

Sam lets go of Kurt long enough to unbuckle his own jeans. He shuffles everything down until his jeans are pooled around his ankles. Sam moans when Kurt reaches up and presses his soft hand against Sam's staining erection in his thin black briefs.

Puck shucks Kurt's jeans off of Kurt's legs and quickly removes the boys briefs, letting Kurt's thick cock fall and hit his stomach. Puck's eyes darken at the sight and he dives in. He flattens his tongue and slowly licks his way up to the head, shivering at the taste of Kurt's pre-cum. He lets his lips and warm breath ghost along the head before letting his tongue lash out to lick the slit. Kurt bucks slightly and pre-cum is spread across Noah's upper lip. He smirks to himself before placing his hands on Kurt's strong thighs. He gives one last hungry look at Kurt. The boy is engrossed with kissing Sam, his hands in Sam's briefs, one on his leaking cock and the other playing with his fluttering hole. Puck leans in and slowly takes in Kurt's head, loving the taste that spreads across his tongue. Kurt's cock slowly fills his throat as he forces himself down until his nose is pressed into Kurt's smooth body. He gulps a few times making Kurt buck into his mouth like crazy. He gulps one last time before pulling up and into a rhythm.

Sam lets his hand trail down Kurt's body until he feels Noah's mohawk rub up and down against his hands. He feels along until he finds the hem of Kurt's shirt. He slides his fingers under the cloth and slowly brings it up. Kurt moans into his mouth as the cool air of the room hits his body. Sam makes sure his fingers graze along Kurt's sensitive nipples before lifting the shirt to pull around Kurt's upper chest. Sam gives Kurt one last kiss before leaning up and mouthing Kurt's nipples. Kurt's moans are muffled against Sam's shirt. Kurt moves his hands from Sam's bulge to pull the shirt up. Sam reluctantly pulls back so he can take his shirt off. He taps Kurt's should and the boy lifts up and lets Sam take his shirt off. Sam leans back down and takes Kurt's nipples in his mouth while Kurt does the same to Sam's nipples.

Puck pulls off of Kurt's cock with a small pop. He licks his lips and smiles before reaching down to lift is own shirt off. He throws it to the side and chuckles as he hears it hit a few electronic candles. He cracks his back before dragging his fingers down Kurt's body. He completely ignores Kurt's twitching Kurt to bring both hands down to Kurt's thighs. He forces the boys thighs open before leaning down and blowing.

"Noah." Kurt moans."

Kurt looks up to see the flustered boy looking down at him. Sam is sitting back, his crotch right above Kurt's head, licking his swollen lips.

"Sorry babe." Noah lies with a smile before bringing his fingers down to rub Kurt's pink hole. "I'm just eager."

"Then get to it." Kurt breathes out before pulling Sam down for a kiss.

Noah pats his jeans until he finds the bottle of lube that he was hoping to use that night. He pops it open and pours some on his two extended fingers. He rubs them together before staring hungrily down at Kurt's entrance. He places his lubed hand at Kurt's twitching entrance and places the other on Kurt's cock, starting a slow pumping rhythm. Kurt bucks lightly into his hand while his fingers are slowly circling Kurt's entrance. He smiles to himself before slowly pressing one finger inside the pale boy. He can hear Kurt moaning into Sam's mouth. He looks up to see each boy rubbing their hands over the other. Noah looks back down and quickly presses a second finger into Kurt's hole.

Kurt breaks away from Sam with a groan. "Damn you Noah."

Puck chuckles. "You told me to get to it."

"Don't worry." Sam leans down and kisses Kurt's earlobe. "I'll get him later."

Kurt nods before reaching up and grabbing Sam through his briefs. " Get them off."

Sam eagerly nods and slides off the bed.

Puck scissors his fingers inside Kurt and adds another finger. Kurt bucks up before reaching down. He takes the hand that Puck has on his cock and starts moving his hand faster. Puck gets the idea and picks up his speed with a smile.

"More." Kurt moans.

Puck chuckles before lifting himself up. He starts fingering Kurt faster as he removes his other hand from the boys cock. He reaches down to unbuckle his jeans. He quickly slides them off before going back to jerking Kurt off.

Sam moves so he's behind Puck. He reaches around the boy and grabs his hard cock. Noah moans and halts his fingers in Kurt. Sam uses his other hand to stretch down Noah's arm until he reaches the fingers buried in Kurt's entrance.

"Get in there Noah." Sam breaths into the tan boys ear as he presses his chest against Noah's back. "And then I'll be in you."

Puck quickly nods before removing his fingers from Kurt. Kurt lets out a low grumble. Puck chuckle before standing all the way up. Sam grabs the bottle of lube and pours it into his hand. He reaches down and slowly strokes Noah, making sure that he's slick. He then grinds his cock into Puck's backside and makes her boy jump forward, the head of his cock grazing Kurt's hole.

Noah licks his lips before spreading Kurt's legs slightly wider and pressing the head of his cock into Kurt's hole.

"You ready babe?" Puck asks with a shaky voice.

"Yes Noah." Kurt pants.

Puck nods before slowly easing into Kurt. Both Kurt and Noah let out a soft moan at this contact, it having been weeks since they've last had sex. He slowly moves forward, inch by inch, until Kurt is stretched around his endowed cock. Puck leans over and wraps one hand around the back of Kurt's neck, pulling him in for a kiss. Kurt reaches up to wrap his arms around the boy, holding him close as Puck slowly pulls out. Only an inch or two, before slowly pushing back in.

Sam tilts the lube and pours a good amount onto his fingers. He presses on hand against the small of Puck's back before placing the other between his cheeks. Puck bucks forward, more into Kurt. Sam chuckles as both boys growl. He doesn't hesitate to slowly push a finger.

Noah doesn't let him go slow. He pulls out of the Kurt and makes Sam's finger go deep in him. Puck smirks as he starts moving back in forth, creating a comfortable rhythm as he buries himself into Kurt and rides Sam's fingers.

Sam lets his hand slowly drift down to cup Noah's butt. He slowly pulls the cheek apart before pushing in another finger. Noah pushes back harder before ramming back into Kurt.

Kurt grabs the base of Puck's mohawk and pulls him back slightly. Noah whimpers but lets Kurt tilt his head back. Kurt leans up and slowly kisses Puck's Adam apple, loving the way it moves under his lips. He slowly pulls Puck's head down so he can reach his neck. He nibbles softly before biting down. Puck bucks his hips all the way into Kurt and stays still as Sam adds another finger.

Sam continues to finger Puck as he leans forward and presses his chest to the tan back. Noah angles his head so Kurt can still kiss his neck while Sam captures his lips. Sam darts his tongue out to taste Puck's mouth, moaning as he tastes Kurt as well.

Sam uses his other hand to lube up his cock. He slowly runs it along the edge of his fingers as they push in and out of Noah. Noah moans and pushes back on Sam.

Noah breaks the kiss. "Come on Sammy."

Sam nods before removing his fingers. He shivers slightly as his own fingers run across his leaking cock. He places one hand to still Noah before slowly pressing himself against Puck's well-prepared entrance. He rubs his head in a small circle against Puck's fluttering entrance. Puck pulls out of Kurt and onto Sam, moaning on how great it feels to be in the middle.

Puck goes back to kissing Kurt as Sam grab's Noah's hips, slowly creating a rhythm for them. Sam leans forward and presses his chest against Noah's back. He slowly presses kiss along the tan shoulder blades. Kurt runs his one hand through Puck's mohawk and uses the other to reach past Noah to run through Sam's blonde hair.

Sam reaches around and grabs Kurt's leaking cock. Kurt clenches around Noah, making the boy moan.

"Faster." Kurt pants as he breaks away from Puck's lips.

Puck nods before speeding up his movement between the two boys. Sam pushes forward so there's less distance for Puck to move. Sam picks up his pumping on Kurt, rubbing his finger over the head at random intervals. Kurt starts panting more.

"Wanna see if we can all cum at the same time?" Kurt suggests with a breathy voice.

Noah grunts as he rams back into Kurt. "You bet babe." His voice comes out husky.

Sam squeezes his eyes shut as he kisses the back of Puck's neck. "It better be soon . . . I won't last."

Kurt clenches around Puck's pulsing cock. "Three."

Puck clenches around Sam while still ramming into Kurt, created a tighter channel for Sam. "Two."

Sam bites down on Puck's neck as he picks up his strokes on Kurt. "One."

Puck gives one last thrust before arching his back and letting out a small moan. He shudders above Kurt, feeling each shot of cum shooting into Kurt, before slowing down to a slow pace. Kurt bucks into Sam's hand and feels his cum shooting between him and Noah. Sam reaches past Noah to grab Kurt's hips. He pulls them all together. Noah buried deep into Kurt and Sam buried deep into Noah. He looses his last bit of self control before he climaxes. He shivers slightly as he feels his jets up cum shoot inside of Noah.

Kurt starts laughing. "Please don't fall on me. It'd be too much weight."

Sam chuckles before leaning back. "Shouldn't be to much of a problem."

He takes a step back and lets his cock slide out of Noah. He reaches down and shoves a finger back in, taking Noah by surprise and making him jump. Sam smirks before wrapping his arm around Puck's waist and pulling him back, letting Puck's limp dick pull out of Kurt. Kurt lets out a low groan before going lax on the bed.

Sam then pulls his finger out of Puck before giving him a soft push to the bed. Puck turns so he falls on his back.

Sam raises an eyebrow. "Do you mind getting the new blankets covered with cum?"

"Damn." Puck groans. "No. I-"

"Don't worry." Sam smiles before kneeling down at the bed.

He reaches over and slowly rubs his finger around Kurt's hole before pushing his finger in, eliciting a low groan from the boy. He then taps Puck's legs. Puck lifts his legs up and gives Sam access to his hole. Sam leans forward just as the first trail of his cum oozes out.

That was fun. I thought it was a good way for them to celebrate their new house. So let me know what you think and if I've gotten better. And this one is a lot longer as well.