Light as a Feather, Strong as a Board

Author's Note: I AM SO SORRY FOR LIKING THIS PAIRING! If any of my personal friends read this don't hate me...except F...F your with me on this pairing...actually you have drawn yaoi for me on this pairing. It will have Marshall Lee x Prince Gumball and Prince Gumball x Fiona. Please R n R. Just a little side note Gumball and Marshall Lee are Sophmores, Fiona is a Freshman, and (Flame Prince) Ignitis is a Junior. AU

"FAGGOT!" Marshall yelled banging PG's head against the locker again, he squeezed his eyes tight trying to avoid any of his tears to show.

Marshall laughed truimphantly watching the pinkette slide down the locker and murmur "p-please s-stop".

Marshall crouched down and pinned PG's head to the locker with three fingers pleased to see blood dripping from his lip were it busted. "D'awwww is the little faggot scared~ Do you just want to get your precious science books and go home?"

PG looked to the side trying to avoid eye contact knowing it would just make him cry again. Marshall Lee banged his head up again the locker "ANWSER ME FAG!".

PG sniffled loudly "y-yes p-please".

Marshall mocked his voice "y-yes p-please" completed with fake sniffeling.

"P-please l-let me go I r-really got to get home...b-besides this is the t-third time this week that I w-will be late. My m-mom is starting to g-get suspiscious"

"D'awww is your mommy worried?" PG made eye contact with Marshall. "P-please I w-will do anything you w-want but I really have to g-go".

"HEY YOU THERE" Fiona saw the pinkette and immetially ran to help him. PG didn't even let her get there to help, he used the oppurtunity of Marshall being distracted and took off.

Fiona ran up in front of Marshall.

"WHY ARE YOU BEING MEAN TO PG! He's really nice!" Marshall rolled his eyes "whatever dude" he got on his skateboard and sped off.

-Later that night-

PG looked in the mirror after his nightly shower. What did he do to deserve this...yes he knew he was pretty flamboyant and liked strange things like science. But really what was his huge offense?

He opened his bathroom cabinet and took out a hidden bottle of Sleep Aid and took a unesscessary , large dose.

Then he took out the small, hidden razer blade and went to work on his wrists like he would do every night. Tears went silently down his face...he didn't even bother to wipe them away he was so use to them.

Everyone thought he had it all...he was intelligent, came from a wealthy family, and he had decent enough looks. But there was always one person his whole life brought him to this terrible state of self hatred.

Were the only relief he could find for his pain was to cause more pain.

This chapter was just meant to get things started. Please R n R