Slippery Check-Ups…

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The smells of cooking meat and simmering vegetables wafted through out the small and intimate home making Sakura regret her choice of dish considering it took quite a while to make. Granted it was almost done her stomach was killing her! She hissed as another pang ripped through her stomach. Squeezing her eyes shut for a moment she tried clear her mind of any thought pertaining to anything but the book in her hands. She sighed opening her eyes of course it wasn't working with the smells dominating her sensitive nose. Cursing softly she wandered over to the large pot removing the lid and peering in it before deciding a taste wouldn't kill her. Fishing a clean spoon from a draw she smirked liking her idea already. She scooped out first the broth to see if it needed any spices just like her mother had taught her.

"Mhm…" She hummed finding that the spices were perfect and the broth was at that perfect in between stage of creamy and thick. It had that familiar twang of sweetness just as her mother's did. She then proceeded to pluck a sliver of beef and a few potatoes and carrots along with some corn and celery. Chewing them thoughtfully with her eyes closed she couldn't help but let a small nostalgic smile slip onto her face. She'd finally done it. She'd finally gotten the recipe perfect. She'd finally made it taste exactly as her mother's did. The familiar taste triggered a memory that she'd long since forgotten…

A small girl of six peeked over the edge of a wooden counter watching her mother prepare their dinner for that night. Beef stew. Different from the traditional kind that many other families enjoyed. It was her mother's special recipe. Never written on paper and stumbled across on accident. It was the pride and joy of her mother. Her line of work was being the homemaker and the greatest joy of being a homemaker is finding that one recipe everyone begs you for or asks for you to make it. The small girl was curious as to why her mother was so secretive of making her stew. It was rare that the girl ever got to stay in the room as her mother worked on the labor of love.

"Sakura, come here." Her mother patted her lap and the small pink haired girl rushed over her pig tails bouncing with the movement of her quick feet. She scrambled up into her mother's lap looking into her hazel eyes expectantly. Her mother planted a kiss on her forehead.

"Honey, I know I hardly ever let you in the room when I make my stew, but I want you to understand that I'm not being mean when I push you out of the room. It just I don't want you to know how I make it." The little girl's eyes widened.

"Why not?" She piped up stopping her mother's speech.

"Because, baby, it's my own special recipe. No one but me knows it. I'll never write it down and I'll never tell anyone how to make it. Not even you. Not because I don't love you or trust you, but because I want you to figure it out on your own. My mother made a cake that no one ever knew what made it so sweet or what kind of fruit she used and she told me that if I really wanted to know how to make that I should figure it out myself. I spent years trying to make it and it wasn't until I was three months pregnant with you that I finally made it the way my mother had. You won't understand how it feels until you experience it yourself, but it'll be worth it. When you figure it out you'll truly be a woman. I know it feels like I'm being unfair baby, but just go with it okay?" The small child nodded thinking over what her mother had told her before kissing her cheek and hopping down.

"I'll go outside and play with Toro call me when it's done!" Her mother smiled softly remembering how she'd said something similar when her own mother had told her that same story and asked the same of her. Her mother nodded and the little girl bounded off to find their dog.

"I'm finally a woman mother. Are you proud of me?" Sakura opened her eyes and turned the burner down low before heading towards the bedroom and Sasuke. She peered around the door giggling at the stream of drool that connected his mouth and the pillow.

She entered quietly and took a moment to just memorize the way he looked with his lips parted, his breathing steady, and his face just so peaceful and vulnerable. Without his signature scowl his face looked so angelic. He was sleeping so soundlessly it was almost a shame that he had to wake up, almost.

"Sasuke. Wake up!" She sang shaking him frowning at his rude murmurings. She sighed and let go of him.

"Fine. I won't feed you." He sat up his coal eyes surprised.

"You made food?" She rolled her jade eyes.

"Of course I did. I can cook y'know." He narrowed his eyes slipping out of bed.

"Hn." She sighed again and started ahead of him motioning for him to follow her. She stopped at the table.

"Sit." She commanded before turning away and serving him a rather big helping along with fresh tomato slices like she knew he preferred. Truth be told she only knew because she pried it out of Naruto. She set it in front of him a spoon already situated in the contents of the bowl before turning and preparing her own smirking at the look on his face as she sat her own down followed by sitting.

"What?" She asked innocently reveling in the fact that she'd managed to surprise him again.

"How'd you know?" He asked averting his eyes knowing he'd been a horrible boyfriend to her. He'd never given her any praise or told her more than necessary. So how'd she know this?

"Naruto told me." Sasuke nodded nibbling on the tomato enjoying how fresh it tasted.

"They're home grown y'know." He looked up at her.

"They… They're really good…" A twinge of pink was barely noticeable on his dirtied pale cheeks. She smiled at him taking a bite of her soup. He ate all the tomatoes first nibbling them slowly. He'd barely taken his first bite of soup when Sakura took her last and rose from her seat taking her empty bowl over to the sink to wash. Nestling it in with the other dishes on the drying rack she turned her attention to putting away the left over stew in a rather large container. Maybe she'd made too much, but she knew they'd most likely be living off of the stew considering it was so hearty. She winced at the sound of breaking glass and a heavy thump. She spun on her heel to see Sasuke on the floor and the bowl broken. She rushed over and bent down examining him.

"S-Sorry about your bowl." She glanced at the chunks of glass and shook her head.

"Sit up." He did as she told but didn't expect to be scooped up.

"Wh-What're you doing?" He hissed embarrassed. She rolled her eyes.

"Don't be an idiot you obviously can't walk. I was surprised you could even get out here before. Uchiha pride might just be the death of you if you don't watch it." He sighed resting his head on her shoulder. She smiled at his lack of a fight.

"Maybe he really does want to change…" She flipped on the bathroom light and set him on the toilet.

"Why're we in here?" She blushed slightly before shaking it off.

"Because at the moment you're filthy and you obviously can't wash yourself." He swallowed.

"It wasn't a problem before." She smirked.

"It wasn't a problem before because I didn't need to sleep, but it's dark out and I'm tired. I refuse to sleep in a dirty bed with a dirty man. I'm going to fix one problem at a time." He looked away clearly uncomfortable with the situation. She rolled her eyes.

"Strip. You've got everything every other guy does. Think of it as a slippery check-up if it eases your nerves." None the less he had that twinge of color to his cheeks as he kicked out of his frayed and ripped t-shirt, pants, and boxers feeling utterly exposed. She followed suit and began stripping out of her own restraints.

"Wh-What're you doing?" She looked at him only in her undergarments.

"I'm not getting in the shower clothed. Besides you got me dirty." He looked away as her breasts bounced free from the constricting bra and slipped out of the panties as well. Walking directly in his line of vision she stretched upwards turning on the shower and adjusting the temperature.

He couldn't help but watch as her ass wiggled when she reached for the setting dial. She stood and turned to him as his coal colored eyes suddenly found interest in the swirling of the tiles. She rolled her eyes and scooped him up earning a gasp of not only surprise, but slight arousal as his semi-member bounced against her velveteen skin. Stepping into the stream of the shower he shivered the steaming streams of water beating down his back.

"I'm going to set you down, but be careful the shower tiles are really slippery 'kay?" He nodded his eyes not meeting hers. She set him down and watched as he put as much distance he could manage between them in the large shower.

His own home didn't even have a shower like this. It had square heads that moved up and down in motion practically everywhere, even on the ground, he decided quickly he didn't want to even know why those were there. It had different patterns and settings obviously it was on her favorite considering only she lived here and most likely didn't care much for him to be happy. She sighed.

"What're you a virgin? Kami! You've seen me naked before and we've had sex. There's nothing that you or I haven't seen before." He still chose not to look at her.

"Sakura… About before…" She stopped him pressing her wet finger to his lips.

"Shh. You asked for redemption right? That is what you want right?" He swallowed looking into her mesmerizing eyes and nodded.

"Then I already know you're sorry. The only way to fix things is to right your wrongs with everyone." He kissed her finger softly earning a gasp. Taking hold of her wrist he kissed every tip of her five fingers and then her palm pushing them slowly into the streaming water as he made his way up her arm placing warm and soft kisses up her forearm and biceps. Nipping slightly at her shoulder before kissing up to her neck stopping to push the water-heavy locks away from her ear.

"Then I'll start with you." Despite the warmth radiating off from both of their bodies and from the heated streams she shivered feeling his warm breath on the shell of her ear. Her hands found their way to his chest and pushed him back. He didn't fight it. Her jade eyes searched his own. Her hands slid up around his neck her fingers weaving together creating a tight hold before she pulled him down and tweaked her head just as their lips collided in a bruising kiss. Her tongue forced its way into his cavern dominating him wholly causing his body to grow increasingly hotter. He gripped her waist and pulled her close his erection rubbing on her pelvis.

"Hah…" She pulled back smirking at him. He just moaned because of her or rather something she did. She had to say she felt rather triumphant. Keeping one hand on his neck and her eyes on his own she pumped soap into her hand quickly letting go completely to catch the runoff in her other hand her eyes drifted to the large expanse of dirty skin in front of her. Raising her hands she placed them palm down on his skin watching the goose bumps rise before beginning to knead his skin ridding him of not only dirt but tension. If it weren't for the wall he was leaning up against he was sure that just the massaging of his skin would make his knees buckle.

Her jade eyes looked up into his own as her fingers danced lowering making his stomach flop and his muscles twitch with hope and anxiety. She smirked pressing her breasts onto his lower stomach and sliding up slowly before capturing his lips in another searing kiss as she pumped more of the coveted soap into her hand. Repeating the same catching method she placed her hands on his hips choosing to first go backwards and clean the globes of his ass sneaking her fingers in a bit farther than most would gaining a gasp before raking her nails softly back to the original position of her palms. She pulled back a string of saliva connecting their lips. With her eyes captivating him again her palms massaged their way closer and closer to his erection before grasping him and pumping him just enough to earn a well-deserved moan.

"Nngh-ah~!" She smirked up at him earning a half-hearted glare from the lust glinted eyes of her repeated lover.

She moved some letting the suds drop from his muscled form. Dropping to her knees with more soap in her hands she started on the outsides of his legs kneading the flesh in the same manner as she had with the rest of his body thus far. She worked her way in distracting him with the deep massaging and just as his lids closed her mouth was on his erection sucking him all the way down. Her nose was nestled in a small patch of soft swirled black pubic hair that smelled strongly of cherries and vanilla. His eyes were wide open at this point and he was openly gaping down at her. But she showed no signs of noticing as she pulled up gently raking her teeth on it before deciding to tease the tip by swirling and wrapping her tongue around it in ways he never knew possible, but didn't object too in the slightest. How could he? She was so eager and he was so… Well he didn't know exactly how to feel. In fact he expected rejection, but this was far from it… He almost felt accepted, almost.

His moans echoed off the walls as she went from swirling, to scraping, to deep throating, and to licking and kissing the heated flesh. Never once did his hands move from their position of being fisted against the wall. This surprised Sakura as he released in her mouth with nothing more than a mere whimper escaping his lips. She took it down with ease slightly enjoying how the liquid just tasted slightly salty and distinctly like Sasuke.

She rose quietly pulling him away from the wall a sweet smile on her face and turned him around before pumping the soap into her hands. She smiled rubbing her hands down he back, around his neck of which was badly bruised, and his shoulders. She massaged him lovingly planting kisses where the water had washed off the suds. He turned weaving his finger through her own and kissed her quickly before hovering over her lips and looking in to those beautiful bright green eyes.

"My turn." He whispered reaching behind her and pumping the soap into his own hands catching the runoff as she had, but somehow looked more elegant than she knew she did repeating those actions. He started at her neck and with his lips claiming her own thinking that it might be a bit more romantic as she washed away the dirt she claimed was there, but he was sure that there never was.

His hands migrated to her shoulders kneading them in a way even the best masseuses have trouble mastering. Taking one had off of her for a moment, he pumped more soap into his hand nibbling on her bottom lip. The other shot out just in time to capture the falling creamy liquid; letting go of her bottom lip he rested his forehead on hers staring deeply into the sparkling emerald gems as his hands worked their way down her arms and onto her lower back. She felt the tension leaving her body as his hands worked up and down her delicate and stressed form.

Somehow she found herself on the slippery warmed tiles of her shower floor. Her eyes half-lidded and hazy from such vigorous massaging all she could do was grab the shampoo bottle, pour a half-dollar sized helping, and lather it into her lovers hair as she cried out in pleasure from the ministrations she was receiving from his scalding mouth. The streams of water poured down washing away reality as her toes curled in ecstasy and her nimble fingers tugged and weaved through his water-laden locks. The sinful muscle danced against the silken walls, dipping in and out, tracing unimaginable places as if he were committing them to memory. Those silken walls constricted around the wiggling devil as she reached her orgasm. He lapped at the juices she produced, cleaning her and loving her essence, but didn't proceed farther than that. Instead he chose to turn off the streaming veil of fantasy, pick up the roseate beauty and step out of the warm embrace of dreamland. He smiled down at her sleeping form as he dried her off.

"You always did push yourself too hard…"

He sighed softly wrapping a towel around her before toweling off quickly and scooping her up into his arms. Flipping off the light he exited the bathroom and set her on the couch before checking several closets in search of fresh bedding. After about the fourth closet he finally found the right one. He picked up the set that caught his eyes. Its base was a creamy ivory color with flowers, fans, and ornately drawn dragons decorated the set masking the plain color in varying shades of reds, blues, purples, pinks, and golds. Shutting the closet door he rushed into the bedroom quickly stripping the bedding and replacing it with the new set before turning his attention to the next problem. Clothing…

His coal eyes scanned the room before landing on a dresser. He walked over to it and opened the first drawer flushing at the contents. Bras, thongs, panties, and various other contraptions women wear were strewn about. He took a deep breath and fished out a rather comfy looking pair of cotton underwear. Eyeing the other options cautiously he quickly decided she'd rather be comfortable. He shut the top drawer and opened the next sighing at the fact that it only seemed to contain innocent items unlike the first which held more scandalous attire. An ivory button caught his eyes.

"Is that…?" He pulled out the shirt and gasped.

"She… She kept it…?" Upon examining the shirt it only confirmed his previous premonitions. It was the shirt she had worn on that day…

She was dancing around his kitchen singing and giggling all the while making breakfast. She wasn't wearing her own clothes instead she was wearing her best friend's at the time. He'd woken up early and already left, but his brother was still there and would want something to eat so she decided to make something for the both of them.

The said brother was in the room drinking his morning coffee observing the pink haired teen. Being the legal guardian of his little brother he had to be careful with whom he let spend the night, but with her big innocent green eyes and cute smile she seemed like no trouble at all. And if she was willing to make him breakfast who was he to object? It'd been a long time since he had a home cooked anything. It'd be really nice and so he let her dance and sing about as he read the morning paper smiling as she flipped the pancakes and bacon with ease. Soon it was done and they ate in a contented silence. When he was done he thanked her for the breakfast and she just smiled going about cleaning up before disappearing off into the bathroom with a bag and coming out changed.

"If it's not too much trouble would you mind taking me home, Sempai?" Ruffling her pink hair he nodded a rare smile on his stoic face. They both got into the car and began making their way down the narrow roads. It was quiet for the first few minutes though chatter soon filled the compact automobile.

"Sempai… How come people still call our town a village?" Glancing over at her he rounded a corner.

"Well even though technically we do live in a town to most of the elders it's more of a modified village. Even to me it seems that way. The only thing that's really changed is what we have materialistically. Our relationships and the way we think and live hasn't really changed. We're all still close knit and haven't really changed much even though everyone else and everything else is changing all around us." The teen nodded thoughtfully.

"Sempai, you missed my turn." The elder sighed.

"Looks like I did…" He smirked looking around before shrugging and doing a U-turn in the middle of the road and going back. The teen couldn't wait to get out of the car as they pulled up to her house and she thanked him half-heartedly before practically running inside.

"Looks like I scared the little bunny." He smirked again before pulling out of her drive and heading off to work…

"I can't believe she kept it… But since she did that means…" He pulled out a pair of dark blue boxers and smiled discarding the towel and slipping them on before tossing the shirt and underwear on the bed. He returned to the living room picking her up gently and kissing her forehead as he situated her on his hip before going back into the bedroom and stripping her of the towel. He then proceeded to slip on the shirt and underwear. Nestling her in the covers he walked over to the light switch and flipped it off…

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