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Where I Belong

Ryoko sat slouched in her chair at Ryo-ohki's controls. Her hand clenched tightly around the neck of a half-empty bottle of saki with her ring and little fingers tapping the glass in slowly rhythmic drums. She starred vacantly at the stars beyond Ryo-ohki's window. Those bright lustrous stars that made everything else around them seem insignificant. She had come to space to think, to clear her head of all her problems but they sustained. Each driving back into her mind with vengeance.


It had all happened two nights ago...Ryoko laid on the roof staring out at the beautiful waxen full moon glowing down on her. It was a lovely warm summer night, made perfect with a gentle breeze keeping her cool. People who sleep during the night don't know what they're missing. Ryoko thought with a sigh.

It would be better if I had a little snack. She thought sinking through the roof to the floor then floated -so not to disturb those who slept at night- into the kitchen.

Ryoko had her head in the refrigerator trying to reach the mayonnaise and honey mustard to complete her masterpiece club sandwich when she heard a small noise coming from the living room.

Maybe it's Ayeka coming down for a midnight snack. Hee hee, I'll just hide in the walls until she comes in. And when she does I'll scare the prissiness right out of her. Ryoko thought as she peered around the kitchen door.

It wasn't Ayeka as she had thought but Tenchi. What's Tenchi doing up this late? Ryoko asked herself. She watched as Tenchi sneaked down the stairs barely making a sound. He looked up towards the rafter searching for something. Is he looking for me? Ryoko wondered. Thanks to the fact that it was too dark save a few bright beams of moonlight and his eyes were not adjusted to the dark, Tenchi did not notice that the shadow of the pillow he saw wasn't Ryoko. Cautiously Tenchi crept through the living room until he made his way blindly out the door.

That wasn't like Tenchi at all. What is he up to, that he has to sneak around in the dark? Ryoko wondered as she silently floated into the living room. She looked up at her rafter. He wanted to make sure I was up there asleep. Tenchi really doesnt know me, if he did he would know I don't sleep much at night. That small comprehension caused Ryoko to feel heavy with sorrow and loneliness.

Shrugging off the sensation Ryoko began to follow after Tenchi. She teleported herself onto the porch trying to find a small trace or trail of the direction Tenchi had disappeared in. She looked back and forth finding him nowhere in sight.

Taking a deep breath Ryoko began to rely on the warrior in her. The fighter, the demon, and hunter she was with pride. She use to love the game of the hunt, until she was forced to kill those she hunted for Kagato. It was almost animalistic the way she did it all; the way she could focus in on the faintest sound, catch the scent in a faint breeze. With her ears pert she heard Tenchi's shoes crush the grass and heard his excited breath as he ran. Ryoko turned her head in the direction of the lake and Funaho.

Gottcha Tenchi dear. Ryoko smiled as she walked towards Funaho. However when she got to the stepping stones she didn't find Tenchi. Ryoko placed her fist on her hips. Where are ya Tenchi? Ryoko asked aloud flying out over the water until she was almost beyond Funaho.

That was then she heard a small noise she could not quite place but knew it was human. Slowly she turned to see a sight that would shatter a lover's soul.

Ryoko closed her eyes tightly but the image was burned into her mind. Tenchi was standing behind Funaho ...kissing Ayeka. If it was a simple kiss perhaps she could have thought nothing of it, but no it was one of pure love and passion.

Whispered Ryoko in meek broken voice. She felt something tingeing at the corners of her eyes. But she did not move to investigate what it was. She stared on at the oblivious couple until her tears blurred her sight. The salty bitter tears began to flow from her eyes down the contours of her face dropping into the water causing the still reflection of the moon to ripple. This had happened before, before when she had witness Tenchi and Sakuya on the school roof in Tokyo. Even now Tenchi doesn't know she saw it all. She remembered wandering aimlessly through the busy streets of Tokyo trying to comprehend what had just happened before her eyes, trying to figure out why he choose Sakuya over her. She recalled how she felt so numb and broken; Kagato use to do that to her but it felt completely different. As if her heart and soul had been ripped apart by careless hands.

She bit her lip; uncaringly drawing blood and letting it flow over her tongue. For some reason the metallic coppery taste of her own blood soothed her, like the brief console chocolate could give, it took her mind away from the pain for a concise moment by giving her a different pain.

Choking down a cry Ryoko teleported away unnoticed. She had to go someplace private where no one could hear her cry. She wouldn't let them see her like that, they couldn't. The last thing she wanted was their pity.

Ryoko was surprised at herself for not noticing sooner that Tenchi had made his choice. Tenchi had been acting very strange since he came back from Tokyo. As was Ayeka. Ayeka no longer started fights or rise to the occasion to whenever Ryoko made any type of comment regarding herself or the princess. She didn't notice their secret glances, or the cheesy grins they gave each other. As they say love is blind.

Ryoko reappeared just outside Earth's atmosphere. It is known that in space no one can hear you scream because there is no air for sound to travel on. Ryoko was about to test that for herself. Taking a breath through trembling lips Ryoko released pain of her broken heart in a desolate scream.

If anyone else had been with Ryoko, they would have seen the area around her wrinkle, like a ripple in a pond. The brokenhearted Ryoko had just defied the laws of science.

When her cries of pain had creased her body faded away, space was cold and empty, not exactly where she wanted to be, she had to be someplace else.


The pint-sized fiery magenta haired scientist sat on her floating cushion recording the results of her latest experiment when she felt an acute pain in her chest. Washu stopped in her work, her fingers suspended motionless above the keys of her laptop.

What was that? She wondered. She waited a few moments more to see if the pain would return. But she felt nothing but a lingering sting.

Washu shrugged her shoulders. Must be heartburn. Washu concluded proceeding on with her work. Then it came with full force, knocking her backward from her seat. She felt as if someone had just rammed her in the chest. It began as a dull pain yet became acute farther on wavering back and forth between the two, leaving her feeling completely numb.

Slowly Washu pulled herself onto her feet. What happened? Ryoko? What's happened to you? Asked Washu with labored breath. In all her being she had never felt such pain come from her daughter.

She closed her eyes messaging her temples. There was so much pain to get through to reach Ryoko. Ryoko, what's happened to you? Washu asked. Her maternal instincts pushed aside the scientist in her. Her daughter, not here creation, needed her. Something or someone had caused her extreme pain and she needed to be there for her.

Ryoko! Ryoko where are you? Washu asked her concern causing her to panic. An image of Ryoko crying in a dark cold place popped into her mind. Her mind raced with all the placed around the Masaki home that was cold and dark and solitary, all at the same time a place where Ryoko felt belonged to her alone. Then it came to her, the cave.


Washu slid down the tomb entrance to the cold shallow pool beneath. She called looking around. Ryoko sat on hands and knees bent over the edge of the glowing pool surface crying. The glowing light of the pool sent rippling effects on the wall each time Ryoko's tears fell into the water. Seeing her daughter in such a vulnerable state made tears come to Washu's eyes. Washu's child-like body swiftly converted to her adult self. She reached her hand out to Ryoko's jerking shoulders.

Ryoko spun around at the touch of Washus hand on her shoulder. She wasn't going to let her see her this way. She knew Washu would tease her, that or pity her for being the fool once again.

Washu looked into Ryoko's fragile golden eyes. Ryoko what happened? Washu asked.

The tears once again formed in Ryoko's eyes. Her nose wrinkled up twice as she sniffed just before she cried out throwing herself into Washu's arms. She could not tell Washu what she had seen; her words were choked in her loud sobs. Finding no other way of telling her mother what had happened she sent the memory to Washu by way of the mental link they shared.

Washus eyes widened with shock at what she had seen. Oh Ryoko. Washu said holding Ryoko's head close to her heart. Slowly she rocked her back and forth as she soothed back Ryoko's soft spiky mane and wiped away her tears. For the first time since she was free from Soja Washu was acting like Ryoko's mother.

Once Ryoko's tears had diminished Washu carefully helped her onto her feet. Come on. Let's get out of this place. She whispered. Ryoko only sniffled nodding her head in agreement. Washu teleported them both into her bedroom in her lab.

Washu helped Ryoko to sit down on the queen-sized bed with emerald green bedding. She rarely slept much like Ryoko. She stayed up long hours of the night working on her experiments only to catch a few moments of sleep to refresh herself. Ryoko felt so exhausted that she didn't care to notice where she was, all she wanted to do was lay down and escape if only a moment from the harsh bite of reality.

Drink this. It will help you get to sleep. Washu said handing Ryoko a small cup of clear liquid. Breathing deeply Ryoko took to cup and downed the liquid, uncaring if it should be another experiment. She no longer cared about anything that happened to herself. All she wanted to do was sleep.

Ryoko yawned as the effects of the liquid kicked in. That's right Ryoko, just go on and sleep. Washu whispered as she helped Ryoko to lay back. We'll think of something together in the morning. Washu said tucking Ryoko into the bed giving her a small kiss on the forehead.

Thanks mom. Ryoko said as she drifted away into a deep sleep.


All through her sleep Ryoko wondered when it all had happened. And why she didn't notice. She remembered the week that Tenchi returned home from Tokyo. Everything seemed crazy, just the way it was meant to be. She and Tenchi were sitting on a lofty tree limb of one of the taller trees that gave them a clear view of the glistening lake.

Ryoko sat with her chin resting on her knees, mauling over something troubling her. Hey Tenchi?

Tenchi asked.

Sakuya was a shadow of Yugi right? So doesn't that mean she will become Sakuya when she grows up? Ryoko asked.

I don't know. Said Tenchi.

Well what if she does? What are you going to do Tenchi? Ryoko asked turning her head in Tenchi's direction.

Tenchi turned towards Ryoko. I never thought about it. He said.

Ryoko stretched out her legs so that they hung stiffly before her. Haha! Don't get me wrong I'm not jealous of her. Ryoko laughed kicking her stiff legs up and down. So you had a fling; I'm a grown up woman I can handle it. After all these things happen, it's natural. She said treating it like a joke.

Tenchi smiled, I'm glad you have a good attitude about it. Tenchi said turning forward once again.

Ryoko appeared centimeters from his face. For a moment the she stared into Tenchi's chocolate brown eyes. I was totally lying. I can't bear to think about it. She said in a deep serious voice. I need you to kiss me now. Tenchi only stared at her. You don't think I'm good enough? Ryoko asked slightly amused.

Tenchi didn't move he only looked into her eyes. It was then Washu popped her meddlesome face into their business followed by everyone else. The chance of a lifetime was ruined perhaps ever to happen again. What bothered Ryoko was that Tenchi didn't even move. He didn't reject her or kiss her as she had requested. He had hesitated, making her feel that was wasnt good enough for him. Was it then? Was he already in love with Ayeka then? Or was his mind already made up just about not loving her?


The next morning everyone sat down at the table eating breakfast. The blue haired princess took notice that there was still an large amount of food left on the table then realized a certain space pirate was missing. Has anyone seen Ryoko? Sasami asked.

Tenchi looked around the table to notice the lithe cyan haired woman was absent. She might be on the roof. He said in an uneasy voice.

No, Ryoko is in my lab. Washu said with closed eyes as she at her bowl of rice.

She is? Why ever would she be in there? Ayeka asked maintaining her regal poise although she felt the same apprehension as Tenchi.

She was very tired and worn down last night. I'm not sure why. Washu lied. But she's in my lab now recuperating.

Maybe she had a bad night. Katsuhito suggested, he too all knowing of the situation.

Yeah that's it. Tenchi said placing himself into denial.

Washu felt like stabbing Tenchi with her chopsticks. She instead suppressed the growl growing in her throat, Sasami I'll take a plate to Ryoko so shell have something to eat while shes getting better, okay? Washu said already piling Ryoko's favorite foods onto a plate.


When Washu returned to her lab she found Ryoko in the live specimens dimension of the lab her arms folding and her eyes staring blankly at the mass tank. Even without the use of their mental link Washu could tell her mind was heavy with contemplation.

They are worried about you, Ryoko. Washu began sitting the plate down. The reflection of Ryokos golden amber eyes focused on the reflection of Washu. Tenchi, the fool, and Ayeka are a bit uneasy. I think they fear you may have caught them last night. Washu said.

Ryoko continued to look in silence at the child-bodied scientist that claimed to be her creator and mother. She looked back and forth at herself to find shared appearances, if any. Washu noticed this and turned away, Ryoko wasn't in the mood to be bothered with. Washu sighed in defeat as she headed towards the main lab the brighter area.

I use to be upset with the way you acted more like a mother to a stranger than to me. Ryoko said talking to the reflection of Washu's back on the aquarium tank. You saw how you were with baby Taro. Ryoko said watching as Washu turned. Same thing with Zero when she took my place, you was kinder to her than with me, never. Ryoko said.

Washu felt a small tinge of guilt. Washu took a breath to explain her actions, but found she couldn't even explain it to herself.

You even subjected me in your twisted experiments Washu. Ryoko said in a deep solemn voice. You left me, alone, in a cold dark place. Cold and dark just like that cave. Ryoko said wrapping her arms around herself as if to fight a chill.

Ryoko no longer looked at Washu but focused on one spot as if seeing something that wasn't even there. Katsuhito says I was traumatized by my imprisonment there. She laughed bitterly at herself and shook her head in disgust at her weakness. Kagato had taught her through pain that all her weaknesses were substandard and unwanted. That she was a machine and if she was weak and did not please him he would throw her away. How could you do that to me? Ryoko asked. Washu still could not find the words that could answer hers or Ryokos question.

You keep telling me to call you mom. As I know a real mother is someone who cares about you, who is there for you. Ryoko said. When you left me alone in here that night I called out for you. Broken and scared I cried for you! Ryoko said her fierce golden eyes staring at Washu with resentment. And you! You never came! Ryoko shouted spinning around to face Washu with her finger pointed accusingly. I had to fight my way out of that contraption of yours! It took me almost a month to recover! Ryoko closed her eyes as the tears of anger began to weld. The reason why I refuse to call you my mother isn't because I don't remember you. She said opening her eyes. But because you don't treat me like your daughter, you treat me just like Kagato did, a toy, your experiment! Ryoko said shaking with anger.

Ryoko remembered the moment Washu had pulled her astral form to Soja's mirrored side. The moment she was awakened Washu was already inspecting her like some old car. Then she did something inexcusable, to prove she shared connection with Ryoko she revealed all her feelings she held for Tenchi in front of Mihoshi. Those were her own private thoughts how dare she bare it for all to hear. Then there was the time she did the most unforgivable thing, after the family watched over little Taro and Washu told everyone about her past then while flirting with Tenchi announced she was pregnant with his child.

Ryokos words each stabbed into Washu like red-hot knives. When Ryoko compared her to Kagato she felt something within her break. Washu began her voice firm. I am aware of all of this. Last night was the first time in years I've actually acted like your mother. I can not excuse myself for the way I have treated you Ryoko. When you assimilated with Zero I was expecting you to be more open with me, but then your feelings for me didn't change at all like I wanted. Washu said. Washu looked up at Ryoko. But it isn't entirely my fault. You share the blame as well Ryoko; you never gave me the chance to be your mother. Washu indicated.

Ryoko looked at Washu then closed her eyes. Washu was right; she couldn't just place all the blame on her. Fine then we'll start over. Ryoko said.

No, we can't start over Ryoko. That is impossible. All we can do is forgive each other for whatever wrong we had caused each other. Do you think you are prepared to do that Ryoko? Washu asked hope steadily raising in her voice.

Ryoko took a moment to think to herself. To think it didn't take Zero to get me to open up to everyone but for Tenchi to break my heart a few times. Ryoko sighed. Don't expect me to call you mom right off the bat. Ryoko said a small fanged smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth.

Washu smiled as well. But it's a start. She said.


After Ryoko had left the lab later that day she had decided to leave. What made Ryoko make such a decision to leave was that Tenchi was still pretending. He was still leading her on, giving her false hope that perhaps he would choose her, that one day he would tell her it was she he loved. And that broke her heart even more. It was unfair to both herself and Ayeka, though she didn't want to admit she was thinking about her rival's feelings. It was unfair that she should be led on while Tenchi and Ayeka keep their relationship in the dark.

Ryoko called out to Washu as she and Ryo-ohki entered the lab.

Yes Little Ryoko? Washu asked turning away from her work.

I wanted to tell you that I'm leaving. Ryoko said.

Washu almost tripped over herself to get to Ryoko. But why? Is this because of Tenchi? She asked. It is isn't it? Just wait Ryoko, I'll toss him and Ayeka into a dimension where they'll be repaid for the pain they've cost you. Washu said. Better yet I'll turn them into water sprites, even better.

Ryoko said smiling kindly down on her mother. I want Tenchi to be happy. That's all I ever really wanted. But Tenchi won't be truly happy as long as I'm here preventing him from openly loving Ayeka.

Washu nodded with tears in her eyes. You're being very mature about this Ryoko. Ryo-ohki mayied in agreement.

That wasn't true, Ryoko wanted to scream to fight to do whatever it took to get Tenchi. But Tenchi had made his choice and it wasn't her and throwing a fit wasn't going to change it, if anything it might upset him.

So what are you going to do Ryoko? Washu asked. Where are you going to go?

I don't know. Ryoko admitting floating in the air with her legs crossed.

Ryo-ohki bound into Ryoko's lap meowing. No Ryo-ohki! Believe me you don't want to come with me. Think of Sasami. Ryoko said to Ryo-ohki in hopes of changing the cabbit's mind.

You're going to need a friend up there Ryoko. Washu said.

Ryoko looked back and forth from Washu to Ryo-ohki. They both looked on her with pleading eyes that seemed almost impossible to refuse. Ryoko sighed in defeat. Once I get settled you're coming right back. Ryoko said holding a stiff finger before Ryo-ohki's nose.

Ryoko turned to face her mother. Well I'm going to need for you to help me make a good-bye note. Ryoko said.


Everyone sat gathered in the Masaki living room awaiting the important announcement Washu had to tell everyone.

Now that everyone's here let's begin. Washu said sitting down a small disk-like object.

Wait Little Washu Ryoko isn't here yet. Sasami pointed out.

Washu frowned as she looked the young princess in the eyes. How could she just tell her that her friend had left? I'm sorry Sasami but Ryoko isn't coming. She said. Katsuhitos brows lifted above his glasses at the solemn tone in Washus voice.

But shouldn't she be here as well? Ayeka asked.

Yeah, if you say this is important shouldn't Ryoko be here to hear this? Tenchi asked.

Washu cast both Tenchi and Ayeka a dark look as she opened the disk.

A small transparent hologram of Ryoko appeared before everyone. Hello everyone...well actually this is good-bye. Everyone took in a loud breath of air. By the time you view this I will no longer be with you guys. I know that if I had done this in person you would have convinced me to stay, but I dont belong on Earth anymore. I have to... no I want to go back to space. I cant explain why, you might figure it out for yourselves. The hologram of Ryoko said. Farewell everyone. I will miss you all. With that the image smiled sadly sweet just seconds before the image of Ryoko faded.

Sasami sniffed twice before the tears began to flow. B-but why did she leave? She asked.

Ayeka hugged her sister knowing the answer to her question. We can't be sure why right now Sasami. She said her eyes drifting towards Tenchi.

Washu how could you just let her go? Tenchi asked.

Washu sighed ignoring the fact that Tenchi had forgotten to say Little' with the Washu. Ryoko is my daughter and I respect her wishes to be left alone right now.

But how could you let her go out there alone? Noboyuki asked joining in on the conversation.

Ryoko isn't alone; she has Zero inside of her. And it was hassle in itself just to convince her to take Ryo-ohki along.

She took Ryo-ohki too? Sasami asked.

Ryoko will send Ryo-ohki back soon. Washu said hoping to relieve Sasami of some of her despair. If anyone needs me I'll be in my lab. Washu said desiring the sanctuary of her sterile lab.

It took a few hours before everyone was able accept the fact that Ryoko had left. Tenchi had slowly put himself to sleep by questioning if it was his actions that had cause his lifelong friend to leave.

The digital numbers on Tenchi's alarm clock read two a.m. as Ryoko slowly slid the door of Tenchi's room open. There was something she had to do before she left for real, one more thing that just had to be done. Ryoko silently prayed that she had the strength to go through with it.

Ryoko slowly crept over to the figure laying in Tenchi's bed with an ignited energy sphere in her hand. The orange-red glow challenged the darkness casting away the shadows on Tenchi's sleeping face. This is it Ryoko. Just do it quickly and leave before anyone notices. Ryoko thought to herself as her hands closed down on the sphere changing the form into a small dagger.

Ryoko slowly lowered the dagger towards Tenchi's face. Good-bye Tenchi. Ryoko whispered her eyes gleaming with unshed tears. Ryoko bent down kissing Tenchi tenderly on the forehead. With that done she distinguished the dagger killing the light.


Come on Ryo-ohki, it's time we left. Ryoko said grabbing Ryo-ohki from Funahos branches.

Ryo-ohki mayied in complaint. You wanted to come with me. Did you actually think I was going to change my mind? Ryoko asked coldly. Ryoko instantly regretted her words, she'll feel sorry about things later but for now she had to get away.

Once Ryo-ohki was in her spacecraft form and Ryoko was aboard she made her fly as quickly as she could away from Earth.

Ryo-ohki complained at the speed in which they were traveling. Less lip more zip Ryo-ohki! Ryoko had said fighting hard not to turn around and cry at the sight of the shrinking blue planet.


Back in the present Ryoko smiled as she watched a comet streaked across the black velvet space in the distance. Where am I going and what am I going to do now? Ryoko wondered to herself.

She had been wondering that same question after she had saw Tenchi and Sakuya together on the roof. She was pondering if she should return when she met him again. Hotsuma her savior, her redeemer, and her enemy.

Ryoko whispered recalling that night.

We can set the whole galaxy on fire Ryoko.' Hotsuma had smiled offering her an escape from the traitorous world she was living in.

What do you say we get off this planet? You belong up there among the shinning stars.' Hotsuma had told her once. If it weren't for the bitterness she felt she would have thought his statement sweet.

Later...The bioroids were attacking her with a web-maneuver. I don't want your help, just get outta here!' Ryoko shouted blowing away the tentacles.

Not without you. I need you and you need me.' Hotsuma said dodging the metallic tentacles.

Yeah right like I need a disease.' No one had ever told her that they needed her before.

Then the bioroids caught her. The bioroids' tentacles were restraining Ryoko. This planet is ruining you. People use to fear you; your name spread terror throughout the entire galaxy!' Hotsuma had said looking down at the scene.

Just shut up!' She didn't want to hear about her past deeds. The destruction she had caused on the behalf of her master Kagato. The fear in everyone's eyes. She never wanted to be feared, not like that, never like that, never period.

You're a pirate my dear. It's your destiny. What we both want can only be gained by blood, fire, and disaster!' He said with a twinkle in his blue-gray eyes.

You don't know anything about me!' She screamed near tears. She didn't want to go back to that. She still had nightmares of crying voices screaming to be saved in the burning buildings. It all hounded her in her dreams. Those hunting cries where the reason for her nightly insomnia.

I know that you are wasting yourself on this pitiful little planet while power and glory awaits you out in space.' Hotsuma said.

I've been there!' Ryoko said breaking free of the bioroids' tentacles. Space is big and empty!' She had once stated.

So why was she going back?

The bioroids were holding her down face in the dirt as Ryoko realized she had lost the reason why she wished to stay on Earth. That girl and Tenchi.' She said grabbing a fistful of dirt. I just can't take it!' Her power surged destroying the bioroids. She stood with her breath heavy and the anger flowing through her veins as her hands tightened on the head of a bioroid.

Well it looks like you just proved my point. You don't belong here. Come with me Ryoko.'

Ryoko only looked at her hand. The hand she had just used to crush the bioroid's frame.

Later with a grave voice she had explained to Hotsuma why she didn't wish to return, why she feared her so-called destiny as he had put it.

I'll make it different for you Ryoko. I'll show you the wonder and thrills of pirating.' He had guaranteed her. Ryoko looked into his eyes, so full of promise.

Moments later Ryoko and Hotsuma stood on the bridge of Gayain watching the bright Earth slowly drift away. Farewell.' she had said once before.


Ryoko raised herself from her floating seat. She walked over to the window and sighed as she placed her hand flat on the smooth cold surface. She said once again, this time she was determined not to return.

Are you sure we won't ever go back? A voice asked.

Ryoko slowly turned to see herself still sitting down in the chair. Shut it Zero, I don't need for you to play my conscience right now. Ryoko said wondering when she had split into halves.

Zero frowned as she sat the bottle of saki down then teleported herself to stand next to Ryoko. Are we going to go bid him farewell too? She asked. Ryoko nodded her head. Zero only nodded in agreement as she rested her head on Ryoko's shoulder. Very well then.


Ryo-ohki came to a stop on a planet frozen with ice and covered with great mounds of snow. We're going to be here for a moment or so. I have something to take care of. Ryoko said to Ryo-ohki, teleporting herself onto the snowy surface of the wintry planet. It had been awhile since she last been to this planet. But she knew her distention by heart.

Dressed in her white and pink kimono Ryoko walked across the freezing white snow and ice with Ryo-ohki tucked securely in the folds of her arms.

The soft crunch of the snow beneath her feet was a pleasing sound compared to that of the howling wind. The crunch of snow turned into a sharp crack. Ryoko wondered as she took a step back to see a pair of thin framed glasses broken in the snow.

Okay Ryo-ohki in you go. Ryoko said. Ryo-ohki borrowed her way into Ryoko's top.

Ryoko carefully began to tightly pack the snow before her together into a pure white headstone that stood about two feet. Carefully with the use of her energy sword Ryoko wrote Hotsuma in kanji on the solid ice surface. She buried Hotsuma's broken glasses four feet beneath the snow in front of the headstone.

Ryoko bent down on her knees with her hands clasped together to pray. I'll forget for now that you tried to kill me. Ryoko said to the gravestone.

She began to remember Hotsumas handsome smile and his cat like eyes behind those thin rim framed glasses. Ryoko's knees would almost liquefy whenever his eyes would lock with hers and he gave her a smile showing off his fang like teeth.

Why did you have to turn out to be one of the bad guys? Ryoko asked aloud. I can't believe I allowed you to convince me to return to piracy. Ryoko laughed at herself. Ryo-ohki the things I did for a guy's cute smile. Ryoko sighed deeply. Or just for a cute guy. Damn it Hotsuma, why did you turn out to be the bad guy? She asked again in frustration.

Something touched lightly on Ryoko's shoulder. I am honored that you mourn for me my dear.

Ryoko asked as she slowly turned.


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