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"NO! I didn't-! I couldn't have! I DIDN'T KILL THEM!"

Danny Fenton screamed frantically as the officers interrogated him relentlessly.

"All of the evidence points to one person, Daniel. And that person, is you." the officer glared at him.


The officers neglected to notice that the more agitated Danny became, the more he began to glow with an eerie white light. They neglected to notice all the way up to the point where glowing tears were streaming down the teen's face and the handcuffs keeping the boy restrained broke with a resounding 'snap'.

He stood, shaking, and stared at the ground as twin trails of light trailed down his red cheeks. "I would never hurt my family on purpose. They will always be the most important to me." Then, he drifted straight through the floor without even glancing at the two shocked cops.

Danny drifted, half-concious, through the sky. He didn't care which direction he was going, just so long as he was heading away from the site of his family's destruction and the accusing glares of the cops. Icy water droplets stung his face, but he could barely feel it through the crushing guilt he was experiencing.

'Maybe I should have just answered the questions the cops asked me,' he thought. 'Maybe they could have found a suitable punishment for me.'

Suddenly, his altitude began decreasing rapidly. He sank right into a war zone unaware, slipping into unconciousness. But, the teen was suddenly awakened by a frantic, "LOOK OUT!"

The halfa's body jolted awake and swirved to avoid an oncoming fireball, while simultaneously flying straight into another soaring teen.

'Oof.' The two tumbled to the ground as more blasts exploded above the newly-formed-crater, raining ash onto them.

Danny glanced down to see an orange skinned girl with green eyes so bright, they could rival his own.

"If you wish to live, I suggest you remove yourself from me and help us defeat these Gordinian monsters." the girl spoke seriously.

'Us?' Danny thought in confusion. He flew backwards off of the girl and watched her take off to help four other strange teens who seemed to be struggling in their battle against numerous hulking monsters in foreign-looking armor. There was a boy who seemed to be about fifteen wearing a costume in colors that can be only be described as a garish traffic light, with raven black hair, a dominoe mask covering his eyes, and large steel-toed boots that he was using to send devastating kicks to the creature's knees. To the right of him fought two other people. One was an african-american guy about seventeen years old who seemed to be made mostly from metal and using his arm to shoot powerful laser beams into the faces of the hideous beasts. The other was a small, green boy who appeared to be morphing into different animals at will to both crush the invaders and avoid their returning blows. Floating above them was a serene-looking girl in a blue cape with the hood covering her face. Danny wasn't sure if she was helping or just observing until her hands glowed with black energy and a car rose into the air and bowled over at least twelve of the offending aliens. The orange skinned girl had gone back to shooting small green bolts from her hands and punching the enemies relentlessly.

Anger surged through Danny at the scene before him. 'Time to end this.' Danny thought. (When Danny had expelled his energies, therfore effectively destroying his home and family, it was as if some sort of mental wall had dropped, allowing him total control of all of his powers.)

Danny rose high into the air, above the city entirely, and pinpointed exactly where he wanted to go. Focusing entirely on the largest armored monster, he dove straight down at 950 mph literally, at the speed of a bullet. Just before contact, he lit his fists with ectoplasmic energy and thrust them in front of himself. The force of his energy and speed combined killed the fiend on contact and thrust its body deep within the Earth, while simultaneously creating a shockwave that knocked over all of the beasts within a hundred foot radius.

The traffic-light boy quickly took advantage of the situation by diving into the confusion and quickly defeating the disoriented monsters while they were down. Panting slightly, he glanced over to see who the unexpected help had come from only to see a boy no older than himself rise out of the hole in the ground completely submerged in an eerie white glow. The eerie figure made a noise similiar to a growl that made the hairs on the back of the teen's neck stand on end and promptly shouted a fearsome battlecry before throwing himself into the fray. A path of destruction quickly formed as the glowing teen punched, kicked, and blasted his way through the enemies' ranks effortlessly while the rest of the teens stood by and watched in him cut every last enemy down single-handedly in awe.

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