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Fudou: *appears dragging a tied up and gagged Aphrodi into the room* Found him!

Aphrodi: *death glares at everybody in the room whilst squirming and probably shouting obscenities through the duct tape*

Me: O.O Fudou! I said to bring Aphrodi in. NOT kidnap him!

Fudou: Yeah, well he wouldn't come any other way. *takes duct tape off Aphrodi's mouth*

Aphrodi: *breathes deeply then yells at the top of his voice* I AM A GOD! HOW DARE YOU FUDOU AKIO! I DEMAND TO KNOW WHAT IS GOI- *gets cut off by Fudou taping his mouth shut again*

Me: 0_0 I see...

Fubuki: Hey guys! I got the messa-... *spots aphrodi tied up* Er... Whats going on?... *steps back suspiciously*

Me: We are about to watch my latest creation! *grins*

Fubuki: Oh! I see! *smiles* Whew... thought something bad was going to happen.

Fudou: *evil grin* Don't relax yet Fubuki. This ones about you.

Fubuki: Me? *scared face*

Fudou: And you Aphrodi.

Aphrodi: O.O *swallows*

Me: Don't be babies *grin*

Fubuki: Wa-wait! Hold on a minu-



It was a bright sunny day in Japan, with a cloudless blue sky and a gentle breeze. The ideal day for a first day at school. Nobody wanted to run around in the cold, wet, miserable rain while trying to find their new classes.

Fubuki Shirou stood at the Raimon Junior High gates with a smile on his face. He had just transferred from Hakuren to Raimon with the intention of playing soccer with his friends.

"Hey Fubuki!" A familiar voice called out to him. The grey haired boy turned around to find no other person than Someoka Ryuugo.

"Oh! Hey Someoka." Fubuki said with a smile.

"So, the rumors were true. You did transfer to Raimon huh?" Someoka asked.

"Yeah I did. I wanted to play soccer with you guys again."

"That's all well and good." Someoka grinned. "But don't expect to be taking up my position as striker."

"We'll see who gets put where." Fubuki smirked.

"Hmph. Little brat." Someoka shook his head with a grin. "Well, I better get to class now. But before I go I want to know one little thing."

"Sure, what is it?" Fubuki asked curiously.

"There was another rumor... that you had another reason to transfer here..." Someoka paused and looked at the grey haired boys puzzled face and grinned. "Word was that you also transferred so you could go to the same school as..."

Sameoka leaned closer and whispered a name into the boys ear. Fubuki's puzzled face immediately changed to one of pure embarrassment. A blush was creeping up on his cheeks.

"T-thats n-not..." He stammered out quickly.

"No need to deny it." The pink haired boy grinned. "You like him, it's was really obvious last time I saw you both."

"I-I didn't e-even k-know he went t-to R-raimon!..." Fubuki stuttered, his flush getting increasingly worse. "I-I swear!"

"Deny it all you like buddy but you both just transferred here this year..." He patted the blushing boys's shoulder with a smirk. "...and I personally don't believe in coincidence."

The school bell rang out through the front courtyard. Causing Someoka to curse.

"Sorry! Got to fly, I'm late! New kids go to the guidance counciler's office before their first class." He advised and started to run towards the school with the rest of the late kids, but not before he called out over his shoulder with a grin. "Good luck with your crush!"

"H-he is not my-...!" Fubuki started to yell before he felt a strange, yet familiar feeling.

"That was totally convincing." Another familiar voice smirked in his mind. "Not."

"A-Atsuya!" Fubuki yelped in shock. He thought he had gotten a hold on his personality problem, but apparently not.

"Oh, don't worry bro. You are still yourself. It's just I've been here this whole time and was waiting for a good time to announce my presence." Atsuya's voice said in his mind.

It was true, he didn't feel like he did before, when Atsuya took control of him during his soccer matches. He felt like himself.

"...and now is a good time?" The older twin frowned slightly.

"Yes, it is." Atsuya grinned. "I'm here to help you with your problem."

"W-what problem? I-I don't have a problem!" Fubuki protested out loud. From anybody else's point of view it would look like he was arguing with himself. He looked like a nut job.

"Sure, sure." Atsuya said rolling his eyes (mentally of course). He continued with a smirk. "Just when the time comes, don't but in."

"D-don't but in? W-what do you mean?" Fubuki frowned. Atsuya didn't reply, and the familiar presence was gone.

"A-Atsuya! Get back here!" He hissed, then realized how stupid it sounded and he grimaced.

"Maybe I am going crazy..." He mumbled and then realizes he didn't know what he was doing. After a moments hesitation Fubuki remembered what Sameoka had said.

"...New kids go to the guidance counciler's office before their first class!..."

He sighed and headed towards the school entrance and silently thanked Sameoka for telling him where to go.


A few minutes later Fubuki found himself in the guidance counciler's office with two other familiar looking new transfer students.

One had fiery red hair, which kind of was shaped like a tulip at the top, and golden eyes. He was sporting a big grin like he couldn't wait to be sent back to this office for being a 'difficult student'.

The other one looked completely different. He had light grey hair that had been combed to the left and teal coloured eyes. His expression was calm and conducted. He was acting much more composed than the red head and if anything he looked a little bored.

I believe the guidance counciler introduced them as Suzuno Fuusuke and Nagumo Haruya. When I told them my name they immediately responded,

"I believe we have already met actually." The grey haired one said in that calm way of his.

"Although you probably remember me as Burn." The red head grinned.

"And me Gazelle." The other said.

Fubuki did a double take, although they both looked exactly the same as they had in Aliea academy. He hadn't recognized them in the Raimon uniform.

"Oh! Hey guys." He said startled, he then blushed realizing it was hard to not recognize Burns tulip head and Gazelles cold demeanor.

"Well." The guidance counciler said. "I've already given Suzuno and Nagumo their schedules so they can go to their first class now."

They both practically ran out the door. Burn was whooping since he finally got to meet the teacher he'd have the pleasure of tormenting, and Gazelle mumbled something about being trapped in a small room with Burn too long and worrying about catching diseases.

With only Fubuki and the counciler left in the room he noticed a person missing. Sameoka had insisted that he had transferred to Raimon. Had it been a mistake? A prank? He sighed in relief as he realized Atsuya couldn't do whatever he had been planning. He got worried again though when he felt his brother's presence return.

"Don't get comfy yet Fubuki." Atsuya grinned excitedly.

"What do you mean?" Fubuki frowned inwardly.

"In 3... 2... 1..." The younger brother counted down.

Suddenly the door flew open, startling Fubuki enough to fall backwards onto the councilors couch. The owner of said couch gave the grey haired boy a curious look before returning to look at the person who just entered the room. He blushed and stood up quickly brushing himself off.

"How did you do that..." Fubuki scowled inwardly at his brother who just grinned and sat back to watch the show.

"I'm just cool like that..." Atsuya grinned before hushing the older boy with barely concealed excitement. "Now be quiet and look who has arrived."

Then he noticed who was at the door. A boy with long blonde hair spilling down his face stood in the now open doorway. He had the grace if someone with a lot of confidence, it was almost... god like.

Oh... no... Fubuki thought. No... no... no...

"Sorry I'm late." The familiar blonde boy said to the guidance counciler in his beautiful voice. "I missed my ride and I had to run to school."

He ran? He doesn't look like he even broke a sweat... Fubuki thought his brain still in a state of shock.

"That's okay... Afuro Termi is it? It's the only name left on the list." The guidance counciler said consulting her clip-board.

"That's right." He said with a small nod and a smile. He turned his head to look at me, when he smiled in recognition.

"Oh! Hey Fubuki, I didn't notice you there."

Stay calm... stay calm... He silently told himself.

"A-aphrodi!... I-I... e-er... uhm..." He stumbled. Atsuya mentally facepalmed.

"Say HI you baka..." The boy mumbled, in Fubuki's mind.

"H-h-hey..." Fubuki stammered quietly, embarrassed at his inability to keep cool, like he usually did.


"That was embarrassing." Atsuya groaned in fubuki's mind. The boy was currently outside the guidance counciler's office, the red faced boy was looking over his new timetable.

"I know..." He mumbled to Atsuya.

"I can't believe you couldn't even say hi..." Atsuya continued.

"I know..." Replied the older brother.

"This is worse than I thought." Atsuya groaned to himself.

"Be quiet I'm trying to read."

"I will be quiet when you can't embarrass yourself in front of your crush. I live in your brain too you know!" Atsuya retorted.

It was a valid point.

"Well what do you want me to do then?" Fubuki grumbled impatiently.

"I have a plan... but I need to prepare." Atsuya said mostly to himself. His presence faded again and Fubuki was left alone.


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