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Day Two

In all our times in the Bad Lands, with all the chores, running around, standing in the hot sun for hours, nothing compared to the pain of walking in the bitter air. We never had these bitter chills in Vinkus either. Well, maybe we did. But we always switched castles before the bad weather hit us. And even if the weather got a little unbearable, we never had to go out in it. Even the Bad Lands had reasonable weather. And the weather was constant there. If it was warm, it'd be warm for months at a time. If it was cool, cool for several months. In The Scalps, though, weather was continuously changing. This morning had been warm, tonight was bitterly cold. To the point where I'm sure it would start snowing soon. I tried not to let it show that I was bothered, though. I didn't need Liir to start feeding off of my negative emotions.

We hit another small town, smaller than the first one in the early hours of the third day. Baumer and Liir were still slow from having been woken up roughly by the oncoming storm, so we reached the place in more time than I hoped, but we made it nonetheless. There was a room to the side of one of the buildings where plenty of other horses and mules were tied up to individual stalls. I paid the small man at the door and handed him Baumer's reigns. He said a few things, enough things for me to make out his Munchkinland accent. Liir's posture straightened up when he recognized the sound of the man's voice to. To my many silent thanks, the boy chose not to open his mouth about the connection to his mother's voice. The Munchkin told us that there was a pub down the way that was open all hours and might have rooms available to wait out the storm. He warned me that it might not be the most ideal place to take a child, though.

So I took Liir's hand in mine and lead him down the road and into the pub the man mentioned. I warned him not to talk to anyone unless I gave a nod, but mostly I begged him to keep his opinions to himself.

All too intuitive like his mother, Liir asked, "Are you not liked here, daddy?"

"I'm not sure." I answered honestly.

The pub was warm but reeked to the high heavens. I swallowed back the gag threatening to upchuck my insides and waited for the stench to become normal. It took a while, but after a few moments passed, it was tolerable. Liir coughed into his arm but kept quiet like I had asked him. Unlike the first stop we made, the people in this building all watched us as we walked in. None of them were dressed any nicer than us, some even looked worse off, but I think the appearance of Liir caught their attention the most. He did not look like he belonged in this place at all.

"Can I get two mugs of warm milk?" I asked, still holding Liir's hand, approaching the bar.

The man tending the bar looked up at me then to a sign hanging to his right. It said that they didn't serve minors. "Come on, sir, we've been travelling for days." He wasn't phased. He looked at me long and hard before glancing to a table a few paces away. Occupied by two men in uniforms. "Alright, I got it." I grunted, leading Liir out of the pub.

We'd just to have to outride the oncoming storm.

Day Three

"How did you and mama fall in love?" Liir asked as we sat under a grouping of trees to protect ourselves from the pouring ran. See what I mean about his weather in Oz?

"Well, I wasn't always this honorable, dashing man I am today, you know." I winked at him and he giggled. "I was a very bad child when I was growing up. Like that boy from plot three?" Liir nodded in understanding. "There are these things called schools here in Oz. How mama teaches you things back at home; well, school is where you get taught with a whole bunch of others your age. So we went to one of these schools together when we were just starting out as adults."

"Mama said what schools are, and that you almost ran her over."

I laughed, "I would have never run your mother over. It was the man driving my car that almost ran her over." Green does mean go. "But you're getting ahead some. I was a bad child, and my parents shipped me off to quite a lot of schools; but I always managed to do something bad to get kicked out and sent to another."

"Then you almost ran her over."

"You know what," I nudged him in the side. "You obviously know this story better than I do, so you tell me how we met and fell in love."

Liir let out a laugh that was all his mother's and grinned excitedly. "Okay, so mama was hurrying to catch a class she was running late for. That's where you almost hit her. But you didn't know you almost killed mama. Because if you'd met her then, you would have fallen in love with her right there."

"Is that so?" I laughed.

"If I was you, I'd have fallen in love with mama right there." Liir gave me one of his mother's looks, and I nodded in agreement. Maybe it would have sped up with inevitable. "There was a party, and mama and her friend became friends that night. Her friend changed the way she looked, and so mama started dressing like her friend showed her. Mama said you tossed your hair."

A loud clap of thunder hid my own loud laughter as I thought back on the moment Liir was getting to. For the love of Oz, I tossed my hair.

"I told you, I wasn't honorable back then."

"Right. So one day you and mama were in class -this is when you did your hair tossing-, and some very bad things happened. And mama was so upset, she knew she had to help. And you helped her help. You ran away with her since you were helping her. Mama said you were setting something free, and your hands touched. And that's when you and mama fell in love." He ended matter-of-factly.

"Oh, bug," I sighed. "You've got it all wrong." He frowned at me. "If anything, I was a fool in love at that point."

"What do you mean?"

"There was a party on the first night I arrived at the school, and your mama showed up in this ridiculous black hat. She was literally a showstopper. Everyone stopped dancing, the music stopped, and all eyes were on her. She was center of attention and not the good kind, either. That, bug, that is when I fell in love with your mama." She didn't care a twig what people thought about her, and that's what made me love her.

"So it was love at first sight?"

"I guess you can say that."

"Good, because I always tell mama that's when you fell in love with her...the moment you first laid eyes on her."

I kissed his temple.

"She says that it wasn't, because green is a color you have to get use to. Especially on a person. But I always tell her she's wrong and just to ask you. Green is my favorite color, and green is daddy's favorite color. Right?"

I squeezed his hand and looked out into the rain. "Green is beautiful."

The further they get into Oz, the more problems they're going to come across.

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