Title: Leo and Lisa

Author: RomaFelton3331

Rating: K

Pairing: Leonardo/Lisa

Fandom: Leonardo (CBBC)

Summary: A little chat during the episode 'Fireball'. Leo shows his feelings towards Lisa.

Word count: 141

Disclaimer: Leonardo belongs to CBBC.

"Leo he knows who I am! He could ruin my life, I won't be able to become to become a proper artist I will have to leave Firenze..." Lisa panicked.

"Non." Leonardo said. "I will not let that happen, he cannot do it." Leo lifted his hands up to Lisa's wig and slowly pulled it off her scalp and allowing her curls to bounce down around her face.

His index finger trailed from her forehead, down her cheek and next to her lips before leaning in and whispering against her lips.

"He will not take you away from me...Ti amo, Lisa, ti amo" he kissed her lips and she reacted immediately.

After they pulled back Lisa stared at Leonardo confused he has never shown interest in her before...what had changed? But she wasn't going to ask, she'd just savour the moment.

Authors Note:

A Leonardo Fic because there is only 1 out there...its only very short but I will write other stories for this fandom.