Rick felt sick as the officers led the rogue IRS agent away. He'd seen guys break like that back in 'Nam, and drift off into their own little worlds never to come back. Heck, he'd damn near broke like that back in 'Nam. If it hadn't been for his brother who had noticed he'd come back different and stood behind him every step of the way until he found himself again, he would be broken.

Whatever Frank Campbell was seeing right now, it sure as hell wasn't a reality that he wanted to be living in.

People could argue that the poor man had already been broken. There were enough signs pointing to that being the case when it came to the petty tyrant who had used his position in the Government to get revenge on any who wronged him. He knew the truth however. The truth was that he and his brother had broken the man, and they had done it for some two bit furniture salesman who had taken everything from the man twenty years earlier. There had been no heroes and villains on this case, and today he and his brother sure as hell hadn't saved the day. In this situation he had been the bad guy, and there was no making what he'd just done right.

He could argue that he was on the side of right at the time because the crazed man had tried to kill AJ with the elevator, but the truth was he wasn't, because the man hadn't been in his right mind at the time, because he had helped break him several minutes earlier.

Broken beyond repair.

He was the worst sort of hypocrite. He'd handcuffed himself to the V.A. building because he hadn't wanted to see any more young men broken that way, and here he was breaking someone like that himself.