Korra had seen babies being born before. In the isolated (and, as some would say, unsophisticated) Southern Water Tribe, it wasn't unusual for non-familial adults, and even children, to assist with or witness a birth, be that of a sea lion, a polar bear-dog, or a human. Korra had seen and heard the pain of the mothers as they stuggled to bring their children into the world; she also knew about the joy that came afterwards. Master Katarra had talked about, sometimes, the birth of her own children, though more often it was about helping her grandmother deliver babies.

Never before, however, had Korra actually felt the pangs of labor herself, and it hurt. And Korra did not take the pain well. She shrieked and yelled at Iroh for getting her in this mess while attempting to break his head, telling him there'd had better be twins in her womb if their kid wanted a sibling, because she wasn't going to go through this a second time. Iroh just nodded and assured her it would be fine.

Finally, finally, their child slid out of her, and its cries replaced Korra's. The Avatar listened in shock and awe as her newborn wailed its little lungs out. The nurses bustled about, cleaning it and making sure it could breathe — though, really, who could doubt it, with the kid making that much noise? Korra leaned forward and stretched her arms out.

"Give him to me," she ordered. "Or is it a her? What is it? Tell me!" After nine hours of intense pain and effort, the new mother was in no modd to be polite.

The nurse seemed to expect this, and just smiled at them. Taking a blue bundle from another nurse, she said proudly,

"Congradulations, Avatar, General; you have a healthy baby boy." Korra's spirit lifted even more. A boy. Her baby boy. She turned excitedly to her husband, whose eyes reflected her joy.

"Did you hear that, Iroh?" she said eagerly. "We have a son!"

"I heard," Iroh said softly. "We are so blessed. You did wonderful, Korra."

"I want him," Korra said, turning back to the nurse. The nurse smiled and handed the bundle over. Korra handled him with care, marveling over how small he was. He couldn't have been smaller than this, at some point, inside her, could he? He couldn't have grown during those nine long months.

"Oh, he's perfect," Korra murmured. "Look, he has your eyes, Iroh. And your nose-"

"And your cheekbones," Iroh observed. "And your hair." He touched the top of his son's head, where a small tuft of hair grew.

"He's going to be so handsome when he grows up," Korra predicted proudly. Iroh nodded in agreement.

"But right now he's beautiful. As are you." He smiled as he wife blew a piece of hair out of her face and gave him a look.

"I am not," she protested weakly. Iroh chuckled and replied,

"But of course you are. What could be more beautiful than a mother and her newborn child, and the joy and love between them?" Korra ponderd on his (mostly rhetorical) question. When she found an answer she liked, she grinned at her husband.

"A father and his newborn child." And here she gently handed him their son. Iroh instinctively made a cradle out of his arms, having had practice holding Jet, Mako and Asami's two-year-old son, and June, their nine-month-old daughter. He looked down at his son and loved him immediately. This was the incarnation of the love Korra and he shared, a living piece of both of them.

"What should his name be?" Iroh asked, not taking his eyes off the child. Korra bit her lip considering.

"I thought of naming him after my father," she said. "But he said he would only want that when he's dead. So, no go there. Then, I considered Tenzin, because he also is sort of like a father to me. But I think I have the perfect name for him..." Iroh looked at her expectantly. "Aang."

Iroh smiled. "Perfect," he agreed.

And so was Lord Aang of the Fire Nation, grandson of Fire Lord Ursa, son of Prince-General Iroh and Avatar Korra, and great-great-great-great-grandson of Avatar Roku.

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First comes love,

then comes marriage,

then comes a baby in a baby carriage.