The Runaways.

-DISCLAIMER- *spoiler* Some ideas are from the book Dark Visions by L. and so is the character GABRIEL. I do not own anything related to Dark Visions.

Chapter 1.

Ivy. That's me.

I have fiery auburn hair, that was usually in a mess and striking big blue eyes. I was okay looking, in my opinion.

And i'm an orphan. A runaway orphan to be exact. But not just me, theres also Dave, Ross, Katherine, and Lucy.

Katherine and I are 17, Ross and Dave (Katherine's boyfriend) are 19 and Lucy, Katherine's younger sister is 10.

Ross has sandy hair and a dimple when he smiles, he's tall and skinny. Dave has brown hair and green eyes. Katherine has long flowy golden locks, she's beautiful. Lucy had the golden locks, and the brown eyes, just like Katherine.

We all came from the orphanage Victoria Children built in 1978, just outside of the big city, New York. We lived in the same room, the conditions were not fit for humans, inhumanly. Dry bread for breakfast, two glasses of milk, stale pizza for lunch, and the same for dinner. Every day, again and again. So we decided to escape. Just like that. We were 15, 17, and 8 and homeless.

And here we are, in a tiny cramped apartment we-Ross rented. It was small, one room, one full bath, little stove on a little counter out in the living room. Katherine, Lucy and I shared the room, the guys slept in the living room floor.

But we were happy.

Everyday was busy, Dave, Ross and I went out for part times, and Kat stayed home to watch Lucy. Our life was like this for quite awhile.


I glanced up, Kat was looking at me, with a mock smile.

"What?" I gave her a questioning look.

"Your sitting on my blanket."


I got up and twisted around in our bed, Lucy was snoring and Kat just closed the lights. But I couldn't sleep. I didn't know why, but something was bothering me.

I fell asleep.

"Okay, Dave needs a ride, today is Wednesday right? Shiii—oot, where's my other sock?" Ross was walking around, donut in mouth, putting on a shirt, slipping foot into shoes all at the same time. He was like the big brother of our "family".

Lucy was holding a sock, with coffee stains on the heels, "Here! And it's Wednesday, and you have a hole in your sock." then she walked over to his ear and whispered loudly, "Don't swear in front of me, i'm still the kid."

I stifled a laugh and Dave gave a loud laugh.

Then Kat came out of our room in one of my shirts and underwear, not bothering with pants at all. "Morning babes! Hey Vee, hand me some coffee."

I went to the fridge and got her a canned coffee, and eyed her shirt, my shirt. "Thats mine."

"Aw c'mon, my cloths are in the wash, Oh God, I need to shop." she pulled at the shirt she was wearing in distaste.

Kat was a real New Yorker. Even though we weren't rich, we could afford a shopping spree once a few months, Kat was addicted to shopping.

Where had we gotten our money?

Ross. Ross's father had left him $5000 in cash for him, as a "sorry present" his letter had said. His letter had also stated clearly that Ross was a "mistake".

That hadn't seemed to gotten to Ross, he took the money, smiled, and threw the letter out.

Thank you, Mr. Ross's Dad.

"Okey-doke,Dave and I are gonna head out now! Toodles girls!" Ross gave us a wave and blew Lucy a kiss.

"I'm not a kid Ross! Stop blowing me kisses!" Lucy protested.

Ross grinned and opened the door to go out, Dave kissed Kat on the cheek, "Cya babe," and followed, "Dinner at seven!" Kat shouted just as they closed the door behind them.

I let out a sigh, "Another boring day. What should we do?"

Kat grinned, "I thought maybe we should head out to the city for a walk,"

"Oooh! Yes! Bring me!" Lucy beamed, jumping up and down. That little city girl.

I frowned, "But I've got nothing to wear," then gave a meaningful look at Kat, "and we need to save money remember?"

Kat blushed, "I didn't say I was going to shop or anything..."

I looked at her and slapped her back, "We can use some of the money I saved from the past three part-times, nothing expensive, Okay?"

She beamed like a child, "Come on!"

I was in a navy blue skirt and a black and white Beatles shirt. I applied some cheap eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. And smiled in the cracked mirror.

We didn't have much money, but we still had class.

I got out of the bathroom and saw Kat, she was wearing pink flared pants she got last time and a lime green tank top. She could still manage to look glamorous with our conditions.

"Looking cute Vee! Let's go! Luuucy! C'mon!"

Lucy came out the bedroom, she wouldn't let us dress her anymore, she was wearing a plain white shirt and blue yoga pants. She looked like she was heading to the gym.

"Lucy! You look gross! When I said walk, I meant, a walk in look-able cloths! NOT yoga pants!"
She ushered Lucy back in the room and they came back out in five minutes, with little Lucy in a white long skirt I had two years ago, and a castaway floral shirt Kat had two years ago. I smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

We closed the door behind us and walked happily out the main doors.

It was a sunny afternoon in the city. The streets were crowded as we looked out the bus window.

I leaned my head on the window and said, "I thought we were suppose to walk." Kat looked a bit sheepish as she winked, "You could get off."

I had nothing to say to that.

Finally we got to our stop and we looked around, people were scattered everywhere, people in expensive cloths talking into their expensive phones, people in funky shirts, reading magazines, a group of teenage girls, probably a bit older than Lucy, were holding bags and bags of designer labeled...well...bags.

Lucy looked at the silver bag a girl was holding, eyes wide like saucers.

"I want that bag."

I glanced at Kat, this was her talk.

"Uh...Lucy, If I can't afford a designer coin purse, I doubt you could afford a thousand dollar designer bag."

Lucy watched the girls walk away, laughing obnoxiously, bags swinging around there arms. She sighed, "I wish we were rich."

I smiled, "We will be, someday."

We came up to a store, -Affordable- of the City. Well, Kat liked the sound of that, she pulled us along.

Inside, a strong smell of roses surrounded us. It was an amazing site.

All around were messy racks of stuff, stuff and stuff. And more stuff. It was like we had landed into a treasure chest. There was a beautiful art work hanging up on the wall, beneath were rows of perfume from unknown brands, and board games under those. On the other side were rows of random stuff, keys, shoes, rings, books, you name it.

And standing in the corner, was a beautiful dark haired boy looking at something.

I stared.

The boy turned around as if he sensed someone was staring at him, he looked straight into my eyes.

One could melt into those eyes.

They were ringlets of different shades of gray, the stare was so intense. His eyes framed with dark, thick lashes.

I smiled at him. He just turned around.

Well that wasn't very nice. Was my first thought.

My second thought was dangerous;bad;beauty.

"Oh My God! Vee! You have to see this!" Kat's voice broke my thoughts, I turned around.

She was holding a ring, the band was a simple in the colour of black, the band was thin, but it had amazing detail, there were little symbols on it. And the pride on it was another black thing, a diamond. Encrusted onto the band.

It was breathtaking.

I gasped, "That is beautiful!"

Kat gave a triumph smile, "It's only six dollars!"

I grinned, feeling wicked, "I'm paying for it, so it's mine."

"Aw, c'mon, you can share right?"

I pretended to think about it, "Fine."

She beamed.

We kept looking around, I was holding the ring, when the gorgeous boy, who I didn't notice, was right beside me, looked into my hands.

"Nice ring." He said. His voice was tough, and strong. My heart fluttered.

"Uh, yeah, thanks."

"May I take a look?" He gave a small smile.

"Sure," I gave the ring to him.

He looked at it for awhile, his eyes were hooded under his dark hair. I saw his jaw clench and he handed it back to me, as if it took great effort.

"Thanks." I said, taking the ring back.

He just walked out the store.

That was strange...what did I do?

"Vee! C'mon!"

I looked up, and saw Kat, her eyes were glistening with delight.


Kat put her hands on her hips. And smiled, big. "That guy was so hot! We better pay for everything and see if we can catch up with him!"

"If you saw everything, and heard, you should see that he doesn't seem like a very nice guy. And how about Dave? Your in a relationship!" I pointed out.

Kat pouted and blew some hair out of her face, "Fine, fine, but that was such a waste..."

We payed for everything and walked around some more, then we left and headed home.