"Come Stephanie One More push I need one more push!" he said

She got him but the collar and said

"One more push….I wanna see you be in my place and give ONE MORE FUCKING PUSH!"

Chris chuckled, she looked over and him and grabbed him from the collar

"YOU…you got me into this….I'm gonna Kill you!" she said giving him an evil look

"Come On Stephy one more and were out of here" the nurse said as she wiped the sweat off of Stephanie's forehead.

She took a deep breath …..as a baby's cry came upon the room

"Congratulations it's a healthy baby girl" the doctor said as he placed the little girl in Stephanie's arm.

Tears of joy ran down her face as she looked at her baby. Chris couldn't it help it either as a small tear rolled down his face. He hugged Stephanie and kissed the top of her forehead, and then their little girl.

"What are we gonna name her?" Chris asked as the little girl's hand wrapped around his finger

"I don't know" Stephanie said as she stroked the little hair she said. It was blonde just like Chris'

"Well how about Isabella?" Chris suggested

"She doesn't feel like an Isabella to me" Stephanie answered laughing

"Well I don't know….you pick a name"

"How about" she thought for a second "how about Sarah?"

"Sarah?" he asked

"Yeah Sarah…..that means Princess….she's our little Princess" she said as she kissed her little hand.

The baby slowly opened her little eyes. Chris and Stephanie looked at her in awe. She had Chris blue eyes, she gave them a little smile.

"Oh my god Chris Looks she's smiling" she said in a joyful voice

"Ah yes the good looks of a Jericho….and a smile of a McMahon" he said with a cocky look and began laughing.

Stephanie hit him playfully in the arm and said

"Oh shut it Jericho"


She opened her eyes slowly as the bright light flashed above her. She looked out the window, it was a cloudy and un-happy day, but for her it was the best day of her life. She gave birth to her baby….her baby. She looked around the room and didn't see Sarah.

She panicked and jumped out of bed, she began shaking as she couldn't find her baby. A nurse came in and saw her.

"Now young lady what are-" she was cut off

"Where's my baby!" Stephanie demanded

"She's in the nursery…. We needed to clean her up" she answered

A sigh of relief came upon her. The nurse noticed that she looked more clam than before.

"It's ok you know" she said "First time mother always want to have their baby's by their side…it's like an instinct to panic if you don't see them near you" she with a smile

"Can…can I go see her?" Stephanie asked

"Of course you can….come on let's go" she said.

The reached the nursery and Stephanie looked inside the huge glass window. Little cubbies with baby's in them. She smiled as she saw Sarah's cubbie "McMahon-Jericho". She pointed at the baby as the nurse came over and got Sarah. She carried her to the window for Stephanie to see.

She smiled at the sight of her baby so tiny, a spitting image of Chris. But then something caught her attention. She looked up at the nurse and gasped….it was him. A huge evil grin in his face. Stephanie screamed

"Some one help me he has baby! Don't let him hurt her!!!"

Everyone just looked at her as if she were crazy. She looked around for anyone to help her, but no one did. She began to panic once again and banged on the window screaming for him to let go of her baby. He did nothing but look at her with the same sick and twisted grin on his face. Then everything froze as he let go of Sarah.

Stephanie's eyes widen as she saw the baby fall slowly to the ground. She closed her eyes at the sight. She slowly opend them once again fearing to see what was inside she looked…..he was gone ….so was Sarah. She felt someone's arm around her. She spinned her head quickly.

"Whoa there" Chris said as he stepped back his arms up

She sighed as she saw him

"What's wrong he asked" as he stepped closer

"It's just" she began, an hesitated what she was going to say "nothing….I'm just jumpy"

"Ok if you say so" he said as he looked inside the window "there she is" he said as he pointed Sarah out

"Yes she's so adorable don't you think?" she asked….it was silent

"Chris?" she said "Chris" she turned around and he was gone. She looked around the hall and there was no one. She looked the other way….and there he was once again with that sick smile on his face.

"What the hell do you want!" she screamed across the hall.

He said nothing and began walking towards her. She backed away each time her got closer. Finally her was close to her, she was trapped she tried to slap him, but he just blocked it and pushed her down. She scrambled to the corner as her walked towards her. She saw Chris in the distance and tried to call out for him.

It looked like he was looking for her. She tried screaming, but nothing came out. She blinked once and Chris was gone. His sick smile was now in her face. Then everything went blank.


"NOOOOOOOOOOO" she screamed as she woke sweating gasping for air.

The moons light reflected on her bed. She touched her belly….her baby was ok. She reached over to touch Chris….he was gone. That's when it hit her….part of that dream was real….Chris was gone….probably forever.

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