I walked home alone that day for two reasons. One was because of my mood; two was because I didn't want to drag Sara into this Harima mess. Sara was my best friend and I talked to her about everything, but this situation was way too intense. I knew pretty soon that the rumors would reach its peak and Sara would be pushed into answers that would eventually come between us. Sara didn't deserve that.

As I walked along the everlasting concrete path I realized that this movie arrangement was going to be easily confused with a date, which was positively going to make everyone think that there was something going on between us. As much as I could avoid the rumors, I've done it numerous times before, but for some reason I felt some kind of guilt tug away at my heart like a tumor. I felt like because of me, Harima had to go under stress that he didn't deserve.

Once I reached the house I noticed a small sticky note pasted on to the screen doors of the house.

"Dear Yakumo, Mikoto invited us all to stay at her place so I won't be home. I'm sorry for whatever I did to upset you but I am sorry! Really sorry! Don't think badly of me! Don't think badly of me!"


As my eyes scanned the note I felt a smile tug at my face. Of course I wanted a little more of a face to face apology, but seeing how it was Tenma and how she handled stress, I knew it was the best she could do.

I slide the door behind me as I step in the house, note in hand. I then noticed that I had about four hours until the movie, which gave me plenty of time to get physically and mentally ready. In my head the only word I could think of was date, but was that how it really was? I knew though that Harima's feeing belonged to Tenma, but a fire inside of me knowing that she was just wasting the feelings burned within myself.

I then took of my school shoes and placed them neatly by the door as I ran up the steps to the shower. I then picked out a light green tank top with a thicker black one layered over it, some skinny jeans, and a jacket for the chilly air that the movie theatre emitted. Then taking the clothes to the bathroom, I set them on the floor as I stepped into the already running shower.

I stared at the clock as I was too bored to really do any other activity. The laundry was done, I was probably going to eat too much popcorn and snacks at the movies so there was no reason to cook, which left me stare at the numbers tick by.

Finally waking me up out of my bored haze I heard the ring of the phone next to me. Picking the cheap phone up out of the stand I noticed the familiar number, Sara. My heart pounded hardly as beads of sweat formed on my face. I knew what she was going to say, and I knew that if I hung up now she would keep the questions coming

Taking in a gulp of air I pressed the answer button to speak to her, emitting a gasp at the loud sound of her screaming.


I rolled my eyes on the other side of the phone and spoke sweetly to calm Sara down. "It's okay Sara I'm fine it was just the heat of the moment, I wanted to take Tenma to a movie so that maybe we would become closer as sisters but Eri was taking her today too and I just couldn't hold it back I guess" I said smiling.

Sara gave a sigh of relief "Thank God, I thought someone hurt you or something like that." The ice from my heat melted as I talked to Sara, speaking to a friend that I could let all of my feeling out to was a great relief. "Well I gotta go, don't do anything funny with Harima tonight!" My face flushed a vibrant shade of red as I tried to tell her that those were NOT our intentions, but she hang up before I could. I sighed in annoyance.

As I sat down the phone on the stand I heard a loud roar from outside. I then saw Harima with his motorcycle, waving at me to try to catch my attention. My heart skipped a few beats while I was dealing with the fact that I would have to hold on to Harima as he would probably start speeding on his motorcycle, he never said we would be doing that. I gulped and walked to the door, stretching out a shaking hand to turn the knob of the door.

"You okay?" Harima said, noticing how shaky I walked as I got off the motorcycle. "Y-Yeah I'm fine." I stuttered. I noticed now that I would never ride a motorcycle ever again. Harima pushed open the door and harassed the man at the counter to give him and discount on the popcorn. We then walked in to theatre, and I swear I could've died right then and there. There in the eight row sat Tenma and her friends, and Eri.

"Hey, Yakumo! Hey, Harima!" Tenma shouted, making others in the large room stare at us. Harima blushed and had a hazy smile on his face as he waved to his crush. I nudged him softly in the shoulder as he woke from his haze and blushed even more furiously. "Sorry" he said, leading me up the stairs, sending chills up my spine. We then took to seats next to each other in the same row as Tenma, just on the opposite side.

As the movie dragged on endlessly, it was hard to sit still. Harima of course was having the time of his life, seeing an action packed movie while sitting just ten chairs away from the girl he loved, if only he felt the same about the girl next to him. Noticing the thought I just had I blushed and tied to erase it from my mind. I couldn't feel that way about Harima I wanted him to be happy and be with Tenma…..or did I?

The random names of people scrolled down the screen, signaling that the movie had come to an end. I few people clapped but most just began pouring out into the lobby. Harima said that he wanted to watch more of the credits so that made me have to watch Tenma and her friends leave the theatre, I had to watch her leave without me. Finally Harima was satisfied with the credits and we left the theatre.

"I'll just take a cab, thanks though." I said afraid of taking the motorcycle again. "Okay, see ya Monday." He said waving to me. Just as I was about to walk off I remembered the question that puzzled me. "Harima" I said turning around. "Yeah?" He said returning the motion. "How did you know that I was planning on going to the movies with Tenma?" I said. "Oh, I just paid attention to you a little more than usual I guess." My heart stopped, he paid that much attention and detail to me? Just as I was going to say something probably stupid, the smoke gust from the motorcycle blew behind him in a cloud shape.

I watched his frame disappear into the night, getting smaller and smaller. I then felt that warm feeling tingle in my hear again and this time and I couldn't deny it. I was in love with Kenji Harima.