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A male demon with blonde hair walked into the tight enclosure that his comrade called a home. It was simply a shallow cave situated into the face of the rock, however the demon who occupied it had various runes carved into the inside lip of the entrance to ward off intruders, making the demon's home inpenetrable to all except the ones he deemed worthy. What the demon didn't know was that his comrade had used a spell since the last time he was there to make the cave even bigger and more comfortable to be in.

"I see you've expanded since the last time I was here," the blonde commented with slight amusement.

"Of course Atsiar," the comrade answered. "Though it takes time for each new room. Creating spaces uses up a lot of energy and magic."

"If you two are done exchanging decorating tips," a third demon with shoulder-length black hair cut in.

"Oh, can it Thenoz," the comrade replied. "Just making conversation as we wait for Ottaon."

"And Ottaon is here," the demon in question announced. He smirked at the other demons as he walked into the space. "I must say, this is nicer than the last visit. You should teach me this trick."

"Enough!" Thenoz bellowed. "We are here to discuss the girl. We need to come up with a plan to abduct her so we can take her powers."

"You know, we will probably be challenged by the Charmed Ones...and there hasn't been a demon yet who came out unscathed...or alive," the comrade had replied.

"We will be different, because once this is all over and done with, we will have the most powerful witch within our grasp!" Thenoz shouted with glee.

"That is such a cliche when dealing with the Charmed Ones, I think we need to slow down and take this as cautiously as possible," Ottaon told them all. Before Thenoz could interrupt, Ottaon continued, "I understand your commitment to him, but we need to incapacitate the Charmed Ones and their family before we can attack the girl. You know, seperate them all from each other and make their magic useless. They are the most powerful as a group, and if we get our comrades to seperate each and every person in that family, our chances will triple."

"I guess you are right...but I still cannot wait until we get the girl. I hope we can stall for enough time," Thenoz told the other demon.

"If we go to him and explain what all we need to do, he just may give us some more help, and maybe a few ideas. He's dealt with the Charmed Ones once before. Not directly, but he was there to see what they are capable of," Atsiar commented with a smirk. "Maybe we can even convince the Phoenix witches to give us a hand?"

"We'll need to kidnap one of them as well to make the others cooperate," Ottaon warned. "Would we even have the resources for a task like that?"

"Leave that all up to me," Thenoz grinned.