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She sat there shaking…she was nervous she didn't know what to expect. She looked around the room they say this room is supposed to calm you down but it was really making her more and more nervous. The door opened and the Doctor said "Miss McMahon?" she nodded. "You came had an appointment a while ago you said you weren't feeling very well having morning sickness and what not…we ran some test on you and…Miss. McMahon your pregnant". Her eyes widen as she heard that the same words sounding over and over in her head "Your pregnant". As tears filled up her eyes. "Miss. McMahon are you ok?" "Yeah I think…" she said in between tears". "Your 2 months pregnant and everything with the baby seems ok" the doctor said as he saw that Stephanie kept on crying. "Miss. McMahon are you sure your ok?…is the father of the baby here so he can come in?" "that's the problem I don't know if the father will accept it" she said.


She walked to her car but on the way there people where giving her looks. Some knew who she was…but she didn't look like the person they knew. She was pale she had on some sweats and a larger t-shirt…she basically looked and felt like shit. She opened her car and felt her stomach turn in knots…she knew she was about throw up her breakfast lunch and dinner heck maybe even what she ate a week or two ago. She stuck her head out the car door waiting for the nastiness to come out of her mouth…but didn't. She sighed and touched her abdomen and said "Mommy will fix this ok baby…and even if your dad won't accept you I will because your mine and I love you". She closed the car door and exited the hospital garage. As she drove she began thinking of that got her into this mess.

She sat outside in front of the hotel room crying. When she saw a shadow coming towards her. As the person got closer she saw who it was. "What the hell do you want?" she asked him in a cold voice. As she wiped away her mascara she had just been humiliated on front of Millions of people. He said nothing, he just stood there his arms crossed on his chest as he looked at her. "Come On say what you want to say! I'm the laughing stock of the locker room". Again he said nothing "what the hell are you mute or something?" she asked him. He reached out for her hand she looked at him puzzled but something made her reach out and she took his hand. And followed him. He didn't speak a word to her nor did she know where he was taking her. They walked about a block to a small bar. She went ahead in and looked around when she turned to look at him he was gone. "Great this was all a joke…damn it" she said. She walked over to the bar and asked for a drink, the bar tender gave it to her. The last time she checked it was 1:30 wait….or was it 12:30? She couldn't really tell what time it was. She saw someone from the corner of her eye sit next to her. It was him, "Ah you finally decided to join me? Eh? " he shock his head an laughed. "What the hell are you laughing at? I know it's not me!". "Have you looked at your self? Man your plastered!" "No…I'm…not!" she said all gogely. He just shock his head and said "yes you have now come on let's go back" "No!" she said as she pulled him back down. "I haven't see you have a drink!…hey bartender…guy…dude can you get me two more drinks please….hey two rhymes with moo!" she said as she started to giggle uncontrollably . He laughed at the sight of her. Two drink became four…then six…then eight. Of course Stephanie didn't really drink all of them half of them flew out of her mouth because of the jokes head make while she drank. Finally they left the bar both somehow crossed the street without becoming road kill as they held one another for support. They reached the hotel room. Stephanie walked her way to the front desk to check in. The lady looked at her oddly "Name please" 'Stephanie….McMahon!" she said as she struggled to say her name. He stood next to her looking at hi reflection on the small waterfall behind the desk. The woman looked at both at them and shock her head.

"Umm Miss. McMahon I'm sorry you are not registered at this hotel" "WHAT/". He looked away from the waterfall and said "Hey Austin" and both started laughing. "Oh..well thanks anyways" she said and walked over to him and said "C'mon let's…go!". "But wait look at my reflection- - - - On the pretty…umm lake" he said as he turned to Stephanie. The woman at the front desk looked at him puzzled and said "It's a waterfall sir" "yeah that's what I said!" he answered as both walked away. They reached the elevator and was pretty dizzy "what floor is you room in?" she asked him. "Umm hold on I have the key!" he searched in his pocket for the key "here room…umm…345".She pressed the third floor and the elevator door opened. They got upstairs and began walking down the halls. "Hey…have you ever wondered….-----how many licks are…in the center of a tootsie pop?" she asked him. He though for a moment and said "Well the Little Owl says….3!". The both started laughing and he told her "Shah people are sleepy!". They made it to his room and opened the door and stepped in. Stephanie walked ahead and laying on the bed instantly. He walked over and sat next to her and she got up and looked into his eyes. "You know you've always had pretty eyes" he smiled and said "That's crazy talk" "no really I've always love your eyes". "Just like I love you" he spat out, she looked at him in shock. "What did you say?" "No-- nothing I said nothing" "Yeah you said you loved me….do you?". He looked at her she wasn't all the sudden just a drinking buddy she was the woman whom he fell head over heels for. "I said I love you Stephanie McMahon…ever since I saw you….ever since you first spoke to me I've been head over heels in love with you it might seem like I can give a rat's ass about you….but a care about you" he said as he lightly reached over and touched her cheek. Which sends chills down her spine…then tears to her eyes. "Oh no did I make you cry?" he asked worried "No….I happy….I'm happy that I'm not the only one feeling this way…I----I love you" she said. It felt like this huge weight was lifted from her shoulders.

He wiped away the tears and kissed them where the had fallen…..then he kiss her lips. He broke the kiss between them and looked into her eyes she smiled and kissed him back. He brushed her brown her as he kissed her ever so passionately. She took off his shirt and he took off hers…one thing lead to another and they made love…not drunken love…but TRUE Love.


She sighed as she remembered that night…the night that both of them had expressed their true feelings. She got to the hotel where he was staying. She parked her car and step out. She looked up at the huge building, the Pennsylvania wind blowing as clouds over above her ,it seemed like it was going to rain. She took a deep breath put her hand over her abdomen and walked towards the hotel. She got the front desk and asked for his room number. Once she got to the front her nerves started to kick in. She didn't know if he was gonna except this less was he gonna want the baby. She was about to leave when she told her self "No Stephanie your gonna do this now!". She finally got the courage to knock on the door. Seconds later he was at the front door and looked at her. "Yeah…what do you want?" he asked her "I….I really need to talk to you" she said weakly "Ok come on in". She stepped in knowing that his eyes where on her the whole time. "So what do you want to talk about?". "I---- I don't know how to tell you this or how you will react to it" "Just tell me he said as he walked towards her. "I---I----I" "Damn it Stephanie what is it?" "I'm Pregnant! Damn it!" she screamed at him. Tears began to fill her eyes as she looked at him. He was in shock just standing there looking at her. "Well aren't you going to say something?" "How?…what? How? This can't be Mine Steph we only did it once…this isn't my child it must be someone else ok…I'm not ready to be a father…that isn't my baby" "Well it is ok we did Once and it is enough ok…I'm Pregnant 2 months with your child!….and if you don't want to take the responsibility of a father then- oh no" she said as she held her stomach. "What is it? He asked as he reached out to touched her. She moved away and quickly ran to the bathroom just in time to throw up everything she had ever eaten in her life. She flushed the toiled and washed her mouth and face. "Your really pregnant…with my child?" he asked her as she was drying her face she looked up and saw Chris Jericho looking back at her though the mirror.