I never expected this. As far as I can remember there was supposed to be an absolute defense line several kilometers offshore off the mainland. They had enough armaments and TSFs with several ships consisting of the UN and the Americans, still these monstrosities got through. Surely, they could protect this country since they are our allies… right?

Everything should have been fine. This country should have been untouched by man's common enemy. Was I in denial all along? Ha! Whom am I kidding? The Americans only remained untouched after nuking Canada. Sacrificing millions of people under the excuse of that not all can be evacuated in time and turning the once pristine country into a vast desert of radiation. Not even a single blade of grass remained.

Not that I can blame them, even if we expected their coming and the countries on their direct path made necessary and if not overkill defense plans. In the end, it was for naught, especially with the invader's greater numbers.

The monsters first arrived on Earth in 1973 (in China and Canada) after arriving on the Moon in 1967 and being spotted on Mars in 1958. I was such a child then. I said to myself. Who wouldn't? Real live aliens! Now, these aliens overrun most of Mainland Eurasia. The only reason these horrid monstrosities are not spilling over to the islands near the mainland and to the American continents are due to several defense lines. One is in London for the Euro front consisting of all of Europe's remaining forces. The defense line in Egypt consisted of what remains of the Middle Eastern forces with the African Army. Another is in Japan with the Imperial Army of the Shogun as the main force. There is also one in Alaska with the Chinese and Russians or what remains of them given to them by the Americans. Lastly, the South-East Asian Defense line with my country as a member of with the Americans as the main force. Not that these so called Absolute Defense Line are, well, absolute. Take my situation now as an example.

BOOM! Artillery shells from ships are already raining around us. Ah, they are already pulling back. I can only on laugh on this hopelessness of these last moments of my life. "Mama, mamatay na ba tayo?" a girl of about 6 years old asked her mother. The lady can only hug her while sobbing. I can't even shed a tear on this heart breaking scene. "Hehehe" I laughed meekly. I cannot even cry when my family died… In the end, we can't beat them. I can only hope that my death is sudden and painless.
Then suddenly, a flash with a momentary pain, then bliss…. I can only mutter one last word "B..b..b.E…TAaa…".

Author's Notes:
BETA- Beings of Extraterrestrial Origin Which is Adversary of Human Race
TSF- Tactical Surface Fighters
Element G- The unknown material used to make the G-Bomb
mamatay na ba tayo? – Filipino for "are we going to die?"

Well, the setting is obvious, if you know where to look. This is my take of the BETA attack on a third-world country, which only has foreign powers as its defenders.

This is also serves as a testing ground for my writing skills since I am planning on an ambitious Muv-Luv crossover on my part in the future. As for details on the crossover, well why not just wait.

Thank you for reading and see you next time.