Chapter Ninety-Three: True Saiyans Fight Alone

"The earth gone, and everyone else" Serena said on her knees looking out the crystal ball.

"The earth is gone you say who are you trying to fool, what do you think this is huh?" Hercule said.

"Please someone shut him up!" Nero said.

"Oh I get it this must be a dream and if this a dream I can fly!" Hercule yelled running to a cliff and jumping off and smashing into several rocks. "Ow! The pain, how can this be a dream if there's pain!"

"Ugh what the hell happened?" Reyoto groaned.

"Oh Reyoto I was so scared!" Naomi said hugging him.

"What the hell happened?" Brody asked.

"There he is!" Kibito Kai said seeing Buu reform himself in space.

"How can he survive a blast like that?" Dende said.

"He's mad!" Goku yelled.

"That fiend! Damn him!" Vegeta yelled.

"If he can withstand an incredible explosion like that how are we ever going to beat him?" Kibito Kai asked as Buu vanished.

"Did you see that?" Vegeta asked.

"Yeah he's using Instant Transmission!" Goku said.

"But how can he have learned it that fast? Now he can travel at the speed of light" Kibito Kai said.

Buu landed on another planet as he began to blow up another planet as he moved from planet to planet.

"I think that he's searching for you four, sensing spirits that are stronger than average and going there to check it out" Old Kai said.

"What's he going to do? Destroy every single place he looks! My god!" Goku growled.

"Yes I'm afraid so, this Buu experiences no remorse what's so ever he's a killing machine" Kibito Kai said.

"With I.T. he could destroy an entire solar system in less than an hour, the universe will never be the same again" Goku said.

"Hey wait! I forgot the dragon balls , the new ones on Namek Frieza destroyed our original home world but he couldn't destroy the dragon balls not as long as they live in the hearts of my Namek brothers and I'm sure the Elder made a new set by now" Dende said as everyone sighed with relief. "We can use them to wish back the earth and everyone Majin Buu killed.

"Yes he's right!" Vegeta said.

"There's a small problem, Dende the other Nameks are too far away I can barely sense them from where we are which means we can't reach them by I.T. we need a spaceship of some short to get their" Goku said.

"Which we don't have" Dende said disappointed.

"Dammit!" Kento yelled.

"Wait! I'm not sure what the dragon balls are but I'm a Kai my Instantaneous Movements is not limited by distances I can go anywhere I want see! If you guys have a plan then the least I can do is get you to where you want to go" Kibito Kai said.

"Yes alright!" Goku and Dende shouted.

"Alright! Things finally seem to be going in our favor!" Vegeta said.

"Hold it right there! I'm familiar with the dragon balls and using them in this case just isn't proper those balls they aren't to be used anywhere but on their home planet using those balls elsewhere could upset the balance of the universe!" Old Kai yelled.

"Aren't you being a little strict after all the earth has some very beautiful women on it there's one particular I'm thinking about, remember your reward for helping Gohan and the others?" Goku said."

"Uh dad I don't think it's a good idea to bring that up with Vegeta here!" Kento whispered.

"Oh you mean that one!" Old Kai said.

"The one you get to kiss" Goku said.

"Everyone stand this isn't going to be pretty" Reyoto warned as Old Kai laughed as the Saiyan teens knew this was going to be ugly.

"I noticed since I was a boy she great" Goku said.

"He's a dead man" Zang said seeing Vegeta growling.

"But didn't she die when the earth exploded?" Old Kai asked.

"Sure but we can use the dragon balls to wish all the earthlings back" Goku said.

"Hey Kakarot! You would happen to be talking about Bulma by any chance!" Vegeta growled as Goku gasped.

"He's dead" Saiya said.

"Oh you are aren't you! You idiot how could you! Don't you have any sense at all! Let him kiss your woman or one of them!" Vegeta yelled pointing at Serena, Naomi and May.

"Eww! No way in hell I'm kissing that!" Serena said.

"That will be one cold day in hell when I do that" Naomi said.

"Ugh" May said.

"But she not as nearly as pretty as Bulma is see it a compliment!" Goku said.

"You better hope Chichi never hears about this" Kento yelled.

"Buu blew up another world! What an insane creature he keeps blowing himself to smithereens and then reforming!" Kibito Kai said.

Buu then I.T. himself into Otherworld.

"Damn him! He's found his way into Otherworld!" Goku said.

"Lets go get him!" Vegeta said.

"Right behind you!" Kento said.

"I think you got around to giving them your earrings, they would clean Buu clock if they fused together" Old Kai said.

"Yes of course" Kibito Kai said removing his earring. "Gosh Goku, Vegeta, Nero, Kento if it wasn't for you where would all of us be? Cheers!" he said tossing them the earrings.

"You'll have to forgive me guys but no thanks I think some things are more important than victory theses just aren't right for us maybe if they weren't permanent you know" Goku said.

"I understand" Kibito Kia said.

"Besides Buu not used to being himself anymore it's only fair that I fight him in my natural state" Goku said.

"What are you saying! Have you lost your marbles! Hold on this isn't about your ego! This is the fate of he universe were talking about!" Old Kai yelled.

"Perhaps you should reconsider" Kibito Kai said.

"Kindly allow me to put an end to any furfure speculation" Vegeta said crushing the earring in his hand. "Were Saiyans after all we do have our pride" he said as Goku crushed his.

"Yes and that pride got our brethren killed, I swear if this come back to bite us in the ass I'm personally holding you two responsible" Nero said.

"How do you think you'll beat Majin Buu in his present state? This is his original form he's more powerful than ever!" Kibito Kai said.

"Don't worry it will work out somehow" Goku said.

"It better or I'm kicking your ass" Kento said.

"My goodness he's going to below the Great Kai Planet!" Kibito Kai said.

"Is it possible to die when you're dead or does something else happen?" Reyoto asked.

"If it happens again they won't exist in this world anymore but I'm not going to allow that to happen" Goku said getting ready to I.T. away.

"Kakarot wait! Why don't we draw him to us and away from those innocent people, it is us he's after" Vegeta said.

"But how do we call him?" Goku asked.

"Oh use your brain Kakarot all we have to do is raise our power levels and he'll come running" Vegeta said.

"Of course!" Goku said.

"Let's do it!" Vegeta said.

"Right!" Goku said.

"Still going to regret this" Kento muttered as they started yelling powering up to get Buu attention.


Buu was forming another death ball.

"Buu crush you like bug!" Kid Buu said as he sensed the three rising powers and smiled as he laughed.

"Dumb Dumbs!" he said making the death ball go away and took off into the sky.


The Saiyans stopped yelling when they sensed Kid Buu as he appeared in front of them and landed near the Kai's Dende and the other Saiyan teens.

"That was quick" Goku said.

Kid Buu burst into evil laughter as Vegeta cracked his knuckles while Kento stretched and Nero growled.

"How perfect we can fight as we like here" Vegeta said.

"Please leave now you guys if you try and stay you'll only help Majin Buu" Goku said.

"What!" Kibito Kai yelled.

"Sorry but we can't fight to our full potential if were worried about you safety" Goku said.

"Oh yeah I understand now" Kibito Kai said.

"I understand what's going on here, sure your think that are sacred patting is going to be demolished during the fight, oh well kick some ass you three" Old Kai said.

"Thank Old Kai" Goku said.

"Do your best guys!" Dende said.

"And kick his ass make that runt suffer!" Serena yelled as Goku gave them a thumbs up.

"Grab ahold of me you guys I believe it's time for us to go!" Kibito Kai said.

"I don't know about this" Old Kai said as they grabbed onto Kibito Kai.

"You'll be just fine" Kibito Kai said as they vanished leaving Goku, Nero Vegeta and Goku.

"Now then with all our lose ends gone, shall we?" Nero said.

"Hey we should probable decided now while we still have a spare minute" Goku said.

"Right how are we going to do it?" Vegeta asked.

"I guess we'll try the old fashioned way" Goku said.

"Oh goodie" Kento said.

"Alright Kakarot you're asking for it" Vegeta said.

"We'll see about that" Goku said.

"I hate this" Nero said.

"Rock paper scissors ha!" The Saiyans yelled as Goku got rock while Vegeta, Kento and Nero had scissors.

"Yeah I did it!" Goku said as Vegeta grunted as him and the others powered down.

"Yeah you beat us Kakarot but there's a good chance we'll get our turn anyway" Vegeta said.

"Gee thanks but if you wanted a turn you should have choose paper" Goku said as Vegeta flew off as Kento and Nero remained.

"The fact of the matter is I probably destroyed the fat Majin Buu when I was at Super Saiyan 3 but I wanted Gohan and the boys to have their chance at saving the world, I won't be around forever and neither will he hopefully" Goku said making a disgusted look towards where Vegeta landed.

"You better not screw up again Goku because if you start losing I'll intervene and we will fuse, you understand me!" Nero growled as Goku nodded and Nero and Kento flew off to join Vegeta.

"Alright Majin Buu let's do it!" Goku said as Buu remained motionless looking down at the ground. "What's the big deal you drop something?" Goku said as he saw something leaking towards the ground.

"Huh!" Goku said realizing Buu fell asleep and was drooling.

"That bum! He's sound asleep! How dare he! No this can't go on anymore he's killed too many innocent people, it's not right!" Goku yelled powering to level 2 and woke Buu up.

When Goku stopped Buu yelled as he began beating on his chest like a gorilla and yelled like one as well.

"What in the world?" Goku said watching Buu do this for a good few minutes.

Vegeta, Kento and Nero watched with angry expression and veins on their heads as they watched.

"Fool! Who does he think he is!" Vegeta growled.

"That little runt got a lot of nerve!" Nero growled.

"Forget this I've had enough!" Goku yelled teleporting towards Buu and came down to slam his knee down on Buu face to shut him up as Buu mumbled from under the knee and continued to beat on his chest as Goku came down and kicked Buu in the back sending him flying as he continued to act like a gorilla even when he crashed into a mountain and stopped dragging his feet in the dirt.

Goku came at him as Buu held up a kai ball as Goku dodged and slammed his elbow into Buu gut, bash his elbow down on Buu head, kick Buu in the face then again to send Buu stepping back a few inches before Goku stopped in front of him and held a kai blast to Buu chest as it grew bigger making Buu get destroyed as the kai blast move a good few miles before it exploded.

Buu then began reforming in the air as he laughed.

"Presto" Vegeta said.

"Man that laugh more annoying when he's a shrimp!" Nero said.

Goku began flying into the air as Buu flew down and charged at Goku and punched him in the face as they both created kai balls as they collided causing an explosion as they came out from the smoke and Buu head-butted Goku as Goku punched Buu in the gut, Buu then punched Goku in the face.

They flew back as Goku threw a kick in Buu direction who shrunk his head into his body to dodge Goku kick as Goku came back around to kick Buu in the gut as Buu stretched out to stop himself and flew down towards the ground with Goku.

Buu came at Goku with a kick which Goku block as Buu continued to kick as Goku block. Goku fell over and used his hand to hold him up as he kicked Buu in the head as Buu shot a kai blast at him that he smacked aside as he threw a kai blast back at Buu who dodged and shot another kai blast that Goku jumped over and shot another kai blast.

Kai balls were flying in all directions as Vegeta and the others continued to watch from a safe distances.

Buu at one point shoved his foot into the ground as Goku came charging at him as his foot came up from the ground to hit Goku in the face as he began stabbing his foot into the ground that Goku began dodging as he stepped on Buu foot as it was coming out as he came at Buu and kneed him in the face.

Buu grabbed Goku foot and slammed into the ground and chucked a kai blast at him as Goku got up and held his arms up to block as he threw Buu blast into the air as Buu came at Goku with a punch that Goku dodged as Buu head tentacle wrapped around Goku neck and pulled him into the air and spun around in circles and threw Goku forward and into a mountain.

"Oh, should we help?" Nero asked as the mountain Goku went into two halves as Buu landed on top of it and beat on his chest again.

"No lets watch a little while longer" Vegeta said as the crack in the mountain Buu stood over began to move apart as Buu noticed and stopped his actions as Goku yelled and pushed the two halves apart as they both blew up into boulders and rocks.

"Ok onto plan B whatever that is" Goku said.

Buu vanished from the spot he floated in the air as he went into space and began coming down fast at Goku who gave Buu his own punch as the impact caused the earth around Goku turned into a large crater as the earth shook and new mountains began coming from the ground as some of the earth shrunk.

"I hope he's having fun because I'm not!" Vegeta yelled as they tried to keep their footing on the spot they stood on.

"Yeah no kidding!" Kento yelled.

Goku and Buu moved away from each other as the land shifted around them.

Buu laughed as he began forming around a kai ball as it began to grow bigger.

"Great now what's he up too? Better not wait to find out!" Goku yelled throwing a kai ball at Buu that stopped and went into Buu large kai ball.

"Huh!" Goku said as Buu threw the large ball at him as Goku held up his hand to catch it as he yelled and threw it into space where it circled the planet and came back down towards Goku who jumped out of its way.

The kai ball caused the sky to turn red as Vegeta and Nero and Kento tried to look for Goku and Buu.

"Where are you Kakarot?" Vegeta said as they saw a pink light down below as the red sky went away. "Freaky"

"Yeah no kidding" Kento said as black clouds filled the sky as thunder and lightning began to show as the earth shook again as the ground they stood on began splitting apart and began crumbling as large craters began forming on the planet.

"Damn you! Where's your weak point! You're twice are strong as you were before, your speed, and your power" Goku said as he began yelling and powered to level 3.

"So Kakarot finally in the mood is he? This ought to be one to remember" Vegeta said.

"Majin Buu your time has come! Ok let's see what you got!" Goku said.

Buu laughed as he smiled evilly and tilted his head at Goku as he vanished and kicked Goku who charged back at him and they collided throwing punches and kicks.

"Vegeta just in case something happens I want you to know something" Reyoto said as Goku punched Buu gut and kicked his jaw.

"What?" Vegeta said as Goku kept kicking Buu while he held the tentacle as it wrapped it's self around his neck as Bu began repeatedly head-butting Goku as Buu kicked Goku in the air as Goku hit Buu with a large kai blast as Buu reformed but wrong with his head coming out of his crotch.

"I know were both under a lot of pressure but let's try to keep our heads on our shoulders" Goku said as Buu growled as his head went back in between his legs and came back onto his shoulders as he flew towards Goku upside down and began attacking Goku as they punched and kicked each other.

"At this rate he may not be enough" Vegeta said seeing Goku get elbow in the side before Goku kicked Buu in the face as Buu returned that kick to his gut and Goku gave him a punch to the gut.


Goku and Buu were kicking and punching each other as everyone in Otherworld and in Hell watched.

"Look Radiate it's your two brats" Nappa said.

"Oh shut up! One of those brats are the reason I'm here!" Raditz yelled.

"Don't tell me you're still mad that you got beat by that brat?" Nappa said.

"Yes, no brat should be stronger than their father especially one of mine! He doesn't even look like me, he took after my father like my brother and one of his brats!" Raditz growled as they watch Buu turn into a ball and come at Goku and hit him in the face as Buu flew down and came flying back up as Goku dodged as Buu hit a mountain and went bouncing back and forth against mountains as he flew back up to Buu who flew down and move away at the last second so Buu hit the ground causing the planet to shake.

Goku was looking into the hole Buu created as the ground shook as Goku jumped away as he moved from spot to spot as Buu tunneled underground as Goku stopped and Buu popped out behind him as Goku pushed the boulders off him.

"How does he keep it up?" Goku said as Buu popped out from his ball and pointed and laughed at Goku as he watched Buu laugh as Buu stopped laughing and flew down at Goku

"I know I'm going to regret this, but this isn't the time to conserve energy" Goku said getting ready for his attack. "Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha!" he yelled hitting Buu with the blue kai blast.

Goku fell to his knees as Kento and Nero flew from their spot and knelt next to Goku.

"Get up! You shouldn't have wasted all your energy on that attack!" Kento said as Buu reformed himself into a hundred mini Kid Buu's all laughing as they began shooting kai blast at Goku Nero and Kento.

"Solar Shield!" Kento yelled as the blast came down on them Goku began yelling as he fell out of Super Saiyan 3 right to his normal form as he passed out on the ground.

"Dad!" Kento said removing the shield.

"No Kakarot!" Vegeta said flying down to stand next to Kento and Nero and knelt down.

"Shit!" Nero growled.

"Kakarot were right here" Vegeta said as Goku grunted and tried to get up. "Look I know it's your turn Kakarot but I think we better cut in at this point unless you're finished eating dirt" Vegeta said.

"Yeah sure be my guest, please be careful my friends" Goku grunted.

"Count on it!" Vegeta said as the Kid Buu's continued to laugh.

"That's right, laugh it up you little runts!" Nero yelled standing with Vegeta and Kento as they sll charged up and flew into the sky at the mini Buu's began attacking them with mini punches and kicks and Nero, Kento and Vegeta charged up and pushed the Buu backs as they began blasting away at them as the pink blobs then reformed Kid Buu.

"Peek-a-Buu-Buu" Buu said as he began laughing and hit Vegeta with a kai blast.

"Vegeta!" Kento yelled as Buu charged at Vegeta and began beating on him till Nero went in and kicked Buu in the head as Vegeta teleported away from him as Kento floated next to Vegeta and Nero as Buu began doing some kind of wiggle dance.

"This guy just keeps pissing me off!" Nero yelled.

"That's it!" Vegeta yelled as he charged at Buu trying to land a punch and a few kick as Buu dodged and Vegeta hit Buu with a kai blast blasting off his legs as Buu made them grow back as Vegeta repeated this process three more times as Buu just regrew his legs.

"Great no effect at all" Vegeta panted.

Buu stretched out his leg to kick Vegeta in the gut and brought his body over to head-butt Vegeta and sent him crashing into the face of a mountain.

"Victory Cannon!" Kento yelled taking off Buu head as Buu stretched his arm out to grab Kento leg and slammed him into Nero and onto the top of the mountain and out of Vegeta sight as Buu moved to float directly in front of Vegeta.

Buu flew back a little and began forming a kai blast as he got ready to throw it as Goku and Nero came from nowhere and kicked Buu in the face sending him flying back.

"Sorry to but in like that but I'm not done yet Majin Buu is so much stronger than anyone I have ever faced before but I know there's still away to win!" Goku yelled powering to Super Saiyan as Kento joined him as Nero powered to Shadow Saiyan

Buu was rubbing his jaw and laughing as Goku, Kento and Nero floated in front of him as they powered to level 2 before they yelled and went to level 3.

'Kento did it, he's controlling level 3 which means the others now can' Nero thought.

Goku flew towards Buu and pushed him back with invisible force power sending Buu flying back as he went flat to stop midair as Nero came punching and kicking at Buu as Goku joined him and Kento.

At one point Buu bite Goku arm as Kento held Buu head as Goku but down on his head as Vegeta watched as they began hitting Buu with kai blast as they sent him flying to the ground as he used the leg trick again as Nero dodged and kicked Buu in the face as he went stretching forward then back to head-butt Nero as Goku came to punch Buu in the face.

Buu jumped up onto a small hill and charged for a Kamehameha as he blasted it at them.

"Solar Shield!" Kento yelled stepping in front of Goku as the blast came down.

"Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha!" Goku Kento and Nero yelled as a massive kai blast came at Buu as he slammed his fist into making him get his arm and left hand get cut off.

"This can't keep going on" Nero panted.

"You can't deflect that one" Goku panted as Buu growled and regrew his arm and hand. "This can't go on, were going nowhere fast" Goku said.

"Let's just wing it!" Kento said as they flew up as Goku and Buu punched each other and Kento elbowed Buu gut and Nero slammed his knee in the back of Buu neck as they began colliding attacks.

Buu at one point grabbed Goku and Nero legs and began spinning them around and smacked Kento in the ground below and threw them towards the planet surface and into a mountain as Buu came flying down at them as Goku and Nero blasted at him who caught the blast with his arms and legs as he held the four blast in place as Goku and Nero threw two more kai blast as Buu threw the four kai blast at them and smacked back the other two back at them.

When the smoke cleared Buu saw the Saiyans were gone as he turned around as Goku smacked his fist down onto Buu as Nero kicked him and Kento slammed his elbow into Buu gut as he went flying down and turned into a flat Buu to stop a few feet from the ground and land but Goku kicked his head into the earth as Goku Kento and Nero held kai blast towards Buu body and yelled a blue light could been seen going right through the planet.

Goku Kento and Nero were panting as Buu hands grabbed their legs and pulled them down into the ground and threw them into a cave as he began smacking them around against rocks as he slammed them a few times before he retracted his arms.

"Ugh you're really stronger than I imagined" Goku grunted.

"Regret crushing the earrings yet?" Nero grunted.

"I regret not using the watches yet" Kento said.

"Me Buu kill you!" Kid Buu said.

"Is that so?" Goku said getting up as Nero and Kento followed. "Well you wouldn't be the first and there's always that chance, but what we represent can never be destroyed Majin Buu!"

"Let's go!" Nero yelled as they charged at each other as Goku, Kento and Nero began beating on Buu with punches and kicks as Goku kicked Buu into the side of the cave as Goku fell to his knees as Nero leaned up against a rock to stay up as Kento wobbled trying to keep his footing.

They heard whistling as the dust cleared and Buu was seen sitting looking bored.

"Shit our attacks aren't having any effect on him anymore, what's going on" Goku said.

Buu stuck his tongue at them and pull on one of his eyelids as Nero and Kento growled.

"That's it!" Nero yelled as Buu came at them and began expanding as Goku Kento and Nero hit him with kai blasts making a hole out of the cave as the Saiyans chased after Buu.

"Man I feel like a hamster on a wheel, it doesn't matter how much energy we put out we still don't get anywhere" Goku said.

"We need a plan!" Kento said.

"Kakarot, Nero, Kento" Vegeta said floating behind them.

"Hey we'll switch in a little while ok I still have some fight left in me" Goku said.

"And I don't give a crap about these stupid traditions I want him dead!" Nero growled

"I know you don't intend to switch you can't fool me, come on you know better than anyone that I don't stand a chance against Buu at this level he'd tear me apart" Vegeta said.

"You'd do fine" Goku said.

"Don't give me that I know what you're trying to do Kakarot so forget it I fought him I had my chance I know the truth, he's stronger than both me, Kento and Nero, you know that" Vegeta said.

"Vegeta" Goku said.

"Hey I may not last as long as Goku but I'm not giving up just yet" Kento said.

"Go get him don't you worry about me you're a Super Saiyan 3 you three should create enough energy to destroy that monster" Vegeta said.

"Well maybe I could have done it while I was fresh but I let the fight drag on so you can have a shot" Goku said.

"Huh!" Vegeta said in shock as anger hit Nero and Kento.

"I should have done it! Dammit now I'm weak I'll need time!" Goku said.

"How much time?" Vegeta asked in too much shock to be mad yet.

"Even if I had one minute just one minute with no interruptions" Goku said as Vegeta eye twitched.

"In this fight, one minute is an eternity" Vegeta said as Buu did the wiggle dance again.

"OH I WANT TO KILL HIM!" Nero yelled.

"Oh man I don't believe this he's having the time of his life over there!" Goku growled.

"Buu yeah, Buu yeah!" Kid Buu said dancing.

"He's just playing games!" Goku growled.

"Kakarot! Kento, Nero and I got it covered" Vegeta said.

"Say what?" Kento said.

"Your minute we got it covered get the rest that you need!" Vegeta said.

"But Vegeta you all could die" Goku said.

"If I can't last one lousy then perhaps I deserve to die!" Vegeta said.

"Hey that's not true!" Goku said.

"Sixty seconds Kakarot" Vegeta said.

"We can hold him off just don't make us regret it!" Nero said.

"Alright were going, you have one minute" Vegeta said.

"Forget it! No way, you already tried fighting him once you could be killed!" Goku said.

"Tell me is there any other way Kakarot, do you want to beat him or not?" Vegeta said.

"Yes I do" Goku said.

"Then what do you say we drop this idiotic sentiment and win this thing, and don't worry about us we'll keep our end of the deal!" Vegeta said.

"Why not I'll do it, alright on one condition I don't want you to do anything reckless just hold him off and that's it alright, you don't have to win this so don't get angry and blow yourself up again, you died once if anything happens to you now, you won't exist anymore, there will be nothing I can do to bring you back, stay alive ok" Goku said.

"Thanks but I'm already dead" Vegeta said.

"I'm not and plan to keep it that way" Kento said.

"Well here it goes" Vegeta said powering to level 1 then two as he began pushing it furfure.

"That right Vegeta push that power out!" Nero yelled as Vegeta yelled and became level 3 as his hair made him look weird as Vegeta Nero and Kento flew at Buu as Goku yelled and began charging his power.

"Vegeta let me show you mine and my friends technique!" Kento said holding two kai balls in his hands as he began yelling as his teeth became sharper and with eyes turned white and the kai balls formed around his hands and became claw. "Saiyan Rage! Saiyan Ape Rampage!" he yelled as he flew up into the air and came spinning down forming a gold wheel.

Vegeta threw down a kai blast at Buu who got his lower half cut off as Kento came down driving through Buu who turned into a dozen pieces as Nero hit the Buu bits with a kai blast.

Kento attack then wore off as Buu reformed and they began throwing kai blast at him.

Vegeta Kento and Nero were busy to notice that Buu bits were forming behind them as he came down and kicked them down as they land on the ground.

"Ow! Little runt got a cheap shot!" Nero growled as Buu appeared in front of them and kicked them back sending them flying as Buu burrowed under the ground and came up behind them and kicked them in the backs as the Saiyans coughed up blood and Buu slammed their heads together as they crashed in the ground and Buu came down on them.

"No! I won't let us lose! We have to much on the line to die here" Nero grunted as he began to lift himself up off the ground.

"Just a little bit longer!" Vegeta grunted as he picked himself off the ground and Buu laughed.

"You're going to wish you hadn't done that! Come on!" Vegeta yelled as Buu continued to laugh.

"What the hell are you laughing at!" Kento yelled as Buu held up his hand and motioned for them to come here as the Saiyans yelled and flew towards Buu as Vegeta vanished and came down to punch Buu in the face as Nero kneed Buu in the gut as Vegeta punched Buu again and Kento kicked Buu in the air and Vegeta kicked him back down.

Buu dodged Vegeta punched as he kicked Vegeta into the air and sent him flying in the air as Nero appeared in front of Buu and kicked him in the face and punched Buu in the gut as Buu kicked him down into the ground.

Buu flew down towards the rocks as Vegeta lay in the rocks in Super Saiyan 1 as Kento was above him in in Super Saiyan 1 in a fighting position growling at Buu.

"Get near him and I'll tear you to shreds!" Kento growled.

Buu then turned to Goku and began walking towards him as the sound of slicing was heard as Buu looked down to see four cuts going right threw him as the reformed and he turned his head completely around to see Nero with Shadow Claws and growling with demon red eyes.

"Where do you think you're going!" Nero growled.

"What's wrong leaving so soon?" Vegeta asked as he got back up. "You're no warrior, or a mindless freak of nature a big wad of chewed up chewing gum!"

"Come on!" Kento yelled jumping back to stand next to Vegeat and Nero

"Is this what you wanted, well is it?" Vegeta said motion Buu to come here.

"I don't think so Vegeta I think he's scared!" Nero said.

"Go ahead and run away!" Vegeta said as Buu growled and turned the rest of his body around and came charging at them as Vegeta, Kento and Nero held up their hands.

"That's right" Nero said.

"Huh!" Kid Buu said.

"Take this fool!" Vegeta yelled as they shot kai blast at Buu who made a hole in his body so the blast went right threw him. "Damn!"

Buu then appeared and threw a punch that Saiyans too as they began getting beaten as Buu moved back and forth from each of them.

Buu didn't expect Kento to grab his throat as Kento eyes glowed white as he glared his fangs and his kai claws tore Buu head off as Buu body hit both Vegeta and Kento with close up kai blast as they both were sent flying back.

Vegeta and Kento lay in a crater beaten blood covered and in their normal states and looked to be unconscious as Nero growled.

Buu laughed at their current state as turned his back to them.

"Hold it!" Nero yelled.

"What's so funny freak!" Vegeta growled.

"Huh?" Buu said stopped laughing.

"Were not done yet you abomination!" Kento growled as they crawled out of the crater.

"What are you gawking at! What did you think huh? Did you think we would roll over and die after an attack like that!" Vegeta growled gripping his arm while Kento whipped blood from the side of his mouth as Buu stepped back away from them.

"Not a chance!" Nero growled as Buu growled in anger.

"Your nothing just a trickster, I am a warrior a Saiyan Prince Vegeta!" Vegeta yelled powering to Super Saiyan.

"And were the highest ranking Time Force Fighter in the galaxies no way in hell were dropping dead!" Kento yelled powering to his Super Saiyan form as Nero went into his Shadow Saiyan state.

"I don't get it I should have been done by now, why isn't this working? I need more time it's not enough!" Goku said as Vegeta disappeared and came up behind Buu with a punch that Buu caught as they both locked fists as the ground shook around them as Buu kicked Vegeta in the gut sending him into the air.

"Dodged this you little brat!" Nero yelled kicking Buu head as Buu grabbed his foot and smashed him into the ground as he stretched his arm out and wrapped it around Vegeta and Kento neck and began choking them and he stepped on Nero neck.

"Vegeta! Boys no! I can't take this, it's too much to bare" Goku growled.

Vegeta, Nero and Kento were gaging for air and trying to break Majin Buu grip on them as Buu pulled Vegeta over so he was brought right in front of Buu as he tightened his grip as Kenot used his Saiyan Rage claws to break free as he coughed.

"Let him go you coward!" Nero growled trying to get Buu foot off his neck as he pulled him in to the air and stretched his arm to form a cage around Vegeta as he began using electricity on him.

Vegeta then powered up to stop the electricity but Buu used the cage and wrapped it tightly around Vegeta and pulled Vegeta threw the air and slammed him into the ground Buu then detangled all but the wrap around Vegeta neck and began slamming him into whatever Buu found hard.

Buu at one point released Vegeta and made his fist grow large and slammed Vegeta into the ground as Reyoto and Kento got an opening.

"Shadow Vortex!" Nero yelled blasting Buu off him as he got up and ran over to the crater Vegeta was in.

"Victory Cannon!" Kento yelled blasting Buu over.

Vegeta began getting up as Nero jumped in and got down next to him and helped him to sit to let Vegeta catching his breath.

"Kakarot, no it's my fault I'm in this pitiful state now not yours, now finish the job you started!" Vegeta yelled rubbing his neck.

Buu hands then came from the ground and grabbed Nero and Vegeta necks and pulled them in the air as Buu wrapped on arm around both their necks and used his free hand to form a kai ball.

"Not good if they get hit by an energy blast of that magnitude they are goners!" Goku said as Nero and Vegeta returned to their normal forms. "I can't let this happen!"

"Buu!" Hercule yelled catching everyone's attention. "Caught you with your filthy hand in the cookie jar didn't I big guy, how long did you think you could get away with theses injustices, Mr. Satan will step in if that other coward won't!" Hercule yelled jumping down as Buu looked at him with an evil smile and laughed.

"You know the real battle about to begin so laugh while you can because I'm going to pound that smile off of your face!"

"Please not him, what did I do to deserve this?" Goku said as Buu made his kai ball vanish and dropped Vegeta and Nero on the ground and brought his arm back to normal and turned to Hercule with his hands on his hips.

"You had your way with those other three but let's see how you do against the world champion!" Hercule said walking right up to Buu who frowned as Hercule got into his face and began making faces at Buu and a kiss my ass expression. "Kiss my barmy stone!" he said back flipping back a few feet.

"What's the matter, is Buu scared of the champ, ah poor Boo, boo" he said. 'Maybe this nightmare is going to turn into Mr. Satan saves the universe dream' Hercule thought.

Buu growled and came flying towards Hercule yelling as Hercule now realized his mistake as something caught Buu attention as Hercule ducked from Buu swing and growled.

"Please don't hurt me!" Hercule begged as Buu tried to step on his head but Hercule came up from his graveling position. "I was only kidding before when I said that stuff about you being scared of me, I didn't mean any of it please!" Hercule begged.

"Amazing he got it down to an art form" Goku said laughing. "Some style and it's working."

"Please Hercule begged as he opened his eyes to see Buu growling and screamed in fear as he moved away quickly. "Please don't hurt me, I'm begging you Buu for old time's sake" Hercule begged as Buu laughed and began walking towards him as he sensed something that made him afraid as he screamed and gripped his head.

"Hey what's up? Aren't you going to kill me?" Hercule asked as Buu continued to scream. "Hey I know now, he must be sensing my aura" Hercule said as he laughed. "Take that! Serves you right, feel my power!"

"Kakarot!" Vegeta grunted as he tried to get off the ground with Nero as Kento helped them. "What are you doing! Idiot you should use this time to power up!" Vegeta yelled.

"Oh man your right!" Goku said as he began yelling to power up.

Buu was still yelling as he stopped yelling and began chewing as he spat put a little blue blob as it exploded in a puff of pink smoke and Fat Buu came rolling out.

"What the hell!" Ner yelled.

"Buu?" Hercule said as Kid Buu laughed. "Buu!" Hercule yelled running over to Majin Buu. "Buu are you alright? Say something please, it's me your old pal" Hercule said shaking Majin Buu.

"Buu you saved me again didn't you? You kept him from attacking me, please Buu you're the only friend I have, it can't end like this, I won't let it end like this" Hercule said with tears forming in his eyes as his expression changed. "That does it he' threw, no more!" he yelled standing up and pointed at Kid Buu.

"Hey you, your finished it's over, I'm going to tear you limb from limb!" Hercule yelled as Buu just laughed and began walking towards them. "What you don't think I can? Well guess again fool don't you realize what you're up against! You are walking towards your own doom!"

Hercule looked down at Buu who was still out cold. "Fine so be it, you missed your chance to turn around buddy, it's time to face the master!" he said moving away from Buu as Kid Buu laughed and continued to walk towards him.

Hercule went into his own fighting stance as he began kicking at Kid Buu then punching and one of his strongest punch he can throw out into Buu face as Buu didn't feel anything.

"Go ahead take a knee Buu I know it hurt" Hercule said removing his hand as Buu smiled and hit Hercule in the face turning his nose red as he went flying back and began rolling around in pain while gripping his nose.

"Not the nose! You just defaced a national monument!" he said rolling as he got up and looked at Kid Buu who was laughing as Hercule ran as far as he can get. "Alright you scandal I'll give you one last chance if you don't want to be destroyed surrender now or at least apologize!"

Kid Buu burst into laughter as he began doing his gorilla routine again.

"Well I guess that how you say you're sorry, granted that's it a bit primitive and unusual but hey no hard feeling and apology accepted" Hercule said as Kid Buu began charging at him as Hercule began running as Kid Buu was inches from getting him when a yellow kai blast went in front of Kid Buu making him stop.

Kid Buu growled as he landed and turned to the direction the blast came from and saw Majin Buu standing up a few feet away with an angry expression and pointing his hand at him.

"He's alive!" Vegeta said.

"Yes maybe he can keep Kid Buu distracted" Nero said.

The dog barked as Buu looked down.

"Bee!" Buu said smiling at the dog.

"Buu?" Hercule said as Kid Buu growled as Majin Buu face went back to a frown.

"You leave alone, him Buu buddy!" Majin Buu yelled.

"Buu you're alive, thank goodness" Hercule said crying as he walked towards him.

"Kakarot hurry up! How long is this going to take!" Vegeta yelled.

"Something not right, it's not working! I don't know I was almost up to full power a minute ago but then it started slipping away" Goku said.

"What!" Vegeta Kento and Nero yelled.

"What do you mean!" Vegeta yelled.

"Did you make us go through that for nothing!" Nero yelled as Kid Buu yells got their attention as they looked over to see Kid Buu and Majin Buu flew at each other as Kid Buu kicked Majin Buu as Buu slid on the ground with Kid Buu following after him as Majin Buu flipped him over to stop himself and charged right back at Kid Buu.

Majin Buu head-butted Kid Buu sending the kid flying into the air as he stretched his arm to grab Majin Buu head tentacle and spun him around and slammed him into the ground.

Majin Buu then got back up sending kai blast into the ground as they came up as Kid Buu dodged three but didn't dodged the one that took his arm, shoulder, and his cheek.

Majin Buu laughed as Kid Buu growled and laughed himself as he regrew his missing side as Majin Buu growled.

Vegeta got up from the ground as Nero and Kento joined him as they watched the fight.

"What a golden opportunity, come on Kakarot! It doesn't get much better than this!" Vegeta yelled.

"What the hell is he doing up there!" Kento yelled.

"Come on!" Vegeta yelled.

"Something wrong, come on! What's going on, I just can't concentrate, I need to relax, let go I'm way to tensed" Goku said as his power went away leaving him in his normal state.

"No! You're kidding me!" Vegeta yelled.

"Oh shit!" Nero said.

"This can't be" Goku said.

"Were screwed, thanks a lot for crushing the earring you idiots!" Kento yelled.

Kid Buu charged at Majin Buu who shot more kai blasts as Kid Buu came down with a pink aura around him as he took of Makin Buu head.

Majin Buu felt for his head as Kid Buu laughed and Majin Buu pulled out a new head as Kid Buu saw this and growled.

"Me big Buu, why little Buu stronger? Hmm" Majin Buu said scratching the back of his head.

"Ha I can't believe that moron done something useful" Vegeta said.

"Yeah I guess we can let him live for now" Kento said as Goku landed behind them panting.

Kid Buu landed on the ground a few feet away from Majin Buu as Vegeta and Reyoto noticed Goku.

"Hey what the hell! Were you playing some kind of stupid joke on us or what, that didn't tickle you know!" Vegeta yelled.

"Yeah while you got a few bruises Vegeta Kento and I got broken ribs and eternal and external bleeding and possible concussions!" Nero yelled.

"Sorry I miss judged, man how strange, when I was training in Otherworld Super Saiyan 3 was well easy, but this body it chugs, yeah I bet it uses twice as much energy, wait a minute I guess you two are pretty mad" Goku said looking up to see Vegeta smile.

"I would be mad but I guess it's understandable, you're lucky" Kento said.

Majin Buu and Kid Buu flew towards each other as Majin Buu tried to punch Kid Buu but the kid slammed his elbow down on his head sending him sliding threw the ground.

Kid Buu then grabbed Majin Buu head tentacle and slammed him into the ground and lifted him up and head locked him.

"Buu! Unhand him you scandal!" Hercule yelled kicking and punching at Kid Buu. "Lowey runt, how dare you hurt my friend! I'm going to turn you inside out!" he said as Kid Buu head tentacle smacked Hercule across the face sending him flying back.

Majin Buu then shrunk his head and swung Kid Buu of his back and into the ground.

"I'll turn you into chocolate!" Majin Buu yelled shooting his candy ray at Kid Buu who jumped over it and landed behind Majin Buu and shot a kai blast right at him taking his head off again.

"Uh, uh, uh" Kid Buu said as Majin Buu made his head and cape regrew.

Steam came out of Majin Buu head as he came at Kid Buu throwing punches and kicks at Buu who dodged them with his arms crossed.

"He can't even land a punch, come one Buu hang in there don't die" Goku said.

"Come on Majin Buu turn that runt into candy or a treat or something!" Nero yelled.

Kid Buu jumped over Majin Buu as a kai blast got shot at him and kicked Majin Buu as Vegeta got an idea.

"Supreme Kai, Dende, Old Kai if you're listening to me I need to talk to you right now! I need your assistances, come on can you hear me or not!" Vegeta yelled.

"Yes, yes were here" Old Kai said.

"Good now look, go to the new Planet Namek right away quick there's no time to waste, gather the dragon balls!" Vegeta yelled.

"I'll have to tell them what for" Dende said.

"To save all our asses, that's what for, but if you don't hurry it will be too late!" Vegeta yelled.

"The dragon balls, we can't use them to settle our affairs" Old Kai said.

"But sir Vegeta needs them, he must have a plan" Dende said.

"Plan slan, no can do" Old Kai said.

"This isn't our affair don't you see it's everyone, if we don't do everything in our powers to help were as guilty as Buu!" Dende said.

"Alright take it easy you made your point, now let's get going" Old Kai said.

"Thank you sir" Dende said.

"Well it's about time!" Vegeta said.

"Hey I know you got a plan" Goku said.

"Yes and?" Vegeta said.

"I hate to pry but um what is it exactly?" Goku said.

"Kakarot how many times have you saved the world up until now?" Vegeta asked.

"Hmm what, how many? Not sure" Goku said.

"Baka" Kento said with his hand on his face.

"Just a ballpark" Vegeta said.

"Well gosh, half a dozen at least" Goku said.

"Then perhaps it's time to let the world fend for itself for once" Vegeta said.

"Vegeta it's me Dende were on Namek right now and we have all seven of the dragon balls we just need to know what your wishes are" Dende said.

"Got it" Vegeta said.

"And what may I ask are we wishing for?" Nero asked.

"Now listen carefully Dende this is very important" Vegeta said.

"Ready when you are" Dende said.

"I have two wishes I want to make, first I want the planet earth to be returned to its original state, and second I want all of the people who were killed since the morning of the world martial arts tournament to be brought back to life, do you understand?" Vegeta asked as they heard no answer. "Did you get that Dende those are my two wishes!"

"Yes I understand, do you want the wishes now?" Dende asked.

"No tomorrow, yes right now!" Kento yelled.

"I'm sorry" Dende said.

"Dende I'm putting my faith in Vegeta plan and I'd like for you to do the same ok" Goku said.

"Of course Goku, what would you like the third wish to be Vegeta?" Dende asked.

"Only two wishes matter to me, do as you please" Vegeta said.

"Hey just out of curiosity why didn't you ask for all the people killed by Buu to be brought back to life wouldn't that be easier?" Goku said.

"Hn no thanks that would mean Babidi would be revived and I never want to see that imp again, also that wish wouldn't bring back the lives I destroyed at the stadium" Vegeta said.

"I see, wow I'm impressed you really though this thing threw" Goku said.

"No! I almost forgot Porunga, he only has the power to bring one person back to life per wish!" Dende yelled.

"You're kidding me!" Vegeta growled.

"That's right he's different from Shenron" Goku said.

"Dammit!" Nero yelled.

"This is awful we didn't give Porunga that ability because Nameks don't believe in whishing people back to life" Dende said as they heard a man laugh.

"As earthlings say chill out, after that Frieza incident we restyled the dragon balls and increased Porunga powers" Moori said.

"You mean he can grant the wish!" Dende yelled.

"Oh yes he can" Moori said.

"Thank Kami!" Azumuri said.

"Vegeta it seems I was wrong everything a go!" Dende said.

"Please proceed now" Vegeta said.

"Right were on it" Dende said.

"Dammit I said let go of him!" Hercule yelled as Kid Buu had his body wrapped around Majin Buu while Hercule pulled on Kid Buu head tentacle.

"Let go of him or I'll rip your stinking head off you big pink pretzel!" he yelled biting down on the tentacle as Kid Buu detached himself form Majin Buu sending him spinning and head-butted Hercule before kicking him across the face and sending him flying into a boulder.

"Stop!" Majin Buu yelled charging at Kid Buu who stretched his leg and kick Majin Buu back as Kid Buu flew towards Majin Buu and punched him sending him flying into some boulders.

Kid Buu then pulled off his arm as his formed into a ball and sent it spinning towards Majin Buu who was coming out from under a pile of rocks and hit him in the face two times and slammed him into the ground as Kid Buu moved the ball to keep hitting Majin Buu in the face.

"Shit, Kakarot check it out do you feel that?" Vegeta asked.

"Yeah the good Buu losing energy and fast" Goku said.

"He won't last, were running out of time, dammit what's taking them so long! Dende hurry it up would you! We haven't got all day you know!" Vegeta yelled.

"Vegeta we did it all the people are back! They're alive!" Dende said.

"Excellent" Nero said.

"So what's next, what's the plan? Huh, ah! Your halo it's gone! You're alive again! You lucky dog" Goku said as Kento and Nero looked up to see Vegeta halo was indeed gone and his injuries gone.

"What the hell he's healed too? No fair I still have broken ribs you know!" Nero yelled into the sky.

"Guess what else the evil people weren't wished back looks like you're a good guy" Goku said.

"So Vegeta is good don't worry your highness we won't tell anyone" Kento said.

Back on earth Azumuri teleported Gohan and the others there with the other Time Force members.

"Hey where are we?" Trunks asked.

"I think were back on earth" Goten said.

"Good that mean the wishes worked!" Reyoto said.

"Now we wait for the damn baka to use the spirit bomb" Zang said.

"He better hurry" Froze said.


"Ah ha! The plan, I know I bet your going to have Gohan, the seven, Goten, Brody, Nathan and Trunks fight aren't you?" Goku said.

"Wrong" Vegeta said.

"Huh?" Goku said.

"Let's do it, now it's time" Vegeta said.

"It's time? Time for what?" Goku asked.

"The Sprit Bomb" Vegeta said.

"That's your big idea, a Sprit Bomb!" Goku yelled.

"A Spirit Bomb huh? Maybe I should do it" Kento said.


Back on earth Gohan and the others were on a hill looking towards a city. "What in the hell is going on? It's all back like nothing ever happened" Piccolo said.

"Yeah this is really bazaar" Gohan said.

"Hey how come Majin Buu isn't here guys?" Goten asked.

"Neither is Mr. Satan, ugh! Don't tell me he beat him! Wow wouldn't that be something" Trunks said.

"Ugh that be a nightmare" Saiya said.


Back on Planet Kai

"A Sprit Bomb! But that didn't work against Frieza what makes you think it will work now?" Goku said.

"It will" Vegeta said.

"So that's what you meant about the world saving itself you want the people of earth to apply to energy to beat Buu" Goku said as they heard grunting and looked to see Kid Buu still beating on Majin Buu.

"You be candy!" Buu yelled trying the candy ray again but Kid Buu dodged it as it hit a boulder and turned it into a million gumballs as Kid Buu grabbed a handful to eat and continued to beat on Majin Buu.

"This candy taste disgusting!" Nero said spitting out a gumball he caught.

"Now it's time, you know what to do Kakarot?" Vegeta said.

"Yeah but do you think the people of earth have that much energy?" Goku asked as Vegeta growled. "I'm not doubting your plan, it's just that Buu is just so damn powerful."

"It will be enough, I learned enough not to underestimate the power of the human race, we won't just take a little bit we'll take as much as they can possibly give" Vegeta said.

"A maximum huh? Hmmm" Goku said smiling.

"Vegeta" Dende said.

"What?" Vegeta yelled.

"Uh Porunga wants to know what your third wish is" Dende said.

"How about some new boots size nine please" Vegeta said.

"New boots! He's not serious is he?" Dende asked.

"Of course not idiot, is Kibito Kai there?" Vegeta said.

"Yes here" Kibito Kai said.

"I need to speak with the inhabitants of the earth, all of them at one time" Vegeta said.

"Are you saying you want to speak telepathically to the entire planet?" Kibtio Shin said.

"Exactly" Vegeta said.

"It can't be done?" Old Kai said.

"Ah Vegeta we don't know how" Kibito Kai said.

"Great now what!" Vegeta yelled.

"Hey fellas I can arrange that" King Kai said.

"What?" Vegeta said.

"Who the hell was that?" Kento said.

"Oh hey its King Kai, can you really do it?" Goku said.

"Of course I can it's a since, planetary telepathic communication is my specialty" King Kai said.

"Wow that's a mouth full" Nero said.

"Ok Vegeta you got the floor whenever you got the urge just go for it" King Kai said.

"That's more like it" Vegeta said.

"Here we go" Kento said.


"People of the earth listen carefully, as you know some very strange events have taken place recently, your entire planet was destroyed at the hands of Majin Buu but then in a snap everything was brought back to normal, many of you are doubting if any of this actually happened but I can assure you that this is not a dream" Vegeta said.

"Not a dream hey what's this guy talking about?" Hercule asked.

"Shhhh! He's speaking to the people of earth" Goku said.

"That's not possible, you guys instead of talking to the people of earth why don't you go over there and please help Buu" Hercule said.

"We are trying to help, trust me this is the best way" Goku said.

"Unfortunately Majin Buu is still alive and the earth is still in great danger, a small group of warriors have taken up the fight on your behalf , however the battle has been extremely difficult and we can't win it by ourselves, that is why I'm speaking to you right now, to ask for your help, if all of you raise up your hands to the sky and offer a portion of your energy we can use it to defeat Majin Buu once and for all, no more being slaughter like sacrificial lambs, consider this your first small stride to becoming a warrior race, now let's begin raise your hands up now!" Vegeta said.

"Vegeta sure does have a way with words" Nero said.

"They are ready Kakarot take your place" Vegeta said.

"Right, you're really on top of things, I'm impressed" Goku said ripping of the torn top of his orange gi leaving him in the blue shirt as he took off into the air above them and held both his hands up.

"Alright if there's ever a time guys this is it!" Goku said.


Back on earth.

"It's time my dad ready!" Gohan said holding his hand up.

"This is really fun" Trunks holding his up.

"Yeah!" Goten said joining them.

"Who would have thought Vegeta would have come through with the clutch" Piccolo said holding his hand up.

"Count us in too Goku!" Zang said as him and the other Time Force members held out their hands.


Back on the Kai Planet a large blue kai ball began forming. "Oh yeah here it is, one Sprit Bomb coming right up!" Goku said.

"Wow" Nero said.

"This is just from Gohan group, yeah what an incredible start, when everyone else kicks there's in I think we'll have energy to spare" Goku said.

"People of earth, don't stop now it's working all of you raise your hands up!" Vegeta said as the group from the lookout energy joined in making the kai ball grow bigger.

"Whew, that boost was from Krillin and Bulma group, Vegeta keep it coming!" Goku said.

"Wait something wrong if Goku gathering energy from everyone on earth the Sprit Bomb should be much large by now, something not right" King Kai said.

Kid Buu blasted Majin Buu with a large kai blast creating a large ball that could destroy the planet.

"Dad hold on to it!" Kento yelled as the winds stopped.

"Dammit the fat one dead!" Vegeta said.

"Oh no!" Nero said.

"It's all over, we needed more time!" Vegeta said.

"What should we do?" Kento said as pink blobs came from the ground around Kid Buu as four large Majin Buu surrounded Kid Buu as they began beating on Kid Buu.

"Yeah you give that runt a lesson he'll never forget!" Kento yelled.

"Nice were still in the game" Vegeta said.

"Guys it's not getting any bigger! There's no way this is going to cut it we need more energy than this!" Goku yelled.

"Now what? No it should have been fully completed by now, damn what's going on!" Vegeta said.

"Come on raise your hands" a man voice said.

"You raise your hands I don't believe in that nonsense" an older man voice said.

"Hey where did that voice come from there's nobody here?" Hercule said.

"Who voice was that?" a woman asked.

"I don't know but it sounded nice" another woman said.

"What! I don't believe it!" Vegeta yelled.

"Those ungrateful humans! What the hell! We asked them to do one damn thing and they refuse! Ugh!" Nero yelled.

"Are they mad! Damn those idiots, don't they care about their own world! They are like children everything has to be done for them, when are you going to grow up! Can't you earthlings do anything by yourselves!" Vegeta yelled.

The four Majin Buu's continued to wail on Kid Buu who turned red with anger as smoke began surrounding them and Kid Buu jumped out so the Majin Buu's were beating each other up and got themselves tangled up when the smoke cleared.

Kid Buu then threw down a kai ball down on the Majin Buu causing an explosion and when the smoke cleared on Majin Buu was left lying on the ground as he got up and shot a slow kai ball that moved towards Kid Buu as the kid crushed it.

Majin Buu shot three more kai balls that Kid Buu just punched and kicked away as Majin Buu tried to shot another one but couldn't as he kept trying and Kid Buu came down and kicked him into the ground.

"You have to help him please, if you don't he's going to die" Hercule begged.

"Fine I'm going!" Vegeta yelled.

"Wait Vegeta please, don't be rash you have got to try and persuaded them again it's our only hope! Think of it from their point of view would you obey a strange voice in the sky if it told you what to do, that kind of thing doesn't happen to them every day I think you should try again" King Kai said.

"Alright, I'll do it!" Vegeta growled. "People of the earth raise your hands right now or your all going to die!" Vegeta yelled.

"Hey what the hell is going on down there! No one except our families and friends offered any energy!" Goku yelled.

"I know that, for some reason those idiot earthlings won't do what I tell them to do!" Vegeta yelled.

"Vegeta you got to try again!" Goku yelled.

"Ok!" Vegeta growled.

"Try to be nice this time" Kento said.

"Hey people of the earth you are all in great danger Majin Buu has not been defeated he still lives! Recently your whole planet was destroyed that was not a dream and it will happen again if you don't act quickly, stand up for your planet raise your hands, lend your strength and get rid of Majin Buu before he gets rid of you!" Vegeta said.

"Vegeta try again" Nero said.

"People of the earth, please I beg of you, you have to listen to me please were running out of time" Vegeta said.

"Come on, work!" Goku growled.

Nero and Kento saw a single tear escape Vegeta eye as he had pity for Vegeta. "Raise your hands, do it before it's too late don't let Majin Buu destroy you and your children, please don't let him win!" Vegeta yelled.

Once people began doing it other didn't think they were stealing their souls or make them die as Nero, Kento and Vegeta growled in anger.

"Oh no Buu!" Hercule yelled as Nero and Kento looked over to see Kid Buu in the air holding Majin Buu head tentacle and punching at his stomach.

"He's finished he doesn't have anything left!" Vegeta said.

"He doesn't but I sure as hell do!" Nero yell flying towards the Buu's.

"Nero no!" Vegeta yelled as Nero powered to Shadow Saiyan and kicked Kid Buu into and mounting and caught Majin Buu arm and brought them to the ground.

"You save Buu, why?" Majin Buu asked.

"Because that what a friend does" Nero said.

"You Buu friend?" Buu asked.

"Yeah I am and now that your own our side I'll take it from here" Nero said looking up at Kid Buu.

"Me Buu not you!" Kid Buu said forming a kai ball.

"Buu get up!" Nero yelled trying to get Majin Buu to move.

"He's using his finishing move!" Vegeta said.

"No way not while the champ is still alive!" Hercule yelled picking up a rock and throwing it at Kid Buu making him stop with the kai ball as Kid Buu glared at him.

"You want some of this huh? Come on let's go, come on I dare you!" He yelled running back towards where Vegeta stood on a boulder.

Kid Buu then noticed the Sprit Bomb and growled as Nero kicked Buu in the head making him slid across the ground and stop himself.

"I'm going to buy you some time Kakarot but you're going to have to get through to those nitwit earthling!

Vegeta yelled as Buu came charging at Nero and punched Buu back.

Buu then punched Vegeta in the gut making him cough out blood as Nero kicked Buu back.

"Any day now dad!" Nero yelled as Buu punched him in the gut making him spit out blood.

"No! Fellow earthlings listen we need your energy now raise your hands up I beg of you there's no time left, this is our last chance to beat Majin Buu! Fellow citizens please raise your hands we need more energy! Citizens please the situation is critical raise your hands!" Goku yelled.

"Damn humans!" Nero yelled getting another punch to the gut by Buu while Vegeta got punched in the face and sent flying into the ground with Nero and flew up to Goku as the kai ball only got a little bit.

"Oh man that's all after all that?" Goku said as Kid Buu got closer and got hit with a kai blast and looked down to see Nero and Vegeta standing as Vegeta fell to his knees.

"No way I won't let it happen, no pink mutant freak is going to defeat me, I'll beat you!" Vegeta said as Buu came flying down towards Vegeta as Nero tackled Buu and they went rolling on the ground as Nero pinned Buu on the ground and began punching away at his face till Buu flipped them and began punching Nero

"Please hurry, offer up energy!" Goku begged.

"Please help! I know it's strange but do it!" Kento yelled.

Buu then tossed Nero aside and stretched his arm put and grabbed Vegeta neck.

"Can't you understand if you don't help now were all going to die!" Goku yelled.


Back on earth.

"This is crazy why isn't anyone giving their energy?" Gohan said.

"I guess when you consider everything that's happened to them lately it's no wonder they're not able to believe or understand, especially something you can't see, but sometimes when people can't see the truth they need wittiness to help build their faith" Piccolo said.

"What do you mean?" Gohan asked.

"I mean they can't see Goku, Kento, Nero or Vegeta but they can see us, lets spilt up and tell whoever will listen to trust in the voice do you follow me?" Piccolo said.

"Now I get it, excellent idea" Gohan said.

"Let's do it!" Piccolo said flying off.

"Okay everyone you know what to do move it!" Azumuri said as all the Time Force fighters took off.


"Hello there may I please have your attention for a moment, if we don't raise our hands to the sky soon were all going to die!" Gohan yelled.

"Get out, no way" a girl said.

"What a freak" a boy said.

"Why the hell won't they listen to me?" Gohan said.


Meanwhile Reyoto failed doing it the nice way and went with his other method.

"Because they need a little persuasion I will have to take things up a notch" Reyoto said looking around.

"Hey!" Reyoto yelled powering to Super Saiyan and catching their attention. "Yeah that what I though now listen the hell up or else!" Reyoto yelled as most did stop but to make his point Reyoto blasted a tree making them stop.

"Thank you now as you saw this isn't fake because I can lift a car" Reyoto said lifting one and setting it down. "I can fly" Reyoto said floating off the ground "and the voice you heard is telling the truth now if you all value your lives you will but your hands in the air because my uncles are dying out there fighting for you selfish people now I'll give you all to the count of five to put your damn hands in the air for a minute and to give your energy or I will kill you all myself for being selfish!" Reyoto yelled holding a kai ball in his hand. "One!" he said as they all put their hands in the air and Reyoto saw the energy fly off and all the people panted.

"Thank you for your participation, now you tell everyone you know to do this or I'll blow up this city, have a nice day!" Reyoto said flying off to another part of the city.


Meanwhile Trunks and Goten landed in a farm area. "Look out below!" Trunks yelled landing.

"Hey the guys that are fighting Majin Buu need us to raise our hands to help!" Trunks said.

"Look kid I'm busy here see now beat it" a farmer said.

"But it's true our dads are the ones fighting him!" Goten said.

"Hey if you boys play over there I'll give you these" a lady said with corn in her hands.

"Sure I'll take one! Thanks a lot I love corn!" Goten said.


Piccolo and the other alien races on the other hand had a bad reaction as the people at the amusement park ran away from Piccolo before he can get out one word.


Back on Kai Planet Vegeta was thrown across the field and kicked midair into a mountain then kicked back into the air as Buu grabbed his foot and spun him in the air and threw him right into Nero as he was getting up from a crater he was in.

"Please time is almost up! Don't any of you care if you live or die, hurry!" Goku yelled.

"Come on! You damn ungrateful humans put your damn hands in the air!" Kento yelled.

Hercule was growling in frustration at people reactions and words as he lost it.

"Idiot! Don't they have any brains! What the hell is wrong with you ingrates! Can't you lend us a hand! Come on, how many times have I saved you people huh!" Hercule yelled as the words of people recognizing his voice began to fill his and Goku ears.

"Please don't doubt I was working undercover that why I didn't speak to you I was keeping my identity a secret! Now raise up those hands and lend me that energy so I can defeat Majin Buu!" Hercule said "Oh nothing personal just don't think they would do it if they though it was me, and at this point to defeat Majin Buu is all the matters" Hercule said to Goku.

The Sprit Bomb then began growing as Nero and Vegeta fought off Buu. "Wow" Goku said as Vegeta as sent into the ground with Nero crashed next to him and Buu landing in front of them.

"Vegeta look" Nero whispered seeing the large kai ball.

"Kakarot" Vegeta said as he started laughing as Nero joined in as Buu wrapped his arm around their necks and threw them into the air.


Back on earth Gohan and the other Saiyan teens watched on the roof of the building as energy flew into the sky.

"This is amazing, it's like everyone giving their energy now, yeah dad!" Gohan said.

"Go guys! Kick Buu ass baby!" Serena yelled.


Kid Buu was beating on Nero and Vegeta as Goku continued to watch.

"Come on, were almost there, just a lit bit longer hang in there guys!" Goku yelled.

"Hey what's the big hold up? Don't tell me they're still not giving their energy!" Hercule said.

Vegeta and Nero were thrown into the ground on the verge of death.

"No it's all over!" Goku yelled as the energy ball grew to an impossible size. "Here we go!"

Buu saw the size of the ball and growled as Vegeta and Nero lay on the ground as they struggled to get up but fell to the ground.

"Vegeta Nero move out of the way!" Goku yelled.

"Kakarot what do you think we're doing? We can't!" Vegeta yelled.

"You got to be kidding" Goku said.

"Shit!" Kento said.

"Vegeta what are you saying you two have to get out of there!" Goku yelled.

"Nero wake up!" Vegeta yelled as Nero remained unconscious and couldn't use a shadow portal to get them away.

"What are you waiting for, do it! Fire that thing do it now! Kakarot be a true Saiyan launch that Sprit Bomb! " Vegeta yelled.

"I can't Vegeta!" Goku yelled.

"You have too!" Vegeta yelled as Buu laughed and walked over to Nero and crushed his tail under his foot making Nero awake and scream out in pain.

"Shit he know!" Goku said.

"Don't disgrace our efforts with your sentimental rubbish launch the bomb!" Vegeta yelled.

"No you and Nero are the ones who got us this far, come on guys!" Goku said as Buu formed a kai ball and threw it at Goku and got ready to throw two more and began firing a series of kai blast at Goku.

Majin Buu stood next to Hercule looking just as beaten as all the fighters as he had the scary angry look on his face as Hercule ran up to him and Buu back handed him as he began to walk towards Kid Buu.

Goku continued to get hit as Buu stopped to from one large kai ball and thre it at Goku who I.T. away and returned to his spot.

"Damn you!" Goku yelled as Buu formed another large kai ball. "What a mess, Vegeta Nero forgive me! I can't do it!" Goku yelled as Buu made the ball larger as Majin Buu charged at him and tackled Kid Buu knocking him off of Nero.

"Grab him!" Buu yelled as Hercule ran over and picked Vegeta up as Nero got up and ran with them as Kid Buu blasted Majin Buu off him.

"Please don't die Buu" Hercule said.

"Goku what the hell are you waiting for drop the damn thing!" Nero yelled.

"This is for you Majin Buu! It's from the people of earth! Sprit Bomb!" Goku yelled throwing the ball as Kid Buu.

Kid Buu growled as he threw a kai ball at it and watch it shatter as it hit the large blue ball as it came at him and he caught it and tried to push it back. "What no!" Goku yelled.

"Come on go, go! It won't budge!" Goku yelled as Kento appeared next to him and began helping Goku push.

"Don't give up dad keep trying!" Kento yelled.


Back on earth.

'Gohan can you hear me?' Piccolo asked threw thoughts.

'Yes Piccolo I hear you' Gohan said as he was surrounded by people lying on the ground.

'Piccolo do you feel that? My dad, Kento and Majin Buu, this is it' Gohan thought.

'You got that right they appear to be fighting in the sacred World of the Kai's' Piccolo said.

'Yeah your right and we can't get there to fight unless Kibito Kai takes us' Gohan thought.

'Yeah true but we can sense a lot better if we head back to the lookout' Piccolo thought.

'See you there'

'Sounds good' he thought moving to Goten and Trunks. 'Goten Trunks! It's time to go!' he thought yelled as Goten and Trunks choked on the corn they were eating.


Back on Kai Planet Kid Buu was yelling and holding the Sprit Bomb back as Goku and Reyoto pushed on it.

"Oh no way!" Goku yelled as the ball began getting pushed back.

"Dammit don't give up!" Kento yelled.

"I know you're stronger than me Buu but this is more than just my power! It's everyone's so we can't not will not lose!" Goku yelled as him and Kento began pushing the ball back.


Back at the lookout the people there was all waiting as Tien and Yamcha had joined them some time ago as Piccolo landed.

"It's Piccolo!" Krillin yelled as Gohan flew over and Serena elbowed Gohan and motioned him to Videl as Gohan flew down.

"Alright Piccolo" Yamcha said.

"It's good to see you Piccolo" Roshi said as Gohan landed next to Videl.

"Likewise" Piccolo said as Chichi saw Gohan.

"Gohan!" she said.

"Huh?" Videl said felling a hand on her shoulder. "Gohan?" she said looking up to see Gohan and the other Saiyan teens and Time Force fighters "I was worried sick about you, you idiot!" she yelled beating on his chest as tears came down her eyes.

"Gosh Videl I real wish you would cry" Gohan said.

"Yeah me too he's my son I should be crying, how dare you!" Chichi said with tears in her eyes.

"Easy there Chichi, face it your son growing up" Bulma said.

"Hi mom!" Goten and Trunks said from below the mom's as they looked down at their son's and tears returned to their eyes as they got down and hugged their sons.

"What no "oh hi guys we missed you' man you people are mean" Brody said.


Back on Kai Planet.

"Quit dragging your feet Kakarot finish the job!" Vegeta yelled.

"Dammit I'm all out of power!" Goku yelled.

"Don't give up!" Kento yelled as they began getting blown back.

"Oh no, not now please don't give out on me now!" Goku yelled.

"Wait a minute, Dende help us! Use the last wish to heal Goku, please hurry!" Kento yelled.

Goku and Kento were then getting pushed back as Goku gave in. "It's no use I can't!" Goku yelled dropping his hands as Kento continued to hold it.

"No dad please don't!" Kento yelled as Buu formed kai balls in his hand and pushed the kai ball at them.

"Goku we used the third wish to restore yours and Kento powers back to normal!" Dende yelled.

"I can feel it, it's back baby!" Kento yelled.

"Thank you guys!" Goku yelled as him and Kento power to Super Saiyan and began pushing the bomb back as it went flying at Kid Buu who tried to hold it back.

"It looks like it's the end of the road Buu, it's a damn shame, when I first meet you I sensed there was good in you, you were like a naughty little child that didn't know way better, fighting was more of a game than anything else, but then you separated the evil was expelled the struggle taking place inside of you was now on the outside for all to see and the darkness over powered the light, after that you were different, you were ruthless, you became a living nightmare and you delighted in every moment of it, you didn't show a shred of decency or mercy and that's why it has to end like this, you'll have to learn the hard way and know what it feels like to have your life taken against your will it's wrong! Maybe you will come back someday as a better person I hope, I'd like that, perhaps we'll have a little one on one" Goku said.

"Yeah maybe but for now you dead you little freak!" Kento said as they both held it with one hand and Kento followed Goku farewell salute.

"Good bye I'll be waiting for you Majin Buu!" Goku said as him and Kento began yelling as the bomb expanded and they were engulfed in the blue light as Buu screams ended as the blue ball moved across the planet and explode.

Goku and Kento powered down as they panted and tried to catch their breaths. "It's over" Goku said.

"Yeah finally" Kento said as they floated down.

"It's about time!" Vegeta said falling to the ground.

"Yes! OW" Nero said grabbing at his side.

Goku and Kento then landed in front of Vegeta and Nero.

"We make a pretty good team after all don't we?" Goku said as Vegeta frowned at them and gave them a thumbs up and laughed as Goku, Nero and Kento held out their thumbs toward Buu.

"I really need a vacation" Nero said.

"Agreed" Kento said.

Goku rested on a rock while Nero and Kento laid on their backs as Hercule approached them.

"Well is he gone did you finish him off? Tell me" he said as Goku smiled at him. "You did, didn't you?" he said as he went into laughter.

"Yeah we did it, it's over citizens of the Earth this is the champ speaking Majin Buu has been destroyed he is no more and the nightmare is over, thanks to your help we can all live in peace once again!" Hercule yelled.

"What a moron" Nero said as they heard Bee barking as he came running up to Hercule.

"Hey it's the mighty puppy dog" Hercule said picking up the dog as Kibito Kai showed up with Old Kai, Dende and Serena.

"Goku you did it!" Dende yelled running up to them.

"It's not too bad considering what went on here, at least the grass is short, I have ant bites from that other planet" Old Kai said looking at the destroyed land as Goku looked over at Vegeta sitting on the ground still sore from before.

"Oh Dende you better get to Vegeta first he and Nero really got the tar beat out of them" Goku said.

"Yes and after you finish Goku heal me because I can't move" Kento said as Dende ran over to Vegeta and Nero and began healing him.

"There that ought to do it" Dende said as Vegeta stood up.

"Ok he's done, now please help me" Nero said.

"Are you as hungry as I am boy?" Hercule asked as the dog sniffed the air and looked in one direction. "Hey what's wrong?" Hercule asked as the dog jumped out of his hands and began running in one direction.

Dende was healing Goku and Kento as Nero stretched next to them. "Thanks Dende" Goku said.

Bee had found Majin Buu on the ground all beaten but still alive. "It's Buu!" Hercule yelled.

"What!" Vegeta yelled.

"It's the fat one, he must have survived Kid Buu attack" Nero said.

"Buu are you okay? Buu your alive, hey little green guy come here quick and use your powers on him before he dies please" Hercule said as the fighters all looked at Majin Buu.

What are you talking about! Have you lost your mind! Move get back it's not over until he's dead!" Vegeta yelled pointing his hand at Buu.

"But he's different then he was, he will never do those bad things again, you saw him he fought that evil Buu with all he had" Hercule said.

"Alright, but what if it's not all gone, what he blows his stack again and produces another killing machine what then!" Vegeta yelled.

"Well I don't know" Hercule said.

"Well I do, it will mean the end of the world, you might be willing to take that gamble but I'm not!" Vegeta yelled.

"But he wouldn't have blown his stack if that idiot didn't shot his puppy with a rifle, please I beg you I'll take full responsibility he can live with me" Hercule said.

"Oh sure that sounds great until his little mutt is run over in the street someday! Clear out fool or you'll die with your friend!" Vegeta yelled as Hercule closed his eyes and remained on Buu belly.

"Damn idiot!" Vegeta growled.

"Goku any particular reason why your smiling?" Kento asked.

"Dende go ahead and heal him ok" Goku said.

"Are you nuts! Explain right now!" Vegeta yelled.

"Just returning the favor that's all, remember what happened when Majin Buu had you and Nero pinned down? The big one attacked and got him off of you and then ran for Hercule to carry you off to safety, right?" Goku said as Vegeta growled.

"I think we can trust him, I did tell Buu I was his friend too so I guess I can't back down from my word" Nero said.

"The fact is Vegeta if it wasn't for these two the earth would be gone right now I think it give them the right to live here as anyone else and you know it" Goku said.

"Yes but the earthlings don't know what went on up here I think that their fear of Buu is going to cause some serious problem" Kibito Kai said.

"Yeah I see what you mean let's see I guess we can keep Buu indoors and away from everyone for the first six months then we can use the dragon balls to wish the memory of Buu away, see it's that simple" Goku said.

"Yes, just wish it away" Old Kai said.

"Well then it's all settled right?" Goku said.

"Yes that's a brilliant idea if you don't have a brain!" Vegeta growled pulling his hand away.

"Thank you so much I'll never forget this" Hercule said.

"Good it's unanimous" Goku said looking at Dende.

"Right" Dende said walking over to Buu.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm starving I say after Dende finished we head home and get a bite to eat" Goku said as Vegeta Nero and Kento stomachs growled in response.

"I guess you can count us in to Goku" Nero said.

The warriors then returned to Earth lookout thanks to Kibito Kai as he left them to their friends and family who was just around the corner.

"Hey!" Goku said waving to their friends as there family and friends ran up to them.

"Daddy you did it!" Goten said in Goku arms.

"Kento!" Serena said running into his arms as B.J. began making baby babbles holding his arms out to Nero as Naomi handed Nero his son.

"Hey there son did you miss your daddy?" Nero said.

"Hi daddy!" Videl said seeing her father walk out as he ran up to her and hugged her.

"Oh look" Hercule said pointing behind him as everyone saw Majin Buu and screamed in fear and hid behind the people who didn't show fear as Buu stuck his tongue at them.

"I got this!" Bash said forming a kai ball.

"Who take it easy kids!" Goku yelled.

"It's okay son he's our guest" Vegeta said with disgust.

"Any way this Buu good the evil Buu is dead so relax!" Nero yelled.

"It's so good to be back, sorry I've been gone so long but guess what Old Kai granted me a life so I'm not dead anymore" Goku said.

"You're kidding me, you mean were going to live together as a family of four in our little house?" Chichi said.

"Well that what I was planning on to, if you guys think you can put up with me" Goku said as Chichi gasped and cried into Goku chest.

"There, there Chichi its ok" Goku said.

"I know" she cried.

"Well we got to say goodbye now, with this timeline cleared out we got to go and stop that demon bitch" Reyoto said.

"Oh so soon?" Goku said.

"Don't worry we'll meet again trust me" Nero said.

"Wait Saiya your team all formed now which mean I can go back to the base and see if I can hunt down that demon bitch" Nero said.

"Oh yeah we do Sledge, Candy, Ally, Glacious and Saiya are their own team now" Kento said.

"You guys got a name?" Froze asked.

"Not yet were working on that right now the draw between Team Victroy, Team Legened, Team Omega and Team Alpha" Saiya said.

(A.N. This is the actual tie! The next few chapters are in the GT saga and the teams are going back to work so you have until three chapters to help me settle the vote!)

"Hmm all those names are tough to pick from well good luck with that" Naomi said.

"Well bye guys see you all soon!" Kento said waving as the Time Force left the timeline waving.


"AHHHHH!" Towa yelled smashing the nearest table, "a Twilight Saiyan! Dammit! Not only are they unlocking the powers but they're getting closer to putting an end to my plans! No more! It's time I took matter up a notch!" Towa yelled.

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