Hello everyone! I'm very excited about this story since this is my first one! Before you begin reading you have to know that "the little clown" is Otto from "The World is My Circus" and "The Hunter". Mastermind just doesn't know his name.

This story is where Tech is zapped by an invention of Mastermind's. This causes him to eventually act more like a coyote we know nowadays. The rest of the Loonatics don't know what's going on with their friend. They (especially Rev) are trying to figure out what's going on.

I don't own Loonatics Unleashed and it's characters.

Chapter 1

Mastermind's POV

It's a normal day in prison. I just finished reading books in my cell that I have read at least 10 times. When I stopped reading my now unoccupied mind instantly thought of Tech. Everyday my hatred towards him would grow. I want to be avenged! I want him to suffer! Apparently everyone knew that.

Later in the day a fellow prisoner wanted to see me. It was the little clown. This surprised me. We had never said a word to each other. I knew a bit about him thanks to rumors. As he walked toward my cell two guards stood next to him. In his hands was a large and dirty book. When he approached my cell he opened the slot door my food usually came from. As he released it the book landed with a loud thud on the floor.

"I figured you'd find this book to your liking," he said. Hoping it was a book on computers I picked up the book and looked at the title. My expression went from curious to annoyed.

"Isn't genetics more of your thing?" I asked. From the rumors I've heard the clown is interested in genetics. I'd expect him to know my interests from rumors.

"Perhaps," he replied, "but if you read it you won't be disappointed. I even marked a chapter for you." With that he turned around and walked away. I looked at the title again. The Evolution of Animals. I sat down and opened the book to the chapter the oaf marked. IX History of the Canines. That's when I got interested. I skipped the part about wolves and went to the passage on coyotes. As it described how coyotes were centuries ago I could feel myself getting excited. That's why the clown gave me the book. He knows how I hate Tech. How I want revenge.

I closed the book and I about stood up when I noticed a spoon on my lap. I assume it fell out of the book without me realizing it. Before a guard spotted it I hid the spoon in the book and went to the back of my cell. As I sat in the back of the cell I slightly open the book. What I saw should have terrified me, but it brought me much joy.

It was an old picture of a coyote. He looked furious. At first I thought his ears were missing, but then I noticed they were flat against his head. The coyote was baring obviously sharp teeth. Despite these features it was the eyes that got most of my attention. The coyote's eyes were full of anger. By looking at the eyes alone you could tell he was ready to kill.

The caption under the photo stated the coyote was in this stance to protect itself from the photographer whom the coyote thought was dangerous. It stated in an earlier paragraph how they kill without man-made weapons (however some did use man-made weapons at times).

I picked up the spoon. It was time for me to escape.

So there's the first chapter! I hope all of you Loonatics fans liked it. I hope to post more chapters soon. Please post reviews! I'd like to know your opinions!