Tell Me I'm A Wreck Alternate!


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I looked at Hiashi waiting to know why I was called in here.

"Neji?" I stood a bit straighter.

"Yes, Uncle?"

"It's about time you get yourself a wife. Find a girl, in the clan or not, and start dating her. You're twenty and you need someone to take care of you regardless of what you think. It's a direct order and it better be carried out quickly."

"Yes, Uncle. Is there anything else, or may I go?"

"You may." I bowed before stepping out into the hallway and getting knocked into. I growled as my ass hitting the wooden floor with a sickening crack. I glared up at the person of whom knocked me over.

"Can't you do anything right, Hinata, or is walking down a hallway without bumping into someone else a chore?" She sighed softly looking at the ground.

"I-I'm sorry, Neji-kun." I rolled my eyes and pushed past her.

"Next time watch it." I called out coldly without turning and found myself walking to my garden directly beside my house. It wasn't much, but it was cozy and nice. I liked my house and didn't want state of the art everything, but I couldn't've gotten it even if I did because I don't have the money for that. I unlatched the gate and walked to the center of the soft grass leaving my shoes behind on a rather large flat stone. I sat down and closed my eyes just clearing my mind.

"So I have to get a girlfriend to appease Uncle…" I let out a particularly big sigh from such a hefty thought.

"I'm sure he just wants me to be happy, but doesn't he realize I prefer not to get involved with people in such ways? I'm going to have to now so I might as well wage my options. After all I don't want to get stuck with someone I hate. So, Sakura and Ino are out because they're both too loud and temperamental… And Temari and Shikamaru are most likely together or will be soon. Tenten… I just don't think of her that way…"I shifted slightly my stomach growling as my nose and stomach communicated the fact that I was hungry, and food was being made very close to me.

My eyes fluttered open letting in the last rays of sunlight. I pushed myself up from the ground and let my back pop before advancing towards the smell after slipping back into my sandals. I found myself opening my own door and shutting it behind me before sneaking into the kitchen. Peering around the door frame I found myself gaping. Hinata was dancing around the kitchen cooking and singing almost as if she were carefree and this was her own house. It was quite an eyeful. I took a breath and stepped into the room.

"Hinata, what're you doing?" I asked rather warmly. She turned to me clearly concerned.

"Have you been out drinking with your friends, Neji-kun?" I blinked and found myself holding my breath as she placed her delicate and warm hand on my rather cold forehead. She clucked her tongue gently.

"You should really dress warmer when you go and meditate. It may be warm when you start, but you never know how long you're going to be out there." She finished turning away from me continuing to cook.

"Hinata, you never answered my question."

"I just thought you might be missing a home cooked meal since you moved farther away from the compound and so I came here to cook for you tonight. I-I hope that's okay Neji-kun." I blinked.

"Well… You didn't have too…" She nodded.

"I'm making Hiyashi Chuka and Daikon Salad." I nodded.

"Thank you, Hinata." I stepped out of the kitchen and into my living room sitting down on floor pillow rather than the couch.

"Find a girl in the clan or not he said… Well not is out… I guess I'm going within the clan. Hiashi thinks that's more respectable anyway… And I think I know exactly who I want…" I closed my eyes again deciding to meditate while I wait…

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