Dragonball Heroes: Wrath of the Time Breakers

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Now I feel obligated to let you in on some of the story so I will list a few of the new characters, new monsters and the Hero profiles.

All information and resources come from Dragon ball Wiki

The Villains Organization are run by Miira and Towa and they are both very powerful demons but it is unclear who is the strongest by our heroes.

They have forced and recruited an army each consisting members from Emperor Pilaf Gang, the Red Pants Army, evil Namekians like Slug, remnants of the Planet trade organization once ran by Frieza family but is now under the demons control, Special Androids collected from Dr. Gero such as Android 8000 and Android 19000, and evil Majins collected from the Majin Planet or the Majin Kingdom, Majin Buu true birth place and also Kabra, Zink and Bash.

Each of these origination help the demons in their quest to steal Goku's and other powerful Saiyans DNA for the soul purpose of creating the ultimate demon.

Now instead of Feedlings the Demons have created new hybrid-demons they called the Rejects.

The Rejects are demons created with the fusion of alien DNA and there are now ten species of these Rejects that follow the Demons orders.

Rejects are always seen with collars on their necks with their number and what species they are.

Here is the Rejects species list from the weakest to the most powerful-

Knee Stabbers #1: These are the most common Rejects that our heroes will encounter, alone they are considered the weakest of the Rejects but in packs they can be a real problem. Knee Stabber is Hybrid-Demons of the planet Earth's animals Dog and cat giving them sharp cat claws and cat and dog reflexes.

Wind Whackers #2: These demons are considered the most annoying of the Rejects with the annoying howl they make to announce their presences. These Rejects are very common as well, they are the Hybrid-Demon result of a howler monkey and a parrot. These Rejects have a fan over their head that give them the flight ability but they repeat everything that is said to them giving them the tittle of most annoying with the howl they make when they attack.

Bouncy Punchers #3: These demons are very not seen often but when they are they can be considered very irritating to kill because they are Hybrid-Demons of a kangaroo and cheetah making them very fast moving boxers. The only way to take these fast moving demons out is by managing to knock them into the air and finish them off.

Shifters #4: These Rejects are not seen often as well but when they are very irritating. A result of a Hybrid Demon crossing of a chameleon and firefly they have an advantage. These demons are able to use Solar flare to blind their opponent and then are ably to become invisible to hide while other Rejects fight the enemy. This demon has no fighting capability what so ever and is always seen helping Rejects that are known for fighting.

Rolling Terrors #5: These demons are not often seen but when they are they are difficult to defeat. A Hybrid-Demon result of a turtle and hedgehog these demons can become a fast moving spiked ball and can bounce off walls and even deflect any powerful kai blast. The only known way to beat it is to knock it on it back when it makes itself dizzy and attack it belly, the only unprotected spot.

Shadow Fiend #6: These Rejects are the only know Rejects to be blind. Being the result Hybrid-Demon of a mole and the dinosaur raptor this lizard like Reject is blind but equipped with a very sensitive nose and very sharp rows of claws, teeth and spiked armor. These Rejects are always in packs but when a pack is encounter you can either hold your breath and move out of their way and hope they don't smell you or fight! These Rejects can be taken out with a blast to the back of their necks, the only part of their body where the bone can snap like a twig if hit with enough power.

Rockos #7: The Reject DNA fusion of Namekian DNA and a common bat these Rejects are the kings of the sky. Encountering these Rejects are rare but when found be cautious, these Rejects have razor sharp wings and can take your head if you give them the chance. With the Namekian DNA they can fuse with other Rejects to become stronger and can use airborne kai blasts.

Blobs #8: Another Reject that is rare to see but when is trouble will be known. This Reject is a result of the DNA fuse of a Majin and a snake. These Rejects have the appearances of a moving goo on the ground but when it encounters an enemy it turns into its snake form with a Majin antenna. These Rejects are very poisonous and no cure has been found for their venom at any time it can revert to it goo form to avoid attacks and the only know way to defeat it in goo form it to freeze it then kai blast it to ash. In snake form trick it to go into its goo form because the scales on its body deflects kai blasts and can't be penetrated.

Ice Troll #9: These Rejects are also very rare but as very large compared to other Rejects and most certainly one of the strongest, this Reject is a result of DNA fusion of a Icein and a bear. It is seen as a giant bear but it is comply made of ice giving it strange powers. It can turn the battlefield into ice and once this happens it can sink into the ice and move under your feet. It can shoot ice needles out of its back at its target but if this doesn't scare you it can create kai blast able to destroy a planet and can trap you in a kai range and hit you with kai blasts from all directions. No none weakness is none or a tip to beating it.

Maximus #10: The most powerful and rarest of all the Rejects. This Hybrid Demon was created from Saiyan and the dinosaur DNA of a T-Rex making this the king of Rejects. If this giant ape-lizard demon enormous size wasn't bad enough this demon can create kai balls strong enough to take out a planet when close to death they can unlock their inner rage turning them into smaller but very fast versions their former selves and get the edge over their attackers and are impossible to stop. No known weakness is known about these rejects but encountering their threat is rare!

Many more to be announced soon!

Dragonball Hero Profiles:

Name: Kento

Age: 18

Class: Hero

Ultimate Attack: Victory Cannon

Personality: Happy-go-lucky

Has grown up much over the years Kento is in now full control of the universal Sprit Bomb and Dragon Fist thanks to his brother and his encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates. Kento is still kind as he was all those years ago when he first joined the STF.

A.N. Kento has gone back to wearing the Alternate outfit like all the other members have and for those who have really good imaginations I will also include how they sound like based of how I think they sound.

Search Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi - Hero Mode #1 on youtube for Kento voice, it's in a Ginyu fight so you have something interesting to watch while you watch Ginyu get his ass handed to him.

Name: Zang

Age: 18

Class: Elite

Ultimate Attack: Mega Flash

Personality: Still a Smartass

Zang has grown much as well over the years and is still a big smartass as he was before and is very much a loyal ally it his friends. The voice of Zang I think the voice of Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach English version (Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch).

Name: Reyoto

Age: 19

Class: Berserker

Ultimate Attack: Berserker Wave

Personality: Cocky

Now advanced in more forms of fighting styles thanks to his travels over the years Reyoto is now a ruthless fighter. Reyoto now says less wanting others to learn more from their own actions then what he tells them to do. Go to youtube and search Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi - Hero Mode First 19 Minutes HD and you will hear Reyoto voice even though on the video the guy made his character Reyoto look way to tan.

Name: Nero

Age: 23

Class: Solo Warrior

Ultimate Attack: Shadow Needles

Personality: Mellow

Thanks to his contact with the Master, Nero is now the first Shadow Saiyan in full control of his own body. Nero has all the abilities the Master had and even has gone beyond that. Nero left the Grand Plant to travel and see more universe and stops by every once in a while to say hi to all his friends but patiently waits when he is needed for the big battle. Nero tends to keep to himself now but occasionally speaks his mind when he feels like it. Takashi Morinozuka from Ouran Host Club (the deep voice guy) voiced by Travis Willingham fits Nero right for his voice.

Name: Saiya

Age: 20

Class: Solo Warrior

Ultimate Attack: Raging Ray

Personality: Fearless

Saiya sticks around the Grand Planet to improve his abilities and strengths. Saiya and Poru are still the closet of friends and thanks to some tinkering Poru has a third battle form. Soul Eater (voiced by Micah Solusod) from Soul Eater I believe fits Saiya voice right.

Name: Serena

Age: 18

Class: Hero

Ultimate Attack: Violet Beam

Personality: Cheerful

Serena has become more kind over the years and her love for Kento has grown but still the same as she was years ago. Serena patiently waits for the day when Kento decided to make her his mate. Winry Rockbell (voiced by Caitlin Glass) from Fullmetal Alchemist fit Serena voice just right.

Name: May

Age: 17

Class: Elite

Ultimate Attack: Miracle Disk

Personality: Shy

May is less shy then she was before but not as bad as she was when she was younger. May hopes for Zang to ask for her hand soon and waits patiently for him to make his move. Sakura Haruno from Naurto (voiced by Kate Higgins) goes well for May.

Name: Naomi

Age: 18

Class: Berserker

Ultimate Attack: Black Rose Strike

Personality: Fierce

Naomi is still the strongest female of her friends but now is less fierce with her growing relationship with Reyoto. Naomi teaches combat strategies with Zang. Maka Albarn (voiced by Laura Bailey) from Soul Eater fits Naomi voice just right.

Name: Trunks

Age: 29

Class: Leader

Ultimate Attack: Double Buster

Personality: Stern

Trunks has grown over the years with his son and the growing threat somewhere in the universe. Trunks trains hard to become stronger and hopes to prevent a future Bardock foreseen.

Name: Akina

Age: 28

Class: Leader

Ultimate Attack: The Angels Judgment

Personality: Extremely Happy

Akina also trains hard with Trunks and with their son Brody. Akina seeks to get stronger to protect her new family and her students. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (voiced byMonica Rial) from Soul Eater I thinks fits Akina voice perfectly.

Name: Bardock

Age: 30

Class: Third Class

Ultimate Attack: Flash Sprit

Personality: Cold

Bardock has now mastered his abilities over time and it is believed he's reached level 2 in Super Saiyan and still training to get higher. A Bardock ability to see in the future has also grown strong and knows a unchangeable future awaits him and his two grandsons.


Name: Tsumuri

Age: They think he's 18 now

Class: Hero

Ultimate Attack: Mighty Drill

Personality: Solitude

Tsumuri left for a while to train with his father Piccolo and has grown stronger over the years. He and Azumuri went their separate ways to train so while he's been getting stronger physically his brother has been getting stronger magically. Death the Kid (voiced byTodd Haberkorn) from Soul Eater fits Tsumuri with a darker tone.

Name: Azumuri

Age: They think he's 18 as well

Class: Elite

Ultimate Attack: Night Wing Barrage

Personality: Outgoing

Azumuri has been studying the Warlock spell book he and Zink had found in the secret study and with much practice and training in solitude he has mastered every spell, curse and counter spell in the book and has become a very powerful warlock and his power is greatly noticed. Death the Kid (voiced byTodd Haberkorn) from Soul Eater fits Azumuri just with a lighter tone.

Name: Harker

Age: 21 or maybe 22

Class: Berserker

Ultimate Attack: Hell's Fury

Personality: Mysterious

Harker has been doing his own training a well over the years on his home planet in his home universe. Harker has been training to become both faster and stronger and he and his fellow Namekian teammates would now be consider Super Nameks. Black Star (voiced by Brittney Karbowski)from Soul Eater fits Harker voice.


Name: Froze

Age: 18

Class: Hero

Ultimate Attack: Gravity Sphere

Personality: Collected

Froze has been training hard over the years in hopes to unlock a new form. Froze has gone to his home world to train and his power has been greatly noticed. Kyoya Ohtori (voice by J. Michael Tatum) from Ourhan Host Club I think fits Froze.

Name: Chill

Age: 18

Class: Elite

Ultimate Attack: Chilling Death Wheel

Personality: Joker

Chill has been training to become the fastest Icein in his species history. Chill trains hard with many teachers on his home planet and patiently awaits when him and his teammates are needed. Vic Mignogna (voice of multiple anime characters in lots of shows like Ed from Fullmetal) fits Chill.

Name: Frost

Age: 17

Class: Berserker

Ultimate Attack: Icy Needles

Personality: Silent

Frost has returned to his home as well but while training he pursues his talent in drawing and is very known in his universe as a very talented artist and fighter. Frost has been getting stronger as well and it is known that he has mastered a new ability. Sorry he's mute no voice.


Name: Kabra

Age: Unknown

Class: Hero

Ultimate Attack: Mighty Fist

Personality: Protective

Kabra stays at the Grand Planet with his brothers since they have no home of origin and is now the school head chef since everyone got sick of Bulma robots making flavorless food. Kabra trains hard with his brothers and has been growing stronger like his brothers. Sounds just like Majin Buu so his voice doesn't change but he and Zink have better grammar.

Name: Zink

Age: unknown

Class: Elite

Ultimate Attack: Majin Death Trap

Personality: The Smarty Pants

Zink has been improving his abilities in kai and learned to not only manipulate his kai but others weaker kai blasts. Sounds just like Majin Buu so his voice doesn't change but he and Zink have better grammar.

Name: Bash

Age: unknown

Class: Berserker

Ultimate Attack: Thrash Attack

Personality: Aggressive

Bash trains hard to get faster and stronger and trains none stop since he learned of the new evil. Secretly Bash seeks a companion and wishes to find someone like him to share his love with. Unknown to him and his brothers their origins may soon be questioned. Sounds just like Kid Buu but says more than a few words.


The following are the seven new students that are now training to become heroes at the Grand Planet Academy with the elder students watching their progress.

Name: Brody Briefs

Age: 4

Class: Student

Ultimate Attack: Light Speed Strike

Personality: Curious

Brody is the son of Trunks and Akina, thanks to his two mixed blooded parents he was born with a small fraction of Saiyan blood but is very powerful for his age thanks to his contact with the three universes that shouldn't have made contact and is slowly regaining all his memories and all his abilities. Brody is the youngest of the new students and tends to let his curiosity get the best of him and has seemed to has taken up after Trunks because of his 'trouble making' ways.

Name: Nathan

Age: 6

Class: Student

Ultimate Attack: Fist Rampage

Personality: Serious

Nathan is a full blooded Saiyan like some of the previous students but a little different. Nathan takes training seriously and doesn't enjoy playing or trying to make friend. Nathan looks like Tora and Bardock believes the kid may in fact be Tora son in another universe. Nathan was brought in and renamed by Kento and Kento seems to be the only one Nathan feels comfortable around.

Name: Kelly

Age: 5

Class: Student

Ultimate Attack: Lily Rain

Personality: Perky

Kelly is always seen with a smile on her face and a skip in her step. Kelly is determined to make Nathan her friend and get him to lighten up. Kelly is also a full blooded Saiyan and looks like Fasha. Kelly was rescued and recruited by Serena and now considers her an older sister.

Name: Tack

Age: 5

Class: Student

Ultimate Attack: Night Shot

Personality: Quiet

Tack is a Namekian child that looks like Piccolo but has no relation to him what so ever but was an egg Nail hacked up in his universe making him Harker younger brother. Tack hardly talks but is very intelligent for a Namek his age and seems to want to be like his elder brother. Tack was rescued and recruited by Tsumuri.

Name: Crate

Age: 7

Class: Student

Ultimate Attack: Spiral Sector

Personality: Also a Namekian child brought to the academy. Crate is by far a very kind Namekian child who loves the outdoors and has a strange senses for having any animal instantly like him. Crate was rescues and recruited by Harker.

Name: Ice

Age: 5

Class: Student

Ultimate Attack: Blizzard Strike

Personality: Slow

Ice is an Icein warrior like Freiza and Cooler she unlike most of the Icein brought to the school is the first female of their species and is a bit slow. Ice has difficulty understanding things then others it takes her brain a few seconds to process it. Ice was recruited by Chill and seems to have developed a crush on him.

Name: Freeze

Age: 5

Class: Student

Ultimate Attack: Ice Wave

Personality: Rebellious

Freeze is a very rebellious student and always seems to go looking for trouble or sticking his nose where it shouldn't be. Freeze has a thing for trouble and the joy for adrenaline with his partner in crime Brody. Freeze was rescued and recruited by Frost.

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