Harry was sitting in his bed trying to relax in his room back home at the Dursleys. He had no chores for the moment and had thusly been exiled to his humble room as per the Dursleys usual way of trying to pretend he either didn't exist or was to be ignored at all cost. It was a little phase the Dursleys went through when Harry suddenly reentered their life each year, marking the beginnings of the holidays. Harry was not so much fine with the treatment as he was truly indifferent. He had reached a point where he'd stopped taking them into consideration outside the bare necessities. He was far too absorbed in his own experiences to truly deal with them.

But Harry couldn't relax and it wasn't the spartan feel of his personal quarters, which he'd long ago grown accustomed to. He could simply never truly relax when he was 'home' at the Dursleys. 'Home' had always been a loose flighty subject for him. And yet, being here was where he was supposedly farthest from all his problems. No wizarding world, no students whispering behind his back, no Voldemort trying to kill him. He should be feeling relieved, not stressed and suffering with survivors' guilt.

Across the infinity, another individual was struggling with her own problems. The individual, a girl with vibrant pink hair, was set upon her first step into adult mage-hood It was supposed to be an exciting day which had vital impact upon the rest of their lives. And for most it this held true. Yet not for this individual. Feelings of anger at herself and the world from her lack of accomplishments mixed with desperate glimmers of a fools hope that today things would somehow be different. She did not wish to be a laughingstock again today. She focused her will and lifted her wand in preparation of the ritual to summon her familiar with one last prayer on her mind.

"Please work."

Cedric wore heavily on Harry's mind. As he had for the past several days. He'd almost gone numb to the feeling his name brought to mind. Except the feeling of having failed him. That was an improvement, he'd decided grimly. Perhaps the biggest problems he faced wasn't the wizarding world itself but instead what he brought back with him in his mind, he mused. Harry had come to terms with the fact that he might have slightly more 'baggage' than his peers a long time ago.

"My servant that exists somewhere in this vast universe."

Though he usually kept a tight lid on it in everyday matters, this didn't surprise Harry at all. After all, he had been one of few that had been extra vulnerable to the presence of a dementor. Harry mentally shuddered at the memories.

"My divine, beautiful, wise and powerful servant! Heed my call!"

Harry adopted a thoughtful frown. If a dementor appeared now would he still hear his mother's distant screaming or Voldemorts revival? Maybe something about Cedric? Perhaps a mix? Now that was a scary thought. He hoped not. A strange shift in the air suddenly demanded all of Harry's attention and he grabbed his wand from his nightstand, not that he could identify the strange sensation that had washed over the room. A small feeling of comfort reinforced his fried nerves as he clenched his wand. Yet seconds passed in complete silence.

"I wish and assert from the very bottom of my heart. Answer my guidance and appear!"

He had all but written it off when he noted that the whole world had gone silent outside his room. The Dursleys were never this quiet. There was always the constant background noise of either Dudley or the television, which were the only thing to this day that had quieted his cousin for an extended period of time. Slowly, almost without Harry noticing a green glow started emitting from the middle of Harry's room and coalesced into a large green orb which could only be magical in nature.

Harry was vary, more so than ever. This could be another trick from Voldemort now that he was back and he wasn't keen on being teleported anywhere against his will again like the year he'd just passed or perhaps, melted or whatever it could do. Backing up, he gave the green orb plenty of space as he crept along the wall and found one of Dudley's old socks, an old christmas present, and threw it at the orb. It passed harmlessly through and Harry silently smote his secret wish of watching the little piece of clothing burn to a crisp.

'I've got problems', he thought with a grin as he loosened his guard a bit. The orb just kept lazily drifting in place.

He considered it for a moment. He would have to contact Dumbledore about this. But first he would have to sneak by it before anything happened. It was blocking his exit and he wasn't keen on getting any closer.

Then before he could blink, he was being dragged towards the orb by an unseen force. With nothing to grab on to and gravity apparently working against him, he was quickly pulled into the orb before even having the chance to curse his own stupidity. Or was it perhaps his curiosity who was more at guilt? In time he'd probably damn them both, he decided.

'If I live through this,' he thought. Then he felt like he was falling as he saw an entire galaxy before him. Then he blacked out.

Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière stared down on the ground in front of her in disbelief.

She had hoped for just the tiniest second that this time would be different. That today she would cast a complex spell successfully and show everyone how they had been wrong about her. But as she cast the spell, she was met with utter disappointment for daring to hope. Disappointment taking the form of the infamous explosion that seemed to signify her attempts at sorcery.

She'd quickly recovered from the explosion. She grimly noted that she was becoming used to them, though they didn't have all that much of a kick to begin with. Even her explosions were faillures as explosions go. However as the smoke evaporated, what shocked her was what now occupied the space before her. She had summoned something. But what she had summoned was in no way divine, beautiful or wise. It was just a boy. And likely a peasant to boot if you judged the way he was dressed.

A pair of blue trousers which looked suited for work in the fields or down in the mines along with a baggy gray shirt of a woven material which was way too large for the boy. Hand-me-downs, she guessed. Wild unruly black hair framed a bespectacled face. Glasses weren't that uncommon even amongst the common people. A small scar in the shape of a lightning bolt or perhaps a rune marked his forehead. Possibly work related.

All signs were screamed out that he was a peasant.

She sighed in disappointment.

Gauging from the murmurs around her the students had seemingly come to the same conclusion. She felt an uncomfortably queasy feeling in her stomach at that.

He was apparently not fully conscious, but appeared to be waking up. As soon as he appeared lucid she stared down upon her next great humiliation before she spoke with a demanding tone.

"Who are you, peasant?"

Harry didn't understand a word. He blinked in surprise before shielding his eyes against the sun. England was rarely this sunny at this time of year and it was definitely not what he'd seen in the forecast that morning. A big castle nearby was also a strange if not unwelcome sight.

It had been late evening last when he'd disappeared from Little Whinging. What had happened, he wondered? With a start he realized what the weird orb in his room had been. A portal!

Harry grew tense instantly. He had bad experiences with being suddenly teleported somewhere against his will. However it was hard to stay picture this as the crux of a dark plot. The non-threatening serenity of this place overtook him as he took everything in. This certainly wasn't Voldemort's doing. Voldemort was far too egotistical to not make a show out of it. No death eaters or dark rituals in the corners. Only what looked like a gathering of young wizards and witches on the grounds of the castle on a sunny day. Not at all a scene that couldn't have played out at Hogwarts. He took a drawn out breath to calm his nerves. Whether he was wrong or not he needed to keep calm.

"Don't you understand our language? Where do you come from?" Louise tried again. He snapped back to look at her.

Again Harry couldn't understand a single word she said as she towered over him. Taking her looks in, he gaped stupidly. Long pink hair that stretched beyond her waistline, even if said person wasn't very tall, was an eyeopener even on his best days. And that was after having seen dragons, veela and many other shocking phenomena. He hadn't at that point currently met someone with pink hair, albeit it would only have been a matter of time, he supposed. And it wasn't as jarring as one would expect. It suited her, he would later admit, but all that was hardly on his mind at the moment.

"Where am I?" he asked. If he wasn't in any immediate danger, then he'd need some answers. And if he wasn't in trouble then he would likely get his answers, if he could overcome this language barrier. Luckily, most of the world had at least a few English speakers at hand in these times. Unfortunately for Harry though, this wasn't any part of 'most of the world'.

She stared back at him in confusion at his lack of an understandable answer. Then she frowned. She hadn't understood a word he said.

Now everyone was staring at him and the pinkette. It was discomforting but he felt way too tired to even stand up, so he just sat there trying to figure things out. His wand felt like a poor defense at the moment if they decided to do anything funny.

He sat and watched as a redheaded girl said something to the pink haired girl and everyone seemed to laugh at her expense. That eased him somewhat. It reeked of school life. If she'd somehow summoned him here accidentally, then it should be easy to convince them to send him back. He mind even write this off as a vacation if the weather was this nice.

Though the fact that he could possibly be summoned like this was a dangerous thought. Perhaps Hermione or Dumbledore would know how she did it and more importantly, how to prevent it from happening again.

Louise's cheeks flared up hotly at the Germanian girl's insult on her magic proficiency.

"Shut up!" she told off her classmate before turning to their teacher. "Mr. Colbert! Can I please redo the spell?"

Harry watched with interest as the short pink haired girl argued with the teacher amidst her the laughter of her class. He could easily deduce a likely scenario of what had happened. He had likely been summoned here by mistake and the girl was the one who had summoned him here. Now they were likely discussing what to do about it. And about the language, he thought it sounded oddly like french. Perhaps this was the french magic academy of Beauxbatons? They certainly sounded the part. He didn't recognize the students here but he could hardly claim to know more than a few faces from that school. Yet they should have known his and recognized him on the spot. He hadn't heard a single exclamation of "Harry Potter" as of yet. That was definitely new territory for him.

But if this was Beauxbatons, then their curriculum was off. The schoolyear was supposed to have just ended, unless they did it differently here.

Meanwhile Louise had finally submitted herself to her fate. Professor Colbert would neither allow her to stop the ritual or to reattempt it. She was stuck with that boy. She scowled at him, which he responded to with a quizzical look. She would have to assert herself if she was to ensure his obedience. A familiar was a mark of a real mage and being in control of that familiar was paramount, common language or not. Mages with animal familiars didn't have any problems, so neither would she allow any mistake.

"You should be thankful for this. Normally someone of noble birth would never do something like this for a peasant boy," she muttered, despite knowing he wouldn't under stand. She raised her wand.

"My name is Louise Françouise le Blanc de la Vallière."

She flicked her wand and pointed it at his forehead for a moment, who shirked back, before kneeing down to his eye level to continue the ritual.

"Oh Pentagon that rules the five powers. Bless this individual and make him my familiar."

She snaked her arm around his neck and locked eyes with him. He was blushing like mad, not that she blamed him. This was pretty groundbreaking for her as well. Without further ado she kissed him on the mouth, thus sealing the contract. Having done everything that was necessary, she broke contact and stood back up.

Harry's mind had been turned to goo. He had always secretly prided himself on his decisiveness and quick wit when in danger. But with a girl bending down to kiss him he'd been powerless to stop her. When she'd pointed her wand at him he'd redrawn his wand, but she had just as quickly withdrawn hers. Instead she had leaned in to kiss him, freezing him in place with his wand forgotten in his hand.

As he caught himself his confusion bled away to embarrassment at his situation and he tried to pick himself up off the ground. However midway he stumbled and fell on his ass. His arm felt like it was burning and he gasped in pain. He felt something foreign flood his system from his hand and then something inside him reacted to it and it brought a sensation of pain flowing through his every being. That was more than a little painful but Harry merely gritted his teeth, trying to figure out what was happening. The various wizards were looking dully at him.

'No help there apparently,' he thought with a glare. His paranoia was back in full force and screaming in his head. This wasn't an accident. It was premeditated.

Then the sensation reached his scar and his scar felt as if hot embers had been pressed on his forehead. That was when he passed out.

When Harry woke again the first thing he noticed was that the ceiling wasn't white as he was used to at Hogwarts' hospital wing but a dark wooden brown. He didn't like the change. The second and in a very close third was that he had apparently been sleeping on some hay and that his back was very sore because of that. He slowly sat up. The place reminded him of his dorm room. Only bigger and apparently for individuals. And lots of room for a desk and all the other things a real homely room might need, instead of a place for a trunk at the end of the bed.

"So you finally decided to wake up." A voice said in a language he couldn't decipher. The girl with the pink hair from earlier, he saw. He felt angry. This girl had kidnapped him with some spell and then cursed him with a kiss! He clenched his hand around his...

"Where's my wand?" He thought in panic. He began rummaging after his wand.

"Looking for this?" the same voice said again with a hint of curiosity. Now Harry might not have understood what she said, but he knew exactly what she had meant. He glared up at her, not surprised that she held his wand between her fingers.

"Give it back", he said as forcefully as he could. He knew she couldn't understand him but the intent was clear. He made a rising move and she immediately retreated a few steps back out of reach and pulled out her own wand. She began talking in that weird language again. He stood up fully and tried again to tell her but she didn't budge, simply retreating a step back each time he took a slow step towards her. This wasn't working, he realized. He couldn't attack someone armed with a wand head on and expect to win. And diplomacy when they were unable to communicate was an almost hopeless endeavor. But he had to try something.

"Look, I really need that wand. I don't know where I am and I need to get home so I can," he pleaded. The pinkette looked at him strangely, but she was not budging.

From Louise's perspective the boy was an enigma. He was definitely more interesting than the eyes let on. Peasant or not, the wand she had found after he passed out was important to him. And she was beginning to believe he might perhaps even be able to use magic. Why he was dressed like a peasant then was a mystery. Potential good news aside though, she had no way of controlling her familiar with the current language barrier. He had been very resolute up until a second ago but now he'd clearly started a new approach. Was he pleading with her?

She arched an eyebrow.

'Definitely not a noble,' she scoffed. However in that moment of distraction Harry sprang forward. With no actual defense and thoroughly surprised, Louise was hit with the full force of Harry's momentum. With a shriek she fell on her back with the boy on top as he grappled with her for his stick. Louise flailed and kicked wildly, but he easily clawed the wand out of her hand. Acting out in panic, she put her wand to his chest and cast half of the first spell that came to mind. As expected, it produced an explosion which shocked him enough that she could push him off of her. She quickly pushed herself as far away from him as possible, pointing her wand in his vague direction all the while.

Harry groaned as he took to his head. This girl could be dangerous after all. Said girl, was cowering in the corner, shaking her wand at him. The sight did not reinforce his belief of having been captured by evil dark wizards, but neither did it really explain anything else.

"Stay back!" she yelled at him in a slight panic. That's when he realized that he could suddenly understand her and stalled. In his surprise, he couldn't help but make his confusion vocal.

"I understand you?"

She appeared to be just as surprised. "You do? Say something else!"

Harry complied. "Yeah... Must have been that spell you cast."

"I think, it was a spell of silence," she said slowly.

'A silence spell? And it exploded? Seamus Finnigan, you have met your match!' Harry blanched.

Seeing his look, she blushed in embarrassment.

"I didn't use the full incantation, so obviously it went badly," she said indignantly.

"Tell me your name," she ordered. It was a rather obvious attempt at changing the subject, but he was also rather keen on moving on.

And Harry could have pointed out that it was polite to offer your own name in advance but after his own rather imperfect mannerism of having just assaulted her seconds before, he decided not to. He wasn't nitpicky like that. Dusting off his clothes and trying to keep what dignity he had left, he stood up.

"My name is Harry James Potter. Pleased to meet you." he greeted cordially. Not that he really meant that. This place and that girl had been anything but a pleasing experience so far. His thoughts were on his home.

"And erm, sorry about before," Harry added. "I just wanted my wand back."

"I suppose, it's okay. I'll overlook it this once as you couldn't have understood me," she said.

"Okay, next question. You say wand. Are you a noble?" she asked, eyes narrowed.

Harry shrugged, not quite sure what she meant exactly. Though he could draw parallels.

"If you're asking if I'm pureblood... Then I am not. I am a half-blood," he said with a hint of pride. He wasn't ashamed of his lineage and he certainly didn't hold any love for the purists.

"A... bastard? I summoned a bastard boy!" the girl gasped in disbelief. She calmed herself quickly though.

"But you can use magic?" she asked. Harry just glowered at her for the perceived insult.

"I am not the product of some affair some pureblood had. My mother was a muggleborn," he said with as much calm as he could muster. Her repeatedly insensitive actions had taken quite a toll on his patience.

"A muggleborn?" she asked.

"My mother's parents had no magic," he explained.

Her eyes lit up. "Ahh, so a half peasant. But you can use magic?" she questioned again.

Harry just nodded, eyeing her strangely. She seemed somewhat pleased with that before she turned to a drawer behind her without explanation. Her questions perplexed him. She seemed very interested in his heritage but when it came down to it, she only cared if he could use magic or not. Feeling hopeful Harry tried to get some questions of his own answered.

"That was your last question. Now you can answer some of mine. Where am I?" he asked.

She began stripping off her clothes. Harry averted his eyes in embarrassment. "You're in Tristain's Magical Academy."

"Where is that located? And what are you doing? I'm standing right here." Harry said. He'd never encountered anything like this. Maybe he really was in France. He'd heard stories about French girls. Especially after last year. If he wasn't seeing it, he'd never have believed that Fred and George had been telling the truth.

He really had no idea where the magical communities outside of britain were or how they did things. He could somehow have ended up somewhere across the Atlantic where this was considered normal among wizards and witches. Though that mostly didn't explain the strange hair, unless she was a metamorphmagus.

"Must I explain everything?" she scoffed in nothing but her undergarments. "It doesn't matter that you're here because you're just my familiar. I'm not going to go out of my way for your sake."

"Tristain academy is located in the country of the same name in Halkegenia. Now stop asking questions. You're my familiar so you should do as I say." She threw her clothing at him." Have these washed and ironed by tomorrow."

Harry stared up at her in disbelief. This was like being back at the Dursleys. And to be worse off it didn't explain anything of what had happened to him.

He decided to start with the most pressing question. To be honest, he was curious. "Wait, hold on. I'm your what?"

"My familiar. I summoned you here after all. Just look at the runes on your hand," she responded irritably. Harry did and found to his horror, a bunch of runes in a unknown language on his left hand. He could almost feel the magic emanating from it and meshing with his own magic. It felt harmonious now, but at the time of the binding, something in his magic had have fought it, causing pain as the fallout. And when it had reached his scar... He didn't know. His scar always acted strange. But now it felt dull in a way it hadn't since possibly his first year.

"So what, I'm your slave now? I've never agreed to this nor would I if asked." Harry protested, anger rising in his voice.

"Watch your tone, boy. You might be able to cast magic, but you're not a noble and you're my familiar. And I won't allow my familiar to hold such an informal tone with me. My name is Louise Françoise de Blanc de la Vallière and you will refer to me by my name."

"I think, I am done here." Harry said. "My apologies, Louise." He mockingly stressed the name. "But I will be leaving now."

Louise looked confused. "Leave? You can't just leave. You're my familiar."

Harry shrugged. "I don't really care. I've got to get home. You'll have to find someone else to lord over."

He stood and walked off towards the door. As he opened he felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise in alarm. With a healthy sense of danger, he sort of knew what was coming. Whipping around he saw Louise armed with her wand poking it indecisively in his direction. Now Harry already knew that whatever spell she would go for wouldn't necessarily work. But he also knew that it could likely result in an small explosion too. Not particularly dangerous or maiming, but very uncomfortable. So in reflex he whipped his own wand up and fired his own spell at her shout.

"Stop or I wi-"


Her words stopped flowing out of her mouth. He grinned at her.

'Who's on the receiving end of a silencing spell now?' he thought darkly. Though the spell could technically be cast to last indefinitely this one would only last for about another minute. Plenty of time to escape in Harry's head. He closed the door and ran.

Getting down a flight of stairs, he met with one he recognized from earlier. A blond haired guy. He was in the business of openly seducing another student of the academy. The guy noted his arrival and instantly remarked how he had fallen unconscious leaving him to graciously help with the 'problem'. Harry ignored them. They were openly talking about him in front of him and not to him. Which was rather rude but Harry was used to that kind of thing from Hogwarts and at Little Whinging and he had more pressing matters so he paid them no mind. He had almost passed them when the guy stopped him.

"A peasant entroubling the hands of nobility. And not even a word of thanks?" he said expectantly.

Harry's eyebrows rose. Again with the nobility thing. "Thank you, sir" he said in passing, likely leaving much to be desired by the 'Noble' in front of him, but hopefully enough to not invite trouble. Harry was working on the clock here so he didn't have time for stay around and do hoops. He heard clattering on the stairs. His neck hair rose on end and he heightened his pace. Harry swore if he heard another comment about nobles and peasants, Merlin help him or he might curse them into the next century.

He somehow found his way to the exit briefly passing the same redhead who had ridiculed Louise earlier who had a date much like the guy he'd passed.

'What a frisky school. At least in Hogwarts, we don't display our affection out in the hallways,' he thought.

He saw the wooden double doors and breathed a sigh of relief. He was almost out of here yet he could hear Louise not far behind him and she wasn't alone anymore. That was bad. With no other alternative, he simply bolted as fast as he could out the door.

He only made it a few dozen steps out into the night before he stopped. Two moons. A blue and a pink one, glowing serenely on a beautiful starry sky. However Harry didn't process any of those romantic notions as his mind went to crashing and rebooting. The questions of where he was and why things were so strange suddenly all made sense. It was all so frighteningly simple but yet, should have been improbable.

"You're a wizard, Harry!" Hagrids words resounded in his head. Those words had once marked the beginning of a new life for him the day he found out he was a wizard in the most dramatic manner possible. In this moment, he realized that today would equal that day in the revelation of where he just might be. Or wasn't, to be more accurate.

Harry's world had done a one eighty once again and completely changed without his notice or consent. And while he'd welcomed the change the first time, he wasn't quite so hooked this time around.

But then his body was magically lifted off the ground and everything was kickstarted back into gear. Though he was kind of out of options. If he wanted to get away now then he would likely need to fight his way out. And if he was outnumbered then it could quickly turn ugly. And he'd still be on the run. There was no way out of this as far as he could see.

The blonde man from before was the one doing the spellwork of keeping him suspended in the air. He was joined by his earlier date, the pair with the redhead and Louise herself.

As he was lowered down in front of the fuming pinkette he couldn't draw his gaze away from the moons above. How would he ever get back?

"This isn't my sky." he said deep in thought. Then he turned to the blonde. "You win, you can let me down. I won't run."

The blonde appeared unconvinced. "And how will I know that?"

To Harry his answer stung in a place the cruciatus curse never seemed to reach. "I just realized that I really have nowhere else to go anymore."

Guiche seemed to regard him with a skeptical frown as Harry finally stopped staring at the moons and looked at him.

"I do not place much value in your words, peasant. So far you've been no end of trouble." he said with a disdainful air. Louise moved in between them.

"Guiche, please let him down." she said, her face still red with anger and embarrassment. "He's my familiar, so he's responsibility."

"I can take care of my self," Harry protested, still airborne and getting rather antsy about that fact. Guiche's words seemed to wake him up from his stupor. He wasn't about to be jollied around at this guys leisure.

"Can you now?" Guiche responded playfully. He lifted his wand and Harry slowly rose and danced around in the air at his whims. "Remember your manners when addressing your betters and we shall have no quarrel in the future. Is that understood?"

"Put me down, Guiche" Harry growled. Seeing his look Louise forgot her anger. "Put him down, Guiche. Please. He's my familiar. This does not concern you."

Kirche and her latest temporary conquest looked on in interest.

"Oh, I think it does. I didn't hear a word of assent," Guiche said, waving Louise back.

As a noble, he should not let a peasant slight him and even though he didn't feel slighted. He simply couldn't allow it in front of a lady whom he was trying to impress. That was the way of things. If he didn't do something, he would lose face and be seen as weak if such rumors spread. But it wasn't just for his own sake this familiar had to be set straight, but for the common good of everyone involved. This teasing now was a slap on the wrist which would hopefully stick. Guiche would correct him now rather than leave him unchecked later at the hands of some noble who would destroy him utterly for a lesser transgression. It was mercy, really. And an outlet for his annoyance. If this peasant had only been acting normally then Guiche wouldn't have to go out of his way to do this and he could stay and further charm this wonderful first year girl he'd met.

Harry had a whole different idea about this mercy lesson, of course. His earlier melancholy had turned to frustration at these new problems harassing him.

"I won't bow to some aristocrat who thinks he can do whatever he wants just because he has magic. Put me down or I'll put you down!" Harry hissed.

"I would like to see you do that, peasant boy. A peasant cannot beat a noble." Guiche laughed. He couldn't help himself. A peasant threatening a noble was a silly notion at best. It had been seen before, surely, but it seldom ended pretty and never without the humiliation of the peasant. Things shouldn't be any different this time. Kirche and her boytoy couldn't help chuckling themselves. That the exclamation had been made upside down from the air hadn't helped any.

Though Louise had looked on in worry. Then Harry whipped out his wand with blazing speed. He had already deduced that he was free of any restrictions from the ministry on this alien world. Guiche blinked in surprise before the truth settled in.

"She summoned a mage," he thought in disbelief.

A curse, that was not of the sorcerous kind, died in the throat of Guiche, who was instantly blown back inside the open doors of the academy. As anticipated the spell holding up Harry lifted and he fell down head first. Having expected it, Harry managed to clumsily turn and land on his feet which didn't stop him from immediately casting his next spell.

Guiche prepared his own spell from the ground, but found to his surprise that his wand slipped from his grasp and flew straight into the hand of Harry's. Guiche was rendered dumbstruck. No matter how much of a drop he'd had on him, it didn't change the fact that he'd lost. He had been defeated in seconds no less.

"I win," Harry said. However Guiche hadn't caught up to that point yet.

"You're a mage!" he stammered. Harry quirked an eyebrow.

"Yeah, so?" he answered. "Not what you expected from a peasant boy?"

"But you're also Louise's familiar! That's impossible. You can't just summon a mage. It is unheard of!" the blond said in exasperation.

"Well, I have a knack for doing the impossible without even trying. If I am not a mage or whatever you call it here, then what am I? I am certainly not a noble of this place." Harry said as he waltzed over to him and offered him a hand. He gingerly took it and was heaved up. Harry held out the wand.

"Now, I won't have any trouble with you once I give this back, will I, oh great lord?" Harry questioned almost mockingly, as if daring Guiche to give him exactly that.

"No, you will not. You've made your point," Guiche said and took the wand and withdrew it. Then Louise got in between them.

"What were you thinking?" she hissed at Harry, before turning to Guiche.

"On behalf of my familiar, I apologize, Guiche." she said, bowing down to Guiche. He shook his head.

"I am not offended, Louise." Guiche said. "And if I was, I would not blame you for it. With him being a mage like us, that makes this a matter of personal honor. I suppose he was right to defend his."

Harry arched an eyebrow. Honor had nothing to do with any of this. And Louise apologizing for him like this was weird to him. He had already said he would take care of himself and he was sure Guiche could see that he wasn't sorry in the least. Guiche had deserved every bit of that for being a pushy git.

"If nothing else is happening, then I'll go back to my quarters." he said and with that, he left with his brown haired acquaintance in tow.

"Maybe we should be heading back too, eh Kirche?" the man with Kirche hopefully prodded. She stared at Harry in thought for a second before she answered him. "Oh, yeah of course."

With everyone gone, there was only Louise and Harry left standing on the field under the twin moons.

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