End Of Darkness

Author: Nitrowugs

Rating: G

Pairings: B/A implied

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Written: 07/30/2012

Summary: A poem from Angel's perspective. Companion to 'Candle', A Poem From Buffy's Perspective.


When the days are long and the times are hard

and the pain seems more than I can bear

I remember your voice, your face, your touch

and I know that you also share

This burden to fight and protect mankind

as only the two of us can

It gives me the strength to continue the fight

as I strive to again be a man

Not the lay-about louse I was as a human

nor the evil demon I became then

For the day will come when I no longer must live

outside the world of men

When the prophecy comes true and I can step

from this cold world of demons and night

I will find you, my love, and together we'll live

the rest of our lives in the light.