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Oh, and I know the unofficialofficial fandom/Tumblr name for Zuko's daughter is Honora, but I like Ursa better. And this is three years after the finale.

When they announced their engagement, his grandfather nearly spat out his tea, and his mother burst out laughing. He was quite annoyed with their behavior; just what was so funny about him getting married? Of course, only his mother was laughing, which, as he had already stated, was irritating, but his grandfather's reaction was worse. He looked incredulous and-and, well absolutely horrified at the idea.

"But-but - when did this happen? Were you two ever even dating? I don't believe this!" the retired Fire Lord sputtered. The current Fire Lord, Her Highness the Lady Ursa, was still chuckling.

"Yes, of course we have," Korra soothed. Iroh was so very glad she didn't blow up at his grandfather - no chance of getting his blessing then - and hoped Grandfather would understand. Korra continued,

"In fact, we've been seeing each other for about two years now." After everything was done. The Equalist War, her short-lived (romantic) relationship with Mako, though they were still best friends; (he and Asami were still trying to figure out what they wanted.) While Iroh of course had nothing against Mako, he had been pleased when their relationship fell apart, because it had given him a shot with the feisty and beautiful Avatar.

Back to the matter at hand. Zuko did not look pleased with that timeline apparently (since Korra was now only nineteen and he twenty-eight), and even Ursa was frowning a bit. Iroh shifted, a bit uncomfortable with the glares he was receiving, but Korra's warm and steady hand in his kept him calm. He was doing this not just for him,but also for her. For them, and their future.

"You're only nineteen," Zuko said to Korra. The Avatar nodded. She had already heard the same speech from Tenzin and her parents; she could handle this as well. Zuko turned back to his grandson.

"You started dating - before she was eighteen. Iroh, you are nine years older than her!"

"Tenzin is sixteen years older than his wife Pema," Iroh pointed out. Of course, Pema had been twenty when Tenzin had met her, but that was beside the point.

His grandfather glowered at him. "I am well aware," he said in a clipped tone, "of the circumstances of Tenzin and Pema's relationship. But they are not the ones we're talking about, now are they?" Iroh had always known his grandfather to be a good politician (though his mother claimed he hadn't always been so), but the Prince-General was rather annoyed that his grandfather was using it during a discussion about his engagement.

"That's true," Iroh admitted. "We aren't talking about Pema and Tenzin. We are asking for your blessing, Grandfather, Mother, on our wedding, but if you really dont't want to give it - well, I hear the South Pole is lovely this time of year for weddings." He could feel Korra smirk beside him, and knew she was pleased with and amused by his cool response.

His grandfather studied him, with the same golden eyes he had inherited. Iroh had always thought (still did) that his grandfather was a very handsome man. Iroh even liked his infamous scar. It made him seem more raw, more human - this imperfection that marred his skin could be overlooked by those who liked him -and it could be embraced by those who loved him.

Eventually Zuko sighed and looked at his daughter. "What about you, Ursa?" he asked. "Tell me what you think." Ursa blinked at her father, then idly drummed her fingres on the edge of the table as she debated with herself.

"I don't see anything wrong with it," she said at last, shrugging indifferently. "They are both adults now, and have had time to consider the consequences of their actions. And they love each other." A smile played at the edge of his mother's mouth as she glanced at them before turning back to Zuko. "I give them my blessing. Whether you do the same or not, Father, is yours to decide. Either way, I will gladly welcome the Avatar into my family."

Iroh and Korra smiled at one another as they profusely thanked the Fire Lord. They then turned to Zuko, who had an odd look on his face. "Welcome," he murmured to himself. "Into the family, indeed." He then looked up at his grandson and future granddaughter-in-law (how odd to think that way about Aang!) -for surely they would get married with or without his blessing, especially when Ursa had given hers - and nodded slowly. He gave a low chuckle.

"Alright," he said. "I give my blessing; get married as you wish." Iroh smiled, so, so very happy, and Korra grinned and did a fist-pump.

"Thanks, Zuko!" she exclaimed. "Er, I mean, Your Highness. Oh whatever! Iroh, we're getting married!" She grabbed his face in her hands and gave him a passionate, celebratory kiss. He put his hands on her back and brought her closer to him, only to break away when his mother cleared her throat.

As they walked away, chattering about things they were going to need, Iroh heard his grandfather chuckle once more before he called out to them,

"I do hope you realize, though, Iroh, that you're actually marrying your great-great-great-grandfather!"