When I finally arrived home, dinner was set. The boys were back and Kat was ushering Lucy into the little "dining room" we created with a simple picnic rag on a cardboard box.

"Hey Vee, missed you there!" Ross said in his cheery voice, he beckoned me over. Lucy sat down and grinned at me, "I prepared dinner."

A smiled and gave her a thumbs up and Kat just stuck her tongue out at her, "My dearest sister, you went to pick updinner with me. I ordered and payed. Ahem, excuse me for being dramatic."

Dave gave a snort and patted Lucy's head, "Give her a break."

Dinner was a medium sized pizza from a pizza cart down the road and a microwave lasagna the neighbours gave us, our drinks were water in plastic cups.

With a mouth full of pizza, Ross gave a lazy grin, "Mmm, pizza. How I enjoy pizza after a stupid day at work washing dishes. Anyone want to spare a slice for your old man here?"

Kat rolled her eyes, "Rossy, if you're old, then Vee and I are catching up with the age eh? You gonna get me some nice expensive beauty products to stop the wrinkling?"

"Speaking of expensive, look what Vee, Lucy and I got! Where's that ring gone?"

"Out on the side table by the door," I replied with a certain sharpness even I couldn't place.

Kat gave me a weird look and got the ring, she put it on and stretched her arm out to show it off, "Ain't this beautiful? Six bucks!" She beamed at Lucy who was busy eating the remains of the lasagna to give her sister any notice. Kat turned to Dave and put her hand in front of his face, "Whad'ya think? Whad'ya think?" Dave gave an appreciative nod, "Nice,"

" 'Ey! You going to show me?" Ross said loudly. Kat went over and spread her fingers and placed her hand over her mouth, eyes looking up.

Ross whistled and cleaned up the table.

I got out of the shower stall into the crowded bathroom. Kat was removing her makeup. She was in Dave's T-shirts and Dave was perched on the closed toilet seat, brushing Lucy's hair.

"Whoa, we got a full house here!" Ross exclaimed as he tried to squeeze in to the sink to wash his hands. "Yo! Watch it!" Kat yelled as Ross hip butted Kat.

I felt weird tension and I just wanted to get out of the bathroom. I pushed my way out, my wet hair dripping water drops onto poor Lucy's face.

As I approached the living room, or the guy's bedroom as they call it. I went to the cardboard table and found the ring sitting on it. I grabbed it and headed into our small bedroom. Not knowing why I felt terribly guilty for putting on the ring, I was just about to lay down on the bed to study the ring when the lights suddenly cut out. I gave a startled scream and bolted up right, breathing hard.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. No need to scream. Happens all the time," Came Ross's assuring voice.

"Got you," I replied.

I flopped back down and started to relax. My mind filling with thoughts. I had work to go to tomorrow. I'd better get some sleep.

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