"James you cheated on me!" Carlos said as he stormed through the door. His face had anger, hurt, and confusion all contorted into one conjoined expression.

Kendall and Logan looked at each other from their spots on the couch. "Uh-oh." they said together. In all honesty they had expected this. James was a player and when he confessed his love for Carlos, they didn't expect it to last the two months it had.

James came into the apartment, closing the door behind him. "Babe! I didn't cheat on you! She kissed me! I had no idea she was even going to do that!" James said, hurt in his voice as if the mere thought of cheating on him pained him.

Carlos turned on his heels, stopping him from reaching the couch, to look James in the eye. "You really expect me to believe that she kissed you and you just stood there?"

He sighed and passed Carlos to talk to the two on the couch. "Please tell him that he is over reacting and that I love him too much to cheat on him! Especially with a girl!"

"Uh," Kendall started. "If you don't mind us asking."

"Who was the girl?" Logan finished.

"Camille! She slapped me and then kissed me right as Carlos walked in. She has never done that to me before! I was shocked because she usually does it to Logan and when he's not around, it's you, Kendall!" he said, a tad dramatically but then again, that was James' style.

"Just admit you didn't do anything because you liked it!" Carlos said, looking like he was on the verge of tears.

"Wait! Carlos, you know how Camille is! She once kissed Jo just to prove that she was a good actress." Kendall defended quickly. He wanted to prevent the Latino from crying. When he smiled, everyone smiled. But when he cried, you're heart broke in two, no matter who you were.

"Yeah and she probably only used James because I have been up here all day with Kendall watching movies," Logan said, sort of thankful that it hadn't been him.

Carlos looked from Logan and Kendall considered the points that had presented themselves. After he did this so many times, he looked straight at James. But he didn't need to say anything, James had already forgiven him.

"See, babe," James said, gathering him into his arms. "I would never cheat on you. I love you so much," he said the last part in his ear as a whisper but both Kendall and Logan heard it.

"I know you do. I'm sorry I doubted you. I just didn't like it," Carlos said, sounding extremely weak.

Suddenly James grabbed his hand and was walking out the door.

"Where are we going?" Carlos asked, not liking being pulled.

"To talk to Camille."

And with that they were gone. Logan looked at Kendall. "What just happened?"

Kendall frowned. "I don't know," he said as if he should know but he just didn't.

Logan shrugged and looked back at the TV. "Dammit! We missed the good part!" he said looking back at Kendall and pouting for him to rewind.

Kendall chuckled and rewound.

The blonde watched as he thought. Logan's pout could literally make him do anything. If Logan asked him to jump off a bridge, and the boy had a pout on his face, he would do it.

He didn't know when he fell in love with Logan, he just had. Maybe it had been during one of Logan's nightmares when he let him get in bed with him. Or maybe it had been during a movie night when Logan was in his lap, screaming. It also could have been when -

"Kendall!" Logan said, from his knew found spot under his arm.

"How did you...?" he asked, lost. When the blonde had started thinking, Logan was a few feet away on the other side of the couch. Now the brunette was snuggled into his left side, arm around him.

"You have the warm blanket and it was less effort for me to share it with you than to go into our room and get one. And you seemed to be spaced out because you keep hitting the play button even though it's already playing." he said with a chuckle.

"Oh... Since when did you become a ninja? I didn't even notice you at all," he commented, pulling him closer, not asking him about how his arm got around him because he had probably done it unconsciously.

Logan chuckled. "I have ALWAYS been a ninja! You are just now realizing it, is all."

Kendall laughed. "If you say so."

Once the movie was over, about twenty minutes later, the other two walked in.

They were holding hands and talking lovingly.

"Hey, you guys want to join us for the last movie? It's Friday the thirteenth," he said coaxingly. "Logan's never seen it."

"What?" the two said together.

"You have known us for twelve years and you've never seen it?" James asked.

"We watch it every movie night! It's a tradition!" Carlos said excitedly.

Logan shrugged. "I guess I've always fallen asleep before-"

"Kendall! Put it in before he falls asleep!" James shouted as he grabbed Carlos and pulled him to the couch.

Kendall hopped up and replaced the movie. He slid the disk into the player and took his seat next to Logan, wrapping his arm around him without thinking.

As the movie started, Kendall grinned. Most of the time Logan was terrified of scary movies and ended up practically in his lap by the end of the night. His grin widened as he thought about how Logan would be in his lap in no time.

"Why the hell isn't he scared?" Kendall thought to himself. He was sort of let down. He had really been counting on Logan being just scared enough that he would get to hold him tonight.

Usually he would've been in his lap by now, hiding his face in Kendall's neck. But no. The older was sitting next to him, head on his shoulder watching with blatant interest.

Well, at least his head was on his shoulder and cuddled close to him. Kendall leaned down. "This movie isn't scaring you?" he asked, his lips practically nibbling at his ear, brushing the skin with his lips.

Logan willed the blush not to surface at the intimate action. "Well I didn't want to be made fun of this time, by those two," he said, his head cocked towards the two cuddled on the other side of the couch. "And besides," he said looking back at the screen. "It's not that scary," he finished just as the girl screamed making Logan jump and wrap his arms around the blondes neck.

Kendall smiled. "That's my Logie," he said before turning back to the movie.

When he turned back, his face out of view from Logan, he made a face of astonishment at himself. He was thinking of how stupid he could be. He might as well just tell Logan he loves him if he was going to slip up like that! He only hoped Logan hadn't noticed.

"Excuse me," he said, making Kendall looked back at him. "I am no ones property." With that he snapped his finger and bobbed his head like a girl. "Mmhmm."

Kendall couldn't help it. He burst out in laughter along with Logan who fell against him from laughing so hard. "Ah, Logie... Never do that again," he said, still chuckling.

Logan made it a point to look like he was sad. "Aw, I thought my impression of a feminist was pretty good."

Kendall was still laughing. "That's why I am telling you to never do that again. It was too good." he said, making Logan laugh with him again, his hand falling against Kendall's stomach.

"How can you guys be laughing over there?" Carlos asked.

They looked at them and then at each other, laughed again and went back to watching the movie.

"I want him so bad!" Logan thought. But he's not even gay. I mean sure he broke up with Jo, but that's because she just didn't have what he wanted... But only some would take that into context. And even though he was more approachable seeing as he was single, but that didn't give his best friend the right to walk up to him, say "I am in love with you" and expect it to not end horribly.

"What?" Kendall asked, having heard Logan say something under his breath.

It was then Logan realized that he had said the statement aloud. He blushed furiously, the dark of the room hiding it slightly. "Nothing. I was just thinking how I thought I was going to be a lot more afraid of this movie but it's not that bad. I mean the gore doesn't bother me at all."

Kendall chuckled. "I would hope not, Dr. Mitchell," he teased. "And sure this movie scared us the first few times too, but once you have seen it over and over again, you get used to it."

Logan nodded absentmindedly and looked back at the screen. He smiled to himself. Tonight was the night. Kendall was flirting with him; he must have felt the same. "Tonight is the night I tell him. I'll make him think I'm scared and he'll let me into the bed and I'll tell him," Logan thought.

"You guys wanna watch another?" James asked when the movie ended.

Logan yawned and feigned tiredness. "Not me. I'm too tired. I am going to bed. See you guys tomorrow." He got up and went to his shared room with Kendall, stopping around the corner to listen.

"You know, I'm tired too. See you tomorrow. And please don't screw all night, me and Logan live right across the hall!" he said, making Logan silently chuckle before hurrying to their room and making it look like he had been in there the whole time.

He busied himself by going through his drawers and looking for something to wear to bed. He took off his shirt just as Kendall walked in.

The blonde stopped for a second to take in the brunettes muscles and all around beauty, before he quickly moved to get changed as well.

They dressed in silence.

"Good night, Logan."

"Night Kendall," they said to each other as they slipped into their beds.

Kendall smiled to himself. He didn't know how he could ever tell Logan about his love for him but he figured that just having the boy near him every night... For now, that was fine.

"Kendall?" Logan questioned from across the room.

Kendall smiled again. "Come on, Logie," he said as he lifted the covers just in time for the boy to slip in.

Logan cuddled closer, Kendall putting an arm around his shirtless midsection.

They were both in only pajama pants, finding the LA weather too hot for shirts.

"K-Kendall? I have something to tell you. You see the thing is—"





The phone continued to ring, interrupting Logan.

Kendall rolled his eyes. "Hold that thought." He reached over and answered his phone. "Hello? Oh hi Jo." he listened as he looked at Logan making faces and hand gestures in the dark, but Logan could see him, making it seem like Jo wouldn't stop talking, effectively making the smaller laugh. "Alright, fine. It's a date. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye."

As he hung up, he missed the expression of pure devastation that crossed Logan's face. So he and Jo were dating again? Well then, he was glad he didn't tell him how he felt.

"Now what were you saying?" he asked as his hand slipped back around his waist.

Logan sighed. "I was just going to say that I lied and I was afraid of the movie and thank you for being there for me and not making fun of me."

Kendall laughed, feeling like there was something more to this. "Those movies are meant to scare us. It was your first time seeing it. I don't blame you for being scared. Now get some sleep. We have harmonies tomorrow," he said, closing his eyes and pulling the other closer to him.

Logan shivered at the connection of their chests, closing his eyes, willing himself not to cry. He let his eyes flutter closed as he felt sleep take him.

When he woke, green eyes were staring at him.

Kendall smiled. "Morning."

Logan blushed and stretched for a second before curling back into the blondes' chest. "G'morning. What are you doing up so early?"

Kendall chuckled. "Watching you sleep."

Logan scoffed. "Creeper." The brunette felt the need to say that simply so Kendall didn't know he secretly liked when he would wake to the others staring.

Kendall laughed again. "Come on. We gotta get up."

Logan groaned. "No. I don't wanna."

"If you don't get up, I'm gonna bite you."

"You threaten me with that every time. Just give me like, ten more minutes." They didn't need to be to the studio until 10 and it was only around 8:30.

"You have five seconds. Five... Four... Three... Two..." Kendall didn't reach one as all of a sudden he was latched onto Logan's neck, biting it.

"Kendall!" Logan shrieked.

"Give?" he asked with skin still between his teeth.

"No. Just leave me alone ten more minutes is all I ask."

Kendall bit down harder.

Logan tried to cover up his moan of pleasure as a groan of pain. He thanked god Kendall would figure his stiffening cock was morning wood.

"Give?" he asked, his teeth never loosening.

"Come on Kendall. Why do I need to be awake right now? I won't even go back to sleep, I just want to lay here for ten more minutes."

He bit down harder, this time making Logan really groan in pain.

"Fine I give," Logan said, finally making the blonde release his skin. He went to move but was held in place by a pair of strong arms. Next thing he knew, his neck was being lapped by a tongue. "K-Kendall? What are you doing?" he asked, cursing himself for stumbling over his words.

"Oh, you know. Cleaning up... The blood," he said nonchalantly like it was the most normal thing he did every day.

Logan's eyes widened and he finally got the chance to pull back. "You made me bleed?" he bounced of the bed and was looking into the mirror that adorned their dresser. He looked at the wound he pressed his fingers to it and sure enough blood trickled down his fingers.

When he turned around, Kendall was behind him. "What is wrong with you?"

"I'm sorry!" the blonde pleaded. "I forgot that in some places you bleed easier than others. And your neck was the only open skin besides anywhere on your face that wasn't blocked by the covers. And I didn't mean to make you bleed."

He looked so sad at the thought of causing him pain; of course Logan gave into those beautiful green eyes. He sighed. "I forgive you. But not only did you make me bleed, it looks like I have a hickey."

Kendall looked at it for a second and then burst out laughing. "It does look like a hickey, doesn't it?" Logan nodded; looking at him like it was obvious.

"Well look at it this way. You can tell people who did it when they ask and then they'll all know that you're my Logie," he said before walking away.

Logan smiled sort of dreamily. He really liked the sound of his Logie, completely forgetting about Jo. The stupid grin stayed plastered on his face all while he got dressed.

Kendall stepped into the shower with a triumphant smile on his face. He couldn't believe that "Operation: Give Logan a Hickey" actually worked.

That had what he had been thinking about when Logan woke up. Any morning that Kendall would wake up before him, he would tell him ten more minutes, no matter what the time. And Kendall's threat was always that if he didn't get up, he would bite him. He had never actually used it until today. And he felt proud of himself.

He also couldn't believe that Logan couldn't feel the sucking in between him adding pressure to the bites. He must not have realized for the simple fact that the thought of "My best friend is latched onto my neck right now," was somewhat unfathomable.

Logan had effectively managed to hide his "hickey" from everybody. And by everyone, he meant Carlos and James. They were too busy playing early morning video games to sit down and eat the breakfast he and Kendall made, seeing as how his mom and Katie were gone for a month or two. Katie had gotten a role in a TV show and had to go to mass to do it. It was a pretty big role for her so she couldn't just say no.

Though every time Kendall would look up and catch the mark, he couldn't help but laugh or smile.

It wasn't until they got in the elevator did problems arise.

"Whoa," guitar dude said, being the only one in the elevator besides the guys. "Wicked hickey," he said, pointing at Logan's neck.

Kendall, who had been drinking water he had taken, almost drowned in his own drink as he couldn't stop the laugh that came up.

James and Carlos went wide eyed just as the elevator dinged and the doors opened, bringing them to the lobby.

Now James and Carlos weren't the smartest people in the world. But they knew enough to wait until they were safely inside the limo before interrogating their friend.

As they slid into the limo, James and Carlos on one side, Logan and Kendall on the other. They looked at Logan expectantly. When he said nothing they looked at each other and then back at him. "Well?" they said together.

Logan shrugged, acting stupid. "What?"

James scoffed. "You know what! Did you, like, sneak out last night and see some girl?"

Logan chuckled and snuck a look at Kendall who was enjoying this too much. "No I didn't."

"So it was a guy," Carlos nodded, it not even being a question.

Logan shook his head in disbelief. "You guys are ridiculous. And I can't believe you would even suggest a girl. You know I'm gay," he said.

Kendall coughed on his drink for the second time that morning. "Y-you're gay?" Kendal sputtered.