Author's notes

This was a difficult story for me. Bolin's character wasn't fleshed out that much in the series so giving him emotional drama while trying to remember his comic relief role in the series was very difficult. Iroh on the other hand was a blank canvas to draw on and so his characterization was a lot easier.

I truly apologize for the year wait for the final chapter, I was writing my bachelor thesis and I really needed to work on that. I think I rushed too much with the final chapter because the guilt of not writing for you guys sooner got the better of me but honestly, the only thing I hadn't written yet was Iroh's departure. I didn't plan on them sleeping together but it seemed like a logical progression of years of waiting between the two. The ending was planned and as I began writing Letting go, I always knew the epilogue would be like this.

I wrote these two fics because I wanted to explore the problems the characters' age difference would cause and how they would react to the revelations I concocted about both of them.

I actually liked Korra and Mako in this story. I don't know about you guys, but yeah.

I kinda see Iroh as a guy who is awesome but he doesn't feel much. He has friends in the army but only because he is purely a product of the army. In the epilogue he has finally learned that making mistakes that cost him friendships is okay, and I think that's very important.

The only thing I wish I could import in this story is my favorite character Asami. It would've been easy to incorporate her at the ball but story-wise she didn't really have a purpose so I omitted her ;_; anyway, I hope you enjoyed these stories. I'll see you :)