A Sweet Sunday Morning

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Her hands drifted across the covers, the seemingly endless piece of cloth, searching desperately for his warm body to cling too. All she needed was his warmth and the comfort of another body, another promise…

Her emerald orbs opened slowly, her cheek flush to the fluffy pillow, her hands stretched out far to the other side of the bed, and a broken sigh fell from the slightly swollen lips. She stared up at the ceiling for a bit, but ended up letting them slide closed with her last drops of hope.

"I'm just another promise he could never keep…" A scalding tear burned in the corner of her closed eyes.

"Sometimes I wonder if I'm a masochist…" Another sigh heaved out of her chest as she pushed the tears away.

"I can't lie here in tears… I've done that for far too long. I… I think I'll make me some hot cocoa…" She slipped out from under the warmed bedding and walked out of the bedroom, straight down the hall, and directly into the kitchen not going so far as to blink when the bright light illuminated the room in its artificial light. The said light reached all corners of the room and into part of the living room. She'd both unknowingly and uncaringly turned a wicked light on and roused her lover from his shallow sleeping.

He sat up silently rubbing at his charcoal eyes rather cutely a small sigh leaving his lips as Sakura heated her mug of water in the microwave watching the cup spin on the turntable. He stood not making a sound and walked over to her resting his head on her left shoulder after kissing her cheek and snaking his arms around her waist. Her breath caught in her throat.

"S-Sasuke?" She choked out. He rubbed small circles on her sides.

"Expecting anyone else?" Was the whisper that wound around in her mind. She could practically see the smirk on his face even though her eyes were trained on the ticking clock.

"No…" She breathed out softly.

A shiver ran down Sasuke's back at the sound of her gentle voice. It was at times like this he felt so unworthy of her. He knew he wasn't in general, but when she took on that angelic quality he felt especially like trash. The shrill beeps of the timer snapped him out of his stupor and caused him to cling to her just a bit more than he had previously.

"Sasuke?" She questioned looking back at him her spring colored eyes shining with concern. He released her quickly taking a step back as she pulled the warm mug out of the microwave and set it gently on the counter before turning around and looking up at him.

"Go back and sit on the couch. I'll make another for me." Sasuke just nodded knowing better than to question her, walked back into the living room, flipping on the light, and sitting on the couch wrapping the blanket partially around him leaving a lot of excess in a heap to the side of him.

It wasn't but two minutes later that Sakura emerged her eyes focused on the mugs of scalding liquid as her feet made their way over to the living room and she handed her companion the warm moss colored mug setting her own down gently glancing at the pile curiously.

"What's with that?" She asked her voice still airy and light it brought a soft smile to rest on Sasuke's lips.

"I just thought you might… y'know… wanna sit with me or something…" The raven murmured clearly not comfortable with being out of control or in such a position to have to request anything from the affectionate woman. She smiled softly at him and placed her mug on the table gently before settling into her spot, flipping on the television, grabbing her mug and leaning into his side with a sigh and a sip of the scalding liquid.

They watched the news and then cartoons for a bit. Sakura couldn't help but feel at ease with him like this which worried her. She didn't want this just to be another attempt down the drain; she wanted this to work like Shikamaru wanted every day to be cloudy.

She looked up at Sasuke through her lashes and blushed when he smirked down at her. He pressed a hot pair of lips onto her forehead in a soft kiss. She smiled softly at this and reached up to wipe the wetness from the kiss away. This time he blushed softly and murmured an apology. She shifted up and kissed his cheek.

"It's alright." She whispered softly into his ear before sinking back down and snuggling into his side. She hadn't thought it would be this nice. She thought it would have been much more difficult on them, but it seems that's not the case for once. She was enjoying it until her cell rang.

She picked up the cold metal device and answered without even thinking to look at the caller ID though as soon as he began yelling she began regretting it. She pulled away from Sasuke and frowned. She knew he could hear all of the insults the hot-headed blonde was shouting into the receiver clearly. He looked a bit like a wounded puppy, but shrugged and picked up the glasses presumably to go wash them or at least put them into the sink.

"Naruto!" Sakura hissed into the device, instantly the yelling stopped, and Naruto responded.

"Yes, Sakura?" He said softly into the receiver sensing he was on thin ice.

"This is my life, got it? I was seriously done before, but then, something happened and it all changed okay?" Naruto huffed.

"Not okay! 'Something' can't just happen and you not tell me about it properly!" He whined into the phone. She sighed.

"I will tell you all about it later, Naruto. Right now though I'd like to spend time with Sasuke. How about we go for ramen tomorrow on our lunch break and I'll tell you about it?" She proposed.

"I guess that's fine…" He replied a little defeated.

"It better be fine! I only have the weekends off y'know. I'm a very busy woman! Besides shouldn't you be getting back to Hinata? I'm sure she's not too happy with you calling to bitch at me because of my choice in men. I mean it's not like he isn't your best friend or anything." She snapped at him. He sighed into the speaker.

"Yes, but being best friends and fucking are two completely different things. He's an asshole, Sakura. I thought you were thoroughly done with him? What about me?" He pleaded. She frowned.

"Naruto…" She said softly. He cleared his throat.

"You're right. I should get back to Hinata. Have fun with Teme. I've gotta go." He said sharply.

"Naruto!" The dial tone screeched in her ear for a moment before she closed the device and chucked it into Sasuke's chest. He tilted his head and caught it placing it on the table.

"Sorry." She mumbled crossing her arms over her chest. He smiled gently at her.

"You want to talk about it?" He asked settling in next to her on the couch. She sighed.

"It's just… Naruto is so dense!" She spat angrily. Sasuke snorted.

"Of course he is. That's his thing. It's actually charming to some people, like Hinata." She sighed again and sunk back against the couch.

"I know! But… He's just so infuriating! And… Ugh!" She said throwing a pillow against the wall with a blunt thud.

"Take it out on the pillow." He said teasingly. She punched his arm before hugging him.

"Your best friend is stupid." She said lamely not really wanting to tell him what was going on between the two. He hugged her back and kissed the top of her head.

"I know, but that's Naruto for you." He said softly and sort of fondly. She smiled up at him and pecked him on the lips before suggesting a napping pointing out the fact that he was still exhausted and she could use the extra sleep.

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