Authors note: story begins just before season 3 episode 18:The Crossing. I'm making Reid's age about 27, he and Sara are going to age a bit slowly for my timeline. Sorry for any confussion. Enjoy.

My name is Sara Reid. I just turned 14 years old two weeks ago. Two months ago I lost everything. My mom died from a drug overdose. And now I have no one. My father, William Reid, left when I was six. We really were happy back then. Before the fighting started. He always talked about being guilty and how he couldn't stay, that he wasn't a good father, and called himself names. He just walked out one day and I haven't seen him since.

I've been living in a child care facility in Virginia for the past month. Child protective services have been trying to find a guardian for me. Dad gave up his rights to me after he left, and CPS hasn't been able to contact him.I thought I would go to my Uncle Daniel, but it turns out he died years ago.

I thought I was all alone until they read my Mom's will. It turns out I have a brother. A half brother, by my Dad. His name is Spencer and he lives near Quantico Virginia. Because he's my only blood relation, he could take legal guardianship of me, which is truly terrifying. I didn't even know he existed, so I doubt he knew about me.