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Logan groaned a little as the brownies hit his stomach. He had no idea how hungry he really was until he had taken the first bite.

He grabbed a corn dog, putting it up to his mouth and still eating like a gentleman even though he had the urge to shove it all in his mouth and swallow. He bit off a piece and chewed slowly. He never remembered these tasting so good. He hasn't eaten them in a while since that was all Carlos ate most of the time. He got sick of them after a while.

He took one more piece of bacon and he decided he was full. He put his hand on his stomach and looked up at his two friends. Right now he was so thankful be had them by his side, always. They were always there for him.

"Thank you guys. I really appreciate it."

They smiled. "I like to cook," Carlos said.

He smiled back. "I like to eat."

They all chuckled.

Logan looked up at the clock. Kendall had been gone for almost an hour. That wasn't like him. Something must have gone wrong with Jo.

"Kendall has been gone for an awfully long time... I think I am going to go looking for him," he said, walking towards the door.

He closed the door and made his way to the elevator. He stepped inside, trying not to worry too much about his blonde boyfriend.

When the elevator opened, he stepped out and looked around the lobby. It seemed to be clear. No one was muddling about or even sitting in the lobby. He remembered Bitters' no kids in the lobby after nine rule, and it... was only 5:50...

He shrugged. He didn't know what was up with the lack of people in the lobby but he decided he didn't care. He turned around and was about to head back to the elevator when a blind fold was put over his eyes. He smiled.

"Ha ha. Very funny, Kendall," he said as he was about to turn around.

"Oh, sorry to disappoint you. But your little asshole of a boyfriend isn't here to save you this time."

"Brian?" Logan questioned as something sharp poked at his back.

"It doesn't matter who I am, you are going to do what I tell you and not question me."

Logan nodded and went where the knife lead him. He felt himself be turned around and he knew he was being lead toward the door. "I'll do whatever you want, just don't hurt me please..." he begged for the life of his unborn child. He was only two months pregnant. If they were too rough with him, he'd miscarry for sure. He didn't want that at all.

"Oh don't worry. By the end of this, you won't feel a thing."

Logan could hear the smirk in his voice and that didn't sound too good to him Brian was planning to hurt him and there was nothing he could do about it. If he fought back, he was dead.

He felt himself being bent and shoved into a car. He could barely feel the rumble of the engine which told him one thing; they weren't in a regular car.

"Pull out of the parking lot and take a left and when you get to the end of the street, take a right and then I will tell you the rest after that," said Brian. A voice responded and somehow he could tell it was Jack. He wanted to lash out at both of these two for kidnapping him just because they didn't get their way with the guys they liked. It was pathetic.

Logan felt the car pull away and thought about trying to remember the turns and how long it had taken to go down each street. But he lost count. He was the brains but too much was going on in his mind to keep track of that sort of thing. He felt defeated.

Logan felt something sharp poke into his side. He gasped and tried to lean away from it but Brian poked further.

"Don't move, you bastard! You can try to run and get away but that is just going to make things far worse," he said as he pushed the knife farther and twisted it.

Logan could feel the pain and was sure there was a trickle of blood sliding down his side.

Brian didn't ease off, so Logan kept quiet. His breathing was shallow so that the knife didn't press any farther into his skin. He just had to stay calm.

Kendall and James walked back to the apartment. Camile, the Jennifer's, Lucy, Carlos, Katie, and his mother all said that they didn't have a clue where he was. They had searched the Palm Woods up and down.

"Kendall, sweetie," his mom started. "I think we have to call the police and tell him that Logan is missing."

Kendall looked at his mother and at all the people around him. He wanted to call the police, he really did. But he had learned enough from Logan to know that the police wouldn't go looking for someone of his age. He was eighteen and they would chalk it up to him having run off. It could be up to a week before they took them seriously. He couldn't take that chance. He needed to get Logan back. He didn't even want to think of what could happen if he didn't

They all looked at Kendall, waiting for a response.

"I… I-ca-" His eyes welled up with tears and everyone looked blurry. He wiped his eyes on his arm and looked at the people who cared enough for him to be there for him in his time of need. He sniffled and cleared his throat. "I can't take that chance. I will find him."

Logan was plunked down in a chair and felt himself be tied. He had hopped their roughness hadn't hurt the baby. He would be heartbroken.

His captors tore off the blindfold and his eyes squinted in the effort to try to adjust to the new brightness of his surroundings. He looked around and he realized that he was in the middle of a warehouse just like when they had been captured by Hawk. But he didn't have his friends this time. Super Carlos wouldn't be saving him.

He looked in front of him and his guesses had been correct. There standing in front of him were Brian and Jack. Both were wearing black hoodies. And it looked like they both had masks that were resting on top of their heads.

"You assholes," Logan said and immediately he regretted it. Jack swung at him and caught him right in the jaw. And god damn, did it hurt.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, now Logan," Brian started. "you wouldn't want to upset two people that know quite a bit about you, now would you?"

"I don't give a shit about what you know about me. I have nothing to hide!" He yelled. But that wasn't true. He had two very big things to hide and both of them could have enough impact to send him and all of Big Time Rush home.

Jack landed another blow.

"Oh Logan," he said as he kneeled down to come to his level. "You should really shut the fuck up," he said menacingly.

It was just then that Logan noticed the video camera directly ahead. These sick bastards were going to kill him and then watch it over and over again. Somehow that didn't shock Logan as much as it should have.

Logan looked up at Brian and Jack with anger in his eyes. He breathed heavily through his nose in a defiant way yet he kept his mouth shut and said nothing. He didn't want to die but he refused to act like a cowardly little bitch to these two. If he was going to die, he'd do it with dignity.

He could feel his bottom lip bleeding on the side.

Brian smiled. "That's better," he said, walking around him. "You see Logan, I really liked you," he started as he put his hand on the brunette a shoulder. Logan tried to shake it off and show the blonde that he didn't want to be touched by him, but he kept it there any way. He put his other hand on the other shoulder and pressed down harshly, telling Logan not to move. "I thought you were cute and you were nothing but a cock tease."

Logan wishes he could get Brian to stop touching him. But he knows that if he moves again and does something, it will end badly. But he can't help himself.

"Get the fuck off of me," he says with a low voice.

And as soon as it's said, Jack lands another punch and this time Logan spits blood which is now filling his mouth.

This time Brian laughs. He can tell its true, but hollow at the same time. "You really just don't learn do you? You'd think you could wrap your fucking mind around the fact that if you don't shut the fuck up, we are going to kill you. Or are you experiencing that little thing they call 'baby brain'?"

Logan stops. His heart skips a beat and he narrows his eyes between the two. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

And suddenly a gun is pointed at his face. He has no idea where the gun came from but he is guessing from behind his back.

"Don't lie to us-"

"I'm sorry. I'm a little confused," Logan starts. You can hear the venom dripping in his voice. His head turns to Jack. "What the fuck are you his lackie? You haven't said a goddamn word since you two brought me in here. It makes me wonder if he's got you wrapped around his finger." But Logan stops and he looks between the two and he realizes something. He laughs evilly. "Oh no. He doesn't have you wrapped around his finger. He has you wrapped around his cock doesn't he?"

Jack sends another blow his way and this time Logan is ready for it. He moves with the punch and it hurts a lot less.

"I'm nobody's lackie. The only reason I'm not saying anything is because I'm enjoying beating the shit out of you for ruining my chances with Kendall."

"I didn't ruin your chances, you dumbass! He's my boyfriend! You had no fucking chance!"

Logan expected another blow. But what he got was a lot worse. He heard the bang but it didn't register. He looked between the two of them and wondered if Brian had shot Jack from insubordination or something. But there was nothing. And that's when he feels it. There's an undeniable pain in his shoulder.

He looks to his left shoulder and he can see blood soaking through his gray shirt. It hurts like a bitch. He wants to scream or cry. But he does neither. He looks up and tilts his head back so that the tears go back where they came from. He won't give them the satisfaction.

"Now. Back to what I was saying," Brian gets so close that their noses touch and the now warm barrel of the gun rests against his cheek. "We know about the baby shit, you fucking freak. It actually wasn't all that hard to figure out. As soon as we put the pieces together and put one little bullet in your friend Dr. Carver, we knew everything."

"Why are you doing this, huh? Because I didn't fuck you? Because I didn't let him steal my boyfriend, the only person I've ever been in love with? Or does it go deeper inside that fucked up head of yours?"

And then he is laughing. Brian is honest to god laughing. It's evil and maniacal but its still laughter. He backs away from Logan while he's still laughing and points the barrel at him again. "You really don't remember me do you?"

Brian looks at Logan and the brunette looks back defiantly. He has no idea what this guy is talking about.

"Allow me to refresh your memory!" Brian lifts his shirt and Logan is sort of surprised at what he sees. The blonde has burn scars littering his stomach and from the look of them, they went lower and higher.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Logan asks.

Brian lunges at him but Logan doesn't move as the teen gets in his face. "IT HAS TO DO WITH EVERYTHING!" he yells.

Logan stares back at him, anger still in his eyes. He won't let his face show his true feeling of worry show. He doesn't know what he has done to this kid but it was obviously something. He just didn't know what it was.

"You and Kendall," he said, practically spitting out Kendall's name. "You two had always been in love since you were kids, hadn't you? When you were younger, you and him would take moonlit walks in the woods that no one knew about except you two. Except I knew. I was almost always there. Always up in the tree house I built, watching you and Kendall be all over each other while I was in love with you!"

Kendall, James, Carlos, and Katie ran for the front desk. "Bitters! We need to see the surveillance tapes!" Katie says.

Bitters scoffed. "Ha! You want me-"

Kendall reaches across the desk, grabs his shirt, and pulls him halfway across the desk. "If you don't let me see the tapes, I will honest to god kill you!"

Kendall realizes his behavior toward the building manager and he realizes he really should be nicer. But he can't. He can't be the good guy when the love of his life, the pregnant love of his life, is missing and he has no clue where he is. Bitters is a dick and he wants his Logan back.

Kendall has tear stained cheeks and more are threatening to fall. His heart refuses to beat right, sometimes skipping two or three, making him feel like any minute now his heart is going to stop, but it doesn't.

The blonde just wants Logan back. He can't survive without him nor does he want to.

Now there aren't many people in the lobby. But the ones that are, give the scene a once over. It's not normal for Kendall to act like this.

"O-o-okay! I will let you see the tapes!" he stutters, obviously on the verge of wetting his pants.

The Minnesota air was crisp and cold, like it almost always was. Logan listened to the crunching of leaves and twigs under their feet as they walked together to their secret spot. Logan looks up at the night sky. He loves the fact that it just happens to be a full moon tonight and the stars are sprinkling the sky, brighter than ever.

Logan has never really been coordinated so when he looks up and focuses on the sky for too long, he stumbles a bit but Kendall reaches out to catch him. He offers the blonde a small smile of gratitude and Kendall smiles back, understanding.

The brunette shoves his hands into his pocket and shrinks as far as he can into the jacket. It's not that he is embarrassed that he almost fell, it's just colder than usual tonight and he want's to stay as warm as he can.

Kendall looks down at the smaller pre-teen. He can't help the smile that spreads across his face. Logan is his best friend. Yes, James and Carlos were too, but this was different. They were different. He watches as Logan looks down at the ground, carefully calculating where he steps next.

He doesn't know what it is about the shorter boy, but he likes him better than everyone else. No… Like isn't strong enough. He loves him better than everyone else.

They both see the fire pit that sits under a large oak that has a tree house perched atop it. They don't go into the tree house. Kendall and Logan were often labeled as troublemakers along with their two other friends but it was obvious that the tree house belonged to someone, and they respected privacy.

Their speed picks up because they can't wait to get to the fire and just sit by it.

The kindling is already there from the last time they had come to their spot, which had only been about two days ago.

Kendall takes out a small tube of lighter fluid that he gets from somewhere in his house, Logan never really knows where exactly, and pours it on the fire pit. He strikes a match and drops it over the fire, the sticks igniting immediately.

They smile at each other and sit on the log that is so close to the fire that if it gets too hot, it instantly starts to make you sweat.

Logan watches the fire. He loves how it flickers with life and heat. He closes his eyes, a small smile on his face. He breathes in the smell of the firewood and when he let's the breath go, he opens his eyes again.

Kendall watches Logan. He watches how the fire flickers in his irises and really, how beautiful he looks from the glows of the fire. Kendall has long since come to terms that he loves Logan differently, better, than he loves everyone else. He just doesn't know why. He can't really explain it ever. But when he thinks of Logan, adjectives like beautiful, gorgeous, lovely all come to his mind.

Neither of them are old enough to know what these words mean. They aren't old enough to think about being what people label as 'gay.' They just think about each other and how their bond with each other is stronger than any other person they know, even their parents. But that's what childhood is, isn't it? The innocence to love and be loved without having to be labeled by everyone else. They don't realize what they are to each other yet. But that's okay, it's how it's meant to be for now.

Logan catches Kendall staring at him out of the corner of his eye. He doesn't move too look at him nor does he say anything. He just smiles wider. He likes it when Kendall watches him. It tricks him into thinking, even just for the moment, that Kendall may feel the same way about him, whatever way that is. Logan doesn't think about it for long.

Instead he thinks about the fact that they don't need words to do this. They sit in comfortable silence and they are happy with that.

"Look," Logan points out, wanting to talk to the taller pre-teen. "That's the big dipper."

Kendall smiles and watches him point out the constellations. He doesn't care much, but it makes Logan happy so he listens and responds when necessary.

Hours pass and they are still doing the same thing. Logan is pointing out constellations and Kendall is pretending to listen while he watches the brunette with a smile. The sky starts to darken greater than just the night sky. Rain clouds start rolling over the bright white moon, covering the stars as well.

"Hey, why don't we head back?" Kendall says.

Logan nods, sad that they have to go. He moves to follow Kendall but he stops. "Shouldn't we put the fire out?" Logan asks.

Kendall shakes his head and waves his hand. "Nah. The rain will put it out. Race you back to the house!" Kendall yells and starts running.

Logan giggles and runs after him. "Cheater!"

It doesn't rain that night...

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