He who could not

Deidara could not have a moment a silence, more clay, more money, less chatter. He could not convince Sasori what true art was. He could not talk to Hidan without being ranted at. He could not get Kakuzu to lower his interest rates. He could not get Pein to give him more clay. He could not get Tobi to shut up. He could not be around Zetsu fore the other would eat him. He could not be around Itachi without being ashamed. He could not be around Kisame without wanting to fight him. These things did not bother him though. What bothered him was that the thing that he wanted most, he certainly could never have. Konan.

She truly was an angel to the blonde man. Pale skinned, well shaped, blue hair, sparkling eyes, and pink lips. She might as well have been a goddess to him. Why couldn't he have her? Yes, because of that stupid looking orange haired man. He hated Pein with a burning passion. Why did he deserve her when Deidara was obviously much better? Why did she love him? Everything confused Deidara. He was aggravated, lonely, and sad.

When she walked by, he could smell her flowery perfume. It made his heart swell up and his face relax. The feeling that he got when she looked to his eyes and demanded something of him was indescribable. Those moments when they sat in the kitchen all alone in the dead of the night was sacred to him. He would never forget them. Even when he died, he would never forget the feelings she forced onto him.

In this dying moments, Deidara thought bitterly to himself. He was the man who could not.

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