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Me: This is why you don't cheat on your boyfriend...

Aphrodi: It's a STORY! and I'm not ch- *Is cut off by me putting tape across his mouth*

Me: That's right. It is a story. Which is why you're going to be quiet while we watch and find out if you did or not. -.-

Fubuki: *sniffles from somewhere in the emo corner*

Fudou: o.o well this is an interesting turn of events...

Me: Yes well Fudou you might be in this chapter of the story too :D


Me: o.o okay then... yeesh...


"Shirou there's something I have to tell you..." Aphrodi says.

Fubuki doesn't reply as he is avoiding Aphrodi's eyes.

"I knew it was too good to be true... He never really cared about me..." The grey haired boy sniffled inside his mind. (A/N Is that possible? I don't know. But for now let's just say it is...)

"You don't even know what he's going to say..." Atsuya said trying to calm the boy.

Fubuki ignored the younger brother's voice completely.

"He's going to tell me that there is somebody else in his life... in his fancy house..." Fubuki mind cried.

"You don't know that." Atsuya said again. "Now stop crying for a second and see what he has to say..."

The blonde who was completely unaware of the boy's internal struggle sighed.

"Peppo is a guy." Aphrodi said with a slight frown.

"See? I told you he doesn't lo-..." Fubuki started to say to the younger boy in his mind before realizing what Aphrodi had said.

"Wait... what?" Fubuki spluttered. "That's a guy?!"

"Yes, and a very annoying one at that." Aphrodi complained still frowning before going to sit by his boyfriend who was inwardly exploding with joy. "He came to work for our family a couple of years ago and I thought he was a girl too at first. Until... there was an 'incident' in the second year..."

"A-an 'incident'?" Fubuki fumbled, still surprised. "What sort of 'incident'."

Aphrodi blushed momentarily before whispering in Fubuki's ear the story. Even though there was nobody else in the room.

The grey haired boy's face went an even deeper shade of red than he had thought he could go before exploding off the blonde's bed.

"Y-you mean... t-they... on y-your..." He spluttered gesturing towards Aphrodi's bed.

"Not on this one... I had it burned when I caught them..." Aphrodi mumbled.

"B-but..." Fubuki shook his head in a mix of emotions like disbelief, shock, and embarrassment.

"I stopped trying to figure out Peppo ages ago." Aphrodi said ruffling the grey haired boy's hair and giving him a wink. "I suspect he escaped from a mental hospital before he came here."

Fubuki giggled and nodded.

"Sounds about right." A voice came from the door.

Both boy's turned around to see Peppo's head through the door sticking out his tongue.

"Now, Master Terumi... Talking about people behind their backs isn't very ni-..." He began before being cut off by Aphrodi.

"OUT!" He grumbled and shut his door and locked it. Before giving Fubuki another apologetic smile. "Reason number three why I don't bring people over."

Fubuki giggled again and kissed his boyfriend on the nose.

"All this giggling brother... what's gotten into you?" Atsuya grinned.

"Shut up and go hide in a corner." Fubuki grumbled to the younger brother, who complied surprisingly to the older boy's wishes.

Aphrodi chuckled too before picking up Fubuki in his arms.

"Hello." The blonde winked at the boy in his arms.

"Hi." Fubuki breathed with a shy grin.

"Hi? Is that really all you can say." Aphrodi smirked and shook his head.

"Good afternoon then." The grey haired boy stuck his tongue out.

Aphrodi shook his head with a smirk.

"So now that you've finally gotten to see my 'mysterious' house." Aphrodi said before sitting on his couch with Fubuki in his lap. "What do you want to do?"

"Hmm... I didn't think that far ahead." Fubuki admitted while playing with Aphrodi's hair. "Although..."


"After seeing your pool I am dying to go for a swim." Fubuki admitted with a smile.

"Then why don't we go swim?" Aphrodi laughed and played with a bit of Fubuki's hair.

"I don't have my swimming gear..." Fubuki pointed out with a pout.

"No matter." Aphrodi grinned. "Swim without."

"Pervert..." Fubuki blushed and swatted him lightly on the shoulder.

"Or you could borrow some of mine." The blonde fake pouted.

Fubuki blushed again but nodded.

"Excellent." Aphrodi said standing up and taking his boyfriends hand and leading him back to the closet. "Swimming it is then."


"Terumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" A giggling Fubuki yelled as the two made their way towards the pool in Aphrodi's back garden.

The boy in question had thrown Fubuki over his shoulder and was running straight towards the massive, tiled pool with a massive grin spread across his face.

"Yes Shirou?" he asked innocently.

"Put me downnnnnn." The grey haired boy laughed and swatted the blonde's butt. (A/N I hate the word 'butt'... but not as much as 'bottom' and the word I would like to put is not currently allowed by myself xD)

"Oy!" Aphrodi fake pouted and then came to a stop by the water's edge with a grin. "Hold your breath!"

"Hey! Wai-..." Fubuki started then decided holding his breath would indeed be better than arguing.

Aphrodi lifted the boy off his shoulder and chucked him into the pool. Before grinning and diving in after him.

Fubuki was surprised when the water that rushed up to meet him wasn't cold like he expected, in fact it was warm but not uncomfortably so. It was the perfect temperature.

He floated under the water for a bit before opening his eyes and looking up to the surface at the vague squiggly shape that was his boyfriend.

He was surprised when that squiggle dived in and wrapped his bare arms around the grey haired boy and lifted him back to the surface.

"Behold!" Aphrodi grinned. "I have rescued you!"

"Yes." Fubuki said after regaining his breathe raising his eyebrow at the grinning boy. "After you were the one who chucked me in."

"Ah, who cares about the little details." The blonde grinned, before his eyes turned mischievous. "Does the hero get a reward?"

Fubuki smirked and rolled his eyes before kissing his boyfriend on the mouth.

Aphrodi was a little surprised by his boyfriends sudden forwardness but didn't complain. In fact he grinned even more and kissed the grey haired boy back.

The kiss only lasted for seven seconds, Fubuki counted, but it felt longer than that. It was only interrupted because a beach ball hit Aphrodi in the back of the head.

"Get a room!" A voice laughed and the two boys broke apart to glare at the voice they knew it both belonged to.

"PEPPO!" Aphrodi yelled but the girly boy was already running away giggling.

"Tch." The blonde grumbled. "One day I shall get him fired..."

"Oh don't let him ruin our fun." Fubuki smirked before splashing Aphrodi and swimming away.

"Oy! Get back here!" Aphrodi laughed and swam after him.


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