I remember it well. My childhood. I was mostly happy throughout my childhood but being a princess wasn't all fun and games. I had everything a young filly could dream of having expect the one thing I always wanted the most, more then anything in the whole world: Freedom. My mother and father were always so overprotective of me and Luna. Most of the time, we weren't allow to leave the kingdom. I was quite lonely back then. The only friends I had were Luna, my mother and father, and a few servants working at the castle. But one day when I was 11 years old and Luna was 5, that all changed…..

'GOOD MORNING CELESTIA!' Luna yelled cheerfully. Luna was the average little sister. The kind that couldn't sit still or be quiet to save her life. 'Time to get up and start the day! Let's go lazy hooves!'

'Luna, it's only 6:00 AM. Mother hasn't even set the sun up yet.' I groaned, pulling the blankets over my head.

'Celestia your sister's right. You and Luna need to start your days bright and early so no sleeping in for today.' My father walked into the room.

'But father- -

'No buts. Both of you have a long day ahead and sooner you get up, the better.' He said as he left the room. I groaned again and rolled out of bed. Luna, still talking on about who knows what, followed me. I couldn't get a moment's peace as I prepared for my day. I walked down stairs to the dining room.

'Hello Celestia. Good morning Luna.' Our nanny, Star shine, who was a Pegasus, greeted us and gently rubbed her hoof between Luna's ears. I will never forget Star. She was always very calm, sweet and patient with Luna and I. Whenever mother and father were busy with something, she would take care of us for the rest of the day. She was like a third parent to us.

'Good morning Star…..where are mother and father?'

She frowned 'Oh I'm sorry but the king and queen had to excuse themselves from breakfast.'

'But mother said she was going to help me earn my cutie mark today!'

'I'm very sorry sweetness but it will have to wait.' I frowned as she walked away. I always disliked it when mother made promises I knew she couldn't keep. After breakfast, I walked out to the garden, feeling quite lonesome. It felt like I saw Star shine more then my own parents. I sighed heavily and looked down at the grass below my hooves.

'Celestia.' Star shine's voice rang out but I cut her off.

'Star shine, I'm sorry but I'm not really not the mood to talk to anypony right now.' I told her but she only continued on.

'I know you are upset about your mother and father not having enough time for you and Luna but you must understand. As the king and queen, they have a lot of responsibility.'

'I know that Star shine.' I said, not taking my eyes off the ground. She put her hoof on my shoulder. I looked up at her. She smiled.

'Celestia come with me. There's something I want to show you.' She walked off and I followed her. She took me up to the balcony.

'What are we doing on the balcony?' She pointed out to the amazing view we had down below. The view stretched out as far as the eye could see.

'Look out into the world. Everything you see and much more, your parent must rule over and it is their duty to keep everything in balance. If there is no balance, the world would be a horrible place and one day you, along side with Luna, should take your rightful places on the thrones as the sun and the moon.'

'What about over there? Do mother and father rule there too?' I pointed to a mysterious looking black forest far off to the west. Star shine looked at me with a serious expression.

'No Celestia. That is a dark, evil, dangerous place. That is the Everfree forest. Only creature who never seen the light of day live there. Few ponies have returned from there and the few who have had completely lost their minds. It is no place for a young filly like yourself. You are never, ever allow to go there.' She said firmly and walked away, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I had never seen Star shine so serious. What was so dangerous about the Everfree forest? I stood there at the balcony for almost an hour, staring at the Everfree forest, wondering what secrets laid there. I went back to my room. On my way, I noticed Luna sitting on the floor, having a 'tea party' with her stuffed animal friends. I smiled. Later that night, I couldn't sleep. My mind still revolved around the Everfree forest. As a child, I was very curious about the world around me. So, I had done something I had never done before. I disobeyed my parents and Star shine and snuck out of the kingdom without anypony knowing, not even Luna. I wanting so badly to see the world below me.

Long chapter is long. Took me two days to think it all out. Poor young Celestia. I figured Celestia as a filly would have been lonely with her parent being the king and queen and whatnot. Hope you guys like it. I know I do.