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Ryoko yawned as she woke up to the dark starlit morning of space. What a night. She grumbled rolling out of bed.

She quickly showered washing away her grogginess in a stream of hot water then dressed, she would worry about making the bed and cleaning out the shower later, or until Hotsuma did it.

She teleported herself to the kitchen to see breakfast was already made and waiting to be eaten. One single plate had already been washed and was drying on the rack.

Junk, where's Hotsuma? She asked the ship's navigation command and computer. It's real name was something along the line of NiCOLi, what that meant she could care less. But since no ship in the universe could compare to Ryo-ohki's ability she dubbed it a piece of junk. Afterwards the name seemed to stay.

Master Hotsuma went down to Earth to see that everything was ready for our arrival. Junk replied.

And he left us behind? Great now I have to look after him again. Ryoko mumbled walking back the way that she had came. When I get my hands on him...grumble grumble...leave me behind...grumble...who does he think he is?


Tenchi Masaki walked serenely though the country tails, taking in the sights of his home planet. It had been sometime since he last took such a peaceful moment, he was either on Jurai learning his duties as a prince and taking the responsibilities as future Emperor of Jurai. At first he tried not to get in the way of Azusa, his father-in-law. It was easy to tell Azusa wasn't in the least bit pleased that he had married Ayeka behind his back as he did, though he was impressed at the clever precaution they took to see to it they would be married either way. It was Funaho and Masaki who told him that though Azusa seemed harsh towards him in all honesty he truly liked Tenchi.

As Tenchi walked the dirty worn down trail he recapped his time on Jurai, so much had changed since then; he had changed greatly since then as well. At the thought of his changes Tenchi recalled the conversation he and Ryoko had atop the roof before he left Earth all those years ago.

When you go there you will be expected to meet certain expectations by both the people and Ayeka. Certain expectations you may not be able to meet. It will be even harder for you Tenchi, Jurains feel they are the best of the races and having a noble with tinted' blood isn't something they look for in a future emperor. Promise me you won't let them change you. They will try but don't let them. Please Tenchi promise me.' She had pleaded of him.

She was right, they did have high expectations for him, some he couldn't possibly achieve, and there were times he could feel it changing him into someone different, someone he didn't like. So each time that came close to happening he would retune to earth to recall who he was. He was a simple Earthen schoolboy who worked in his grandfathers shrine.

It had been some years since his marriage to Ayeka, she was a content little creature, easy to please and keep happy. At the time they were working to conceive a baby. They had not seen everyone, as a whole family for quite sometime, it had been Ayeka's idea for the family reunion.

When Tenchi left for Jurai, almost everyone else seemed to have drifted away from the Masaki house only to return every once in a while.

Mihoshi and Kiyone still had their jobs with the Galaxy Police, though they had been promoted numerous times Kiyone was still stuck with her clumsy partner. Mihoshi was still clumsy as ever, making a few mistakes here and there.

Sasami had refused to go back to Jurai finding she enjoyed Earth much better. Azusa not willing to go against his youngest child's wishes made her Jurai's ambassador to the Earth's government that was secretly connected and had information of other life-forms in the galaxy. But since that job rarely gave her anything to do she had gotten herself a job in a local cafe in town keeping residence in the Masaki house along with Katsuhito, Noboyuki and Lil' Washu.

The most constant visitors to the Masaki house were Ryoko and Hotsuma. Tenchi chuckled to himself at the thought of the two frequent visitors, whenever he and Ayeka came for their visits they were always informed that the two pirates had arrived there either a day, some weeks, or a month before and had just left. Rumors had been spread that the two were married and was the most notorious pirating couple in the galaxy. If this was true or not Tenchi was going to get his answers soon.

Hello Tenchi. A smooth voice greeted him.

Tenchi looked up to see a lithe woman floating ten feet in the air with her slender leg crossed over the other.

Tenchi smiled. It's been awhile since I last saw you Ryoko. He said taking in a good look of his greatest friend. It seemed over the twenty plus years to have passed she had not aged a day. The only difference about her was that her spiky hair had grown down almost past her back. She looked maturer, much wiser, but that was quickly concealed as she flew down and trapped him in a great hug.

What you haven't seen my pretty face on wanted posters? Ryoko asked releasing him and holding him at arms length. He looked much older but not as old as twenty years should have changed him. I see you've got the Jurain treatment. So they bounded you with a tree.

Tenchi nodded. I named her Kiyone, after my mother. He remarked.

Ryoko nodded running her fingers through Tenchi's now long hair. Tenchi, I hate to cut this tender moment short but I need your help. Ryoko said.

Tenchi asked.

Yeah, I sorta lost something.


Ayeka hummed to herself as she walked through a small clearing of wildflowers. She loved her like trips to Earth. She took a moment to pause and take in the lovely sights when something bumped into her leg knocking her down onto her rear.

Oops sorry mommy. A small sincere voice said. I was running to catch up to you forgot to slow down.

Ayeka stood onto her feet then looked down onto the small boy who had collided into her. He stood to almost two feet high his head passing just above her knees. His messy blond bangs fell over his forehead shielding his eyes. The rest of his willful hair was held back into a limp ponytail with a dark red bow.

Do I look like your mother? Ayeka asked the small boy.

He shook his blond head vigorously from side to side. From your knees down you do. He replied looking Ayeka up and down. No, my mommy's legs are longer than yours. He said looking around and scratching his arm. Ayeka strained herself to force a grin. And she's prettier than you are too. He added.

It's not right to yell at a child, no matter how annoying they may be. Ayeka muttered beneath her breath to herself. What is your name? Ayeka asked the little boy who at the time had wondered away from her and was picking some wild flowers.

Mommy will like these. He said in spite of the question.

Your name little boy? She asked again making her voice a bit firmer.

My name is Nabeshin.

Ayekas face twisted at the sound of his name.

Nabeshin folded his arms over his chest. Yeah Nabeshin, wanna make something of it? He asked.

It is just an abnormal name. Ayeka said kindly.

My mommy knew a great guy who help her and daddy once and promised to name me after him. Nabeshin stated.

Ayeka sighed as she looked him over. His dark blue boy's kimono and the slacks he wore beneath looked expensive; he was no doubt from a rich family. But what was he doing wondering around the shrine? This isn't a place for little boys to wonder around. She said calmly. Come with me and Ill help you look around for your parents. Ayeka said walking back towards the steps and the stony path. Nabeshin merely shrugged following after the purple haired woman.

Ayeka had stepped down from the last step to come face to face to her husband. He smiled. Look who I've found. He said motioning to Ryoko.

Ayeka practically leapt onto Ryoko giving her a warm hug. I have missed you so Miss Ryoko. Ayeka informed releasing her. She then recalled Nabeshin behind her. I have found someone as well. She said turning around to see Ryoko was looking down on Nabeshin.

Ryoko frowned placing her fist on her hips. I thought I told you to wait for me by the shrine and not to wonder off. Ryoko said looking down at the little boy with a stern look on her face.

Nabeshin lowered his head. He said.

Your father would have a fit if you got lost while I was watching you again. Ryoko went on.

Ayeka smiled. Ryoko the babysitter, how nice. She whispered to Tenchi. I feel sorry for the kid.

Nabeshin pulled the flowers from behind his back. I pick these for you mommy. He said with sincerity.

Everyones face turned pale and almost into stone with complete and utter shock

The stern and upset look on Ryoko's face lifted into a touched smile. They're beautiful Nabe. But dont ever wonder off alone on me again. Everyone looked back and forth between the mother and son. One could see the cat-like amber eye gleaming with impishly from underneath the unruly bangs. And when he smiled at his mother it was easy to see the pair of fangs, much like his mother's, that were visible every time he spoke or smiled.

But I wasn't alone; I had Mugosha to protect me. Nabeshin reached into his pocket removing a tubby hamster-like creature with tiny black batwings on its shoulders smaller than its body. See Mugo wouldn't let anything happen to me.

Ayeka peered down on the alien animal that managed to fit into the palm of the little body's hand. She chuckled lightly as she pointed down on the thing he called Mugo. How is this little creature suppose to protect you? She asked placing her hand to her lips concealing her giggles.

Nabeshin frowned. Mugo doesn't like it when people point at him. He warned. But too late, the small gray animal pounced from Nabeshin's cupped palm onto the ground. When it touched foot on the ground it instantly grew into seven-foot monster with large sharp fanged teeth dripping with saliva and claws.

Ayeka couldn't manage to release the scream that had found it's way into her throat. It seemed as if it wouldn't come out in fear of the winged animal before it.

I told you so. Nabeshin said petting large creature on the leg. Now you have to say sorry Mugo' or hell never calm down. He said.

Tenchi, frozen in his place, swallowed the lump that was in his throat. Ayeka I think you had better do as Nabeshin says.

I-I'm s-s-so-so-orry Mug-mug-mugo. Ayeka stammered.

With a pleased ka-chut' Mugosha reverted back into its small size then jumped back into Nabeshin's pocket.

Did you find daddy yet? Nabeshin asked undaunted by the scene.

Hotsuma's down at the house. Another new voice added.

Auntie Sasami! Nabeshin shouted jumping into the teenager's arms.

Ryoko smiled at seeing the aged blue haired and pink-eyed girl. You're looking very mature. It seems as if youve grown since my last visit. She commented knowing Sasami didn't like being told she was starting to look like Tsunami though she looked remarkably like the goddess. And you too Ryo-ohki. Ryoko said looking to the nine-year-old human form of the cabbit. Ryo-ohki mayied giving Ryoko a tender hug before going to greet Nabeshin.

But Ryoko your last visit here was just three months ago. Sasami said.

Wait one minute! Tenchi shouted. Ryoko has a son by Hotsuma-

My husband. Ryoko added.

Who she married and you never told us? He asked Sasami.

Sasami's face dropped into a slight disappointed pout. I could have sworn I did Tenchi, maybe you've been too busy to notice any of the letters that we send you.

Ryoko smirked as Tenchi and Ayeka stammered pointless excuses of the important jobs they had to do. Washu's rubbing off on you kiddo. She said walking towards the house. Yep and so is Tsunami, she has that cocky goddess attitude going for her.


When they made it into the house they found the gray haired Noboyuki with a party hat on his head talking happily with Mihoshi. Kiyone and the seemingly the same Katsuhito sat with Hotsuma discussing something or another of galactic politics.

Welcome to the party! Washu shouted blowing on a noisemaker and throwing confetti.

Nabeshin leap from Sasami's arms shouting at the top of his voice.

Washu's cute expression fluctuated as her emerald eyes drifted towards Ryoko. You told him to do that didn't you? She asked through gritted teeth.

Ryoko smiled and nodded. Think of it as pay back for all the times you embarrassed me, forced me to call you mom when I didnt want to, and for the little Ryoko thing. Ryoko smiled.

I thought when you made me go to your wedding as an adult was pay back. Washu said. She of course would not let her daughter win their little spat of a tit for tat. Well since you want to play it that way, I'm going back on that promise I made to you all of those years ago. Washu said.

Ryoko's eye grew as her lips quivered giving her a sad puppy dog expression. Mommy you would do that to your dear sweet loving daughter. Please? Ryoko begged holding her clasped hands before her in a plea.

Washu snickered as she took Nabeshin by the hand. Nabe, would you like to see some pictures of your mommy a looong time ago? Washu asked leading her grandson away from the group. You too Hotsuma.

The plea in Ryoko's eyes fell away. Hey! MOM! She growled quickly walking into the house.

Tenchi and Ayeka chuckled to one another. As much as I'd hate to say this I have missed their antics. Ayeka admitted to her husband.

Tenchi wrapped his arms around his wife's waist. So have I, Ayeka, so have I.

Sasami walked forward leaving the two at the door. I suggest you two come in. I think Washu has some pictures of the twenty years you've missed out on. She smirked looking over her shoulder. Ryo-ohki mayied her consent. Yes, this is a party after all. Let's have some fun!


By the end of the night everyone sat in the living room sipping from a glass filled with their chosen drink. Hotsuma looked on and listened along with everyone else as Ryoko gently rubbed the sleeping Nabeshin's back as she hummed him a lullaby in a foreign language he had heard before and was now struggling to remember.

That sounds nice Ryoko, what are you singing? Tenchi asked.

Ryoko smiled with her left fang pressing down on her bottom lip. A drinking sound I heard somewhere.

A collective groan sounded throughout the circle of friends...no family. Ryoko you will never change. Came the light-hearted reply of Tenchi.

Forever the same space pirate. Ayeka added.

You're still a space pirate? Are we going to arrest her Kiyone? Mihoshi asked.

Kiyone laughed. No, we're on vacation so whatever Ryoko did we're not allowed to arrest her.

Hotsuma smirked as his mind finally translated the song, it wasn't a drinking song as Ryoko had stated but a lovely song she had heard on a CD while on there many visits on earth.

A thousand years, a thousand more
A thousand times a million doors to eternity
I may have lived a thousand lives, a thousand times
An endless turning stairway climbs
To a tower of souls
If it takes another thousand years, a thousand wars,
The towers rise to numberless floors in space
I could shed another million tears, a million breaths,
A million names but only one truth to face

A million roads, a million fears
A million suns, ten million years of uncertainty
I could speak a million lies, a million songs,
A million rights, a million wrongs in this balance of time
But if there was a single truth, a single light
A single thought, a singular touch of grace
Then following this single point, this single flame,
This single haunted memory of your face.

Nabeshin had long since fallen asleep curled contently in his mother's lap. But still Ryoko continued to sing the beautifully haunting song. Her golden eyes looked lovingly onto Hotsuma as she sang the chorus to him.

I still love you
I still want you
A thousand times the mysteries unfold themselves
Like galaxies in my head

I may be numberless, I may be innocent
I may know many things, I may be ignorant
Or I could ride with kings and conquer many lands
Or win this world at cards and let it slip my hands
I could be cannon food, destroyed a thousand times
Reborn as fortune's child to judge another's crimes
Or wear this pilgrim's cloak, or be a common thief
I've kept this single faith, I have but one belief.

Hotsuma moved to sit beside his small family of demons and pirates. He couldn't be prouder of his mischievous son whom seems to have inherited his lovely wife's spirit. Hotsuma ran his hand over his son's brow watching as he moved in his sleep as if to swat away an annoying insect. His smiled onto Ryoko before kissing her tenderly and quickly on her soft singing lips. Ryoko smiled as Hotsuma joined her with the chorus.

And I still love you
I still want you
A thousand times the mysteries unfold themselves
Like galaxies in my head

On and on the mysteries unwind themselves
Eternities still unsaid
'Til you love me.

~The merry End~

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