Spring & Winter…

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"I don't think you quite understand." She growled out her deep jade depths burning with pain, passion, and rage. Her delicate, yet strong hand wrapped tightly around his neck as she pushed him up harder against the concrete wall. His rough and noble hands once pale, but now dirtied grasping fruitlessly at her wrist. This was the last time. After everything she'd have no more of it.

"I'm done. We're done. You're done." Her once neatly manicured pink nails dug into his flesh causing blood to seep up to the surface of his neck. His obsidian eyes begged for forgiveness once again.

"Don't you fucking give me that look Sasuke!" She shrieked tears dripping, slipping, and rolling from her eyes. Her eyes… That was something he always admired. No one else had that expressive impressive shade of deep green that just gave everything away or concealed it just the same.

He let out a choked sob and lifted up his left hand despite knowing it'd use so much of his dwindling supply of energy. He touched her soft sakura colored tresses. Such a beautifully rare color that represented renewal of life and hope and her hair always smelled like berries. The remnants of a smile graced his face. She let out a shocked gasp as his fingers weaved through her hair leaving traces of his blood in the soft pink locks.

"Sakura… I never told you… You're so beautiful…" Her eyes closed the long black fans rested on her cheeks as she tried to regain her composure, but at the same time she loosened her grip. The raven was innovative enough to know that he could easily slip and beat her even with how little energy he possessed instead he took the time to clear the air.

"Your eyes…" He coughed harshly blood tainting his saliva, "Your eyes have always been what I've loved the most about you physically…" He paused for a gasp of air. "They're like mirrors of your emotions, but they also possess the ability to hide everything from everyone…" He took another breath relieved that the nails had stopped digging and were stationary in their indents.

"Your eyes and your hair… They're so much like the colors of spring and..." He coughed again his body rocking and twitching against the rough surface of the concrete and chipping paint. "And I think spring is the season that suits you best, Sakura… You're always so forgiving and bright. Maybe not always happy, but that's something no one should expect of another… You bring a new chance of life and redemption… So many times you've forgiven me and…" He coughed harshly again his back being rubbed raw.

"So many times…" She echoed softly, her voice filled with sadness and longing of opportunities lost.

"So many damn times Sasuke!" She cried out banging him back into the wall as stinging tears made their way down her reddened cheeks. His heavy hand caressed her cheek wiping away the violent and bitter tears that fell.

"Way too many. Way too many times, Sakura…" He paused to swallow the blood rising in his mouth. "I never gave you a reason to and you did every time. That's why you're like the spring time and why I'm like the winter. I come and destroy everything you've built up and somehow you always come back and build it up again and let me do it all over again…" She shook her head her jagged and short locks whipping both of their faces.

"This is the last time Sasuke." He sighed out the best he could letting his hand drop.

"As it should be. You've loved me and I never deserved that… Never asked for it and I never acted like I wanted it…" He was resigned to whatever fate the roseate beauty decided.

"Never…" She whispered.

"Never once did you willingly hold my hand or hug me… You didn't even want to kiss me…! It had to be a dare… A dare!" She shrieked slamming his body against the wall yet again her voice cresendoing.

"The way you spoke to me was always icy and your looks were still glares that screamed 'You're still annoying!'. I was the annoying one Sasuke? Me? Why did I have to be the one you took all your anger out on? True you never physically touched me, no you were far too good for that, but you treated me the same way you always had. Like an annoying little fan girl following you around endlessly and throwing myself at you. I loved you. So much!" She slammed him against the wall again her tears flipping onto his skin drying slowly, burning into his skin and searing him with her pain and despair.

"I was your girlfriend Sasuke! Your girlfriend! Did that ever mean shit to you? It never seemed like it. Your dates were always half-assed and you never ever wanted me to stay over until that night. And then you just fucked me against the wall!" She banged him against the rough wall a few more times.

"I had bruises and whelps and cuts! And you threw me out. You threw me out and said to come back tomorrow for more. I was hurt and you didn't even ever care. You always threw me out and no one ever came and rescued me until Naruto did when I couldn't fucking move! And I still stopped him from beating your ass and went back to you." Her tears glinted in the light of the full moon.

"Kami! I always came back to you…! Why? Why did I? You never have showed an ounce of interest or love for me. No affection for me. You just slapped a condom on and called me up when you wanted to fuck. Was I some sort of sick booty call with perks because I cooked and actually cared for you? What was I to you? Tell me!" She screamed shaking the tears from her face her hair whipping around. She didn't notice, but he had tears dancing down his cheeks as well.

"It'll never excuse what I did and didn't do, but I didn't see myself as good enough for you. And I didn't know how to act… And I don't have any real excuse for doing the things I did to you… I never wanted to hurt you, but I didn't and still don't know how to love you. The only thing I know is hurt and pain… And vengeance. It's probably all I'll ever know. And I can't change that. I ruined all the chances I had too. Most of all though, Sakura… I got the closest I could to loving you… I admired you. I still do. So I'm sorry for everything I've caused…" His feet were rubbing the ground and the hand wrapped around his neck was loose. Her eyes were open wide in disbelief.

"He… He apologized!" Her other hand rose up and touched his cheek.

"It… It's wet… He-He's crying…?" She blinked and pulled her fingers away rubbing her index and her thumb together before examining it with her eyes.

"You're crying?" Her jade eyes practically narrowed to slits as she demanded an answer. He simply nodded. Her hand went slightly slack around his neck. It was just enough of a hold, a warning to him.

"You genuinely feel bad about all of the shit you've caused for me?" He nodded furiously his tears flying off his face as he sobbed falling into her like a child needing comfort from its' mother.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She stumbled, shocked as his arms wrapped around her so sweetly. Tears dropped onto her exposed shoulder.

"I'm so sorry, Sakura… So sorry…!" He sobbed out clutching onto her like a lifeline. She took a deep breath and wrapped her arms around him.

"What do you want Sasuke?" He trembled a withering ball of emotions sobbing loudly in her arms.

"Redemption…" He choked out. She sighed and just sank to the ground and let him cry in her arms…

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