"Today. I'll give it to her."

He said. weaving the needle through the soft fabric. sewing her name into the handkerchief. Inoue Orihime. it said. in bright pink letters.

"She likes pink. doesn't she?"

Ishida Uryuu. a teenage Quincy in love with the girl. said to no one. He was plagued by limerence. and he was not belligerent. But Kurosaki Ichigo usually acted so. and he would always be impudent. Uryuu wasn't. Orihime loved Ichigo. though. even though he was so inept compared to the Quincy. Uryuu was eloquent. unlike Ichigo.

The Quincy went to school. Orihime was standing near Ichigo and Tatsuki. laughing at something. Uryuu's palm was sweating as he held the handkerchief. Orihime's uniform was too small for her. as the buttons strained to keep her top closed. Uryuu disliked buttons. He put the handkerchief in his pocket.

He went to his classroom and sat down at his desk. polished clean. Ichigo and Orihime walked in together. their attentions on each other.

"Good morning. Uryuu-kun." said the auburn-haired. busty girl. Ichigo said something. too. but the Quincy's ears only heard Orihime. He smiled at her. his heart leaping. and reached into his pocket. He pulled out the damp handkerchief and stood from his seat. He offered it to her. blushing in nervousness. and tried to speak. She looked at the handkerchief. looked back at him. and stared. Ichigo was watching.

"It's pretty. Uryuu-kun! Thank you. You're a sweet friend." she finally said. hasty with her words. and took the handkerchief without touching his skin. Ichigo looked away. Uryuu went back to seat. took his glasses off. and stared blindly at the teacher for a while.

The Quincy ate lunch with Ichigo and Chad and Orihime. He insulted Ichigo. as usual. and Orihime tried to compliment Ichigo. as usual. Chad ate quietly. as usual. Orihime didn't use the handkerchief. Uryuu opened her locker. easily since he'd memorized the combination. and didn't see it. He took one of her pens and replaced it with one of his own. The ink in her pen was purple.

This time. he would sew her name in a handkerchief using purple thread.

He went home after school. ate alone. and changed his clothes after night fell. His apparel was black. his camcorder silver. and his glasses tinted.

Ichigo was close-minded. Uryuu was a liberal. never pushing an idea away until he thoroughly thought about it. The Quincy walked the streets until he came across Kurosaki's house. It was easy for him to climb up the tree near the Shinigami's window. He knelt on a sturdy branch. the one he always knelt on. and peered inside the window. The tree was far enough from the house that Ichigo probably wouldn't see him unless he was searching for him.

From what the Quincy could see. Orihime was already there. pulling her shirt up over her head. She let it fall to the floor as Ichigo kissed her neck. Uryuu scowled. turned the camcorder on. and reached into his slacks.

Orihime would probably never know how much Uryuu adored her.

A/n: I don't like commas today. Hmm. And I could see Uryuu being a creepy stalker that tapes his love interest getting it on with another dude. I could also see him jerking off in a tree. Hmm.